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30+ Pondless Water Feature Ideas You Might Like

Many of us can agree that ponds are a lot of work to have at home, a lot of maintenance. However, you can still create sooting and welcoming atmosphere without having to have a pond at all. This is when pondless water features come into the image, and there are plenty of ideas to go for. Among those plenty, you are going to find over 30 of the most appealing pondless water features ideas here. Feel free to check them out; maybe one of them has what it takes to match your garden or home.

Idea #01: Angular Cascading Bowls

Image Source: pinterest.com

Simplicity with sophistication, this water feature is one elegant option to have in mind. The unique design of the angular column already makes it stand out since it looks different from most fountain features out there. Plus, with the bowls that cascade water to the base, they give a very calming and peaceful vibe. It is a structure made from sturdy polyresin, so it is very durable and easy to care for. Both the design and the quality of the sculpture are amazing, making it a perfect complement to any outdoor setting.

Idea #02: Arching Water Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

Adding some style to the water feature is not difficult when you have a creative mind. Like this water fountain, here comes with a unique look that turns your garden or yard into a very attractive place. It begins from the top arch that pours water into another arch below it before falling into the pots. All of the water then stays in the final square container where you can add some fish and water plants. Everything looks so good together, and it is a very sophisticated design that you should not overlook.

Idea #03: Bamboo Water Feature

Image Source: pinterest.com

Natural and zen, bamboo creates a very beautiful and calming atmosphere for the entire area. There are bamboos around the spot, but the water actually falls into a regular container of your choice instead. The brown and green colors of the bamboos make it look very attractive and relaxing at the same time. It is a very nice homemade DIY water feature that you can easily do, and it is stunning to have. Not to mention that it does not take up a lot of space; this could be your next favorite water feature.

Idea #04: Barrel & Resin Wine Bottles

Image Source: pinterest.com

In case you want to brighten up the mood of your garden or lawn at night instead, check out this idea. It is also an aesthetic look if you like something vintage; the barrel and resin wine bottles are just perfect. Three wine bottles pouring water into a wine barrel below them; this idea is just amazing. And it matches perfectly if you have it near a porch where you often have a few drinks with your family. This one is also made from polyresin, and it is both durable and elegant while looking rustic. Plus, with the LED lights, the fountain looks great at night which is awesome.

Idea #05: Basalt Dish Top

Image Source: pinterest.com

It does not have to be the common outdoor water features that you always see on the internet. Going for a different and unique idea like this one right here is great too. This basalt dish top is an interesting outdoor water fountain that comes with both height and interesting water features. The water simply gurgles on the top part of the fountain, and it stays that way. You can have it pretty much anywhere from the garden to your lawn and more; it always looks great. A design like this elevates the look and mood of the entire place, and it is nice to have outdoor.

Idea #06: Bird Bath Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

One of the most common fountain ideas is to create a bird bath, and it is so nice too. The great thing about this idea is that it can attract birds of various kinds and species to the garden. This simply makes your home more vibrant, thanks to the sound of the birds chirping and singing. A bird bath fountain is easy to create, and there are so many designs that you can choose from. It can be big or small depending on the available space that you have, and installing one is easy too.

Idea #07: Bubble Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

Here we have one of the most popular DIY water fountain ideas that look great in many home décor. Instead of water flowing down over a distance or into another object, bubble fountains bubble up the water. The nice thing about this idea is that it offers the calming sound of trickling water. It does not need a lot of water, and it does not need much space to build at all. In fact, it does not even need much equipment which is so convenient. You can pick a container or fountain style of your choice, and you are able to build one with ease.

Idea #08: Cement Outdoor Spiral Water Feature

Image Source: pinterest.com

Water features never run out of style, and this one proves that very well. The water actually flows down, but the beautiful and unique part is the spiral container around the water itself. It takes the outdoor water feature to another level, and its solid structure looks amazing anywhere you build it in. A stunning water feature like this shines even better with LED lights at night. Not to mention that it is durable and long-lasting, it is so perfect to have outdoor. Since it is incredible both day and night, there is every reason to take it into consideration.

Idea #09: Concrete Water Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

We all know that concrete is extremely durable, and it sure lasts for so many years as a water fountain. What is so amazing about this concrete water fountain is that it is both elegant and soothing to look at. The sound of cascading water from the top part into the copper part below creates a calming atmosphere. It might be a difficult DIY water fountain idea, but you can always hire a professional to do the job. But most importantly, it looks great in a wide variety of designs and settings, so don’t forget to check it out.

Idea #10: Cornell Stainless Steel Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you thrive on durability and rigidity, this is definitely the water feature of your dream. The structure of the fountain is made from high-quality stainless steel, making it extremely durable and tough. At the same time, it is also chlorine-resistant and saltwater-resistant which is ideal for a number of water display options. Not to mention that it does not rust; its appearance lasts for years to come. And with this design? It will totally complement your modern home with both elegance and style just the way you like.

Idea #11: Cube Water Feature

Image Source: pinterest.com

You can always stick to the minimalist and simple design that still looks elegant, and you are looking at one now. A cube water feature like this looks very neat yet sophisticated to have at the same time. It is made from granite which is very durable and heavy-duty, and it has water flowing over and around the top. The best part is that you can add LED lights so that it looks amazing both during the daytime and nighttime. A water feature like this is suitable for a number of areas from deck and garden to patio and more. So elite yet so simple, it can be your next favorite water feature to have.

Idea #12: DIY Glass Waterfall

Image Source: pinterest.com

There are so many ways to create a waterfall, and a glass waterfall is one of them. It is actually among the best homemade DIY water feature ideas that look amazing in both modern and natural settings. The thing is that this DIY glass waterfall is very unique due to its water display. The dripping water that falls endlessly creates a very relaxing atmosphere that you can enjoy looking at even for hours. Although it looks like a lot, it is actually a very nice DIY project that you can do at home. In case you find this idea interesting, this video is going to guide your way through.

Idea #13: Ellipse Bowl

Image Source: pinterest.com

Regular water containers in the garden are too mainstream, and here is the proper way to enhance the look. An ellipse bowl like this is so elegant to have, and the color and design look amazing pretty much anywhere. The water keeps gurgling while overflowing a little out of the bowl, creating a very calming feeling. What I like about this idea is that you can use it either above or below the ground. The bowl looks incredible either way, and it is perfect for the garden and lawn. Plus, with some plants around it, this water feature will not let you down.

Idea #14: Glass Waterfall

Image Source: pinterest.com

Here we have another different glass waterfall idea that you might like if you did not find the previous one interesting. The unique thing about this glass waterfall is that the water flows inside the glass container. Meanwhile, the previous glass water has water splashing out because it does not have a container. You can also add some LED lights so that the fountain can brighten up the entire space with beautiful lights at night. This one is also a nice and simple water feature that will complement your garden or home.

Idea #15: Global Slate


Image Source: pinterest.com

Global slates tend to be a thing lately, and they actually look amazing in most modern home designs. The slate has a chip in its concrete base that allows you to control the water pressure. More than that, the soothing sound from the water makes your garden or lawn so relaxing and soothing. The best part is that the round shape of the slate allows it to complement pretty much any setting. This design often comes with LED light, and it looks absolutely stunning at night which is a total plus. You can simply order them, and the slates will be delivered to your door with installation, easy and simple as that.

Idea #16: Granite Bowl Water Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

Similar to the wine barrel, a granite bowl water fountain is a bigger version of that. There are three granite bowls that flow water from the top to the bottom into the mini water container below. Its appearance is authentic, and it makes a great complement to rustic gardens or themes. Every piece is made from heavy-duty resin which is absolutely durable and long-lasting to have in your outdoor space. You can have the size and weight of your preferences, either bigger or smaller. And if you want more bowls to make it higher, you can do that too which is so nice.

Idea #17: Hollow Brook Falls

Image Source: pinterest.com

Looks expensive yet made from dark grey polyresin, this Hollow Brook falls is a perfect addition to any modern home. The unique twisting design makes this water feature so classy and elegant to have. You see the lines of water falling from the top into the below part, and that is very soothing. More than that, the flowers or plants on the top part make it even more beautiful to look at. It is both cost-saving and space-saving, and this water feature provides a great accent with style for you.

Idea #18: Japanese Style Water Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

For those who have a Japanese-style garden, it is only right to add a Japanese-inspired fountain to it. This is Tsukubai, which is a very important element in Japanese gardens, especially in the Japanese tea gardens. The Japanese people have this at the entrance of their tea houses so that the guests can wash their hands. However, it looks absolutely amazing as a water fountain even without a freshening up purpose. It is easy and simple to create, and it looks incredible as an accent or a garden focal point. Since it is also low maintenance, having one is a great idea to go for.

Idea #19: Large Water Vessel

Image Source: pinterest.com

Go big or go home; this large water vessel is one of the best pondless water features ideas to consider. It is a great option to have in mind when you have a large available spot in your garden or lawn. A large pool with more water containers on top of it, is very nice and unique to look at. Plus, with the flowers or plants around, this water feature is simply amazing. I know that this is not something that you can “DIY”; a professional should handle this project. Once it is done, it is going to be your next favorite spot to relax in.

Idea #20: Limestone Water Feature

Image Source: pinterest.com

Since the water is way above ground, this mini pond is a nice idea to consider. It is great if you don’t like the actual pond but still want plenty of water for fish and plants. The design of this water feature is very nice, and everything harmoniously blends together. From the limestone material to the vases where the water comes from and the plants, they all look amazing. At this depth, you can also have some fish and water plants to create a new atmosphere on the spot. So simple yet so stunning, you might find it fascinating to have.

Idea #21: Lismore Castle Water Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

This is actually a water fountain outside the walls of Lismore Castle gardens, and it looks so calming. It is a nice idea to try if you have stone walls on your property like this castle. The water fountain matches the setting of a far-away place or a ruined castle in the middle of the forest almost. The fountain is very serene, and you can turn it into a modern-day look with a different fountain material. There are so many ways to build a water fountain of this design, and the choice is all yours.

Idea #22: Millstone Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

A water fountain can be shallow too, and it still can look good. This millstone fountain here looks amazing while not taking up a lot of space at all. Even better, there are different shapes and sizes that you can choose from to match your landscape. Another great thing about this DIY water fountain is that you can adjust its water pressure. From low to high, you can easily do it at your preference. It looks aesthetic and rustic, and it makes a nice fountain to have in the garden or lawn. So let’s see if this is something that is suitable for your settings and style.

Idea #23: Modern Minimalism Water Feature

Image Source: pinterest.com

The wonderful thing about this water feature is that every little detail of the whole thing matches each other perfectly. From the flower pots and plants to the tiles on the floor, they look so good together. This is a Greek-inspired water feature that delivers a very bright and lively atmosphere to your garden or home. The water flows from multiple sources into a container below, and you can adjust its water pressure too. If you like your water features to be more calming and fun, this could be what you will find interesting.

Idea #24: Mosaic Garden Water Feature

Image Source: pinterest.com

Not much space available but still want a water feature? Absolutely possible to create, and this mosaic water feature idea is also very nice to have. If you don’t have enough room to build it horizontally, do it vertically like so. The mosaic background of the water feature simply makes the entire place look attractive and modern. You can have it in your garden, lawn, and pretty much any other available spots around the house. It is a self-contained water feature, and it is also quite easy and fast to install. This design is great for modern homes due to the mosaic look, and the decision is yours to make.

Idea #25: Mossy Jar

Image Source: pinterest.com

To blend in the natural look properly, this mossy jar water feature definitely provides that ability. It looks so nice in the middle of other green plants, especially bamboos in the zen garden. Along with that, the water that flows from the bamboo above creates a relaxing and soothing sound too. This is a very easy homemade DIY water feature that you can do by yourself. It does not cost much, and it does not take up a lot of space at all. From natural gardens to zen gardens, this mossy jar idea will surely enhance the mood of the entire place.

Idea #26: Multi-Tier Water Feature

Image Source: pinterest.com

When a few levels are not enough, you have to for multiple tiers like this one right here. Several tiers look appealing and unique in a way, and it is also very easy to build. On top of that, the LED lights elevate the look of the entire structure with both beauty and style. You should also add more lights on the bottom part where there are pebbles as well. The brighter it is at night, the better it looks. Even better, more plants around it also make it look even prettier, so you might want to consider that too.

Idea #27: Natural Waterfall

Image Source: pinterest.com

Easy and simple, this natural waterfall is among the best pondless water feature ideas that you should check out. The water flows from the brick structure into the mini pool below that resembles a shallow pond. You still get to have this small pond vibe, but it is not deep enough to harm kids or pets. Not to mention that you can create a natural atmosphere around it; this idea is simply amazing. Add some flower pots and grow some flowers around it, and the entire idea will look so nice. Very simple yet so welcoming, this could be a nice DIY water fountain idea that you have been looking for.

Idea #28: Outdoor Corner Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

Having an available space somewhere on the corner? Sure, you can turn that spot into an amazing water fountain as well. It probably looks a lot to some, but this idea is actually very easy and simple to execute. All you need to do is arrange large and small rocks to create a waterfall. Then you can add some more flowers and plants to make it look more natural and soothing. With a helping hand, it is going to be a fun homemade DIY water feature that you will enjoy doing. So aesthetic and so nice, the dull corner of your home will look absolutely amazing in no time.

Idea #29: Rock Water Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

When it comes to homemade DIY water feature ideas, you cannot forget rock water fountains. They look great and work great, and you can have them at any height or size that you like. The best part is that there are many ways that you can do to decorate your rock water fountain. From adding flowers to grass and more, the scenes are endless which is so nice. It is like having a mini waterfall at home, and you can easily create one at home too. Probably takes quite some time to build, but it is totally worth it.

Idea #30: Semi-Sphere Water Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

See that glossy part? That is actually the water flowing from the top of the sphere into another half of the sphere. It is unique because these two parts are separated from each other, and they have different colors. The granite material is durable and solid, and its quality lasts for years to come. Not to mention the cool gurgling water effects, it sure will complement your garden with style. Don’t forget to add some LED lights so that this water feature will look amazing at night as well.

Idea #31: Shallow Water Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

A zen water feature is perfect for a zen garden, and take a look at this one right here. You will see the water flows from the source above into the container on the ground which is a shallow pond. The water is not so overwhelmed, and the pebbles inside the container create a very soothing sound to hear. Plus, with the plants surrounding the water feature, the entire area will look super nice. It does not take up a lot of space, and it is also easy to build which is great. You might want to check this out; its appearance complements many settings.

Idea #32: Sphere Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

Nothing screams class and elegance louder than this modern sphere fountain right here, would you look at that? This design makes a wonderful addition to any garden, home, or lawn, making the entire area look absolutely gorgeous. The best part is that you can add LED light to make the sphere look even more fantastic at night. Its beauty is endless, and you will definitely love how it complements your home. Not to mention you can choose various looks of the surrounding, this is clearly among the best pondless water features ideas. So if you like the clean and neat look in a fountain, you will not regret picking this design.

Idea #33: Stacked Geometric Illuminated Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

Another way to have a stacked water feature is with this geometric illumination here. Each one of them looks like a container, but they are actually semi-spheres with water flowing from them. The good thing about this option is that it is easier to maintain and take care of. You won’t have to worry about cleanup much at all since the inside is not hollow. With up to 3 levels, the entire structure looks really nice while the water creates a soothing effect which is great. You can also add some LED light so that it brightens up at night as well, making the whole place even more attractive.

Idea #34: Timber Planter Water Feature

Image Source: pinterest.com

It does not have to be just the water alone; adding some plants is also lively and nice. As for this one right here, there are a few levels of tiers of water features. All coming down from timber planters; some are with plants while some are not. You can put some water plants since they are also very colorful and pretty. Succulents are perfect options to put around the planters, and there are many options for them to choose from. Plus, with some pots or vases of other plants nearby, your water feature will look absolutely fantastic.

Idea #35: Wall Water Feature

Image Source: pinterest.com

Only have available space on the wall outside but still want a water feature for that spot? Check out this idea right here, and it might capture your heart and attention with its class and elegance. Similar to the shallow water fountain, the water also flows into another container below it. The only slight difference is the design and materials of the fountain. This one is more suitable for most modern settings, and it also looks neater. It can be the deck or patio, and it looks great anywhere. Just add some plants, and you are good to go which is so easy and simple.

Idea #36: Water Sprinkler

Image Source: pinterest.com

Who knows that water sprinklers can create a water feature that looks this cool? That’s right, those awesome patterns that you see are actually from water sprinklers, and there’s more where that came from. From spiraling to various styles and more, water sprinklers can provide them all. The best part is that this idea is cheap and easy yet so cool to have at home. And it can even water the plants around it if you install them in the garden which is a total plus. As one of the best homemade DIY water feature ideas, don’t forget to check it out.

Idea #37: Zen Cascading Fountain

Image Source: pinterest.com

Among many things that describe zen, this cascading fountain right here is one of those. You will need a large water container and install it on a higher spot so that the water can cascade. The special part, as you can see, is the light that makes the water shines in the dark with great beauty. Its sound is very calming, and its appearance is also very elegant to look at both day and night. So easy to build yet so wonderful, this fountain will surely complement your home with grace and style.

Idea #38: Zen Water Feature

Image Source: pinterest.com

Looking so nice and you won’t have to do much, you can easily execute this idea within a day. All you need is to collect the items that you like to have in that spot and arrange them. The water container and the statue depend on you, and things are the same with other objects around them. There is no flowing water or fountain, just a water container with some water plants inside. It is easier to maintain that way, and it still looks incredible. You can easily get creative with this idea, and it is clearly among the best homemade DIY water feature ideas.

How To Build A Rock Water Fountain

Image Source: publicdomainpictures.net

A rock water fountain is one of the most popular water features that people can do by themselves at home. It could be a little challenging to some, but it is worth the effort that you put into it. This is why I want to share some tips on how to build a classic rock water fountain that you can try. Just a few simple steps and you will have a nice water feature right away, so take a look.

Things You Will Need

  • Submersible pump
  • Rigid mesh screen (to block large debris from getting into the tub)
  • Adjustable wrench, caulk gun, carbide-tipped masonry bit, drill/driver, duct tape, hammer, handsaw, pipe cutter, string, utility scissors

Step 1: Fountain

You want to know about the type of rock fountain that you want to build first. It could be flat rocks, round rocks, and many more; the key is you want to be able to drill through them. At the same time, make sure that the material can withstand constant water flow without eroding after a year or two. Pick a location for your rock fountain, and see if the space is big enough to accommodate all the materials.

Step 2: Dig The Pump Hole

Use a shovel to dig a pit that is deeper than the basin of the pump but wide enough for it. Then dig another hole between the pit that is narrow and shallow enough for the cable. This hole should lead to the nearest exterior outlet that you prepare for the pump.

Step 3: Basin & Conduit Setup

  • Lay a bed of drainage gravel in the pit, and it should be around 2 inches thick. Then put the basin on the gravel and make sure that it stays in place without moving or rocking.
  • Measure the distance from the outlet to the pit, cut a section of PVC conduit at the exact same length.
  • After that, thread a string through the conduit, then tape one end to the pump’s plug.
  • Pull the plug through the conduit, tape it securely to the end of the conduit to keep it in place.
  • Finally, lay the conduit in the trench and backfill over it.

Step 4: The Pump

  • Center the pump in the basin, and lay the screen over the pit. Use your utility scissors to cut the screen, big enough for you to reach and remove the pump for servicing.
  • Use a pipe cutter to cut a 4-inch section off the end of the copper pipe. Insert the pipe into one end of the ball valve and tighten the nut over the ferrule onto the valve. Do the same thing when you attach the short part of the pipe.
  • Screw the adapter’s end of the thread to the pump outlet, connecting the pump with the compression fitting. Take the adjustable wrench and use it to tighten all of the compression nuts to secure them.
  • Then pour another layer of drainage gravel to the bottom of your basin and lay the pump in its center. Slide the screen over the pipe with the flap that you had cut over it for easy access in the future.

Step 5: The Rock Fountain

  • Use your handsaw to cut sections of the decking of the rock fountain at your desired length. The deck should be long enough to stay over the pit with an extra length on each side. Then lay them on top of the screen across the pit.
  • Start drilling holes in the middle of your rocks or stones, and use water to make the process more convenient. When drilling, lay them on a flat ground, use your hammer drill fitted with the masonry bit on their flat sides.
  • Stack the stones on each other through the copper pipe, and make sure that they are balanced.
  • Go back to the bin, and fill it with a garden hose, then add enough water inside. Test the flow and pressure of the water to your liking before putting your stacked stones on top of it.
  • Finish up by making sure that the structure is stable, then add plants and other items to decorate the spot.

Wrap Up

Pondless water feature ideas are amazing alternatives to have in the gardens or lawns, mainly because they are low-maintenance. You won’t have to worry about regular cleanup and other tasks at all which is so convenient. On top of that, these water features are also safer for kids and pets. Not to mention that many of them are DIY projects that you can do at home; things are so great. I hope you find some of the pondless water feature ideas above interesting; I made sure to pick the best ones.

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