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I am sure that I am not the only person who gets super bored when quarantine started, following by repetitive lockdowns. It all began when I kept seeing my friends collecting various types of plants in their apartments on their Instagram feeds. Staying home too long without starting a new hobby is slowly killing tiny pieces of me, so I had an idea. There is actually a good amount of vacant piece of lot behind my house that I can put to use. So instead of collecting plants, I started planting my own vegetables to create a mini garden for myself. A few friends of mine that live nearby were also interested in this new and fun hobby. So there are 4 of us at the moment, and we all enjoy our little gardens.

Now, we are here to share our experiences for those who are new to gardening like we were. The focal points of this website are the basics of gardening as well as items that you need for your gardens. We also talk about how to care for your plants and different other things that are beneficial for your gardens. I transformed an empty area to a lively garden, and lively gardening is here for new home gardeners out there. It all has to begin with the first step, right? We will try to write as many tips and tricks as possible. You can also let us know if you want to request different topics so that we can write about them.

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