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Bluetooth Speakers For Outdoor Party & Buyer’s Guide

Bluetooth speakers can always turn up a party, and they are useful on so many other occasions, indoor and outdoor. Today, we are going to talk about some outdoor party Bluetooth speakers that you should definitely go for. I scoured the speaker world and picked just the best options with long-lasting and reliable performance that you can trust. There are the 5 best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor party in the list below, so check them out.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers For Outdoor Party

#5. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker With Colorful Lights

Product’s Specs:
  • Width: 4.53 inches
  • Length: 7.28 inches
  • Usability: backyards, families, and small gatherings

Nothing screams “Let’s party” louder than this Bluetooth speaker here, it has the look, the power, and the sound all in one. From the outside, you can already tell that this speaker is made for partying and other fun outdoor uses. It comes with flashing LED lights with strobe effects that add more taste to the music and party. At the same time, the powerful sound that it delivers is out of the world. There are 4 speakers in total, distributing every bass and beat drop in a 360 degrees stereo effect. Plus, with its 40W high power, the sound is clear and rich with zero distortions. In the middle of the speaker are knobs that you can turn to tune the bass, treble, volume, and more. This is to ensure the best music experience possible, and you will definitely enjoy it.

As one of the best Bluetooth speakers for an outdoor party, the appearance, and the sound quality are not all it has. This device is also very convenient to bring along with you to places so that the music lives. There is a handle on the top that you can comfortably carry around, and this speaker is quite lightweight also. Speaking of on the top, there is also a phone stand where you can place your phone or tablet. This Bluetooth speaker is compatible with all operating systems these days, and the Bluetooth 5.0 chip makes paring fast and stable. Not to mention that the long battery life that lasts up to 10 hours, you can party till the sun comes up. This speaker delivers so much to make your outdoor parties lively, so don’t forget to check it out.

Main Features
  • Long battery life with short charging time
  • Colorful flashing LED lights with smart remote control
  • Compact and portable with a comfortable carrying handle
  • Fast and stable Bluetooth connection with wide compatibility
  • Dual bass and tweeter for high power and rich bass performance
  • Support AUX line-in, FM radio, microphone, SD card, USB drive, etc.

#4. Bluetooth Speaker With Caster Wheels & Retractable Handle

Product’s Specs:
  • By: QFX
  • Width: 12.4 inches
  • Length: 12.4 inches
  • Usability: beaches, parks, tailgates, and other outdoor uses

No matter where you go, this portable Bluetooth speaker can always be there with you. The unique design of caster wheels and retractable handle allows you to take your music to parties pretty much anywhere. Along with the convenient portability, its ability to deliver quality sound is off the roof. Its sound system includes the amplifier, equalizer, and woofer that work together to ensure clear and powerful sound quality. On top of that, you can stream music from so many devices and sources of your preference. The latest Bluetooth makes sure to secure the fast and stable connection with any device you pair this speaker with.

At the back of the speaker are inputs and ports that allow for so many different uses. From Aux and mic inputs to TF card, USB ports, and more, this speaker has them all for you. There is even a telescoping antenna that you can extend for a network in case you listen to the radio. As for the battery, it delivers up to 6 hours of playtime, and you can charge while playing music also. With just 12lbs in weight but so powerful in sound, this is the outdoor Bluetooth speaker to have in mind. It comes with 2 colors available, and the choice is all yours.

Main Features
  • Adjustable equalizer with many inputs
  • Decent battery life with play-and-charge function
  • Clear, loud, and powerful sound quality with rich bass
  • Fast and stable Bluetooth connection with wide compatibility
  • Extremely portable with 2 caster wheels and a retractable handle

#3. Boombox-Style Outdoor Party Bluetooth Speaker

Product’s Specs:
  • Width: 6.3 inches
  • Length: 14 inches
  • Usability: outdoor campings, gatherings, and parties

Boombox never dies. It only comes back better and more awesome, just like this one right here. This is a Bluetooth speaker with a boombox design that works so much cooler for your parties. It comes with three 30W speakers to ensure loud and clear stereo sound in every music you play. The speaker alone is not enough to rock the party, which is why it also has a passive subwoofer. With this additional system, it offers super bass quality with almost no distortion. Along with the incredible sound quality, you can connect this magnificent boombox with any smart device today. The 4.2 Bluetooth chip ensures that the connection is stable with a good range that you can move around.

As you probably already know, a boombox is designed to make it easy for users to carry around. So portability is not a thing to worry about, you can bring this awesome speaker with you wherever you go. The best part is that the performance of this Bluetooth speaker is incredible, both indoor and outdoor. Plus, with a battery life that lasts up to 10 hours per charge, you can party all night long. There are also several other cool features like colorful lights, EQ sound effects, and more than you can easily control using a remote. My favorite part is that its sound quality is always at its best, no matter what type of music you play. Don’t forget to take a look. This can be your next favorite Bluetooth speaker.

Main Features
  • Loud and powerful stereo sound quality
  • Clear and rich sound with EQ sound effects
  • Convenient remote control with 10-feet distance
  • Powerful Bluetooth connection with wide compatibility
  • Stylish boombox design for both indoor and outdoor use

#2. Compact & Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Product’s Specs:
  • By: EIFER
  • Width: 6.5 inches
  • Length: 7.9 inches
  • Usability: indoor and outdoor parties

In case you don’t like a big speaker, this could be the perfect option that you may find interesting. The compact size is to save space lest you want to bring this speaker with you when you go out. While looking small, it is actually very loud and powerful when it comes to music playing. Thanks to the built-in 3-inch tweeter, the output power is exceptionally loud and powerful. So no matter what music you play, you can hear every detail of the bass and beat, which is absolutely incredible. The Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to connect this speaker with MP3, MP4, computers, smartphones, tablets, and more. There is also a phone holder on top of the speaker that you can keep your phone in place.

Since it is among the best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor parties, there are many other features it comes with. One of the best features is the convenient remote control from a distance. This remote allows you to manage the equalizers, tracks, and volume right from your fingertips. There is even a telescoping antenna that allows for FM radio in case you prefer your favorite channel. Not to mention the foldable handle that allows for easy portability, there is nowhere that you cannot party. So functional and so stylish, no doubt why so many people out there recommend this option. There are 2 colors available for you to choose from, and the price is absolutely affordable to invest in.

Main Features
  • Foldable handle and telescoping radio antenna
  • Loud and powerful sound with strong bass and beat
  • Fast and stable Bluetooth pairing with 10 meters distance
  • Compatible with many devices and easy AUX cable connection
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable with a foldable carrying handle

#1. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker For Outdoor Parties

Product’s Specs:
  • By: BUGANI
  • Width: 6.69 inches
  • Length: 12.72 inches
  • Usability: gym, parties, and other outdoor purposes

Being waterproof is a beneficial essence for an outdoor Bluetooth speaker because it is more durable for various places. Party by the pool? Not a problem because water won’t bother the performance of this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Along with this awesome quality, this speaker is also extremely durable, thanks to the smooth rubber design. You won’t have to worry about impacts and scratches that can ruin the beauty of your speaker at all. Not to mention the tough exterior, it can handle most outdoor elements out there to provide a long-last quality. Besides the pool, this Bluetooth speaker is also perfect for other outdoor conditions. You can bring it along with you to any place, and the music is always there with you.

Speaking of music, the sound quality that this Bluetooth speaker offers is also extraordinary. It features the combination of 2 full-range drivers and 2 woofer that brings out the clearest and loudest sound possible. While it is loud, there is less than 1% of total harmonic distortion so that you have the best music experience. The sound from this speaker is so rich, and every song you play is always extremely satisfying. Not to mention the long battery life on a single charge, you can enjoy your party the whole night. You probably think it is pricey with all the incredible features and durability, nope. This Bluetooth speaker is more affordable than you think, and you will not regret choosing it.

Main Features
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • Clear, loud, powerful, and rich bass
  • Durable and protective rubber exterior
  • Long battery life with low power consumption
  • 5.0 Bluetooth connection with fast and stable transmission

Best Outdoor Party Bluetooth Speakers Buyer’s Guide

Image Source: pixabay.com

When you search for the best outdoor party Bluetooth speakers, thousands of options will pop up in the result. So the key is to know the important features of Bluetooth speakers so that you can choose the best ones. Below are what things you should look for when you buy outdoor Bluetooth speakers for your parties and other occasions.

Battery Life & Charging

Since you are going to use the speaker outdoor, battery life is among the first things to focus on. You want the battery to last for at least 8 hours on a single charge so that you can party all night. There are also outdoor Bluetooth speakers with a battery life of up to 20 hours or longer. The longer the battery, the more convenient it is for you to listen to music when you are outside. In case the battery is not long enough, at least it should be able to play while charging.

Another thing to have in mind when getting a Bluetooth speaker is charging speed. Check if the charging time is not too long because it is not only power-consuming but also time-consuming. A decent Bluetooth speaker should take between 3 to 5 hours to fully charge with around 8 hours of playtime. Charging should be also convenient and flexible when it comes to charging methods. It should allow you to charge using a USB cable from an adaptor or power bank when you are outside. When both the battery life and charging are convenient, using it is also convenient for you.


When you buy a device to use outdoor, it has to be durable enough to withstand all outdoor conditions. The two main things that a durable outdoor Bluetooth speaker should have are a tough exterior and a waterproof body. You want to make sure the case or exterior part of the speaker is rugged for additional protection. Using a speaker outside means exposing it to unavoidable conditions such as dirt, dust, drops, and many other things. With a durable body, these problems are nothing to concern about so that you can always enjoy your party. This also means the quality of your outdoor speaker will last longer because it can endure most elements.

Outdoor parties could be anywhere from the backyard to the pool, and that is why waterproof is an important feature. Accidents happen all the time, and the ones involve with an electronic device and water never end well. It does not have to be rain. Sometimes water splashing or drink spilling always occurs unexpectedly. If your speaker is not waterproof or at least water-resistant, there will be a lot of damages. This is why you should also look for a waterproof function when you buy a speaker for outdoor uses.


A good speaker that you use regularly should be easy to bring along with you to places you go. Since it is for outdoor parties, the size is not always compact. However, there are other elements that can make an outdoor Bluetooth speaker portable to use. If the size is carry-able, there should be a carrying handle that you can move from place to place easily. Along with that, the speaker should not be too heavy for a person to carry. The good thing is that there are many lightweight outdoor Bluetooth speakers out there available.

You have probably seen option number 4 that we recommend, it is also a great example for portable outdoor speakers. There are caster wheels with a retractable handle that users can easily bring along with. It is like a mini suitcase that delivers awesome sound to every music and song that you play. So no matter if the terrain is rough or steep, you can always take your Bluetooth speaker with you. You should go for this type if you often take your speakers up in higher areas, it is so convenient.

Sound Quality

You cannot call a speaker good or even decent if its sound quality is bad, and that is a fact. This is why you must always check the description to see the quality of the sound that a speaker delivers. Make sure that the sound quality is clear and loud, and the distortion should be almost none to zero. Hearing distortion in the music or song is a turnoff, and that is not what you want to experience. Some speakers provide decent sound quality but it cracks when the volume is at the highest level. This is also one of the issues that you should track before you decide to buy an outdoor Bluetooth speaker. So read the reviews and scan if previous users have had such a problem. Since you are going to need to use the loudest volume outside, cracking or distortion in the sound shouldn’t be there.

So, where is all the sound from? It is from the speakers, subwoofers/woofers, and tweeters that are built inside the device. All of them work together to add more bass and beat to the music that you play. If the speakers that you like have these in their descriptions, then you know that their sound quality is reliable. The more subwoofers and tweeters that a speaker has, the louder it gets. This also means the price is higher, but its performance and quality are also better. Investing in the best Bluetooth speakers is always worth it, so don’t worry.

Supplementary Features

Besides the important aspects above, there should be other supplementary features to make the speakers stand out among the crowd. Some of the useful features that you might want to have in an outdoor Bluetooth speaker are:

  • EQ Panel: An EQ panel allows you to adjust or change the equalizers and other sound functions of the speakers. It is a great feature that makes it easy for you to select the sound quality of your preference. Generally, an EQ panel allows you to adjust the highs, lows, and other frequencies of the speaker. The panel is usually at the back of the speaker, with a knob that you can move around, very convenient.
  • FM Radio: There are times when you want to listen to programs from the radio from your speaker. This is when this additional function comes to the picture, and it can be quite entertaining. Sometimes you run out of music to play, or the battery of your devices dies out. With an FM radio feature, you can still entertain your guests easily since there are so many options to choose from. Normally, a speaker supports quite a number of FM radios with automatic search which is so convenient.
  • Inputs: It is not always a Bluetooth connection, so having some extra inputs is a bonus. Inputs like aux and mic are going to be helpful in case you want to do some karaoke. Things like this always come in handy so having them is a total plus.
  • Lights: Not many people really care about this feature, but it actually makes the music more lively. A speaker with nice lighting along with the song is simply cool. Some Bluetooth speakers these days have LED lights, while some others even include extra effects. The only reason that people don’t like about lights is that it consumes more battery power. However, you can always turn them off if you don’t like them sometimes. It is just nice to have this extra feature since you might want to use it sometimes.
  • Ports: Just like inputs, ports allow for more options in using your outdoor speakers. The most common ports that most Bluetooth speakers have are TF/SD card ports and USB ports. So in case you want to play music from those sources instead, your speakers are there to serve that purpose.
  • Remote Control: Sometimes, it is tiring to walk up to the speaker and change the volume then come back. This is why having a remote control to manage the speaker is way more convenient. Most speakers that come with a remote allow you to control not just the volume but also power and tracks. Even better, some also have a far range that you can use from a long distance which is a total plus.

Wireless Connection & Range

There is no way a Bluetooth speaker is good if its Bluetooth wireless connection is bad. The first thing that you should check in a Bluetooth speaker is its version, the latest at the moment is 5.0. This version allows for a fast and stable connection at a wide range between your devices and the speakers. That way, you are able to pair it with pretty much anything from your computer and smartphones to tablets and more. Some latest Bluetooth speakers also come with a Wi-Fi connection that you can connect with to play music.

The thing to remember is that no matter what type of connectivity that you use, the range should be far. A decent range between the devices and the speaker should be at least 30 feet. With a good range, the music still goes on even if you are walking around as you greet the guests.

Important Sound System In Speakers

Image Source: pxfuel.com


is a sound created by the vibrations that come from the back of the drive. Also, bass refers to tones with low frequencies or ranges that come from the speakers. When a bass is good, the low pitch tone from the music will be played beautifully. Every music and song has its highs and lows, and that is why bass is important in a speaker.


is a function that users can adjust the sound quality of a song or all songs playing from a speaker. With an equalizer panel, you can make the sound of the song lower or heavier just the way you prefer.


refers to tones with high frequencies or ranges which is the counterpart to the bass sound. The function of treble is to change the sensitivity of the system of the high frequencies. By turning up the treble, you simply make the sound becomes brighter and more detailed. If you turn it down, the sound of the music or song that you play will be more mellow.


works together with the bass to boost the lowest frequencies in the music and song that you play. With it, the sound from bass guitars, deep voices, and other sound effects will be clearer to listen to. When a speaker has subwoofers, you know that the sound quality that it delivers is top-notch.


is a type of loudspeaker that usually comes with a dome, horn, or inverse dome type. The special thing about tweeter is that it helps to produce high audio frequencies that are up to 100kHz. Simply put, it makes the sound of the music become better and louder to your liking.


Having an outdoor Bluetooth speaker is very nice, especially if you love listening to music. You can use it pretty much on any occasion, and it works great both indoor and outdoor. Once you pick the right choice, you are able to play your favorite songs at your parties conveniently. I include everything important that you need to know about the best Bluetooth speakers for outdoor parties. Let’s see if the options that I recommend have what it takes for you to pick, the choice is yours.

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