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15 Best Desert Landscaping Ideas

You still can keep your backyard and space modern despite the arid conditions with the right desert landscaping ideas. The key is to combine the right elements together so that the design complements your space well. Things could get a little tricky due to the temperatures and weather, and this is why I am here. Below are some of the best desert landscaping ideas that are perfect for dry and hot weather conditions. Perhaps one of them matches your preferences, feel free to check them out.

Idea #01: Boho Desert Landscape

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Boho is both modern and stylish while everything is very minimalist which is extremely pleasant to have. It does not take much since all you need are some furniture, hanging chairs, and plants. You can enjoy relaxing in the shade for hours, and the comfort is all there. Even better, you can also add some lights to your pergola and probably a fire pit for warmth at night. The sophistication is all there, and you should definitely consider it.

Idea #02: Cactus Guards

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Fancy tall cacti? Then this is one of the most interesting desert landscaping ideas that you should take into consideration. The combination of cacti with various heights looks great, taking your landscape to the next level. It makes a great idea for those who have limited space in the backyard or garden. Maybe you can also add some plants in large containers like the sample for more accents as well.

Idea #03: Cinema In The Desert

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The combination of not doing much with getting a cool landscape makes this idea super interesting to consider. It is a very cool concept for your friends or family to sit outside and enjoy movie nights together. You will need to have a projector screen and some speakers for the best experience possible. With some rugs and pillows, and the comfort is all yours. You can still enjoy your movies even in the desert, and the beauty of this desert landscape idea.

Idea #04: Cozy Ground

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One of the unique desert landscaping ideas is to keep things as simple as possible while maintaining comfort at its best. So this spot could be on the rooftop or by the highest where you rest on the ground. In an open air area like this, you will be able to enjoy the evening breeze comfortably. And if it gets cold, the fire pit nearby will keep you warm which is a complete package of coziness and style.

Idea #05: DIY Desert Landscape

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This is a desert landscaping idea that you can easily achieve within a day or two while saving costs. The idea is to provide shade during the day and warmth when the night comes. Build a seat with walls that shield you from the hot sun so that you can chill during the daytime. Make space for a fire pit so that you can stay warm as you stay up late at night. It can get so cold in the desert during the night, and this idea pays attention to the details while keeping things simple.

Idea #06: Fireplace Gathering

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Looks perfect for the backyard or patio, this is a very fascinating desert landscape idea to have in mind. It makes a permanent spot where you hang and relax at night. The fireplace in the middle is ideal for keeping you warm while allowing you to grill some meals at the same time. There is a smoke exhaust hood that will prevent smoke from bothering you, and things will be so convenient. Plus with the cactus and other desert plants around, your landscape will look amazing.

Idea #07: Fountain In The Backyard

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One way to increase the harmony of a desert landscape is by adding the opposite element which is water. A water fountain in the middle of the backyard full of desert plants and stones like this looks very nice. There are many designs and sizes of the fountain that you can choose from to match your place. The great part is that this desert landscape is ideal for both the backyard and the front yard. Let’s see if this is something that you like to have as your landscape design.

Idea #08: Mini Bar Oasis

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One of the most creative desert landscaping ideas is turning your backyard into a mini bar or an outdoor pub. It does not take much time, and it will be the go-to place for so many celebrations and occasions. The best part is that a mini bar with a desert concept won’t need much to build. You can use pebbles as the floor, sand could be too dusty so I don’t recommend that. The mini bar itself should minimalist and simple, and some desert-theme accessories will complement the entire place beautifully. This is a perfect example of a mini bar desert landscape, the rest is all yours to decide.

Idea #09: Minimalist Desert Landscape

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The first to do to achieve a minimalist vibe is to create a white background. It gives a clean look while allowing the green desert plants in front of it stand out brightly. The arrangement and size of the plants are up to you, they will look amazing regardless. You can go as big as you like with this desert landscape idea, the sophistication and style are always there. Don’t forget to plant both large and small cacti, they look so great together.

Idea #10: Modern Patio

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At a quick glance, you can already tell that this desert landscaping idea matches the concept perfectly. My favorite part is that it takes so little to create while looking amazing at the same time. This idea is ideal for an area where things can get super hot and sunny. You need the shade so that it can serve as a comfortable dining place and where you can relax. It looks permanently modern, and you won’t even have to spend much which is even better.

Idea #11: Outdoor Chilling Spot

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This is clearly one of the best desert landscape ideas for backyards to have in mind. It is so easy and fast to create, and it fits the desert concept perfectly. You want the colors to contrast and complement each other, so don’t get too colorful. Keep things simple by sticking with brown, green, and white so that they look good together. The furniture is comfortable yet stylish, and the desert plants will complete the look of the entire place.

Idea #12: Pool By The Desert

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Style is endless even in the desert when you have a cool swimming pool like this in your backyard. As one among the modern desert landscaping ideas these days, it looks amazing in many desert settings. This swimming pool idea looks best when there are mountains or a landscape with a view that you can enjoy. Imagine watching the sunset every evening from the comfort of your pool, definitely among the best desert landscape ideas for backyard to consider.

Idea #13: Sand & Succulents

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No desert landscape ideas for backyards are more suitable than the combination of sand and succulents. These two elements fit the theme very well, and they look great in a number of home décor. First, spread coarse grit sand in your backyard as it is the perfect and well-draining soil for succulents. Then lay the paving stones and other elements that you want in your backyard. It is very easy and simple, and it looks amazing as a desert landscape.

Idea #14: Tier Cactus Garden

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Never just stick to the ground because you can also have a beautiful garden in tiers as well. This design allows you to grow more cacti of different types at different levels that look absolutely magnificent. You can add as many native desert plants as you like, making this tier garden an awesome spot. The bigger the better, and succulents are super easy to maintain which makes things so convenient for you.

Idea #15: Tree House

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It is a great concept to turn your landscape into an open air tree house where you can relax. While many desert landscape ideas for backyards focus on the ground, this one is on a different level. It is just an idea, you don’t have to make it all romantic or with a bed up there like that. Make it a good place to chill, with some rugs and pillows so that the comfort is there. Plus with the height of the tree house, you will get to enjoy the fresh air and view at the same time.

8 Best Plants For Desert Landscaping

Things could get a little tricky when it comes to choosing the right plants for desert landscaping. To make things convenient for you, I make a quick list of the best plants for desert landscaping below. A majority of them are so easy to grow and care for, and they look amazing in most landscapes. Let’s see how many plants for desert landscaping that are the most suitable for you.

Adam’s Needles

Image Source: pinterest.com

As a slow-growing broadleaf evergreen succulent, Adam’s needles are very common in Southwest-themed landscapes. It is a virtually stemless shrub with blade-like leaves that form a basal rosette. This desert plant looks very neat, and it will send up large flower stalks that attract butterflies and hummingbirds when it matures. Adam’s needles grow best in full sun, and it requires vert little care.

Barrel Cactus

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Very popular for gardens or landscapes, barrel cactus comes in the shape of a barrel or cylindrical. It looks very neat, and it adds beautiful accents to any desert landscaping décor. When growing them, you want to keep these cacti away from curious children and pets. There are heavy spines on their prominent ribs that can cause terrible pain. Barrel cactus comes in many pretty varieties for you to choose from, and they are all low maintenance.

Black Rose Tree Houseleek

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Extremely attractive and eye-catching, the black rose tree houseleek is a very unique desert plant to take into consideration. The dark purple – almost black foliage that will totally stand out makes it an excellent addition to your space. It makes a perfect option for those who don’t like colorful plants in their desert landscape. Since it needs plenty of light to thrive, it matches best with extremely hot weather conditions.

Candelabra Cactus

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Ideal for both indoor and outdoor, candelabra cactus is ideal for anywhere it your home. As an outdoor plant, this cactus variety is known as a tree that can grow up to 49 feet. The cool part is that there are also branches with several stems that produce sharp spikes. Grow them in full sun, and make sure that they receive several hours of sunlight per day. This variety is drought-tolerant due to its water-storing abilities, simply perfect for desert landscaping.

Curve Leaf Yucca

Image Source: pinterest.com

By the look, you can tell the plant is very refined and sturdy to have in your landscape. It has long slender foliage of blue-green color that gracefully bends or slightly droops from the tips. At the same time, it can grow up to 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide which looks amazing. This evergreen shrub is super easy to grow, and it can adapt to most soil with good drainage. Just keep it in full sun, and it will grow beautifully for you.

Dragon’s Blood Stonecrop

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It is also very nice to have short desert plants that look like a carpet among tall desert plants out there. Dragon’s blood stonecrop has fleshy and bright green leaves along with burgundy edges. The leaves will turn bronze-red in summer before changing to brilliant red in the fall. This drought-tolerant plant can withstand dry and poor soil conditions really well, and it grows best in full sun. Dragon’s blood stonecrop looks amazing when planted in groups as a ground cover, and you totally should try that.

Foxtail Agave

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Resembling a fox’s tail, this gorgeous succulent produces an attractive rosette of pale green and silvery leaves. The leaves can grow up to 4 feet wide, and they can reach a height of up to 5 feet. You can easily grow it in various soil types, as long as it stays in full sun. Foxtail agave is amazing for beds, borders, rock gardens, and succulent gardens so don’t forget to check it out.

Ghost Plant Succulent

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Does not sound so attractive while the appearance is extremely graceful, ghost plant succulent is one of a kind. Similar to other succulents for the background growing, this succulent has fleshy and pointy leaves. The leaves are grayish, and they change to a pinkish-yellow in hot weather or blue-gray if it gets partial shade. Ghost plant succulents are perfect for borders, ground covers, and they look amazing as garden beds or container plants.

Prickly Pear Cactus

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One of the most popular desert plants to grow in the gardens or landscapes is prickly pear cactus. You can easily notice this cactus by its branching, flat, and wide pads that give it its distinctive look. It can grow up to 15 feet, and it even beautiful flowers that bloom from June to July. The flowers can be purple, red, or yellow while the fruits can be green, red, and yellow-orange.

Bottom Line

Desert landscaping ideas are very creative and unique, and they are ideal for both hot and normal temperatures. The key is to use the right furniture and plants that are suitable for your home design. I brought you 15 desert landscaping ideas for backyard along with some ideal plants for desert landscaping. Hopefully, you will find the recommendations above useful to inspire you with some ideas for your home.

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