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5 Best Garden Trowels For Digging & Planting

Every gardener needs the best garden trowels, the mini shovels that can do many things around the garden. One of the benefits of garden trowels is that they allow you to plant small flowers or plants with ease. You will also need them when you want to transplant some small greeneries as well. In fact, this is one of the most important gardening tools that you should have on the storage rack. If you are new to this, I want to share some of the best garden trowels that I have great experience using. Let’s see if one or two of the 5 below has what it takes to match your preferences.

1. The List of Best Garden Trowels

#5. Bend-Proof Carbon Steel Garden Trowel

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Solution4Patio
  • Weight: 0.2lbs
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Usability: gardening, light cultivating, moving and smoothing soil, planting, weeding

Recently, I have found out that carbon steel is also a very durable and high-quality material for a garden trowel. The special thing about carbon steel is that it is as strong as metal or steel but way better. Like this garden trowel, it is not also durable but also lightweight and rust-resistant thanks to its powder coating. You can use it for years, and the appearance remains good without having rust at all. One of the most important features that want to focus on is the fact that it is bend-proof. It is so common for many garden trowels to bend under strong pressure while digging, and I don’t want that. This trowel is so sturdy it will not bend easily, exactly what the best garden trowels should be.

As for the handle, it features the design from PE along with an ergonomic gel grip to ensure the best performance. You can hold it comfortably in hand, and it does not cause any pain in your palm while working. This is very important because you don’t want red marks on your palm every time you do gardening. Another great thing about its handle is that it is non-slip so it remains firmly during your work. It comes with just the perfect size for you to use, and it is convenient for most users. This trowel is also easy to store since it has a hang hole in the handle. And yes, it is easy to clean after use, I think you will like it.

Main Features:
  • Ergonomic handle and shape
  • Easy to clean and hang after use
  • Strong and sturdy carbon steel blade
  • Bend-proof, durable, non-slip, and rust-resistant
  • It does bend when digging rock or tough soil

#4. Small Garden Trowel With Soft Rubberized Handle

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Sinoer
  • Weight: 0.2lbs
  • Length: 11.4 inches
  • Usability: breaking up hardened dirt clods, digging in tough soil, mixing compost or soil, planting, removing stubborn weeds, transplanting

Don’t worry if you have small hands, this garden trowel is exactly what you should have for gardening. The sleek and slim handle makes things so much comfortable for you to grip for your gardening work. Along with that, its soft rubberized handle ensures that there is no fatigue or pain during or after use. You can notice the ergonomic design along with the handle that conforms to your hand shape for ultimate comfort during use. As for the blade, it features a design from polished aluminum that is durable and strong. It is tough enough to handle stubborn dirt or tough turf with ease, and it is also rust-resistant. You can use it for various gardening tasks like mixing compost, removing weeds, planting, transplanting, and more. So simple yet so convenient to use, this is one of the best options to have in mind.

Main Features:
  • Bent resistant and heavy-duty
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Handle hole included for easy storage
  • Durable and sturdy polished aluminum head
  • Ergonomic, non-slip, and soft rubberized handle
  • Some users don’t like the sturdy part of the handle

#3. Indestructible Stainless Steel Garden Trowel

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Wilcox All-Pro
  • Weight: 0.4lbs
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Usability: breaking up stubborn clods, deep bulb planting, digging and transporting materials, using as a camping tool

Since stainless steel is unbreakable, that means this garden trowel is extremely durable, right? One thing I can be sure of is that the blade of this trowel is hard to bend or break. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty and tough tasks around the garden or lawn for you. Another thing that I like about it is the fact that it is very lightweight despite being extremely tough. This allows you to carry around and dig up the week and transplant your greeneries without a problem. It also makes things comfortable as well since it is light so things are easier to handle. Speaking of blades, you can see that it features a wide design with a pointed tip. This allows you to dig into the soil easier without having to apply so much force that may bend the tool.

More than that, the ergonomic and simple handle also makes things extra convenient for you. While most garden trowels have different shapes of the handle, this model is rather simple-looking instead. Because the shape is very ordinary, it is very comfortable and easy for you to grab and grip. At the end of the handle is a string that you can easily hang on various objects after use. I actually like this option a lot because it is extremely convenient to use while looking so simple. This garden trowel is ideal for a wide range of working in the garden and even in other outdoor activities. I agree that it is very pricey, but it lasts for so long through all tough jobs. So it is better than spending the same amount of money on multiple bad trowels.

Main Features:
  • Easy to use and store
  • Comfortable and heavy-duty handle
  • Multiple blade size options are available
  • Compact, convenient, and lightweight
  • Durable and strong stainless steel blade
  • It is very expensive
  • The blade is very sharp so it is not ideal for kids

#2. Carbon Steel Garden Trowel With Depth Marker

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Edward Tools
  • Weight: 0.5lbs
  • Length: 3.5 inches
  • Usability: digging heavy clay or rocky soils

Here is another carbon steel trowel that I think you might like, it is also very good. The unique thing about this option is that it comes with depth markings that you can see on the blade. This is a helpful feature that makes planting or transplanting more accurate every time for you. As for the carbon steel blade itself, it is durable and strong enough to resist bending and breaking. You can actually use it to dig in heavy clay or rocky soil if you need to, and it works great.

Another thing that I like about it is the ergonomic and sleek handle that this trowel comes with. The handle features a design from rubber that provides both comfortable and firm grip. It is useful because it eases the pressure on your palm when you dig hard or tough soils during gardening. Not to mention that it does not rust easily due to the coating, you can use it for years. You can use it for various gardening tasks, and it can handle the jobs very well. Don’t forget to check it out, hundreds of users highly recommend this one.

Main Features:
  • Firm and non-slip rubber grip
  • Durable, heavy-duty, and strong
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • Depth markings for easy measurement
  • Resistant to bending, breaking, and rust
  • It is a little heavy

#1. Oversized Heavy-Duty Garden Trowel

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Edward Tools
  • Weight: 0.4lbs
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Usability: digging heavy clay or rocky soils

This is another high-quality garden trowel that you might find interesting, its performance and quality are amazing. While the other 4 garden trowels are on the compact side, this one is the opposite due to its oversize design. Thanks to its large blade, you can move a large amount of soil at a time which is fast and time-saving. Another great thing about a larger size is that it is also more durable and stronger. You can use it for working on heavy clay or rocky soils without worrying about bending or breaking at all.

Since it is larger, the handle is also more firm to ensure that you can comfortably grip it while working. The handle of the trowel is made from high-quality rubber with an ergonomic design of contoured finger grips and palm rest. You can use this garden trowel comfortably without having to wear gardening gloves at all. There will not be fatigue or red marks after use, and gardening will be more convenient for you. As one of the best garden trowels on the market, you will not regret choosing them. I have a great experience using it, and I am sure that you will too.

Main Features:
  • Heavy-duty and large blade
  • Easy to clean and store after use
  • Sturdy and well-balanced design
  • Comfortable and ergonomic rubber grip
  • High-quality stainless steel for bend-resistant
  • It is a little heavy
  • The handle hole is a little small

2. Garden Trowels Maintenance

In order to keep the garden trowels long-lasting, you have to provide them with regular care and maintenance. Proper maintenance does not only maintain their appearance but also their overall performance and strength. The basic garden trowel maintenance tips are very simple, and including cleaning, proper storage, and sharpening.

2.1. Clean

First thing first, just because you use them to dig up the dirt does not mean they don’t deserve cleaning. A proper cleaning after every use helps to prevent the dirt from building up and damage the material. You can clean it using a few items such as a rag, water, a wire brush, and some oil and sand.

  • Start by dunking the trowel into a bucket of water to loosen the dirt from the blade.
  • Then wipe it off with the rag, and do so with the handle if there is any dirt on it.
  • In case there is stubborn dirt that will not come off, use the wire brush to scrape it off. You can also use it to remove rust spots on the blade if there are any.
  • Next, apply some oil (linseed oil or vegetable oil) to the blade to protect it from rust. Fill a bucket with oil and sand, then move the blade up and down in the sand a few times. After that, dip the handle into the bucket and move it up and down as well.
  • If the handle is wooden, you should also coat it to preserve and waterproof it.

The cleanup should be done regularly or every time after use, while the oil coating is optional. A clean garden trowel will last longer while the blade remains sharp, and you can use it for years.

2.2. Sharpening

Although not necessary to do it regularly, you still have to remember to sharpen the blade of the trowel. This maintenance tip depends on how often you use the garden trowel, is it daily or a few times a week? No matter what, you should sharpen the trowel blade every 2 or 3 years. If you use it a lot, you can sharpen the blade every year to make sure that it stays sharp. To do this task, you should use a hand file since it is easy and simple to do. Sharpening the garden trowel blade is to ensure its sharpness so that it can always dig through tough soil. That way, your trowel remains in good shape for years to come. The video below will show you how to sharpen your garden trowel, so check it out.

2.3. Store

Proper storage helps to protect the garden trowel from outdoor elements that may damage it. You should always store it in a dry place where moisture does not get to it. This is because moisture can lead to rust on the blade or cause rotting on the handle. You should also get a tool rack so that you can neatly and properly store all your gardening tools. That way, you will be able to organize the tools and easily find them for your gardening tasks.

3. Garden Trowels Buying Guide

Just because it is just a mini shovel doesn’t mean you can pick any option you see popping up first. Some garden trowels can be a little pricey due to the quality that they provide, so you should spend wisely. Every cent counts, and this is why this garden trowel buying guide is going to be helpful for you. There are several important factors to keep in mind when you want to buy a garden trowel, so take a look.

3.1. Blade

When you look for a garden trowel, you will come across various shapes of their blade on the options you see. The most common ones are curved, flat, and scooped, and each type has its own purpose to serve the gardeners. Depending on what you want to use the trowel for, the most common blade types are:

  • Digging Blade: has a scoop and wide shape that you can use you dig holes or dig up plants.
  • Planting Blade: has a pointier tip for digging and planting in tighter places.
  • Potting Blade: has a pronounced concave curve that helps you to transfer soil from one location to another.
  • Traditional Blade: has a round or slightly pointed end that is easy to dig and scoop the soil.
  • Transplanting Blade: is longer and narrower so that you can dig deep enough to remove the plant and its roots.

3.2. Grip

Sometimes you may spend hours in the garden using your trowel, and this is why a comfortable grip is important. You want to make sure the handle delivers a grip that fits nicely in your hand. Along with that, there shouldn’t be bumps that may hurt your hand during the use at all. The most common types of grip are the ones that come with a grippy and smooth design. This depends on your preferences, and you can always wear gardening gloves if it hurts your hand.

3.3. Materials

A good garden trowel should be made from high-quality materials from the handle to the blade. You don’t want a trowel with a sharp blade but has a wobbly handle because they don’t go together. When choosing a garden trowel, the materials below are what you should have in mind.

3.4. Blades

  • Aluminum: is lightweight so it is suitable for light tasks like potting.
  • Carbon Steel: is one of the strongest materials, so it does not break or rust easily.
  • Metal: is also durable and strong, and it is also easy to sharpen when the edges become dull.
  • Stainless Steel: is very strong, and it is resistant to bending, breaking, and rusting.

3.5. Handles

  • Fiberglass: is made from tough fiberglass resin, and it does not change its shape or size.
  • Plastic: is lightweight but is prone to breaking from the blade.
  • Wood: is long-lasting and sturdy, and its grip is also firm and non-slip.

3.6. Storage

Garden trowels are usually compact, so storage should also be easy and simple to do. You will often see a trowel with holes at the bottom of the handle that allows you to hang it. This is a good storage option if you have a hook somewhere in the garden shed or garage. Just make sure that the hole is large enough for you to hang or it won’t fit the hook. Another convenient storage option is a garden trowel with a string that you can also hang on various objects. I think it is better because you can hang on larger objects rather than a hook. Either way, you should consider a trowel that is easy to store because proper storage also means proper care.

3.7. Weight

The weight of a garden trowel affects how you use it such as comfort, ease, and flexibility. Because you are going to use it to dig the soil up, it is advisable to choose a lightweight option. A good garden trowel should weigh 3 pounds or less, the best ones should be less than one pound. This allows you to easily apply the pressure so that you dig things up easier and faster. Remember that a heavy garden trowel is not always more powerful than the lighter ones. If its blade is sharp, being lightweight does not stop it from allowing you to dig the soil with ease.

Bottom Line

Garden trowels are like mini shovels that you can use to dig the soil and scoop the dirt with ease. I recommend choosing the ones that match your gardening purposes and tasks so that they last longer and perform well. If you use a transplanting trowel to dig rough soil, it may break. This is why the first thing to do is picking the ones that are best at doing their job. If you have multiple gardening tasks that require you to use a garden trowel, you may need more than one. With all the recommendations and tips above, I hope that choosing the right garden trowels will be easier for you.

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