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15 Best Gardening Magazines That You Might Like

Gardening magazines are among the best ways for gardening enthusiasts to keep up with the new trends. The thing is that there are quite a number of them available out there on the market for you to choose from. I will also include the focus and their frequency of some of these best gardening magazines for more details for you. You will find 15 best options below, so feel free to take a look and make your decision.

#1 – Better Homes & Gardens

  • Focus: Cooking & Recipes, Gardening, Home
  • Frequency: 12 Times Annually

When it comes to the best gardening magazine that has it all, you cannot forget about Better Homes & Gardens. You will find so many different ideas regarding gardening tips, home improvement ideas, and even recipes and cooking. In the area of gardening alone, the magazine covers how to grow flowers and plants both indoors and outdoors. Together, there are so many things to read about and learn from their contents. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, this magazine is ideal for everybody.

You will also get to explore some new ideas about home improvement that you can try. They offer tips to make your backyard, patio, and many other areas around the house to be more modern. So many inspirations and tips that you can use to update the look of your home by yourself. This is why this option is among the most popular. One magazine that has them all definitely the option to consider.

#2 -Birds & Blooms

  • Focus: Birds, DIY Projects, Gardening Tips
  • Frequency: 6 Times Annually

A beautiful garden is incomplete without the presence of birds flying and singing, am I right? This is why Birds & Blooms is the magazine that you will find interesting and useful. It simply guides you through how to attract particular birds to your gardens which is amazing. There are tips on what to grow and plant to attract specific birds, along with many other useful ideas. It is true that we don’t know many types of birds that visit our gardens, and Birds & Blooms also covers that. This magazine includes so many photos of birds along with their information that you can learn about.

My most favorite part is the DIY projects that gardeners out there can try to create. Those projects add extra touches to the garden with style, and you will absolutely love them. Plus, with the gardening tips that help your flowers and plants to flourish, this magazine is one of a kind. Birds & Blooms is one of the most popular gardening magazines for so many years, you won’t regret choosing it.

#3 – Fine Gardening

  • Focus: Home Landscaping & Ornamental Plants
  • Frequency: 6 Times Annually

What’s special about Fine Gardening is that this magazine includes all the important gardening tips and tricks for you. It includes articles that are related to insects, plants, and even soil to provide in-depth gardening knowledge for its readers. The writers for this magazine are from different aspects and skill levels, and that is why it is amazing. People with different experiences work together to provide plenty of useful content in various fields. You will get to explore and learn different things in one magazine, and that is why it is helpful.

#4 – Garden Center

  • Focus: Gardening Tips, Indoor & Outdoor Gardening, Plants
  • Frequency: Monthly

Garden Center is unique because it has a story cover in each publication that makes each issue different from each others. This is also a great feature because you get to explore various topics every time. That also means you can choose an issue that you find interesting. Each magazine is not the same, and that is the beauty of it. While some of the publications are more on the commercial side, there are still useful tips to learn from. So if you have an open mind to explore different things regarding gardening, you might want to check it out.

#5 – Garden Culture

  • Focus: Agriculture, Design Ideas, Gardening
  • Frequency: 6 Times Annually

Things evolve and update all the time, and you have to keep up with the trends even if it is just gardening. This is why Garden Culture is among the best gardening magazines that you might like. There are many awesome ideas and knowledge regarding gardening that you probably have never heard of. One of the issues was about Technology In The Garden which will be absolutely useful for modern gardeners today.

With 40+ plus issues that cover different and interesting topics for readers, this magazine is so worth subscribing to. From medicinal plants and organic gardening to pest control and more, every piece is all unique in its own way. There are so many reasons to take this magazine into consideration, you will not regret your decision.

#6 – Garden Design

  • Focus: Design Ideas & Plants

The name says it all, this gardening magazine tells you about how to design your garden with different styles. There are gardeners out there who want to focus on both the beauty of the garden and the plants. With this magazine, you will be able to get to see different ways to level up your backyards and gardens. So if you want some amazing inspiration on backyard, garden, or landscape design, this is the magazine to go for.

Garden Design also focuses on various types of common flowers and plants in the garden. From annuals and perennials to succulents, trees, and more, this gardening magazine covers them all. With it, you get to know how to design your gardens with more skills in taking care of your plants. So many things in one magazine, and the best part is the beautiful photos that show examples of the designs. Full of awesome ideas and suggestions, no doubt why it is among the most popular gardening magazines.

Note: Although Garden Designs’ print magazine ceases production, you can still find useful tips from their previous publications.

#7 – Garden Gate

  • Focus: Design Ideas, Gardening How-To & Tips, Plants & Vegetables
  • Frequency: 6 Times Annually

It is always useful to learn about different gardening tips that can help with your plants. This is why Garden Gate is one of the best gardening magazines to take into consideration. The contents of this magazine tell you how to grow and take care of plants in your gardens. At the same time, there are also tips on how to remove bugs and pests from the plants. Basically, it covers all the common issues that home gardeners come across with effective solutions that work fast.

More than that, there are also articles that show you some DIY projects that can be useful for your gardens. This magazine has a few important targets that will be a great help to your gardening. You will also find some cool design ideas that will elevate the beauty of your home gardens. Garden Gate focuses on quite numerous aspects of the house, and it is always great to learn about new things.

#8 – Herb Quarterly

  • Focus: Herb
  • Frequency: 4 Times Annually

Herb lovers have to check out this magazine, but I bet you already know about it if you are herb enthusiasts. Not a lot of gardening magazines focus on herbs like this, and that is why it is unique. Herb Quarterly covers details and many other things about growing herbs and how to use them for various purposes. This magazine is like an herb almanac; it has so much to provide, from history to recipes and many more.

Each issue of the magazine shows you new herbs along with tips on how to grow different types of herbs. Another unique feature is the artwork of the magazine itself which stands out from most magazines out there. Every single art in Herb Quarterly is all original watercolors which is extremely gorgeous and unique to look at. With everything together, there is every reason to take this wonderful magazine into consideration.

#9 – Horticulture

  • Focus: Plants
  • Frequency: 6 Times Annually

Horticulture is probably the oldest gardening magazine since it has been published since 1904. A magazine that has been around this long sure has many knowledge and tips to provide. Today, Horticulture is one of the best plant magazines that highlight all the important prospects regarding plants and practices for gardens. You will find so many things about gardening that you can think of, both indoor and outdoor.

The fascinating part about this gardening magazine is that it teaches you how to grow plants from the very beginning. You can learn how to prepare seeds along with many other gardening tips. From growing different plants to various smart gardening ways, Horticulture provides every detail for you. So educational and so informative, it is one of the best gardening magazines that you should get.

#10 – Mother Earth Gardener

  • Focus: Growing Guides, Plant Information, Recipes
  • Frequency: 6 Times Annually

For those who like to explore different and new types of plants and vegetables, here is the magazine for you. The special thing about Mother Earth Gardener is that it introduces you to so many floras and veggies you don’t even know. This plant magazine includes the profiles of plants with great details for your information. If you dig deeper, you can see that there different types of plants such as edible, medicinal, ornamental, and more.

Another interesting part is the DIY projects that you can try in your free time. One of my favorites is how to make a flower press, and the details and final results are also amazing. On top of that, there are also some recipes that you can follow to make nice food at home. Besides food, you will also get to learn how to make tea from your flowers and many more. Not to mention the organic pest control methods, Mother Earth Gardener is simply superb. As one of the best plant magazines, the contents on every page will not let you down.

#11 – Southern Living

  • Focus: Garden, House, Southern Culture & Travel
  • Frequency: Monthly

With a broader coverage, Southern Living is one of the best gardening magazines with so many tips to learn from. It includes gardening ideas that are useful for your gardening activities along with other categories. In the area of gardening, this magazine talks about how to grow and take care of fruits, herbs, vegetables, etc. There are also tips on how to get rid of garden pests that will be useful for you as well.

Besides gardening tips, you will also get to explore home décor ideas that you may find interesting. You will also get to see some nice landscaping ideas that can be beneficial for you. Not to mention the food and recipes that you can try to follow at home, this magazine is simply great. Plus, with the touch on culture and lifestyle of the style, the knowledge is so broad.

#12 – Sunset

  • Focus: Cooking, Gardening, Homes, Travel
  • Frequency: Monthly

A lifestyle magazine is also useful, and this is why Sunset is among the best. It does not only talk about gardening but also other interesting ideas about cooking, homes, and travel. All the guides and tips are to make lifestyle more convenient and easier, and they are all very helpful. It touches on various things besides gardening, such as decorations and designs, DIY projects, landscaping, outdoor living, etc.

On top of that, there are also some nice features of food and drinks as well as restaurants to try. This magazine has a focus almost exclusively on the western parts of the United States. It is a nice way to learn about things in different areas, especially if you are from a different state. All the more reasons to use those tips to your advantage in your gardening routine. There are millions of readers of this magazine, and maybe you will find it as great as them too.

#13 – The American Gardener

  • Focus: Gardening
  • Frequency: 6 Times Annually

One of the best gardening magazines for amateur gardeners and beginners is definitely this one right here. It includes all the useful advice and tips in great detail that you can easily follow. That way, you are able to create a beautiful garden by yourself even if you don’t have any gardening experience. More than that, this magazine also includes a wide variety of different flowers and plants that you can learn about. There are also some publications that focus on how to attract useful insects to your garden and many more. This gardening magazine is quite popular, and it may have what it takes to match your needs.

#14 – The Prairie Garden

  • Focus: Gardening Tips
  • Frequency: Annually

Here we have another excellent gardening magazine for beginners and pros that you might like. It tells you all the tips and tricks on how to grow and take care of your plants at home. The details are absolutely amazing, and all pieces of advice are also very easy to understand and follow. Along with that, there are also other tricks on how to turn your garden into a surreal area at home.

Each edition focuses on different fields, ranging from flowers and plants to shrubs and more. Not to mention the cover on herbs and spices and other common topics, this magazine is just amazing. Gardening remains fascinating and fun with the contents from The Prairie Garden, and you will be glad you found it. Even the price is reasonable; you should definitely check out this awesome gardening magazine.

#15 – Triangle Gardener

  • Focus: Gardening Tips
  • Frequency: 6 Times Annually

A useful garden magazine should include as many varieties as possible, and Triangle Gardener does just that. Gardening tips are the main focus, but it also includes plenty of useful information regarding pests and more. You will learn about flowers and plants as well as how to grow and take care of them. There are also tips on how to design and elevate the beauty of your garden, which is a total plus. A gardening magazine that provides so much is always the option to have in mind.

You can easily find this magazine from over 300 locations across the United States. The most common places are bookstores, botanical gardens, florists, garden centers, and many other places where gardeners visit. You can drop by and get one; this magazine has many things to provide. It is the number 1 gardening publication in North Carolina, and its contents are incredible. Perhaps you will find their advice and tips useful like many other gardeners out there.

Bonus: Fermentation

First of all, Fermentation is not a gardening magazine. However, it has so many excellent ideas that show you how to turn things in your garden into delicious meals. This magazine focuses on methods and tips that you can use to preserve food. Just like the name suggests, it teaches you how to use the art of fermenting that will be useful. The magazine includes history, recipes, and tutorials, along with photos that look absolutely fascinating.

While it does not provide any gardening tips, it is still useful for gardeners out there. That is because there are many ways to turn what you grow into something nice that you might not know about. Knowing how to make dill pickles is nice, but it is only just the tip of the iceberg. This is why Fermentation is going to be the magazine that you should have at home. If you like fermented snacks, this magazine is going to change your experience.

Final Thoughts

There are so many things that gardening magazines provide, and they are so helpful with your gardening activities. With so many good magazines to choose from, things could be a little tricky. This is why you should know what you want so that you will be able to select the right option. From gardening magazines to plant magazines and more, they are all available for you.  Narrow down your scope, and then you will get to pick the best magazines in no time. If not, feel free to check out the recommendations above. Maybe one or two of them are perfect for your needs.

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