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10+ Best Online Tree Nursery

You can buy almost anything online these days, and this is why online tree nursery is very common. Simply pick your favorite plants of choice, click order, and they will be at your door in no time. The only issue is to know which online tree nursery that you can trust and which one you cannot. This is why we are going to talk about some of the best online tree nursery options today. Below are 10+ popular online tree nursery choices that you can trust, so take a look.

Bluestone Perennials

Best For: Flowering Shrubs & Perennials

Bluestone Perennials is a family-owned business; this is one of the reasons that you can trust them. Their business has been around for over 5 decades, and they grow their own flowers and others in greenhouses. You can find over a thousand varieties of flowers, ornamental grasses, perennials, and shrubs from this online nursery. There are various features that you can search for before you get them for your garden.

The website makes things so convenient and easy for you when it comes to selecting plants of your choice. You can customize and look for appearance for a certain use, bloom time, colors, fragrant, and many other conditions. And of course, their delivery service is fast and reliable. The best part is that the images from the website are bright and clear, which is so nice. On top of that, Bluestone Perennials also provides with common gardening solutions and useful gardening tips for beginners as well. So when it comes to flowers and shrubs, this is definitely where you should go to.


Best For: Bulbs

Specifically providing bulbs, Breck’s offers a wide variety of so many options for their customers. From bright to dark, the bulks from Breck’s are available in them all. What’s great about this online nursery is that their products are in incredible condition and quality. They grow and take care of their bulbs and plants like their own. This is why you will always get the best and biggest bulbs when you order from Breck’s.

Searching for items is also a breeze, and they even provide seasonal options that you can select. There are bulbs from spring and summer, along with other choices for you to choose from. Besides these, they also have hedges, shade perennials, and shrubs in case you want any. You can also find garden essentials and plant food made by them as well. What I like the most is that there are often discounts that help you to save some costs. With a business that has been around since 1818, Breck’s sure knows how to make their customers happy.


Best For: Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have become so popular over the past few years, especially during the pandemic. People begin to grow their own greeneries at home, keeping them sane during lockdowns. Their specialty brings you the best quality plants that you can easily maintain, even if you are a beginner. At the same time, this indoor plant nursery also gives you tips and tricks on how to take care of your plants. There is a number of indoor plants that you can choose from, and every one of them is one click away.

The special service that this nursery provides is delivering healthy and ready-to-go plants to your doorsteps. To make things easier for shoppers, Bloomscape also sells plant care tools and other necessary items. On top of that, they also provide gifting services if you want to send some nice plants to other people. From low-maintenance indoor plants to pet-friendly indoor plants and more, they have them all for you. Let’s see if this is the online plant nursery that you are looking for.


Best For: Flowers, Herbs, Seeds, Vegetables

Growing your own garden is so easy and simple when you know where to get the best seeds from. Burpee offers a large variety of fruit, vegetables, and other plants that you can purchase to grow in the gardens. More than that, you can find flowers, herbs, perennials, and many other things from this online nursery. Plus, with the garden guide and supplies, Burpee got your back even if you are a beginner.

Another special thing about them is that they supply non-GMO seeds with high-quality selected by horticulturalists. That way, you can trust that everything that they provide comes with just the best quality for you. Plus, with the reasonable price of the seeds, growing your garden and harvesting your homegrown products will be super fun. And, of course, every order you make will be delivered to your doorstep. When it comes to the best online tree nursery, you have to have Burpee in mind. Their quality and services will not let you down.

Cactus Limon

Best For: Cactus & Succulents

Cactus and succulents are the best plants to go for when you are a busy plant lover. They are easy to care for, and they won’t require daily watering like other plants at all. So if you are looking for the best online nursery for succulents, go to Cactus Limon. They have all the best and most unique cactus and succulent types that you can choose from. Along with that, everything comes at a reasonable price that you can accept, which is a total plus.

Their website is easy to access and use, and the purchase process is also convenient and fast. All you need to do is pick your most favorite succulents or plants, buy them, and wait for the delivery. Besides succulents, they also sell hanging plants, landscape plants, and many other plants as well. In case you want to buy succulents as gifts for your loved ones, this service is available for you too. With both price and quality that you can trust, you will not regret choosing them.

Fast Growing Trees

Best For: Plants, Shrubs, Trees

When it comes to the best online tree nursery options, Fast Growing Trees has to be among the top ones. The awesome thing about this tree nursery is that they have a long list of trees for you. Some of the most common ones are flowering trees, hedges, shade trees, shrubs, and many more. On top of that, there are also house and patio plants on the website that you can find as well. Having problems with your trees? Don’t worry; there are also tips and tricks on the website to help you out too.

What about the price? Absolutely acceptable and reasonable, while the quality is at its best every time for you. This online tree nursery ensures the health of the plants and trees thanks to their expert growers. Everything you order will be at your door, in excellent condition, so that you can plant them right away. So convenient and simple, let’s see if they have the trees that you look for in your landscape.

High Country Gardens

Best For: Beginners

It is okay even if your experience with gardening is not there; High Country Gardens will be your guide. This online plant nursery has everything you need for your new or existing gardens. And if you want pre-planned gardens to be arranged for you, there are many options that you can take a look at. With a pre-planned garden service like this, getting the best and most beautiful plants is a piece of cake. That is not all; this nursery also sells a number of wild flower seeds for you to decorate your garden. Not to mention flower bulbs, lawns, perennials, and more, they have pretty much anything great for you.

The most fascinating part about them is that they are famous for developing their own unique plant hybrids. This simply means you cannot find those unique plants elsewhere apart from High Country Gardens. One of the main reasons that you can trust their services is that they give a 100% guarantee. They will provide you with the best-quality plants, and you will have a great experience with them.

McKay Nursery

Best For: Trees & Shrubs

It is okay if you are so new to gardening because McKay Nursery also has landscaping services for you. This nursery has so many things to offer, such as edibles, evergreens, fruits, grasses, hedges, native plants, perennials, screens, shrubs, etc. Just choose what you like and they will arrange the landscaping services for you. Speaking of services, they have been around for over a century now and is still counting.

The unique thing about McKay Nursery is that they grow a majority of plants in their stock. Because they take care of the plants by themselves like that, you can trust that the health and quality are reliable. Same with shipping rates, the company delivers up-front shipping rates from FedEx. No matter which state you are from, McKay Nursery will always deliver your plants to your door. And if you want maintenance services, they have that too. Pretty much everything is available for you and your gardens; what are you waiting for?

Nature Hills Nursery

Best For: Conifer & Deciduous Trees

No matter if you want to have a garden or a landscape, Nature Hills Nursery has all the right plants and trees. You will find just the best bushes, decorative trees, fruit trees, perennials, and many more at a reasonable price. More than that, each plant that they offer is free from diseases and invasive pests. That way, you won’t have to worry that your plants being attacked by unwanted problems at all. And if you are new to gardening, there are also many tips that will guide you through your journey.

Ordering the plants is so easy and simple, and there are descriptions of the plant with great details. The descriptions let you know how the plant grows, where is best for them, and many more. As for delivery, your orders will be shipped directly from the nursery to your doorstep. So what you will receive will look exactly the same way they look when they leave the nursery. This is such a caring and helpful online plant nursery to have in mind, don’t forget to check them out.

Planting Tree

Best For: Plants & Trees

Specializing in plants and trees, Planting Tree has a lot on the list to offer. From indoor and outdoor to patio plants, this online tree nursery has them all for you. The best part is that everything comes at a very good price while the quality is incredible. You can search by the bloom season that you prefer, the colors that you want, the zones that you like, etc. Planting Tree makes it so convenient for users to shop from them, which is simply great.

Besides plants and trees, you can also purchase fertilizers and other plant caring items as well. There are many things for both gardens and lawns that you might need, and they will be at your doorstep. Not different from other best online tree nursery sites out there, Planting Tree also has gardening tips and tricks. You will find the recommendations for beginners and more, and they are all useful. In case you want to look for advice and plant caring ideas, you can always visit their page.

Raintree Nursery

Best For: Fruit Trees

Raintree Nursery is the perfect online tree nursery to go to when it comes to edibles and fruit trees. There is a wide range of choices that you can choose for your gardens or lawns. At the same time, they also provide other options like nut trees, ornamentals, and even vines. That way, you will be able to select from a number of awesome plants and trees for your house. The most incredible part about this nursery is the taste of the fruit trees that they provide. You will get the best taste in the fruit trees that you grow, and that is simply the goal.

Great quality and taste are one thing; ease of growing is another thing that Raintree Nursery offers. The plants and trees from them are hardy, so growing and taking care of them won’t be too difficult for you. Along with that, this nursery also provides useful supplies that you can buy for your landscape. From insect and pest control products to grafting supplies and more, they have them all. This could be your most favorite fruit tree nursery, don’t forget to check them out.

Select Seeds


Best For: Seeds

The name says it all; this online plant nursery is specialized in seeds of many plants that you can name. Select Seeds offer a large variety of high-quality flower seeds and plants that you can choose for your gardens. On top of that, they are also best at providing fragrant flowers, heirloom flowers, and more. Nothing is better than having a beautiful garden full of colorful blooming flowers with a wonderful fragrance. This is why Select Seeds should be an option that you should take into consideration.

What I like the most about them is the exclusives of the finest seeds that will arrive at your door inside neat packages. With that being said, their services are also amazing, which is a total plus. The staffs are friendly while the delivery takes no longer than one week to arrive. Not to mention the complete growing information of the items that you order, starting your own garden will be fun. There are many things to choose from; perhaps this nursery has what it takes to be your seed provider.

Wilcox Nursery & Landscape

Best For: Sustainable Native Gardens

Specifically provides native plants to Florida, Wilcox Nursery & Landscape is the place to go to if are from this state. In case you wonder, this nursery also provides their landscaping services in other states across the country as well. The special thing is that you can easily visit their garden center and make your picks if you are in Florida. When it comes to plants, this nursery provides options that attract certain birds or bugs to your botanical gardens. That simply makes everything lively, and your garden will be even more vibrant with nature.

Another great thing that I find interesting about this online tree nursery is the types of plants that they have. Some of the varieties include coastal plant species, drought-tolerant plants, house plants, shade-loving plants, sun-loving plants, and many more. These specific options make things super easy for you to select the types that you prefer the most. Very convenient and nice, don’t forget to check out this nursery.

How To Pick The Right Online Tree Nursery

If you have already searched, you probably know that there are so many online plant nursery sites out there. This is why there are important factors that you should have in mind so that you can pick the right one. Things are actually quite easy when it comes to that; just a few simple crucial components to take into consideration. With these in mind, choosing the best online tree nursery to shop from will be a breeze.


By availability here, we refer to the varieties of plants or trees that the nurseries offer. If you visit an online nursery whose many items are not in stock, it is not good enough. A reliable and right online plant nursery should always have its plants for the customers. Things are the same with other items and supplies that you want to buy. And if they don’t have what you are looking for, you should consider trying another source instead.


No one wants to open a package of plants or trees that they had ordered online to see broken appearances. This is why you want to make sure that the nurseries that you choose guarantee their packaging services. It could be a big tree or small seeds, but the packaging is always very important. Happiness is opening up the box and seeing the beauty of your plants. So don’t forget to have this part in mind.


The more popular the nursery is, the better its quality and services are. It is just very obvious proof that shows that many people are happy with them. This is why they are popular, and that is also why you can trust that particular online nursery. Another thing that you might want to think about is the duration of their business. For example, some of the online plant nurseries in the recommendations above have been around for decades. Then you can tell that they have years of experience, so their quality will not let you down.


How can you tell that the quality of the plants and trees is good when you don’t even see them? Look at the photos and read the reviews; that is how you know. Make sure that the photos on the nurseries are taken by themselves, and many people leave positive reviews. Along with that, you can check the details in the descriptions of the plants and trees. The more information they provide about the plants or trees, the more reliable the quality is.


You will need to focus on two main factors when it comes to services: customer service and delivery service. Customer service should be fast to respond, and the information that they provide should be easy to understand. As for the delivery service, the price should be reasonable and the speed should be fast. We all want fast delivery services, but it should be faster with plants. You don’t want to open the packages to see dead plants that died from suffocation. So make sure that the delivery service that they provide is fast and satisfying.

Online Tree Nursery Benefits

So why is it nice to shop from online tree nursery shops? It is common to shop for clothes and many other items online, right? Buying plants and trees online sounds different and new, but it is just as good. If you are still skeptical about shopping from an online tree nursery, take a look at some of its benefits. As long as you purchase your plants from a reliable source, these will be the benefits that you will get.


As you probably already know, everything is just one click away when you shop online. Things are the same with flowers, plants, and trees. Buying them from an online plant nursery saves your time and energy, and everything will be at your doorstep. Another great thing is that you can easily view the photos of the plants and trees that you want to buy. Way more convenient than walking from aisle to aisle or looking for the right plants under the sun.

Even better, an online nursery has more than just items for you to buy. Most websites also provide tips and tricks on how to grow the plants that you choose. Along with that, there are also many articles that help you with common gardening issues. Not to mention the doorstep deliveries, all you need to wait is just a few days to get your plants. Shopping for plants online is very convenient, and that is why it is great to do it.

Good Price

One of the best deals about most online plant nursery sites is the incredible discounts that they offer. While the price is already reasonable on some pages, the discounts make things even better. And when you shop from a reliable and trustworthy source, you won’t even have to worry about the quality. Even with discounts, you know that you will still get high-quality items shipping to your doorstep.


It is true that sometimes it is skeptical about worrying about buying plants online because you don’t see them. This is why you should always shop from a trusting source to get the best quality items possible. Many online plant nurseries these days are run by expert horticulturists that take care of plants for sale like their own. With that being said, don’t forget to check for the warranty of the plants that they sell. That way, you know that the nursery that you choose is reliable.


Although you are a beginner, things won’t be challenging or difficult for you to grow your own gardens. Online plant nursery provides all the most helpful and useful information and sources that will be beneficial for you. You can either find those from the articles or ask your questions directly. Many online nurseries offer incredible customer service by answering all your doubts fast and with detailed explanations.


Just like other forms of online shopping, online nurseries have so many varieties of options for you to choose from. We are talking about seasonal plants, specific plants for specific areas, types of plants, and many more. You can customize the choices to your liking, and there is always something available in the search results. And if they don’t have it, at least you know about that from the comfort of your own home. Saving your energy and traveling cost, how nice is that?

FAQs About Online Tree Nursery:

Is It Okay To Buy Trees Online?

Of course, it is perfectly fine to buy trees and other plants online. The important thing to have in mind is to shop from a reliable and trustworthy source. Once their plants and services match what you want, everything is one click away. Most big tree nursery online these days provide their customers with very convenient services and high-quality products. So if you are interested in buying your plants and trees online, you should totally do it.

How do I buy plants online?

When you finally find the site that you can trust, there are still a few other things that you should focus on. Those include:

Customer Reviews

You will definitely see happy and unhappy reviews on online plant nursery sites. Read from their experience and evaluate what they have gone through. See if the benefits are more or if the drawbacks overcome the good things that they provide. A few negative comments are normal, but consider having a second thought if the negative comments are more than the positive points.

Product Descriptions

One of the best things about shopping for plants online is that you are able to read their descriptions. That includes the caring that the plants require; see if you can handle their needs or not. More than that, read the descriptions of the shops and see if they provide you with an acceptable service. See if the delivery is fast and reliable or what they offer when you shop from them. The descriptions are very important because the images alone are not enough.

Return Policy

Just like regular shopping, a return policy is also important in online tree nursery stores. Read about their valid time that you can return the products if they do match the descriptions. Also, check what conditions are there for you to be able to return if you want to. Same with a refund; you don’t want to waste your money buying plants online and hate the experience after.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is important to take the time to do your research before choosing an online tree nursery to shop from. There are so many online plant retailers out there; this is why you should be careful. The best online tree nursery shops should provide you with both benefits and quality for the best experience possible. I sure hope that this article is useful for you and you will be able to get the best plants and trees.

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