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5 Best Professional Croquet Sets To Play At Home

Looks like a simple game with plastic balls and mallets, but having the best professional croquet sets is very fun. All you need is one set, and you will be able to challenge and play with your family members and friends. Because the game is quite simple, anyone can join and play. On top of that, you can also add your own rules to make the game even more enjoyable. Not to mention that it offers health benefits with all the walking, croquet is a great outdoor activity. So if you look for some of the high-quality and professional croquet sets, feel free to check out some recommendations below.

The Best Professional Croquet Sets

#5. Traditional Family Croquet Set With Bag

By: AmishToyBox.com

Quality is one of the main things that you have to consider when buying a croquet set, professional or not. I value quality most because I want to purchase things that I can use long-term. This is why I really like this family croquet set because every piece comes with a design from high-quality materials. The first things that I focus on are the quality and the design of the mallets. Each mallet is made from hard maple wood that is not only durable but also lightweight to handle. This also means both adults and kids can enjoy playing together because the mallets are convenient to play with. The length of the handle of the mallets is 31 inches which is just perfect for a wide range of players. I also like the different color markings on each mallet that match with the balls so that you can easily notice.

The quality of the mallets is one thing, but the quality of the balls is another great thing that I like. Each ball is made from molded plastic which is light to hit yet well-balanced on different types of surfaces. This design is to ensure that even kids can enjoy playing because the balls are not too heavy. And because it is a professional croquet set, everything comes inside a duffel bag with handles. You can easily and neatly store all the gears inside and bring the game along with you to places. Also, there are instructions in the package so you can learn how to play even if you are a beginner. I agree with the fact that this set is a little pricey, but its quality lasts for years which is worth purchasing. It is ideal for 8 players, so let’s see if you like it.

Main Reasons Croquet Players Like It
  • Main Reasons Croquet Players Like It
  • Well-built molded plastic balls
  • Colorful markings and solid design
  • Durable, lightweight, and sturdy mallets
  • Spacious duffel storage bag with handles
  • Allows for up to 8 players which are rare to find

#4. Professional All-Weather Croquet Set

By: Franklin Sports

This is one of the most famous brands that you can trust when it comes to the best professional croquet sets. The special thing about this set is that it is designed to ensure that you can enjoy playing for hours. Starting from the grip on the handle, it is comfortable and easy to grab without hurting your palms. The handle of the mallet from this set is slightly shorter than the previous set, with only 29.5 inches. However, it is sleek and slim so it is still ideal for both older and younger players. With the combination of great comfort and fun, you will be able to play as long as you like. On top of that, this croquet set is also ideal for all types of weather. No matter if it is hot or cold, you won’t have to concern about it losing quality at all.

Another unique thing that I like about the mallets in this set is that they are easy to assemble and takedown. It takes just seconds, and this design is to save space in case you want to bring it during trips. As for the balls, they feature a deep groove design that allows them to roll nicely on any surface. I personally like it because when the balls are too smooth, they tend to roll too fast or in different directions. That is not all, even the wickets come with coatings to prevent rusting for long-lasting performance. This set is ideal for 6 players, and you will also get a sturdy carrying case for easy and portable storage. There are 3 different types with affordable price ranges that you might like, so don’t forget to check it out.

Main Reasons Croquet Players Like It
  • Durable and sturdy handles
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Comfortable and versatile carrying case
  • All-weather coating with colorful markings
  • Reasonable price with high quality for long-term use

#3. Premium Rubber Wood Croquet Set

By: ApudArmis

I have been playing croquet for years, and I can confirm that rubber wood mallets are different from the rest. This type of wood is more durable than most, and it is also sweat-proof for convenient grip. For those who often need to use chalk just to play mallets, this set is going to change that. As you can see, the handles of the mallets are slightly thicker and it can aid better and firmer grip. More than that, I also like the super-smooth handles that do not itch or irritate the palms. And according to the company, this wood is also chip-resistant which is a total plus. I absolutely adore the workmanship, and the weight of the mallet just makes things even more sturdy to play.

While most balls are plastic, this set includes elastic polymer balls instead. This simply means the balls are more durable, and they crack easily while being tough enough to resist strong impacts. Since it is also one of the best professional croquet sets, this one is also ideal for family games. There are balls and mallets for 6 players, and its design is so versatile you can play it on any surface. Players of all ages can get to enjoy the game, and the set includes everything you need in a bag. Compared with most high-quality croquet sets out there, this one comes at a very inexpensive price. Hundreds of people are happy with this one, and you surely will too. Get one, and playing croquet will be your next favorite game to play with your family and friends.

Main Reasons Croquet Players Like It
  • Large and spacious carry bag
  • Durable and high-quality mallets
  • Affordable price with high quality
  • Crack and damage resistant polymer balls
  • Non-slip, smooth and sweat-proof handles with colorful markings

#2. Professional & Vintage Croquet Set With Stand

By: Franklin Sports

You can say that I am a big fan of Franklin Sports, but that is only because their quality is incredible. I want to recommend this set for playing home because instead of a carrying bag, it includes a stand. You can simply install the stand anywhere in your available space, and the game is always ready for you. One of the great features of this set is the fact that it comes with a vintage design. Both the mallets and the stand come with a vintage look which is stylish and unique to have. Along with the look, the quality and performance that it delivers are also top-notch. I am talking about the comfortable and firm grip mallets along with the colorful balls and durable steel wickets. Everything in the set screams fun and style, so let’s see if this is something that you look for.

Main Reasons Croquet Players Like It
  • Stylish vintage design
  • Ideal for 6 players of both young and adults
  • Stand included for convenient and easy storage
  • Comfortable and non-slip handle with brass fittings mallets

#1. Professional Croquet Set With Modern Design

By: GoSports

With the latest design, you can trust that this set has everything covered for you. This new and modern model comes with a unique grip design to ensure comfort in your hands. My best friend and her husband absolutely love this croquet set because she can enjoy playing without hurting her palms. She also mentioned that the handle is very sleek but there is enough weight to concentrate and control. This makes hitting the balls more accurate, and that also increases the chance of winning for the players as well. Along with that, the handle features the construction from hardwoods which means it is durable and lightweight to play. Since its aim is also for younger plays, the design is simply perfect.

Not different from the rest of the best professional croquet sets on the list, this one also comes with a carrying bag. It is easy to store and bring along with, and this is why so many people out there recommend this option. There are 6 mallets and balls along with other accessories for 6 players, and the price is also reasonable. Because it is a deluxe set, the length of the handle is up to 35 inches long. In case you prefer a shorter handle, you can go for the standard option whose handle is only 28 inches. Either set is comfortable and durable, and the choice is all yours.

Main Reasons Croquet Players Like It
  • Smooth and stylish design
  • Sleek handle with a comfortable grip
  • Convenient and portable carrying bag
  • Easy to put together, play, and store after use
  • Durable hardwood construction with a modern look
  • Standard design and size to accommodate players of all ages

What To Prepare For Croquet?

It is actually very easy and simple to play croquet, but the right-field makes the game even more enjoyable. If you want to play it daily at home, you want to prepare a croquet court in a particular space. A good croquet court should be clean and even, so you should mow or trim the lawn and grass. So how big should the space for playing croquet be? Depending on the available space and number of players, the common space should be 100 feet by 50 feet.

How To Play Croquet?

Game Objective: The main goal of playing (or winning) croquet is to hit your ball(s) through the course of 6 hoops. You have to do so in the right sequence in each direction and finish by hitting them against the center peg. Winners are the players who complete the course first with both balls.

Source: gamerules.com

Normally, croquet is for 2 players, 4 players, 6 players, or up to 8 players. However, you can also adjust the game if the number of players is odd like 3, 5, or 7. But we are going to talk about even number players here. Let’s break down things in bullet points for easy understanding:

  • Each side has 2 balls in the group, or each person has 2 balls in a single-player game. In the case of doubles, each partner on each side only has one ball.
  • For a 2 to 4 player croquet game, you will need 4 croquet balls. A 6-player game requires 6 croquet balls, and each team plays different colored balls.
  • At the beginning of each play, players take turns hitting the balls with the mallet through the course. The player can only hit the ball that he/she is playing. Croquet players get to score points for each stake and wicket in the correct order. If the ball clears the first hoop, the player may take another shot. If not, the other side will take turns to hit the ball instead. The game finishes after the players hit the finishing stake at the bottom of the double-diamond where the game began.

Still confusing? If you are not fully familiar with the game, things are even easier to understand with this video here:

Different Types Of Croquet Grip

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, knowing the right grip can take you closer to winning. There are 3 common croquet grips, and maybe one of them will be your next signature grip.

  • Irish Grip: Both the lower and upper hands grip the shaft with the palms either behind or to the side. The Irish grip usually lowers down the shaft, and it somehow allows players to concentrate more on the ball.
  • Solomon Grip: In this type, both hands grasp the top of the shaft with the knuckles in front. Meanwhile, the thumbs are uppermost which makes both hands very close together. If you want to make a big backswing, this is the grip that you should make.
  • Standard Grip: The upper hand grips the shaft near the top with the knuckles pointing forward. As for the lower hand, it supports the back of the shaft with the thumb down. You can create comfort in this grip by having space between the hands as you hold the handle. However, having both hands close together is better when playing.

Forms Of Croquet

Image Source: istockphoto.com

As years go by, different forms of croquet also start to emerge to create more challenges and fun. Players also keep on making new rules or tournaments to spice things up as well. Below are some of the other forms of other croquet that you might find interesting.

1. American Six-Wicket

The American simply owns this version, and it is a very dominant form of croquet in the United States. No matter if the players are playing singles or doubles, the objective is to run both balls through the hoops. The player whose balls hit the winning stake before the opponent wins.

2. Association Croquet

This is probably the most common form of croquet because it is one of the first forms that players like. An association croquet is played at an international level, and it involves 4 balls and 2 players in each pair. The two pairs compete with each other by hitting both balls through every hoop, and the pair who finishes first wins.

3. Bicycle Croquet

Any game is extra fun with a little pressure, and this is the purpose of the bicycle croquet. There is a 10-second time limit for each individual in the game. Just like the title describes, players in this form must ride a bicycle while playing the game. On top of having to ride a bicycle while trying to score, players, are not allowed to touch the ground. This is very challenging yet very popular at the same time, and it has been around since 1997. In case you want to take croquet to the whole next level, this form can be that level.

4. Extreme Croquet

Let’s say there are no specific rules in extreme croquet, and it all depends on the players. Usually, this form is popular among players who use backyards and gardens are the course to compete. As time goes by, people are getting more and more creative so the courses also expand. Now, the locations for extreme croquet players range from hills to other areas with mud, sands, or trees. The part that does not change is the rules, but the extreme locations make the rules more difficult to follow. On a side note, make sure to avoid traditional croquet sets in this form because they are prone to damage. Prepare durable materials like aluminum or high-density polyethylene since they are more suitable for such conditions.

5. Garden Croquet

Very famous in the UK, garden croquet is similar to association croquet but way easier. This form is what beginners play before moving on to the other forms because it is easy to learn. Each player can build a break by gaining extra strokes in reward for hitting another ball or running a hoop. So if you want to play longer, this is the form of croquet that you should go for. Once players gain extra turns, the game will simply take longer to finish.

6. Golf Croquet

It is a very popular form of croquet that comes with a twist that players love to challenge each other. In this form, each player takes a stroke in turn as they try to hit a ball through the same hoop. More than that, the balls are more likely to be lifted off the ground in each hit which is quite unique. The nice thing about this version is that it is ideal for players who have limited time. It is shorter between each game, and the rules are also easy to understand. Even if it takes a shorter time, it is still very challenging because players that finish the stroke first will win.

7. Nine-Wicket Croquet

Also goes by the name of “backyard croquet”, this version is more popular in North America. In this form, there are 9 wickets, 6 balls, and 2 stakes that players compete in a double-diamond pattern. The objective is to maneuver the balls through the course of wickets and into the finishing stake. There is one stake at each end of the course, and those who finish first are the winners.

8. One-Ball

This form is probably the latest and one of the most popular versions of croquet. The name says it all, each player or team has only one ball instead of two like other forms. Because of this rule, there is very little to no break so each game lasts less than 30 minutes. Both players have to get their balls through every hoop, and the first to run 12 hoops and the peg-out wins.


Croquet is very popular because it is not only a fun sport but also a great way to meet new people. You can play croquet at home with your family and friends, or join a croquet club for more challenges. Apart from the fun, playing croquet also provides a number of health benefits as well. It is engaging and entertaining, and it makes a great new hobby to take up if you haven’t tried it yet.

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