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Best Raised Garden Beds + Raised Bed Gardening Mistakes

With a raised garden bed, you will be able to grow a small plot of your favorite flowers or vegetables with ease. It is a convenient method, and it is also quite beneficial for the plants themselves as well. Raised vegetable garden and raised flower beds are great because they also have better drainage and are easy to care for. I have some nice raised garden bed options to recommend below, so feel free to take a look.

List of The Best Raised Garden Beds

#5. Best Galvanized Steel Metal Raised Garden Bed

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Yansguard
  • Shape: Triangle
  • Space: 17.04 inches
  • Dimensions: 19.68”W x 11.81”H

Creativity is everything, and this raised garden bed is one of the best examples of design and style. It comes in a set that includes 6 triangular plantings that allow you to arrange your plants just the way you like. The cool thing about this design is that you can grow various types of flowers and vegetables. With up to 6 raised beds in one set, you can also arrange them in a few different shapes as well. It provides both convenience and style that enhance the beauty of your garden to the next level which is awesome. What’s great is that you don’t even need any tool for installation, and instruction and protractor are included in the package. The whole thing is so easy to assemble, and you can put them together within minutes.

Each planting is made from steel that is both durable and long-lasting for you to use for years to come. At the same time, it also comes with multilayer galvanized paint to prevent rust while looking the same for years. You won’t have to worry about discoloration at all, and rain also won’t do a thing to it. Thanks to its creative design, shape, and size, this raised garden bed is ideal for pretty much any garden out there. You may think it is a little pricey, but there are 6 beds in one set. Not to mention the durability and incredible quality that it provides, you will regret choosing this option.

Reasons To Buy:
  • Creative and stylish design
  • Anti-discoloration and safe for plants
  • Resistant to outdoor conditions and rust
  • Easy and fast to put together with installation tools included
  • Durable galvanized steel design with multilayer galvanized paint

#4. Best 5-Tier Elevated Garden Bed

Product’s Specs:
  • Dimensions: 23.2”L x 8.1”W x 5.5”H

Another way to build beautiful raised flower beds is by having them in tiers like this, and it looks amazing. The special thing about this raised garden bed is that there are 5 tiers in total, allowing for great diversity. You can easily grow various types of flowers in each tier, and it will absolutely compliment your garden with style. A design like this also makes it a great raised vegetable garden as well which is simply amazing. Each tier comes with just the right depth and width for the best planting experience possible. More than that, each box has 2 drainage holes at the bottom for proper drainage which is a total plus.

Standing tall like this, stability is one of the most important factors to consider. This is why this option is quite popular because it features a very sturdy frame thanks to the metal construction. You can trust that it won’t break or get damaged easily, and it actually lasts for years to come. As for the planter boxes, they are made from 100% polypropylene which is both durable and supportive. Each planter can handle the weight of plants and soils very well, and they are very easy to put together. That is not all, there are 4 lockable wheels that allow you to move your garden from one place to another. The entire thing is easy to assemble, and there are instructions along with an installation video as well. Don’t forget to check it out, it is among the best raised garden bed options to have in mind.

Reasons To Buy:
  • Anti-rust spray paint and rainproof
  • Durable planters with drainage holes
  • Easy to install with instructions and tools included
  • Stable and sturdy metal frame with lockable wheels
  • Ideal for various plants and spaces indoors and outdoors

#3. Best Large Galvanized Steel Planter Box Complete Set

Product’s Specs:
  • Dimensions: 68”D x 35.5”W x 12”H

Easy and simple, this is probably one of the most common types of garden raised beds that you will come across. It comes in a vertical shape that provides a lot of space for you to grow your flowers or vegetables. As for the planter itself, it is made from extra-thick 2-ply reinforcement with double card frames on both sides. This is to ensure that it is not only durable but also long-lasting and stable for years to come. More than that, you won’t have to worry that it will collapse or distort at all which is a total plus. Along with this, it also comes with multilayer galvanized paint that also prevents rust as well.

Installation is rather convenient and easy, and it comes in a complete kit that includes everything. You will not need any tools to install it since all you need to do is piece them together. There is an instruction that you can follow, and it shall take no more than 20 minutes to assemble. The package even includes 2 pairs of gloves and 8 T-type tags as gifts which are really nice. It is ideal as both raised flower beds and raised vegetable garden, and it looks great in any landscape. There are a few color and size options that you can choose from, and the decision is all yours to make.

Reasons To Buy:
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Durable, stable, and sturdy
  • Discoloration and rust resistance
  • Easy to move and looks good anywhere
  • Easy and simple to assemble without tools

#2. Best Raised Grow Box With Self-Watering System

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Emsco Group
  • Dimensions: 20 x 24 inches

You can start small if you like, and this mini raised garden bed has a lot to offer. It is a small box that allows you to grow any kind of plant that you like at home. From flowers and fruits to vegetables and more, this raised garden bed is ideal for them all. Thanks to the incredible design of better aeration and self-watering system, it is very easy to use. At the same time, these features are perfect for busy people. You can just fill 2-gallon of water into the reservoir, and the wicking moisture method will water the plants for you. Along with that, its aeration screen is added to enhance the oxygen flow for the plant roots. Great growth and nice to use, this mini box is simply amazing.

Another great design of this raised bed garden is the swivel casters that will definitely come in handy. It allows you to transport the box from one place to another for better growth and easy care. Sometimes you want to move your plants to a sunny spot while some other times you want them to be in shade. This raised garden bed is also super durable and safe thanks to its HDPE plastic material. It is BPA-free and FDA-approved, and it is so rugged and tough it lasts for years to come. And in case you grow edibles, it is also super safe since the box has no leaking chemicals or toxins. Many colors and sizes are available for you to choose from, feel free to pick your most favorite.

Reasons To Buy:
  • Easy and fast to set up
  • Convenient and portable design
  • Durable and safe to grow plants
  • Ideal for all flowers, fruits, and vegetables
  • Improved aeration and self-watering systems

#1. Best Raised Planter Box With Legs & Wheels

Product’s Specs:
  • By: FOYUEE
  • Depth: 8 inches
  • Dimensions: 15.7”D x 37.4”W x 31.5”H

If you want a station specifically for your little garden, this is the raised garden bed for that. It provides ample space of 8 inches deep that can hold up to 2.5 cubic feet of soil. With this space, you will have enough space to grow your flowers, herbs, plants, or vegetables of your choice. Another great thing about this raised garden bed is that it has a drainage hole in the middle. Even better, there is also a drainage line that prevents water-logging to ensure the best growing experiences possible.

Along with the growing space, there is another shelf below the bed for additional storage. This shelf allows you to keep your gardening tools and other items for a convenient gardening. It saves your space while giving you more room for storage within reach. Even better, there are two wheels that provide easy maneuverability in case you want it to move from one place to another. Both the garden bed and the shelf are made from stable galvanized steel with an anti-rust coating of gray color. It will not rot, and it is super durable its quality lasts for many seasons and years to come. The whole thing is super easy to set up, and it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

This is one of the best raised garden bed options due to its great aesthetic, design, and quality. Hundreds of users are so happy with it, and it is clearly a choice to have in mind. Don’t forget to check it out, it could be your next favorite raised vegetable garden or flower garden at home.

Reasons To Buy:
  • Easy and fast to put together
  • Ample growing and storage space
  • Durable metal with anti-rust coating
  • Ergonomic and maneuverable design
  • Bottom drainage hole with a drainage line

10 Raised Bed Gardening Mistakes

Many think that raised bed gardening is easy and simple, and it actually is. However, there are some errors and mistakes that you want to avoid doing, especially if you are a beginner. This segment is going to show you some common raised bed gardening mistakes that you should know. There will be 10 of them below, so feel free to take a look and avoid doing those.

Chemical Substance

We are talking about spray painting your wooden raised garden beds to a certain color that you want. The spray paint contains chemical substances that may run off after the rain or wind. That is how they leak into the soil that will affect the flowers, veggies, or plants that you grow. It is advisable to keep the raised garden beds the way they are instead of using any forms of paint.

Another thing is using weed killer on or near your garden beds, the chemical can harm your soil for years. If possible, you should remove weeds by hand or use a stainless steel hand weeding tool instead. It is safer for your plants although it is more time-consuming.


Definitely one of the smallest things but quite a confusing mistake that early gardeners make. When you grow many different types of plants, you need to label them. It does not only tell you what you plant but also when and where they are planted. When the plants start to grow and sprout, they all look the same. Labeling allows you to provide proper care for each type of plant that you grow. And even if the plants are far, you still know that you have to water and care for them.


One of the most common raised bed gardening mistakes is the inappropriate or wrong location. What you have to know is that your raised bed garden should receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. At the same time, you should also know how many hours of direct sun that your plants need a day. Some may need at least 6 hours of direct sun while others need fewer or more than that. Depending on where you live, there will be 2 different types of raised garden beds that you should know. If your yard has a great spot, a regular one will do. In case your available space does not have enough sunlight, you should get a movable raised garden bed.


I agree that pressure-treated lumber or wooden raised garden beds look aesthetic and nice. The thing is that it is not an ideal option for long-term use, and it is rather something to avoid. Pressure-treated lumber tends to pose risks of harmful chemicals leaching into the soil of the plants. As for wood, it may decompose or rot over time under the rain and sun as well as other outdoor elements. And if you live in a damp and humid climate, it is going to decay even faster. If you really like wood, go for cedar, oak, or redwood because they are more durable. In case you want something really durable and long-lasting, opt for bricks, galvanized steel, metal, and stone.


This is probably one of the biggest raised bed gardening mistakes that a majority of beginners come across. The thing that you have to know about raised bed gardens is that they dry out faster than a normal garden. And this is why you don’t want to forget to mulch your garden once your plants are established. Doing so allows your plants to retain moisture while cutting down on weeds for your plants’ healthy growth. Simply put, never forget to mulch your plants when you have raised garden beds.


For those who plant multiple raised garden beds, pathways are what you must not forget. Make sure that the size of pathways around those garden beds is comfortable enough for you to be around. That way, you are able to kneel down to maintain and weed the plants when you need to. The more garden beds you have, the more space you will need. Because that also means you have to use a wheelbarrow full of compost and gardening equipment. Without proper space to move, you won’t be able to achieve that. Many gardeners want to save space by having many raised garden beds together, so don’t repeat that mistake.

Plant Type

You want to do research on the amount of space that your plants take so that you know how to arrange things. For example, carrots, you need to plant the seeds at ¼ inch deep and 2 inches apart. At the same time, you have to plant them in rows between 1 and 2 feet apart. Simply put, you can plant 18 carrots per square foot for a good and healthy result. If your garden beds are small, you won’t get to plant much. This is why you have to know how much flowers or plants that you can grow in your mini garden. If not, then you won’t be able to grow a great yield.


Some people like to start big, so they often want to begin their raised garden bed journey large. It is advisable to kick off with something small. This is to make it easy for you to manage the care and growth of the plants that you choose. Bear in mind that there are things you need to work on such as watering, weeding, and more. Once you can take control of that, then you can expand your garden. It could be quite challenging to have a big raised bed garden if you are new to it. So it is better to go with one or a small raised garden bed instead.


One among the important factors to have in mind when having a garden is soil. You have to know what to put on bottom of raised garden bed to ensure the best growth possible. This is why it is crucial to get the right type of soil for the bottom of your garden bed. Find a bagged soil that is specifically designed for raised bed gardens. It ensures that it does not become compacted and inhibit drainage. More than that, it also helps to kill diseases, insects, and seeds since it has been sterilized.

The best soil for raised garden beds should have a good mix of media for plant nutrition, proper drainage, and water retention. This is not all, you also want to keep adding organic material regularly to keep the soil nutritious. The right soil will provide the right amount of nutrients, keeping your plants healthy. Your plants will definitely get the nutrients that they need to grow so that your gardening experience is a success.

Water Source

Things are okay if you only need a bucket of water to water your flowers or vegetables. But you need to consider the right place for your raised garden bed, somewhere near a water source. It wouldn’t be a wise idea to have a raised garden bed way too far from water. In case you don’t have a choice, then you can install a drip irrigation system. It saves your time, and it also saves your water while watering your plants regularly which is amazing.


How Deep Should A Raised Vegetable Bed Be?

For those who specifically want to grow vegetables in a raised garden bed, you need to know the depth. It should be at least 8 to 12 inches deep or even deeper if the soil drainage is poor. And if this is the case, you can also back-fill the bed with a porous growing material.

What Do I Put On The Bottom Of A Raised Garden Bed?

You can fill the bottom of a raised garden bed with a number of organic materials. Those include grass clippings, leaves, straw, and wood chips – or any suitable weed barrier material over this organic layer. Doing so will allow the organic material to turn into rich compost for a better growing environment.

Final Words

Raised garden beds are super fun and nice, and it is a great way to begin gardening. It is perfect because it is an ideal choice for those who have limited space in the yard. Another awesome thing is that it is neat and easy to take care of which is very nice. Not to mention that raised garden beds look amazing, you should definitely have one. With some of the recommendations and tips above, things will be very convenient and easy for you.

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