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5 Best Riding Mower For Hills With Complete Buying Guide

Large lawns with hills are pretty, but sometimes mowing them can be daunting. A riding mower for hills is designed to handle this task, making things so convenient for you. With them, you can easily mow your lawn on pretty much any type of terrain that you have. So keeping your lawn clean and neat is no longer a challenge, and mowing is just a breeze. To make things easy for you, I have put together a list of the best riding mower for hills with a buying guide below.

1. List of The Best Riding Mower For Hills

#5. Riding Mower With Comfortable Seat

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Kawasaki
  • Power Source: Gasoline
  • Cutting Width: 48 inches
  • Usability: clears dead sticks, leaves, and saplings, cuts grass, mows lawn

A large riding mower can handle both large lawns and heavy-duty tasks, and this is just the option for that. This riding mower’s durable and strong build makes sure that it can smoothly roll on the lawn. No matter if your grass is long or thick, it can handle all of those situations for you. Thanks to the sturdy and wide ClearCut deck, this riding mower simply provides first-class cutting results. Along with that, its performance is also top-notch every time to ensure the best mowing experience possible for you.

The best part is the large and comfy seat that this awesome riding mower comes with. It is not only soft and wide but also extra high so that you can easily look over the lawn. That way, you will be able to monitor and cut the grass from the lawn beautifully and neatly. Plus, with the soft rim steering wheel, driving this riding mower is super convenient, which is incredible. The combination of comfort and performance makes this option one of a kind. Don’t forget to check it out; this could be your next favorite riding mower for hills on your lawn.

What We Like
  • Electric locking differential
  • Powerful 24HP V-Twin OHV engine
  • Comfortable, extra high, and large seat
  • Convenient steering wheel with soft rim
  • Sturdy and wide fabricated steel ClearCut deck
  • Getting it from the packing crate could be a little challenging

#4. Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Ryobi
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Cutting Width: 38 inches
  • Usability: cleans level cut, mows lawn

Ryobi has always been one of the best brands that you can trust when it comes to lawn and garden products. The unique thing about this riding lawn mower is that it comes with a 100Ah battery to power the vehicle. There are 3 brushless motors in total, so the performance and power of this riding mower are incredible. Its battery provides up to 2.5 hours runtime which equals 2.5 acres of mowing. After use, you can easily charge it through the standard 120-Volt outlet, which is also very convenient. This is just perfect for you to clean and mow a decent lawn in your backyard.

As for the cutting performance, it comes with a 38-inch 2-blade deck that provides up to 12 adjustable positions. You can easily choose the best grass height for the clean and perfect cut on your lawn at your preference. On top of that, it also provides a quiet cutting performance so that it does not disturb you as you sit. Want to get up at 5 AM to mow your lawn? Sure, your neighbors will not hear anything at all, and there are LED headlights for the dark too. It neither makes a loud noise nor emits smoke while being so comfortable at the same time. As one of the best riding mowers for hills, you definitely should take it into consideration.

What We Like
  • Convenient control features
  • Decent battery life with easy charging
  • Powerful performance with a stylish design
  • Environment-friendly, no-gas, and quiet operation
  • Durable and strong blade with adjustable cutting positions
  • The seat could be a little bigger

#3. Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Ariens
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Cutting Width: 52 inches
  • Usability: lawn mowing, reverse mowing

For those who are looking for the best riding lawn mower for steep hills, go for the zero-turn type. It moves faster while delivering a clean cut at the same time, which saves a lot of your time. So if you have steep hills to work out, the maneuverability of the zero-turn riding lawn mower will work. Another cool thing about this riding lawn mower for hills is that it is comfy to sit on and use. There are even armrests that you can adjust for the most comfortable user experience possible. So no matter how long you have to sit and mow your lawn, the comfort is always there for you.

The awesome performance alone is not the only thing that this riding mower provides; even the cutting is incredible. It features a 4-inch deep, fully fabricated blade along with an advanced airflow to ensure the best cutting performance. More than that, there are 13 cutting positions that you can easily adjust with a simple turn on a dial. I personally like this one a lot because the best riding lawn mower for steep hills is not easy to find. It comes with all the most useful features along with great comfort, making it so perfect to have. This riding mower is powerful enough to handle all lawn and yard sizes, so feel free to take a look.

What We Like
  • Flexible and powerful to use
  • Ideal for any lawn sizes and terrains
  • Comfortable, high-back, and plush seat with adjustable armrests
  • Durable, heavy-duty, and large tires for easy control and maneuver

Sharp blade and solid tubular frame with adjustable cutting positions

  • The floor is a little slippery but you can add a non-skid mat to fix that

#2. Hydrostatic Gas Zero Turn Riding Mower

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Craftsman
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Cutting Width: 50 inches
  • Usability: lawn mowing, slope mowing

When it comes to the powerful and best garden tractor for hills, this is an option to have in mind. The awesome thing about this riding mower for hills is that it comes with a strong 24HP Kohler. Along with that, the twin-cylinder engine makes things even more powerful. It can run on pretty much any hill and terrain while neatly cutting grass for you. Since it is also a zero-turn type of riding mower, its maneuverability is also convenient and fast. Not to mention the high-back seat that is so comfortable to sit on, mowing is going to be so convenient for you.

To be able to work on different terrains as the best garden tractor for hills, it has to have a strong build. Another incredible feature that this riding mower comes with is the robust steel frame body. Plus, the whole vehicle is very stable and sturdy to ride on with the large and strong tires. And, of course, the sharp cutting blade with adjustable cutting heights is one of its extraordinary traits. Simply put, this riding mower provides a clean and neat cut along with comfort and reliable performance. If this is not among the best riding lawn mower for hills, then I don’t know what is.

What We Like
  • Adjustable cutting heights
  • Easy to maneuver and operate
  • Durable and robust steel frame design
  • Powerful engine with a reliable starting system
  • Comfortable, supportive, and wide high-back seat
  • The instructions could be challenging for some users to follow

#1. Large Hydrostatic Riding Mower For Hills

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Husqvarna
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Cutting Width: 54 inches
  • Usability: grass cutting, lawn mowing

If we talk about the best garden tractor for hills, Husqvarna is one of the most reputable brands to consider. Having one of these is so convenient because mowing is going to be an easy and nice task to complete. The star of this vehicle is the 24HP Briggs & Stratton Intek engine that delivers great power to the mower. All you need to do is step on the foot pedal to change the direction and speed, simple as that. Another convenient thing about the foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission is that you can keep both hands on the steering wheel. It is pretty much like driving a car, but it keeps your lawn clean and neat.

Speaking of cutting, this riding mower for hills comes with a large 54-inch reinforced cutting deck with air induction mowing technology. You can also adjust the cutting height from 1.5 inches to 4 inches, and mowing your lawn can never be neater. The best part is the Reverse Operating System that you can mow your lawn in reverse; how awesome is that? In case you wonder about the comfort, it is also there for you as well. The seat is adjustable and comfortable, and there is even a cup holder for your favorite beverage. Plus, with the headlights and robust wheels, no doubt why it is the best riding lawn mower for hills.

What We Like
  • Durable and fade-resistant steel hood
  • Headlights and tight turning radius mode included
  • Adjustable and comfortable seat with a cup holder
  • Reinforced cutting deck with adjustable cutting height
  • Foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission with a reverse operating system
  • The warranty of the tractor could be better

2. Riding Mower For Hills Buying Guide

A riding mower is a big investment to make due to the hefty price tag that it comes with. This is why you want to do your research and make sure that you know what to look for. That way, you will make the right decision in picking the best garden tractor for hills or riding a lawn mower for hills. There are several things to have in mind to choose a good riding lawn mower for hills, so check them out.

2.1. Cutting Blade

We all know that we have to look for sharp-cutting blades because the mower will be useless without those. It’s partially true, but there are a few more things to consider when it comes to blades. You will also have to think about the deck that holds the blade for area coverage purposes. A small riding mower can cover around 30 inches of cutting width, while the large ones can do 50 inches wide. If your lawn is small and with just fewer obstacles, then 30 inches is a good width to go for.

Another vital part of having in mind is the cutting positions that the riding mower provides. Make sure that it provides different adjustable cutting positions so that you can choose the height for the grass. This feature is quite essential so don’t forget to look into that.

2.2. Engine

The engine is the core of the entire riding mower, so it has to be as powerful as possible. Therefore, you should go for a mower with a high-quality engine from reliable manufacturers that you can trust. The most common ones are Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, and Kohler because their engines can handle most heavy-duty tasks. At the same time, you know that engines from these manufacturers are also powerful so that they work on any lawn.

Along with the brand, power is another crucial aspect in mind. Check the horsepower of the engine and make sure that it is between 15 to 17. A riding mower needs a strong engine, and this amount of horsepower will make sure that your mowing is smooth. In case you want to use your riding mower to haul items, then go for a more powerful engine. Although it won’t make the entire vehicle faster, it is powerful enough to do more than just mowing.

2.3. Operation

The best riding mower should not be too complicated to operate, and it should come with instructions also. The guides should include how to operate all the functions and other buttons that the mower has. Easy operation is one thing, and quiet operation is another thing to consider. This actually depends on the type of riding mower that you choose because one type is louder than another. You can learn more about each riding mower type in the next point below.

2.4. Power Type

When you search for a riding mower for hills, you will come across two types of power methods. Depending on the size of your lawn and your preference, both types are unique in their ways. Just a few differences to know, so let’s see which type is the most suitable option for you.

2.4.1. Electric

Just like the name suggests, this type of riding mower requires a battery to get the whole thing going. The special characteristics of electric riding lawn mowers are their easy maintenance and quiet operation. You won’t have to worry about gasoline or smoke, and it works so quietly, so mowing early or late is easy.

However, a battery-powered lawn mower cannot work long, so it is not ideal for large lawns or yards. You can purchase an additional battery that you can change in case one runs out of power. A typical battery lasts between 30 to 45 minutes, so it is a good choice if you have a small or medium-sized lawn.

2.4.2. Gasoline

As for gas-powered riding mowers, they can work all day for you if you’d like. All you need to do is refill the gasoline when it runs out, simple as that. This type is the perfect option to go for if you have a large lawn with many grass. As long as the fuel is there, the size of your lawn does not really matter. Another good thing is that its price is rather cheaper than the battery-powered type which is quite saving.

The drawbacks of this type are its fume emission and noise so it could be quite inconvenient for some users. It may also require more maintenance due to the amount of work it has to do. Besides these, gas-powered riding mowers are all good to use.

2.5. Seat

Every riding mower rider has to have a comfortable seat because the ride is not always smooth. The seat of the mower should be large and wide so that it can support you well. Some cushioning and armrests will be nice to have too since these can add more comfort during the ride. Another thing to have in mind is the position of the seat; it should be high up. That way, you can see things in front of the mower better so that mowing is neater.

2.6. Transmission Type

The transmission type is the type of power transmission system that a riding mower comes with. Generally, there are 3 transmission types which are:

2.6.1. Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission riding mower uses a belt as well as a pulley system so that driving it is convenient. So even if you are a beginner, you can also get accustomed to using this type as well. It also provides convenient and quick forward and reverses, making mowing easy. This is the ideal type to go for if there are shrubs, trees, and more on your lawn. It could be a little pricey and high maintenance, but its performance is incredible.

2.6.2. Gear-Driven Transmission

This type is similar to manual transmissions on cars, and it provides between 3 to 5 forward speeds, plus reverse. It is basic and convenient to operate, and this type of transmission is also very durable for long-term use. Gear-driven transmission riding mowers are perfect for lawns that are free from corners, obstacles, and turns. Since you won’t have to do a lot of gear shifting, this type is ideal for regular lawns.

2.6.3. Hydrostatic Transmission

As the latest type of transmission, hydrostatic transmission is the most powerful type today. A riding mower that comes with hydrostatic transmission works on lawns of any size, and it is so easy to operate. If you look for the best riding lawn mower for steep hills and uneven terrains, this is the one. There are also control options that you can select the speed and more for the most convenient mowing experience possible. And the price is absolutely expensive, but the incredible performance you receive is worth it.

2.7. Wheels

The powerful engine and strong build are good, but the wheels have to be robust enough to support the entire vehicle also. The good thing is that most riding mowers these days come with large and strong wheels that you can trust. You just have to choose the ones with the right wheels for the conditions of your lawn. In case the terrains are uneven, you want the wheels of your riding mower to keep itself stable. Large wheels also ensure a smooth ride as well, so don’t forget to check for this part.

3. Riding Lawn Mower Safety Tips

As simple as it may seem, a riding lawn mower still requires some safety measures to ensure a safe operation. The riding mower safety tips below are going to be handy, especially for beginners out there. Just a few things to have in mind, and you can start driving your riding lawn mower right away.

3.1. Children & Pets

The first thing that you should know before operating a riding lawn mower is to keep kids and pets away. Although some riding mowers can stop instantly, doing while panicking does not always go as planned. This is also why some people prefer mowing early in the morning before the children wake up. So make sure that your kids and pets are occupied when you go out there to mow your lawn.

3.2. Clear The Obstacles

Things like glass, pebbles, or stones should not be in the lawn or yard as you mow. As you probably know, pebbles and stones can ricochet and they can also cause damages to the cutting blade. Glass can also affect the mowing process, and it may lead to injuries if it shatters under the mower. This is why you should inspect your lawn or yard to remove those obstacles before you start mowing.

3.3. Injury Preventions

Normally, there are 3 common types of riding lawn mower injuries and you should know all of them. This ensures that you can prevent having them because some can be very serious. Those include:

  • Burns: usually occur when users lean on or touch the hot body or engine of the mower. So make sure not to do that because burns can take a long time to heal.
  • Cuts: is common on feet, fingers, and hands due to the accidental touches on the sharp blades. Some serious cuts can lead to infections without immediate and proper treatment. In case you have one, make sure to use medicines accordingly.
  • Missile Injuries: result from items like loose objects or wires in the lawn being thrown from the spinning blades. Ricochet is quite common which is why you should always check the lawn before mowing.

3.4. Safety Goggles & Headphones

Even if you are sure that you have removed the obstacles, it is still better to put on safety goggles. You never know what is there among the grass or what can ricochet while you are mowing the lawn. Another important thing is wearing headphones, especially when using a gas-powered riding mower. The noise from the mower can affect your hearing if you are using it for too long. With the headphones on, that shouldn’t be a problem to concern.

3.5. Speed

While some riding mowers provide fast-speed options, you have to control that enthusiasm. Using a riding mower for hills requires more caution when the ground is uneven or when there are hills. It is true that the best riding lawn mower for hills should serve the purpose, but you still have to be careful. This ensures that you are safe and the mower can do its job well.

Final Thoughts

It is not easy to purchase the best garden tractor for hills, so make sure you go through as many options as possible. When there are a lot of choices to compare, you may be able to select the perfect riding mower easier. I also hope that my recommendations and buying guide on how to buy the best riding mower for hills are helpful.

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