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Best Tree Pruners Review & Buying Guide

A tree pruner or tree trimmer is a tool that you can easily use to cut away the dead or excess branch. This tool works great with shrubs and trees, and there are also convenient to operate as well. So if you have things to clear in your garden or lawn, then you will need to have a tree pruner. You will find the 5 best tree pruners in the list below. Feel free to check and pick your most favorite.

1. The List of Best Tree Pruners

#5. DualLink Tree Pruner & Saw

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Corona
  • Size: 10 feet
  • Weight: 8lbs
  • Usability: cutting shrub and tree branches

Look at those sharp teeth, the blade of this tree pruner can cut most tree branches in the lawn effortlessly. The pruning blade of this tree pruner is so serrated, and it also comes with a nonstick coating for additional durability. I wouldn’t say the blade can saw through the branch like butter, but it is so close to that. The steel blade with PTFE coating like this can do so much, and the result from its performance is satisfying. On top of that, it also features a pulley design that adds more leverage to the entire tool. It is more powerful and stronger, and that helps save a lot of time when working.

Another great thing about this tree pruner is the extendable fiberglass pole that it comes with. There are 2 sections in total, and you can use them either together or separately just the way you like. Each section is durable and strong, and it is super sturdy to handle when you reach a higher branch. While being rugged, the entire pole is actually lightweight, which makes things even more convenient for you to use. This one is only 10 feet in length, but there are more options with a longer length that you can get. Affordable price with incredible performance and quality, this is one of the best tree pruners that you should have in mind.

What We Like
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Ideal for both shrubs and tree branches
  • Flexible length for reaching higher branches
  • Durable and sturdy extendable fiberglass pole
  • Sharp pruning and saw blades with nonstick coating
What Could Improve
  • It is a little heavy for older users

#4. DualCompound Heavy-Duty Tree Pruner

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Corona
  • Size: 14 feet
  • Weight: 6.5lbs
  • Usability: orchard pruning

Here we have another tree pruner from this brand that you might find interesting. While the previous option is for regular pruning, this one is rather for more heavy-duty tasks around the house. It comes with an alloy steel blade that is not only sharp but also durable enough to handle all difficult jobs. The combination of the sharp blade and tough structure makes this tool very tough to use with most pruning work. Plus, with the comfortable foam grip, you won’t have to worry about hand fatigue during long-hour use at all.

More than that, this tree pruner also features the exclusive power glide rope pull system for more convenient use. This pulley system simply adds more strength to its saw blade to make cutting and pruning even easier for you. It is ideal for all most branches of small to medium size or up to 1¼ inch in diameter. You can trust that the cut that it delivers is clean and precise, and its performance is also super time-saving. Not to mention that it has a twist-lock adjustable pole, no doubt why it is among the best tree pruners. You really should check it out, this can be your next favorite tree pruner to use.

What We Like
  • Comfortable foam grip
  • Clean and precise cutting blade
  • Smooth rope pull system for convenient use
  • Durable and heavy-duty alloy steel pruning head
  • Extendable pole with secure twist-lock adjustment
What Could Improve
  • The spring of the cutting blade could be stronger and tighter

#3. Extendable Tree Pruner With 3-Sided Blade

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Milliard
  • Size: 16 feet
  • Weight: 5.6lbs
  • Usability: branch cutting and trimming

Have tall branches to reach? That is not a problem because this tree pruner right here allows for up to 16 feet in length. Along with the great extendable pole, the pruning head of this tool also works amazingly great. It can snip branches up to 1.25 inches thick with a precise and smooth cutting every time. More than that, this tree pruner also comes with a 14-inch steel saw blade as well. The blade is sharpened on 3 sides to ensure that all cuts that it makes are clean and flawless every time.

Incredible performance alone is not enough which is why comfort is another awesome aspect that this tree pruner delivers. Not different from other best tree pruners out there, the extendable pole of this one also features the fiberglass design. This is to ensure that it is both durable and lightweight so that you can easily handle it without having fatigue. With everything together, this tree pruner is clearly a handy tool to have at home. So if there are tall branches that you have to deal with, this is the tree pruner that can handle that.

What We Like
  • Nonstick and smooth cuttings
  • Thick high-carbon SK5 steel saw blade
  • Durable and lightweight fiberglass pole
  • Extendable design for easy reach and compact storage
  • Comfortable to handle and maneuver with adjustable handle grip
What Could Improve
  • The overall performance could be sturdier

#2. Extendable Tree Trimmer With Compound Action

Product’s Specs:
  • By: THANOS
  • Size: 40 inches
  • Weight: 10.3lbs
  • Usability: cutting thick tree branches, fruit tree pruning, landscaping, potted pruning

When it comes to easy and fast cutting, this is the tree pruner that you will totally want to have. As you can see, it is like a huge pair of scissors that can cut and trim thick tree branches. The blade of this tree pruner is made from SK-5 steel with Japan Teflon treatment coating for long-lasting quality. This blade is sharp and strong it can handle all the cuttings that you do for years to come. The best part is that it does not rust or stick to the wood at all, and it remains heavy-duty always.

While being so sturdy and tough, this tree pruner is actually very lightweight to handle. Plus, with the non-slip rubber handle, gripping is very comfortable and convenient on the hands. You can also extend the handle from 27 inches to 41 inches for a higher reach which is absolutely incredible. This tree pruner also comes with an aluminum alloy retractable rod that is rust-resistant as well. Because it is so strong, you can use this awesome gardening tool with a wide range of tasks. From landscaping to tree pruning and other heavy-duty pruning jobs, it is ideal for them all. Let’s see if this is among the best tree pruners that match your preference.

What We Like
  • Clean and fast cuttings
  • Durable, lightweight, and sturdy
  • Corrosion-resistant, nonstick, and sharp blade
  • Aluminum alloy and rust-resistant retractable rod
  • Comfortable handle grip with 6 adjustable length sections
What Could Improve
  • There should be a latch for safe storage

#1. Extendable Tree Pruning

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Fiskars
  • Size: 12 feet
  • Weight: 7.25lbs
  • Usability: high branches pruning

In case you don’t like the rod or rope design in tree pruners, then this is the tool for you. Comes with a rope-free design, you can use both hands to control the cutting angle and position conveniently and easily. This also adds more strength to the tool as you make the cut which is absolutely great to operate. Thanks to the power-stroke chain-driven gearing, this tree pruner makes sure to deliver maximum cutting power every time. All of these can be done because of the fully hardened steel pruning blade of the tree pruner.

The blade is not only durable and sharp but also nonstick, so it provides a clean and precise cut or trims. It is strong enough to cut up to 1¼ inch in diameter effortlessly and smoothly for you. As you can see, the build and look of this tree pruner are so sleek, but it is super sturdy. This allows for easy handling and operating even if you have to reach higher branches. Thousands of happy users out there like this tree pruner, and I am sure that you will too.

What We Like
  • Accurate and clean cut
  • Ergonomic and versatile to use
  • Easy to reach high branches and tight spaces
  • Comfortable and convenient rope-free design
  • Quick-release thumb lock for easy cutting adjustment
  • Durable and sharp steel pruning blade with nonstick coating
What Could Improve
  • The pole length is not adjustable

 2. Things To Consider When Buying A Tree Pruner

When it comes to gardening tools, choosing the best ones can be quite daunting sometimes. This is why you should know about all the important features that the best tree pruners have. The buying guide below includes everything you need to find in a tree pruner that you like, so take a look.

2.1 Blade

Speaking of blades, there are a few important factors that you need to focus on when buying a tree pruner. The first thing is the size of the blade because it determines the cutting power and precision. A large blade can cut a large and thick tree branch without taking a lot of time. This also means you won’t have to hold the pruner up and have arms fatigue as well.

Along with the size, sharpness is also very crucial. The sharper the blade, the cleaner and faster the cut will be. This also means you are able to finish your work nicely and quickly every time. Durability is also important, so make sure that the blade is nonstick and rust-resistant for long-lasting performance.

2.2 Comfort

Cutting and trimming branches are more difficult than it looks, and this is why comfort is a prior factor. No matter if it is a single-handle or double-handle type, you want it to come with a handle cover. This is to reduce vibration made by the blade and saw during the cutting. Although wearing gloves can add some more comfort, rubber handle covers are also what to look for. Along with that, make sure to look for a firm and non-slip grip. That way, you are able to use the tree pruner comfortably and safely every time.

2.3 Durability

The durability aspect that you have to focus on is every part of the tree pruner that you choose. Some users experienced broken pulley systems or rods, flimsy poles, or dull blades, and you want to avoid that. Carefully check the materials of each part to make sure that they are durable enough for you. Look for alloy steel and rust-resistant blade, fiberglass pole, and strong pulley system. When every part of the pruner is durable and tough, their performance and quality are also better and long-lasting. The best tree pruners can last for years with proper maintenance and storage, and this is what you need.

2.4 Maintenance

With proper maintenance, your tree pruner will last longer and perform well for years to come. There are a few easy things to look for in a pruner that is easy to maintain. Their price could be higher, but you know they are long-lasting to use.

  • A tree pruner with removable a blade allows you to easily clean and sharpen it after use. That way, you won’t have to worry that it will become dull over time at all.
  • In case it is dull, there should be replacement blades that you can buy to replace. Do not purchase from a brand that does not sell replacement blades and parts. It will make things difficult for you to look for from other brands, which is time-consuming.
  • Easy storage is also important when it comes to maintenance. A good tree pruner should come with a compact size that you can adjust when not in use. With easy storage, you won’t have to keep it outside and expose it to outdoor conditions.

2.5 Pole

If you have high branches to reach, you definitely want your pole to be extendable. When buying, look for the length that allows you to reach those branches, which are around 30 inches long. An extendable pole like this also makes it easy for you to turn it into a compact size for easy storage. You won’t have to carry around a long pole for a branch that is about your height. Adjustable length is quite important, and I think you should look for that too.

At the same time, make sure that the pole is durable, lightweight, and sturdy to handle. This is to ensure that it does not get flimsy or put pressure on your arms during the cutting. Most users often experience sore arms when the pole is a little heavy and unsteady, so don’t overlook this part.

Final Words

Looking for the best tree pruners is not a challenging task since there are so many of them available to choose from. The key is to pick the one that is ideal for your need and use it so that it can perform well. With the buying guide and recommendations above, perhaps things are easier for you to decide. I only selected the best to suggest, so I hope you like at least one of them.

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