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Best Walk Behind Weed Eaters Review & The Buying Guide

A walk behind weed eater or walk behind string trimmer is what you need to keep your big lawn clean and neat. This weed eater is larger, so it can handle bigger tasks to save your time with a satisfying final result. There are also different types of walk behind trimmers that you can choose from for your lawn. To make things easier for you, I would like to recommend some of the best walk behind weed eaters below. Feel free to take a look and see which push weed eater is the most suitable choice.

1. The List of Best Walk Behind Weed Eaters

#5. Alloy Steel Walk Behind String Trimmer

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Earthquake
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Cutting Width: 22 inches
  • Weight: 60lbs
  • Usability: cut thick brush, grass, weed

Don’t worry about stubborn grass or weeds on your lawn because this walk behind weed eater will deal with those. This is a very powerful walk behind string trimmer with a large and sharp blade that covers up to 22 inches of cutting width. You can use it to remove any unwanted brush and nettles, no matter how thick they are. The large wheels of this weed eater will roll smoothly as the blade takes care of those weeds. This string trimmer is powerful enough to get rid of thick grass and weeds that regular weed eaters cannot. Plus, with the convenient performance that it delivers, there is nothing that it cannot do.

On top of the strength, this walk behind string trimmer is also very durable and tough. It is super stable, and this helps a lot in reducing vibration during the job. The best part is the adjustable handlebar that is comfortable to grip no matter how long you need to work. Even better, you can also fold this handlebar for space-saving storage in the garage or shed. I really like the fact that this walk behind trimmer comes with up to 5 years of warranty. This is the perfect way to ensure its reliability to the customers. Could be a little pricey, but its quality is worth every cent you invest in this weed eater lawn mower.

What We Like
  • Durable and stable design
  • Easy, simple, and tool-free setup
  • Adjustable, compact, and comfortable handlebar
  • Powerful engine with extra wide and strong wheels
  • Large and sharp cutting blade with adjustable cutting height
What Could Be Better
  • The included line/string is quite flimsy

#4. Alloy Steel Lawn Edger & Weed Eater

Product’s Specs:
  • By: McLane
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Cutting Width: 9 inches
  • Weight: 66.2lbs
  • Usability: edging and trimming

Want a string trimmer that can cut your grass both horizontally and vertically? You are looking at one right now, and it does its work with perfection every single time for you. It comes with a single lever blade clutch that provides a clean cut on any grass it runs on. At the same time, this walk behind string trimmer also provides depth control so that your lawn looks neat. Along with that, you can easily tilt its blade to pretty much any angle right away during the cutting process. That way, you are able to finish your lawn mowing tasks quickly, which is simply time-saving.

My most favorite part about this weed eater is definitely the handle. There are covers on the handles to ensure comfort, and the control panel is right next to the handles. You can easily manage the speed and throttle of the whole thing with ease, and it is so convenient to use. The awesome thing about this push weed eater is that it can run on most curbs and terrains. Thanks to the durable and tough wheels that roll smoothly even on thick grass and weeds. There are 4 wheels in total, and all of them are rugged enough to handle all types of surfaces. Not to mention that it also meet the safety standards of string trimmers, it is clearly among the best to have.

What We Like
  • Durable, sturdy, and stylish design
  • Large, strong, and wide rubber tires
  • Polyester powder coating to prevent corrosion
  • Sharp single level blade clutch with depth control
  • Comfortable handles with convenient control panel
What Could Be Better
  • Its ability to edge around curves is quite challenging

#3. Two-Cycle Walk Behind Weed Eater

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Southland Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Cutting Width: 17 inches
  • Weight: 39lbs
  • Usability: fence and wall trimming, grass cutting

Trimming grass and weeds along the fence, wall, and other straight lines won’t be a problem anymore with this trimmer mower. One of the features that makes it special is the adjustable trimmer swivel head that it comes with. You can adjust between 20 degrees to 30 degrees angle for a straight line when mowing near the fence. On top of that, there is also 5 degrees to 10 degrees trimmer head bevel feature as well. This is to ensure flawless and precise trimming just the way you want an ideal string trimmer to do. That way, no obstacles on the ground can stop you from getting a neat and perfect lawn anymore.

Being exquisite and powerful are already incredible, but there are more which is comfort. With an ergonomic handle design, this weed eater provides the most convenient mowing experience no matter how long you use it. That way, you can trim your lawn to perfection with zero worries about hand fatigue. More than that, the height of the handle is also adjustable so that you can customize its height at your preference. This also means you can adjust its handle to a small size for convenient and easy storage after use. Overall, this push weed eater is among the best walk behind string trimmers that you should take into consideration. Feel free to check it out, this one is so great, and its quality will not let you down.

What We Like
  • Functional and versatile to use
  • Easy and lightweight to maneuver
  • Ergonomic handlebar with throttle control
  • Precise trimming with adjustable head swivel
  • Ideal for hard-to-reach areas and tight corners
What Could Be Better
  • The handlebar is not adjustable

#2. Heavy-Duty Walk Behind Weed Eater & Lawn Mower

Product’s Specs:
  • By: Greenworks
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Cutting Width: 21 inches
  • Weight: 74.1lbs
  • Usability: lawn mowing, grass cutting, mulching

Greenworks is one of the best brands that you can trust when it comes to lawn equipment like mowers. This walk behind weed eater here is a perfect example of that, and it has everything you need. First of all, its long battery life runs up to one hour of nonstop mowing. At the same time, its durable cutting deck makes sure to cut and trim all stubborn grass that you have. You won’t need to walk back and forth because this trimmer mower always does its jobs the first time. The best part is that it features a high-efficient brushless motor to ensure powerful yet quiet operation every time.

More than that, this weed eater features up to 7 positions of height adjustment that you can choose from. So no matter how tall your grass might get, this trimmer mower can deal with them all for you. It is super easy to use since there is an easy push start button that will work right away. That is not all, this walk behind string trimmer alone comes with up to 3 different systems in one. It includes mulching, rear bearing, and side discharge that works together to ensure that you can use it conveniently. This weed eater comes in a package that contains a battery and charger along with other useful items. You will not regret choosing it so don’t forget to check it out.

What We Like
  • Several adjustable lever positions
  • Convenient, simple, and versatile to use
  • Long battery life with a rapid charger included
  • Strong and sturdy wheels with durable steel deck
  • High-efficient and powerful motor with quiet operation
What Could Be Better
  • The battery tends to run out fast on tough grass condition

#1. 3-In-1 Edger, Lawn Mower, & String Trimmer

Product’s Specs:
  • By: BLACK+Decker
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Cutting Width: 12 inches
  • Weight: 14.4lbs
  • Usability: edging, mowing, trimming

So lightweight yet so powerful, this is one of the best walk behind weed eaters that you have to see. With just 14 pounds in weight, you can easily operate this weed eater lawn mower with just one hand. There are 3 functions in total that allow you to use this one tool as an edger, mower, and trimmer. The awesome part is that you can easily convert it from one function to another with a simple press of the button. Then you will be able to work continuously without bumping thanks to the automatic feed system (AFS), how convenient is that?

Things do not end there, this walk behind weed eater is also super comfortable to use. Its handle is adjustable, which makes it easy for you to operate at the height of your preference. In fact, the height of its deck, pivoting handle, and trimmer are all adjustable which is simply amazing. Not to mention the gear drive, this push weed eater delivers consistent power in most grass types that you have. The package includes up to 2 batteries in case you have a lawn so that you can work for hours. Awesome price with incredible performance that you can trust, no doubt why thousands of users highly recommend this option.

What We Like
  • Powerful drive with sharp cutting blade
  • Durable, lightweight, and modern design
  • Consistent operation with a long battery life
  • Easy to convert from one function to another
  • Adjustable deck height, pivoting handle, and trimmer
What Could Be Better
  • The charging time is quite long

2. Best Walk Behind Weed Eaters Buying Guide

Walk behind trimmer is a pricey investment to make, so you have to choose one wisely. This is to ensure that you purchase the right equipment to do the jobs long-term with zero regrets. I would say a trimmer mower is quite complex when it comes to features to consider. This is because there are several of them that you should have in mind. So below are some of the important factors to have in mind when buying a push weed eater.

2.1 Durability

The materials of the entire unit are very crucial in the durability of the walk behind weed eater that you choose. You want every part of the string trimmer to be as rugged and tough as possible. This is to ensure that it can handle obstacles that it comes across without breaking down easily. One of the best and most common materials for the body of a push weed eater is alloy steel. It is not only durable but also heavy-duty enough to walk on thick grass and weed without a problem. The unit could be a little heavier, but at least you know that it is not easily damaged.

2.2 Engines

A powerful walk behind weed eater is the one that comes with a powerful engine, hence their strong mowing capacity. If you have stubborn and thick grass or weeds to deal with, go for the ones with a strong engine. A mower with a 170cc engine can deal with regular grass and weeds without a problem. But if you want to have the most powerful weed eater possible, aim for the 200cc engine types. It can handle thick brush, grass, saplings, weeds, and more within minutes for you.

2.3 Ergonomic Design

When it comes to ergonomic design, there are quite a few factors that combine together to achieve that. Below are some of the essential aspects that make a walk-behind string trimmer ergonomic to use:

2.3.1. Adjustable Handles

In case there are people in the house who would use the mower, you want it to be convenient for everyone. With that being said, adjustable handles allow different users to work with it easily. Some weed eaters provide adjustable handle height to a certain level that different people can enjoy using. More than that, it also makes it easy for you to store the unit after use. Simply adjust it to a shorter length, and you will be able to convert it to a smaller size right away.

2.3.2. Balance

A convenient and ergonomic walk-behind string trimmer should offer a proper balance as you walk. It is not going to be a nice experience to use a weed eater lawn mower that is flimsy or wobbly. You should always read the description or reviews about the products to make sure that it delivers a steady balance during work. The structure of the whole unit is very important because it shows how its ability to remain stable while cutting grass. This also means you are able to maneuver it with ease which is a total plus.

2.3.3. Noise

This is the 21st century; many things work quietly now, and so should your walk-behind weed eater. Make sure to select an option that does not produce too much noise during its job. A noisy string trimmer does not only disturb you but also your neighbors, and none of us want that. Usually, the noise from a lawn mower is around 90dB. If the ones that you like are louder than that, you might want to keep searching for more quiet options.

2.3.4. Vibration

Vibration is not always pleasant, especially when you spend hours mowing the lawn and removing weeds. Some certain weed eaters vibrate so much as it walks which can cause fatigue on your arms and hands. One way to minimize the vibration is by checking for handlebar covers because it makes your hands comfortable during work. You can also wear some gloves to reduce fatigue caused by vibration from the string trimmer. However, there are new models that have very low levels of vibration that you can purchase, so look for those.

2.4. Head

Generally, string trimmers come with 3 main types of head-feeding systems that you can choose from. Each type works differently, and those are:

  • Automatic Feed: releases more line out when it starts to reach certain shortness level. It allows you to keep trimming which is perfect for those who want a certain length with perfection. If you have a smaller line and dislike line replacement, go for this type.
  • Bump Feed: offers users more freedom to get more cut which is easy and fast. When you tap or bump its head against the ground, more lines will come out. In case you need a lot of lines, this bump feed system is your choice.
  • Fixed-Line: uses individual lengths of line that you load into the trimmer. It has a trimmer head that takes pre-cut line inserts. This type is ideal for cutting thick grass and weeds in large areas because it is heavy-duty and powerful.

2.5. Performance

The performance of a walk behind weed eater determines its ability to get rid of the grass and weeds for you. An important part that you should always consider is the blade side and type that it comes with. The sharper and wider the blade, the more convenient it is for you to mow your lawn. This also indicates its ability to remove stubborn grass and weeds growing in your lawn or yard as well.

Things are even better if they can also handle tougher tasks with adjustable depth and neat cut. Another aspect that you have to have in mind is its ability to tackle different types of grass conditions. This is to ensure that your walk behind weed eater is strong enough to do its job for you.

2.6. Safety Features

Using a powerful and strong machine with a sharp blade often involves a risk factor that you should be aware of. The more powerful and strong the unit is, the more damages it can do if any accident happens. By damages, it could be to you or the plants that you don’t want to get rid of. So make sure to look for standard safety guards such as cutting guard and shield cover.

A cutting guard simply extends over the blade to limit the trim range to protect plantings. That way, the blade will not cut more than you want it to so that other plants are safe. As for the shield cover, it covers the string so that debris like mulch pieces or rocks won’t ricochet at you.

Tips: You should also follow some safety precautions during work to be extra safe. Losing a toe during lawn mowing won’t be something you would like to experience. A few things that you should follow when using a string trimmer are:

  • Wear protective eyewear and shoes during operation
  • Avoid wearing loose fitting clothes or hanging accessories
  • Steer clear of surfaces like gravel, loose stone, sticks, or wood chips to prevent ricocheting

2.7. Shaft

When you search for a string trimmer, there will be shaft types that you come across. Each type is comfortable and easy to use in its own way, depending on your preferences. Below are some briefs of the shafts and the two shaft types are:

  • Curved: It is slightly more comfortable to hold, especially if you use the machine over long periods. Despite being more convenient and lighter, this type is a little shorter to use. The great thing about it is that it makes things easy for you to balance, and it works great in small areas.
  • Straight: A straight shaft is more stable which is perfect for those who want perfection in mowing. It allows you to go around the fence or reach underneath the bush or shrubs with ease. This type is also more functional as it is more flexible so that it can handle more tasks. If you need a bit more length for a clean and neat cut, then a straight shaft is what you should go for.

2.8. Wheels

A good walk behind string trimmer should be able to run smoothly on numerous types of surfaces and terrains. This is why the quality and size of the wheels are important in a weed eater that you choose. Look for a trimmer mower with strong and wide wheels so that you can easily maneuver and operate it. At the same time, larger wheels also allow you to cover a bigger area in your lawn as well. So if your lawn or yard has an uneven terrain that you have to walk on, always look for large wheels.

3. Walk-Behind Weed Eater Types

When you search for a walk behind weed eater, there will be 3 different types that you come across. Each type works great in its own way, so the choice depends on how you want to use the trimmer mower. Let’s get into details of the 3 main types of walk behind weed eaters below, the decision will be easier to make.

3.1. Battery

Cordless and smoke-free, a battery string trimmer is super convenient and easy to use. It can cover your lawn and yard no matter how big it is, and it is also quite powerful. Although not as powerful as the gas type, it still can do all the regular tasks nicely every time. If you have a big area to cover, you may need to use more than one battery. The good thing is that there are extra batteries that you can purchase to change when one is dead. When buying this type, you want the battery to last longer while charging time is faster. This is to ensure that it can handle the jobs on one go without taking too much time.

3.2. Electric

In case you only need a string trimmer for a small job close to an outlet, pick the electric ones. This type offers a reasonable amount of power for cutting grass and weed, along with other basic tasks. It will work as long as you plug it into an outlet which is quite convenient. That also means you won’t have to worry about a dead battery at all. The only downside is that the length of the cord limits the range of use.

3.3. Gas

For those who have larger lawns and more jobs to handle, you should definitely go for the gas-powered string trimmers. That is because they offer a longer running time without having to use a battery or cord at all. Typically, this type of weed eater runs on a 2-cycle engine but the 4-cycle type is also available. The 2-cycle engine requires you to mix gas and oil for the engine to work. Meanwhile, the 4-cycle engine is more powerful, and it requires a different type of oil.

Final Notes

I totally understand that it is a very long article on walk-behind weed eaters, but I want to cover everything. Just to make sure that you receive all the details so that you are able to choose the best walk behind string trimmers. With shopping advice along with recommendations on some of the best products, choosing the right weed eater should be easier. In case you have doubts or questions, feel free to let me know so that I can help you out.

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