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25 Cheap Patio Paver Ideas You Might Like

A cool patio paver does not always have to be expensive because there are many cheap patio paver ideas out there. Since I have received a lot of requests, it is about time to discuss some backyard low-budget pavers today. You are going to find 25 cheap patio paver ideas below, and maybe one of them matches your home design.

Idea #01: Birch Granite

Elegant and stylish, birch granite is silver-gray granite flagstones that come with precision cuts. This type of stone displays a clean look while its color stands out very nicely in the middle of the lawn. There are also a few other color choices that you can select from, such as mid-gray and white with a sparkling finish. And, of course, its quality is also one of the best that you can trust. Since it is not too common, it is quite a unique idea to have in mind.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #02: Casual Modern Backyard & Patio

You may step things up a little, but this idea is perfect for a serene environment outside your home. The main base is made up of paving stones, while the floor in the sitting area is a different stone type. If there are trees, you should definitely add some lights like the photo because it is so pretty. With a design like this, I recommend durable furniture because there is a roof to protect it from outdoor conditions. Besides that, everything looks really good.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #03: Checkerboard Tile Patio

Nothing can go wrong with checkerboard tiles, and this is why it should be among the best cheap patio paver ideas. It is elegant and timeless, and it works well with pretty much any type of furniture that you have. So if you are a fan of classic design, this is definitely the option to have in mind. The tiles do not cost much, and they are so durable to have for long-term use. So cool and affordable, this could be the one you like.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #04: Crushed Stone Patio Paver

Easy and simple, crushed stone makes a great floor for a number of furniture types. At the same time, you can use it on both large or small patio since it is so inexpensive to purchase. Not to mention the paver border that set a barrier between the lawn and the area; this idea is nice. I like the fact that you can make it into a circle or any other shape of your choices. As a basic yet cool idea, it blends so well in various settings or themes.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #05: Elevated Patio Paver

Not everyone thinks about this, but an elevated patio paver is a cool idea that makes the entire area look great. It simply stands out, and it also creates a different mood as well. Suppose you have a big space like so, you can use large bluestones as a paver like in the picture. You won’t have to spend much, and adding some lights will also make it look more tranquil at night. Plus, with the firestone in the middle, you can enjoy hanging out outdoors cozily as well.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #06: Firestone Patio Paver

We all know someone who likes to chill outside on cold days, and this is the perfect patio paver idea for that person. With firestone in the middle of the comfy bench, everyone can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere together, which is nice. It is actually one of the best backyard low budget pavers since you won’t have to spend a lot. The awesome part is that the final result looks nice, and this picture says it all.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #07: Flagstone Patio

You can also stick to the basics by going for flagstones like this because it is also a nice patio paver idea. You can have little pebbles in those gaps, or you can grow some grass for a natural look. Either way, this idea looks amazing in various settings in the backyard or lawn. Plus, with the low cost, this is clearly among the best backyard cheap patio paver ideas to consider.

Image Source: flickr.com

Idea #08: Granite Scraps Patio Paver

This probably looks expensive, but it is actually not, making it even nicer to have. The whole process is simply arranging different granite scraps of various colors together inside a paver. You can go for gray paver like so or choose any other color that you prefer. It is almost a mosaic look but more durable and unique which means it lasts longer without losing its look. This patio paver idea is great for a patio of any size, and it also won’t take long to achieve.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #09: Grass & Stepping Stones

The combination of grass and stepping stones is the classic patio idea that does not cost a lot. You can make it your own by choosing different colors or types of stepping stones. This idea is ideal for medium to large patios, but small ones will also work. Plus, with the clean and neat look that it provides, you will not regret picking this cheap patio paver idea. Easy maintenance and a manageable budget, don’t forget to check it out.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #10: Gravel Patio Paver

Using gravel as a patio paver is one of the cheap patio paver ideas that you can try. As we all know, gravel is inexpensive and easy to find but looks very nice as a paver. You can add some concrete tiles so that placing some furniture is convenient and stable. This idea is very easy and fast to do, and you can actually do it at home. I also like the background fence and light, and maybe this is your next favorite patio paver.

Image Source: loveandrenovations.com

Idea #11: Hexagon Paver

In case you want to stick to a simple look, then hexagon paver is the option that you should go for. It can cover a large area while costing an acceptable price that you can easily afford. On top of the good price, the hexagon paver is also durable and sturdy. It does not break or lose its quality as its material will last for years to come. This is also the reason why hexagon paver is so common for public sidewalks and more. There are so many colors that you can choose from, and installing is also convenient and fast.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #12: Kitchen Setting Patio

When there are a lot of celebrations and gatherings, you need a patio that looks like this. Everyone gets to chill and cook as well as eat while having fun outside. Installing a decent kitchen counter that looks like this is not pricey, but it looks very cool. This is among the most creative and cheap patio paver ideas to try, especially for food lovers out there. You can add a barbecue stove, and the fun is endless. It does not take up a lot of space, and you won’t regret choosing this idea.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #13: Mosaic Tiles

The unique look of mosaic tiles simply creates a look that will not resemble others. This is a good idea if you don’t like the generic look that everyone has for their patio paver. With the fact that the arrangement of mosaic tiles is always different, you know it is beautiful and unique. Just like most tile patio ideas over there, this one is also inexpensive. Not to mention that there are many different colors and mosaic patterns to choose from, you will surely love it.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #14: Mulch Bed & Porch Swing Paver

A beautiful and stylish patio paver can be anything, and this is why this idea is super awesome. Instead of regular chairs and tables, you can go for swings like these instead. It is also comfortable and relaxing, and it is absolutely affordable since you won’t have to spend much. All you need are some marble gravel as the base, and the rest of the decoration is entirely yours to decide. I really find this patio paver idea fascinating, and perhaps you will like it too.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #15: Natural Patio Paver

A natural patio paver is not only nice to create but also very tranquil to relax in as well. This is a great example of that, and you won’t have to do a lot of things at all. The bamboo flooring is available in sets, and you can easily find them online, which is one click away. Along with that, the colorful pebbles add a distinctive look which is actually optional. I personally like the floor because it makes a great match with all the plants due to the natural color. From hanging baskets to pots, there is no limit as it is among the great backyard cheap patio paver ideas.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #16: Paver & Pergola

For those who don’t like the open-air paver, you may add a pergola for some more taste. The air can still flow while you can get some shade while chilling outside on sunny days. Just like the picture here, hanging some plants and installing some lights on the pergola is also a nice idea. You can hang out at night, and the whole place looks elegant and welcoming. While it looks so modern, this is actually among great backyard cheap patio paver ideas, and you might like it.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #17: Pea Gravel & Square Paver

What I like most about pea gravel is that it has a smooth finish which makes it perfect for various applications. You can use it for patios, playgrounds, walkways, and many more, and its price is also very affordable. Plus, with some square concrete paver, you will be able to achieve this look right away with ease. The Savvy Heart actually provides the details of the materials and instructions that you can follow, so take a look.

Image Source: thesavvyheart.com

Idea #18: Pebble & Rock Carpet

Who would expect that the combination of pebbles and rocks could create such a cool and relaxing atmosphere like this? Originally, it was just a backyard makeover, but you can also adapt this idea for your patio paver. Once you have your awesome carpet of pebbles and rocks, the next thing to do is add furniture and plants. Some string lights will also make the place even more charming, and achieving this look won’t take long. If you want to read into details, feel free to check out Vegetarian Ventures.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #19: Raised Deck With Stones

Similar to the elevated patio paver but cheaper and easier, this raised deck with stones is a great idea. All you need to do is install a deck a few inches from the ground so that it stands out. This also separates your lawn and sitting area from one another, which is a neat look. Then leave some space for stones, and this part is where you can get creative. You can choose big stones like this example or small stones with different colors just the way you like. Clean and stylish, this could be your next favorite cheap patio paver idea.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #20: Rustic Cottage Patio

Don’t feel like doing much? That’s okay because this rustic look still offers charm while being inexpensive at the same time. Honestly, the material of the floor is your choice, but I recommend pea gravel or small pebbles. The great thing about these two is that they are easy to walk on and put furniture on stably. As you can see, you won’t have to do much, which also means it won’t cost a lot. I like the fact that it looks so nice with a number of home décor or designs out there.

Image Source: bhg.com

Idea #21: Sandstone

The incredible thing about sandstone is that it is classy and smooth, creating an elegant and modern look. If you go for the ivory look like this one, the entire patio area will be absolutely magnificent. Sandstone is great for pretty much anywhere around the house, and it is also very durable. This contemporary natural stone sparkles in the sunlight, and its beauty is undeniably divine at some point.

Image Source: pinterest.ph

Idea #22: Stamped Concrete

Concrete is a cheap material, but it looks dull if you just have it alone. The easy way to turn your dull concrete patio into a better version is to stamp it with different patterns. It may look like a carpet of stones, but it is actually stamped concrete which is super cool. On top of being among the best backyard low budget pavers, it is also very durable and inexpensive. You don’t even need any maintenance, so let’s see if this is an idea that you find interesting.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #23: Stone Oasis Circle Patio

As for this one, it is a great patio paver idea for rustic or vintage home designs out there. It is very durable and sturdy, and it makes a nice complement to the entire area. You can probably tell by the arrangement, it does not require a lot of stones at all. This also means it will not cost much, making it among great backyard low budget pavers to take into consideration. You may add some furniture or other items of your preferences, and it looks really good.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #24: Tile Floor Paver

Tiles are the easiest and fastest way to install on a patio, and there are many patterns to choose from. And, of course, its price is also reasonable so you installing them is not a big issue. Depending on your home décor and personal preferences, the colors and patterns of the tiles are limitless. From bright to dark with different printings, tiles are available in them all for you. It brings out this elegant and modern look while saving the cost for you at the same time.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #25: Wooden Paver Patio

Wood is a durable and inexpensive material that you can use to build a number of things. This is why a wooden patio paver is also great as backyard low budget pavers. While some wood options are expensive, the good and cheap ones like bamboo or ebony are also ideal to choose from. The creativity with designing the patio paver depends on you, but this idea is very nice to try.

Image Source: tumblr.com

5 Reasons To Install A Patio Paver

Looking beautiful and all, it is more than just the beauty when it comes to a patio paver. This is why some people hesitate because they are not sure if a patio paver is worth it or not. To clear your doubt, I would like to tell you why having a patio paver at home is good.


On top of the appearance, a patio paver provides a long-lasting spot at home that you can hang out in. You won’t have to worry that the chilling space is going to be damaged or ruined at all. Not to mention that the maintenance is low, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Patio pavers are resistant to weather, and they are around during any season all year long. A patio paver is more durable, and many of them don’t even cost a lot.

Personal Spot

Nobody likes to stay indoors all day every day, and a cool patio paver is a great spot to escape. You can read books, sit back and relax, and pretty much chill there for as long as you like. Having a patio with nice pavers is just an easy way to be in your own space in the comfort of your home. Since you can decorate it with various things of your preferences, it is a great personal spot to be in.

Resale Value

Although you don’t plan to sell your house at any time soon, this is just another benefit. The more nice places on the home perimeter, the higher the price that you will get. It is a great selling point that you can add because it is not an empty spot. Having a patio paver behind the house is like having a pool but ideal for all seasons. This is why it is a great idea to have a patio paver at home.

Space Use

Sometimes it is dull to leave a vacant space in the perimeter of your home, and this is why patio paver is great. Building a patio does not only make use of the available that you have but also elevates your home décor. The entire area will look different and more attractive, and you will gain a new place to chill in.


Because a patio paver often stands out in the middle of the backyard or lawn, it brings out great style. When you have guests coming over, the design of your patio paver simply attracts their attention. Even better, it makes a cool place to hang out, which is a total plus. Not to mention you can get really creative with the design; the style is absolutely endless.


A good patio paver does complements not only your home décor but also enhances the liveliness of the entire area. I made sure to include the low-budget backyard pavers so that you won’t have to spend a lot. With up to 25 backyard cheap patio paver ideas, perhaps a few of them have what it takes to get your attention.

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