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25+ Creative Stone & Mulch Landscaping Ideas

We have discussed so many backyard and landscaping ideas, but things are going to be different today. The combination of stone and mulch makes a great option to create a beautiful backyard or patio. At the same time, it is also quite inexpensive which makes it a cost-effective method to design your home landscapes. It is not only affordable but also versatile which is a total plus. You will find over 25 mulch and stone landscaping ideas in the list below, feel free to choose your favorite.

Black Mulch Landscaping Ideas

Black mulch is good for your soil since it adds both moisture and nutrients while preventing moisture and water from evaporating. So if you want to grow plants in your available landscapes, you should definitely go for black mulch. It simply provides damp and healthy environments for a number of plants that you grow at home.

Idea #01: Black Mulch Flower Garden

Image Source: pinterest.com

One element is never enough sometimes, and this is why this is among the best black mulch landscaping ideas. The key is to create more than one color on the soil to make the plants that you grow pop. What we have here are black mulch and white stone, and the contrast is absolutely gorgeous. You can use black mulch for flowers and white stones for other plants or vice versa. Either way, your backyard or front yard will still look incredible.

Idea #02: Black Mulch Front Garden

Image Source: pinterest.com

Among many ways to make your black mulch stand out, this is clearly one of the best. Use large stones to outline the garden and leave the center space in any shape that you like. How you do with the spot in the middle depends on you. You can add some plants in containers or grow some plants right from the mulch, or you can just do both. It rather looks minimalistic and modern at the same time, and it actually looks really nice.

Idea #03: Black Mulch Garden At A Corner

Image Source: pinterest.com

Don’t worry if you only have a small spot for a garden, this is a good idea that you can try. Simply arrange black mulch on the soil that will be your next mini garden, and you are ready to go. There is plenty of plant options that you can choose to grow in this small garden that you have. It could be small bushes, evergreens, and pretty much anything that you like. The black mulch will make the entire space look amazing, and your plants will also grow beautifully and healthily.

Idea #04: Black Mulch Shrub Bed & Stones

Image Source: pinterest.com

It is okay if you don’t want to go big with the plants, small shrubs are also perfect to plant on black mulch. This idea is ideal for both limited space and those who prefer to grow small shrubs instead of the big ones. The great thing about it is that you can also add some stones to create borders or separate the spaces. I agree that the photo example does not look so appealing, but it gives you more ideas to create your own. Grow some more shrubs, give them some nice contrast, and you will surely love how everything will turn out.

Idea #05: Black Mulch With Stone Borders

Image Source: engineeringdiscoveries.com

You can always create a different atmosphere in your yard by using black mulch and stones like this example here. The awesome thing about black mulch is that it makes green plants stand out from the ground. It gives a unique taste while the stone borders separate your mini garden from another space. That way, you can easily build a small garden while leaving the rest of the space for other purposes. You can use stones of any size and shape then arrange the border in any way you like. The final result will be absolutely satisfying to look at.

Red Mulch Landscaping Ideas

Red mulch is just another type of mulch that also adds nutrients to the soil and helps it to retain moisture. You should also go for red mulch if you grow your plants in terracotta pots as it provides great nutrients. Another great thing about red mulch is that it offers the gold and warm tones in your outdoor space. There are some nice red mulch landscaping ideas that you might like so check them out below.

Idea #6: Brick & Red Mulch Garden

Image Source: pinterest.com

Red mulch makes a perfect match with bricks, and the white pebbles simply complement the two elements with great contrasts. The great thing about red mulch is that they make green plants and other brightly-colored plants stand out. Not to mention that they are very beneficial for them, you have every reason to consider this idea. It makes a nice complement for both the backyard and front yard, and the decision is all yours to make.

Idea #7: In-Ground Red Mulch Garden

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you don’t like to create a border using stones or anything, this in-ground mulch landscaping idea could be interesting. It stays at the same level as your pavement or walkways, blending in together very nicely. As for the plant options, it is up to you to decide. The wonderful thing about this idea is that you can go as big as you like. Red mulch is easy to find, and it will look amazing in your garden or space.

Idea #8: Red Mulch Garden Under The Porch

Image Source: pinterest.com

Having an empty space under your porch? Add red mulch and grow some flowers, and your porch will transform into an attractive and different landscape to see. You won’t even need the flowers because the red mulch alone already creates a very cool scene under the porch. But in case you don’t want to waste a good resource, adding some plants is always nice. Arrange some bricks or stones to create a border is also nice. It separates the mini red mulch garden from the lawn, and it looks neater that way.

Idea #9: Red Mulch Walkway

Image Source: decorhomeideas.com

Totally gives autumn vibes, this red mulch walkway is a really cool idea for your pathway at home. As you can see, you don’t need to do much with this red mulch landscaping idea. Just scatter the red mulch to fill the space, and your first step is done. Then use walking stones of your choice to create a path for you to walk on. It takes less than a day to create, and the final look is quite nice. You can leave it like that or grow some nice plants along the pathways for more accents. Regardless of what you do, it always turns out unique.

Idea #10: Red Mulch & White Stone Borders

Image Source: pinterest.com

Don’t worry if you don’t have any idea of which plants to grow in your available backyard or front yard. You can just begin by outlining the border with white stones then pour red mulch into the space. These two colors look amazing together, and they create a very eye-catching landscape for your house. And once you know what plants that you want to have, your mulch and soil will be ready for that. You might want to add some small lights along the border as well so that it will look great at night.

Mulch And Stone Landscaping Ideas

We have mulch landscaping ideas, stone landscaping ideas, and we also have mulch and stone landscaping ideas. The combination of these two provides both looks and nutrients to your outdoor spaces, bringing the best of both worlds. I do have some recommendations that you definitely should see below, feel free to take a look.

Idea #11: Mulch & Stone Garden With Fountain

Image Source: turnto.com

Even if the available space is not too big, you can still make it a nice spot at home. What we have here is a small fountain standing in the middle of rock piles with a garden in the front. It is a very clever idea to infuse many elements together to create a new spot full of harmony and beauty. You can plant any flowers or shrubs of your choice, the more colorful the better. Meanwhile, the fountain brings out the calmness to the atmosphere which is simply amazing.

Idea #12: Mulch & Stone Container Garden

Image Source: pinterest.com

It is true that it may take a lot of time for the plants to grow into a certain size. You can also buy plants in containers or pots and have them in your mini garden. First, pick stones of any colors that you like to outline the frame of your garden. Make sure to leave some space in the middle for the pots and the plants around them. The containers alone look great, but you can also grow some more plants around them for more accents and aesthetics. Easy and simple, what do you think?

Idea #13: Mulch & Stone Pathway

Image Source: beesandroses.com

It does not have to be a garden, there are many ways to create new things in your backyard. One of the most popular ways is building a pathway by using mulch and stones alone. Lay out the mulch in the areas that you want to use as a landscape for the mulch and stones. Depending on what you like, the size and shape of the stones for the pathway are all yours to pick. Then place the stones to create a pathway in any patterns that you like. In case you want to add some plants, you can also do that since the mulch will provide healthy growth for them.

Idea #14: Mulch & Stone Tree Garden

Image Source: engineeringdiscoveries.com

There are so many ways to elevate the views around your tree, and this is one of those. It does not have to be this complicated, you can just use some mulch and stones then you are good to go. Build a round border around the tree by using stones, then put some mulch to grow some ornamental plants. It won’t take long, and the final results will look great. Keep it simple, it looks better than you think it will so don’t forget to try it out.

Idea #15: Mulch & Stone Tree Landscaping

Image Source: polywoodoutdoor.com

For those who have plenty of space around a tree in the backyard, you should definitely consider this landscaping idea. There will 3 different sections, 2 parts mulch and one part stones. The stones of different sizes in the middle create a contrast among the mulch on each side. You can use one mulch side to grow some plants and the other side as a resting area. Placing a bench like so is great, choose a shady spot on the side of a tree will do. You can read, relax, and enjoy being in your backyard or garden which is super nice.

Stone Landscaping Ideas

What I like the most about stone landscaping ideas is that they are very versatile. All you need are some nice stones, and you can decorate your garden or yard with me. You definitely need a touch of creativity, and the landscaping ideas with stones below are going to give you some inspiration.

Idea #16: Container Plants & Stones

Image Source: pinterest.com

In case you don’t want to grow any plants in the ground, then this is the stone landscaping idea for you. Lay the stones of your choice into the available space, and put stone plates for the containers. Then place your plant containers on top of them, and you are good to go. It is a good idea because you can always rearrange the location of the plants any time you like. At the same time, you can also repot them when they outgrow their containers. Convenient and simple, you might like it.

Idea #17: Corner Stone Landscape

Image Source: pinterest.com

The example is small, but you can go as big as you like to suit your landscape space. What’s great about this idea is that it makes the corner looks amazing even if the room is small. Just some white pebbles or stones along with a tall tree (that could be artificial) will do. On top of that, this idea is perfect for both indoor and outdoor design which is a total plus. You should definitely take it into consideration, it looks amazing.

Idea #18: Mini Stone Garden

Image Source: decorhomeideas.com

Big does not always mean good, and that is why this mini stone garden here is great. White rocks can make everything among them stand out really well no matter if they are containers or plants. You can even do both, place some plants in containers and grow some plants at the same time. This is among the landscaping ideas with stone for small spaces that you can try anywhere around the house. It is affordable and time-saving, and it will complement your available space with a great aesthetic and appearance.

Idea #19: Round Evergreen Bush With Stones

Image Source: pinterest.com

So organized and neat to look at, it is among the best stone garden ideas that you should have in mind. The first layer should be mulch so that you can plant the round evergreen bushes. What’s so great about evergreen plants is that they are hardy which is easy to care for. Then scatter the rocks around the area, and pay attention to the details to make sure it looks great. You can use the stones of different colors to create outlines of any shapes that you like. This is one of the most popular landscaping stones ideas since it is easy to carry out while looking great. It could be your next favorite landscape, don’t forget to check it out.

Idea #20: Side Stone Landscape

Image Source: pinterest.com

Many use this idea around the pool, but you can use it anywhere you like. This idea is ideal for the corner or side of any space that you have within the perimeter of your house. More than that, you won’t need much since some stones and probably small plants will do the trick. Simply plant the bush or plants of your choice in a neat line like so, then lay the stones in the available space. This stone landscaping idea looks great by the fence, and it won’t take long to do at all.

Idea #21: Stones From A Jar

Image Source: decorhomeideas.com

So simple yet so graceful, this stone landscaping idea has to be among the options to take into consideration. The special key of this idea is the mixture of colors of the pebbles. Blue and white look so good together, but the colors are up to you to decide. Along with that, the clay jar gives a unique effect to your stone landscape which is super nice. The size of the landscape can be as big as you like, and it will look amazing. You can add some plants along the stone border, or simply use pebbles of different colors around them. There are many ways to get creative, what do you think?

Idea #22: Stone Garden With Lights

Image Source: pinterest.com

Not a lot of landscaping stones ideas come with lights that show the beauty of the landscape at night. All the more reasons why this idea is amazing and eye-catching at the same time. First of all, the white pebbles make great carpets that make the plants on them to stand out. More than that, the big lights near the plants and shrubs still show off the beauty of the landscape at night. Simply put, this landscaping idea makes sure that your backyard or front yard looks great both day and night.

Idea #23: Stone Pathway

Image Source: popularmechanics.com

There are so many landscaping ideas with stone, and a pathway is one of those. Here we have an idea that is perfect for those who like things to be neatly in certain shapes. It does not even need much to do since all you need are two things, pathway stones and pebbles. Black pathway stones totally look cool, and brighter-colored pebbles definitely make the pathways stand out. You can go as far as you like because this stone garden idea looks amazing in pretty much any setting. And if you’d like, add some black plant containers along the pathway like so for more accents.

Idea #24: Stone & Water Garden

Image Source: pinterest.ca

You won’t see this a lot, and this is why it is among the best landscaping ideas with stone. It may require a lot of work since it is clearly a pond or a pool that you will need to build. The stones in the water give a nice and reflective appearance while standing out from the place around them. You can create this water stone landscape in the backyard, front yard, garden, and anywhere you like. The maintenance is minimum, and it will get a lot of attention due to its uniqueness.

Idea #25: Stone & Wood Walkway With Mini Shrubs

Image Source: pinterest.co.uk

This is something that you should not overlook when it comes to beautiful landscaping stones ideas. Small pebbles or stones make a great layout as the wooden walkways are in between. The best part is the mini shrubs alongside each wooden plank, accompanying you all the way. And if you like it to look great at night, adding some pathway lights is something that you really should consider. No matter how big or small your backyard or front yard is, this idea will look good anywhere.

Bonus: Pebble Landscaping Ideas

Idea #26: Garden & Pebbles

Image Source: pinterest.com

Simplicity always displays the best, and here we have an example of one. As you can see, the combination of green plants and white pebbles looks so good together. The most interesting part is the contrast of these two colors that create a unique pattern that looks really nice. A design like this looks great pretty much anywhere you like, it could be something that you might want to try.

Idea #27: Pebbles & Succulents

Image Source: pinterest.com

Pebbles are available in so many colors and sizes that you can select for your space. The perfect example is this one, it has a combination of many things together that create a wonderful landscape. The orange and white pebbles/stones contrast each other beautifully, and they require no maintenance at all. Meanwhile, the succulents themselves are also low-maintenance while providing a super chilling oasis vibe. Not to mention the pathway in the middle, this could be the walkway idea that you should definitely take into consideration.

Idea #28: Pebbles & More Succulents

Image Source: pinterest.com

As for this one, it has proper outlines and arrangements of where the succulents should be. It gives a different mood but the calmness and styles remain there which look so gorgeous in your garden. The almost-swirly effect makes everything so much more fascinating while the contrasts of the colors are super attractive. You can grow a number of succulents here, and they don’t require frequent watering at all which is so easy to care for. The best part is that you can have it both in your backyard, front yard, and pretty much anywhere you like.

Idea #29: Pebbles & Wooden Border

While many people like to use bricks or stones to create borders, I have something different to introduce to you. Try wooden borders instead, and the final look is absolutely gorgeous. As you can see, the garden edges or wooden pegs are super cheap to buy and very easy to find. Usually, they come in a few colors for you to choose from but you can also paint them. Plus with some brightly-colored pebbles that create the inside lines, your garden will surely look amazing. I highly recommend this idea if you have a lot of space and time to create one. It is unique, and it will totally complement your home.

Image Source: mungfali.com

Final Verdict

Since there are so many beautiful and cool landscaping ideas with mulch and stone above, things should be easier for you. I have searched and selected just the best and most creative ideas that you can turn into your styles. Some are ideal for the backyards and front yards, while others are great for both. With over 25 stone and mulch landscaping ideas, I sure hope you will like at least a few. Don’t forget to share your thoughts, I am so keen to know your top favorite from the list today.

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