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Ego vs Greenworks Lawnmowers: Which One Is The Better?

In the lawnmower world, it is very debatable when it comes to the best options or brands. It all comes down to Ego vs Greenworks lawnmowers because these two are the most popular in the market. These two brands have been competing with each other on the market for years now. Both of them also manufacture many models every year for their consumers to choose from. As an owner of both, I can tell you that either of them is amazing at what they do. All you need to do is pick the one that is the most suitable for your use. I am going to break down their strengths and weaknesses below, and the final jury is yours.

A Summary: Ego vs Greenworks Lawnmowers

Ego Lawnmowers

Ego is a senior brand dated back to the year 1993, started as a small manufacturing firm of Chevron. Today, the company has produced approximately 10 million units with up-to-date technology that distribute to over 65 countries around the globe. Ego is an amazing brand for those who look for reliability and large-scale performance. The combination of years of experience and gas-free heavy-duty machines makes Ego stands out tall among many others. Now, this brand has become a colossal tool manufacturer whose name is known worldwide.

Greenworks Lawnmowers

Younger than Ego, Greenworks was born in 2007 as a small part of Global Tools Group. Even if this brand is 10+ years younger than the one above, they have an ultimate goal: produce battery-powered outdoor equipment. This is why Greenworks is one of the top leading brands for battery-powered tools for a wide variety of users out there. The brand provides outdoor equipment of almost any type you can imagine. From DIY users to landscaping professionals, there is everything for everyone.

Both brands have their own strengths and weaknesses in each category that you can clearly see. There are also certain parts where these two offer the same or similar performance as well. So if you find both brands appealing but don’t know which one to choose, focus on the price. The difference in price between these lawnmowers is roughly 100 bucks which is quite a lot if you’d ask me. According to my experience, there are some specific pieces of advice that you can take into consideration.

Choose Ego Lawnmower IF:
  • Price does not matter.
  • You value a longer warranty on lawnmowers.
  • A lawnmower that you like has long-lasting parts that can work long-term.
  • You prefer a lawnmower that requires little maintenance but delivers maximum quality.
Choose Greenworks Lawnmower IF:
  • A lighter lawnmower that is easy to manage is what you want.
  • You look for affordability and high portability in a lawnmower.
  • You like lawnmowers with long battery life because this model provides just that.

Ego Top Picks

Greenworks Top Picks

Things To Compare Between Ego vs Greenworks

Finding the best lawnmowers relies on several important factors in addition to the brand name and reputation. I am going to compare Ego vs Greenworks by using the most famous lawnmower models that these big manufacturers launched. To be able to select the right machine for your lawn, we are going to go through those factors together. You will find the 4 most vital features along with some small elements that the best lawnmowers should have. I will list down the strengths and weaknesses of each brand so that you can easily decide which one to choose.

Models We’re About To Compared

1. Design

When it comes to design, it does not entirely focus on the appearance of the lawnmowers alone. In fact, there are several smaller key points that are also important regarding the design that I want to illustrate. Those micro parts together can create an incredible performance in the lawnmower to suit your needs and requirements. Those include:

2. Battery


The model is equipped with the industry’s most advanced 10.0 Ah 56V ARC Lithium battery. This battery can offer up to 75 minutes of cutting time on a single charge that takes only 60 minutes. Many users like this feature because it is rare for a large unit like lawnmowers to charge this fast. Plus with the fact that its battery lasts longer than many competitors on the market, this part really stands out. Ego’s lawnmower includes a rapid charger to ensure fasts charging with longer battery life for the best performance possible.


This unit comes with 2 fully charged batteries that you can charge using USB cables. Each battery lasts up to 45 minutes on a single charge, and you can change them easily and quickly. Greenworks also includes a dual-port battery charger to reduce runtime as well. The coolest part is that there are USB ports in the batteries that you can charge your devices. It simply functions as a battery for the lawnmower and a power bank for your phones and tablets. Both batteries are compact which is also easy to bring along with to places and to store after use. In case you go camping, the removable batteries of your lawnmower can always come in handy.

3. Cutting Options


This brand built the first cordless lawnmower with an interchangeable multi-blade cutting system into their latest unit here. You will get 3 interchangeable lower blades that allow you to choose for a customize cut at your preference. These include Extended Runtime Blade, High Lift Bagging Blade, and Mulching Blade. The extended Runtime Blade offers a great balance of cut quality and runtime for all-around performance just the way you like. As for High Lift Bagging Blade, it comes to ease your workload in clipping the lawn for bagging. The last type comes installed on the mower since it is ideal for weekly mulching.


The latest model of Greenworks features a 4-in-1 system including Mulching, Rear Bagging, Side Discharge, and Turbo Button. Along with those, there are different speed control levels for you to choose from for your work. This feature provides convenient control and maneuverability as well as maximum traction. Its cutting ability is strong even if you want to mow a heavy, tall, and wet lawn after the rain. There is also a grass catcher that gathers the grass from the blade during the mowing process. It can handle most works very well, and its performance is at its best every time.

4. Height Adjustments


This Ego model comes with up to 7 positions of height adjustment that you can choose for your lawn. It allows you to adjust the height between 1.5 inches to 4 inches to achieve a beautiful result on the lawn. At the same time, you can also adjust the height of the lawnmower itself using just one hand. This feature always proves to be useful to ensure that everyone in the house can use the unit at different heights.


We have a tie in this category because Greenworks also includes 7 positions of height levels that you can adjust. The positions are of standard heights from 1.6 inches to 3.8 inches that you can easily adjust. Each height is easy and quick to select, and it offers ease in grass cutting just the way you like.

5. Motor


Thanks to the high-efficiency brushless motor that is up to 1200W, it provides 8.3 ft. lbs of cutting torque. This is powerful enough to cut through even the toughest grass and other obstacles that some other regular lawnmowers cannot.


This brand provides a highly efficient brushless motor that offers more torque along with quiet operation. Simply put, it has a more powerful cutting power and longer life but does not make any disturbing noise. I like this part because I don’t want my neighbors to complain about the noise every time I mow the lawn.

6. Size & Weight


The Ego lawnmower is 66 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 39 inches tall with 73.8 pounds in weight.


The Greenworks lawnmower is 61.81 inches long, 20.87 inches wide, and 40.16 tall with 72.2 pounds in weight.

As you can see, the Ego lawnmower is slightly bigger than Greenworks. At the same time, it is also a little heavier than Greenworks lawnmower. It is normal for lawnmowers to come in different designs in terms of height and size. Let’s be honest, not all users are tall enough to handle a large and heavy lawnmower. So when you compare this part, you have to think about the one that is more convenient for you. That is not all, the height and size of the lawnmower also affect the storage after use. If you have a large space for a lawnmower, then this does not matter. But if your storage space is limited, this part is also important.

7. Durability


The brand does not include much information regarding the durability of this lawnmower model. What they provide is revolutionary cooling technology to ensure incredible performance and power. Plus with intelligent power management, it can work very well for up to an hour without getting burning hot.


The cutting deck of the unit is made from durable steel which is heavy duty and tough. This allows it to get the job done quicker and more efficiently on a wide range of grass lengths and types. On top of that, the unit also comes with 10-inch rear wheels that aid more support during mowing. They are durable and tough enough to glide on the grass and the terrains smoothly as you walk. This is to ensure effortless operation without pressure on your hands.

8. Ease Of Use


The ease of use should begin the moment you start using the lawnmower, and Ego delivers just that. It features an easy push-button start that is quick and simple to use. All you need is a push on the button to start your lawnmower which is so easy. One of the most convenient features that Ego provides is the Touch Drive Technology. This technology allows you to access the self-propel function with a simple touch of your palm. You can easily scroll through the dial to change the speed which is not only convenient but also fast. In case you want to start mowing the lawn early in the morning, you can do that too. The unit comes with bright LED headlights to illuminate the landscape so that you can conveniently work. And after use, you can easily fold for compact storage which is totally convenient.


You should expect easy operation including easy start and close functions in the latest lawnmower models. This model offers just those along with self-propelled wheels for smooth operation and a turbo button for more power. The combination of these features is to ensures that you are able to easily and neatly mow the lawn. Just like Ego lawnmower, Greenworks equips their lawnmower with bright LED headlights also. This is to provide convenience and ease when you want to mow the lawn at dawn or dusk. We also have a tie with the storage part because this Greenworks lawnmower is also compact. You can fold it and store it vertically which saves up to 70% of storage space in your garage. So in case you have a small room but still, want a heavy-duty lawnmower, this model really ticks those boxes.

9. Warranty


Usually comes with 5-year battery warranty with registration + 5-year tool warranty.


Usually comes with 3 years battery warranty + limited tool.


As buyers, we often go for a brand that has a long history because they have come a long way. However, that does not mean that the younger brands are not any good either. Perhaps, the newer brands equip their units with the latest technologies or features that are suitable for our current needs. In addition to the history, you should also focus on what they can do for your lawn. That way, picking the right lawnmowers will be on the performance and quality rather than the reputation. I hope my comparison of Ego vs Greenworks lawnmowers today will be helpful for you.

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