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Electric vs Solar Fountain Pumps

Fountains are so pretty, and they will be able to display their beauty flawlessly when the pumps work well. The debate between electric vs solar fountain pumps has been going on for quite some time. If you are unsure about which type of fountain that is best for you, don’t worry. You are going to find out soon, so let’s see the comparison between the solar fountain and electric fountain pump below.

What Are Electric Fountain Pumps?

Electric pumps or electric pumps for fountains are water pumps that are electrically powered, and they come with cords. It drives through an electric motor as the power supplies from the transformer via the switchboard. The power delivers from the switchboard to the electric pump via a power cord that attaches to the water pipe.

This type of water pump requires electricity to run, and the motor converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy. The fascinating thing about electric water pumps is that some of them work at a comparatively constant speed. It is economical and effective, and it can handle a number of big jobs. An electric pump has several major components such as a motor, casing, pump, protector, switchboard, inlets, transformer, and power cables.

When you use them with fountains, electric water pumps are absolutely ideal and powerful. You can use them with large fountains, and the flow of the water is flawless every time. The best part is that you can adjust the strength of the water just the way you like due to the pump’s power. If you have a durable and high-quality electric fountain pump, its performance will last for years to come.

Electric Fountain Pump Benefits

Before you purchase an electric pump for your fountain, you should also know about its benefits. Some of the main and most common benefits of electric fountain pumps on the market today are:

  • You can use it for large fountains, oil wells, water wells, and other water features.
  • This type of pump is ideal for various confined areas such as offshore, urban areas, and more.
  • Its volume is even higher if you use it at a shallow depth which is even more convenient for fountains.
  • Electric pumps have a low lifting cost while being so efficient and powerful. It is so powerful you can also use it to pump off a small water reservoir.

Electric Fountain Pump Drawbacks

Along with the benefits, there are also some drawbacks of electric fountain pumps that you should be aware of. Depending on the brands and purposes of use, some downsides of electric water pumps include:

  • The motor of an electric water pump has overheating issues, although not so common with home use.
  • You have to find a location of the fountain that is close to a power source so that it can work.
  • In case the water pump breaks down or errors, the repairing cost is quite high to pay. Even the price of the pump itself is a little high despite its long-lasting quality.

What Are Solar Fountain Pumps?

With the mention of solar, you can already tell that it is cost-saving and easy to use. How about solar powered fountain pumps? Are they worth it? Just like the name suggests, a solar fountain pump is the type of pump that is powered by solar. It gets its power from the sun without the need to use any batteries or electricity at all. All you need is to position it in a sunny spot, and solar water pumps are ideal for a number of purposes. You can use it with small fountains, ponds, and other small water features.

As for solar fountain pumps, you can easily install them in any location that you like, both indoors and outdoors. Unlike an electric fountain pump, you won’t have to worry about the location of the pumps at all. Even better, you also won’t have to worry about the cost of batteries or electricity which is a total plus. As long as the sun is shining, your fountain will always work. Not to mention that it is also powerful, having one of them is a great decision to make.

Solar Fountain Pump Benefits

If we get into the details of the benefits of solar fountain pumps, there are actually quite a lot. However, we are going to discuss the main few which are:

  • A solar fountain pump requires very low maintenance which is so convenient.
  • It utilizes free energy in the form of solar power which is cost-saving and economical.
  • An outdoor solar fountain has higher mobility due to the fact that it does not need external electrical connections.
  • You will not need to install electrical lines or extension cords to power your fountain at all. This simply means that the installation process of your fountain and the power source is easier and faster.

Solar Fountain Pump Drawbacks

Along with so many benefits for users, solar powered fountain pumps also come with some drawbacks as well such as:

  • The cost could be a little high compared to conventional fountains due to solar panels.
  • For some solar pumps, they have difficulties circulating the water even in partial shade. Things are the same on cloudy days when it comes to its performance; it could be a little unstable. However, you won’t have to worry about this if your fountains are in the middle of a sunny location.
  • If you want it to work during nighttime as well, then you will also need to purchase battery banks. So in case you want to show the fountain features when the sun goes down, it is also possible. The battery banks are also a little pricey, but they can save some energy for your later use.

Electric vs Solar Fountain Pumps

If we compare these two, both are actually winners depending on how you want to use them. Both electric fountain pump and solar fountain pump have their own pros and cons, and the decision is all yours. We are going to them in some of the main features, including location, price, and water feature control.

Location: Solar Fountain Pump Wins

As I have mentioned earlier, solar powered fountain pumps have the upper hand in this. You can install your solar fountain pump pretty much anywhere you like as long as it is in an open area. Once the solar panels are exposed to the sun, your fountains will start working throughout the entire day for you.

Unlike solar pumps, an electric fountain pump will need to be near an electric outlet. This could be a challenge because most people like to have their fountains in the middle of the garden. Moreover, you may need to hire an electrician to install an underground conduit to get an electrical pump cord to an electrician outlet. This could be a lot of hassle which is why a solar pump wins in this part. In case your fountains are near a power source, then an electric power pump will work just fine. The thing is that solar fountain pumps are more convenient since you won’t have to worry about the electrical outlet.

Price: Solar Fountain Pump Wins

It is true that solar fountain pumps are very expensive because of the solar panels. On top of that, its price goes even higher if the size is large in case your fountains are big. However, you will only need to pay once and that was it because you can use a solar pump for years to come.

On the other hand, you will need to pay for the electricity every month with an electric fountain pump. And you will also have to pay a large amount of money to hire an electrician to install underground wiring. So if you don’t mind paying a lot at first, then you should go for solar fountain pumps. The sun will always be there, and this is why it is going to save you a lot of cost for years to come.

Water Feature Control: Electric Pump Wins

For those who want to have various water control features for their fountains, choose electric fountain pumps. The awesome thing about electric pumps is that there is a timer for you to set easily. That way, you are able to turn the pump on and off at any time you like, which is so convenient and fast. This feature is not common in solar pumps at all, and this is why the electric pump is the winner.

With electric water pumps, you can also use them to control the water flow of the fountain so easily. While both are equally powerful, it is always nicer to have a water pump that allows you to control the water flow. Just make sure that the water pumps that you choose have the power to work with your fountains.


Both electric fountain pumps and solar fountain pumps are great in their own ways. The key is to go for the option that is ideal for your needs and the type of your fountain. Many people are going for solar fountain pumps these days because of the cost-saving features. Not to mention that it lasts for years to come with low maintenance, no doubt why they are great. However, this does not mean that electric solar pump options are not popular. They are also great, especially for large fountains and other features at home. As long as it can handle the size of your fountain, then you are good to go.

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