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30+ Enclosed Patio Ideas You Might Like

Sometimes all you need is an enclosed patio to chill in somewhere in your free space at home. To make things easy, I am here to introduce you to over 30 enclosed patio ideas that you might find appealing. Each idea does not take up too much space, and they keep you safe from outdoor elements as well. That way, you can use this extra spot for various purposes like dining, lounging, relaxing, and more. Let’s take a look and see which one among all the patio enclosure ideas below that you like the most.

1. Attached Covered Patio Ideas

You know you want some covered patio ideas as an inspiration when you live in a sunny place. The great thing about attached covered patio ideas is that they provide you with a shaded spot to sit in. There are many nice designs that you can take into consideration so that you can finally choose what’s best. I found 5 nice attached covered patio ideas that you might find interesting, so check them out.

1.1. Aluminum Patio Cover

A solid roof like this provides both comfort and durability that will last for years for you. The awesome thing about this option is that it is not only long-lasting but also maintenance-free, which is simply convenient to use. It shields you and your furniture from the rain and sun, as well as other outdoor elements. More than that, it is also very easy to find and install, which is a total plus. This patio cover is available at Home Depot, so feel free to drop by and pick one for your patio.

Image Source: homedepot.com

1.2. Clear Corrugated Covered Pergola

Do you know what the best thing about a clear corrugated covered pergola is? You can see the rain falling on it, and maybe snow if your winter provides that. It is beautiful to look at, and its appearance itself is also wonderful. A clear cover matches perfectly with a white pergola, so this idea is simply perfect. Plus, with some string lights like so, your favorite chilling spot will look amazing both day and night. Not to mention that it does not take too much time to build; this could be something that you like.

Image Source: pinterest.com

1.3. Patio Awning Glass / Plastic

Here we have another clear cover idea for your patio that comes with more protection that you might like. The awesome thing about this option is that it comes with the construction of high-quality and UV-protected polycarbonate panels. This is to ensure that your patio furniture is safe from UV rays and other outdoor elements. My favorite part is that this neutral color matches a number of home designs which is great. Not to mention the white powder coating that prevents it from discoloration and rust, this cover is amazing.

Image Source: wayfair.com

1.4. Slat Roof Cover

There are so many covered patio ideas, and this is among the prettiest ones. The cover does not cover completely, so the air and light can get through to cool your down on sunny days. This idea is very classy and neat, and you can easily achieve that within a day. The best part is that it is ideal for various home designs out there, so it might look great with yours.

Image Source: pinterest.com

1.5. Sliding Shade Cover

The cover does not have to be always permanent, and this is why you should check out this idea. Comes with a shade that you can slide, you can easily decide when to let the sun in or when not to. If the weather is good, slide the cover up for some air and light. Rainy day? Slide it down, and it will protect your patio furniture from outdoor damage right away. You can effortlessly install this slide on your pergola, and it is a very clever attached covered patio idea to try.

Image: pinterest.com

2. Backyard Enclosed Patio Ideas

One of the easiest ways to create an enclosed patio is to take the space from your backyard. You can use your free space and build a cozy spot to hang out with your family and friends. There are many ways for you to be creative when it comes to turning your backyard into a relaxing place. Below are some of the nice ideas that you might find interesting.

2.1. Half Enclosed Patio

It does not have to always be a close room, and this is a perfect example of how you do it; just add a pergola and some light strings like so, and you have a nice spot to chill right away. Plus, with some furniture of your choice, you will be able to rest there as long as you like. The awesome thing about this idea is that it provides a lot of sitting room for several people. As you can see, you can go for wooden walls or any type of wall that you like. There is plenty of room for creativity, and the decision is all yours.

Image Source: pinterest.com

2.2. Outdoor Fireplace

Living in a cold area? How about an enclosed patio with a fireplace like this one right here? Simply extend the design from your backyard, and that is it. Simple as that. I really like this idea because you can chill outside comfortably despite the cold weather. You can stay as long as you like, and some warm tea in hand will make the night even more fun. I would say the furniture in this backyard patio is not enough. So don’t forget to add some more chairs and tables to make sitting more comfortable.

Image Source: pinterest.com

2.3. Private Oasis

Even if the available space is small, you still can turn that spot into an enclosed patio. As you can see, this is a very enclosed area, but it also looks very relaxing at the same time. All you need is some chairs or couches, a table, and a few other decorative items of your choice. Not to mention some green plants, your enclosed patio will be an amazing place to hang out in. And if you want to hang out at night, just add some lights like so and you are good to go.

Image Source: netluxury.com

2.4. Shaded Pergola

The special thing about this patio idea in the backyard is that it is very convenient to sit in. It is not completely enclosed, but it is a nice idea to take into consideration at least. In fact, you don’t need a pergola to create this spot. You can buy some custom feet mounts and install everything by yourself. Then add the shaded roof to shield you from the sun, and that should be it. This idea is inexpensive and simple, and you can set this up pretty much anywhere.

Image Source: etsy.com

2.5. Sunshade Patio

In case you don’t want to do much, then you might try something like this here. It is not only easy and simple but also inexpensive, which is simply amazing. You can finish this project in half a day or even earlier, and your enclosed patio is ready for you. The amazing thing about this sunshade patio idea is that it makes a nice outdoor spot to relax. You can also add a dinner table along with some chairs like so for a wonderful meal outside. Things are even better if you have a natural view like this, but it is nice and simple either way.

Image Source: lushome.com

3. Creative Patio Enclosure Ideas

You can easily get creative with your patio enclosure, especially when you are willing to stretch your budget. However, I know that not every one of us what to spend so much. This is why you will find 5 different creative patio enclosure ideas below. Some of them are very on a budget while others can be a little pricey. Depending on your preference, perhaps one or two of them can catch your eyes.

3.1. Enclosed Patio With An Outdoor Bar

So what you can put together to create a nice enclosed patio at the back of your home? It could be a little bit of everything like this example here, but you have plenty of things. The best part is the mini bar where a few people can have some drinks at small gatherings or hangouts. You can also get a barbecue grill there, and you have both beverages and food, which is simply great. Not to mention the tables, floor cushions, couches, and even a hammock, this little space can accommodate so many people.

Image Source: hgtv.com

3.2. Enclosed Patio In The Corner

Just looking for a spot to read a book and relax after the end of the day? This is how your mini chilling space should look like; very tranquil to be in. The trick is to put as many indoor plants as possible, both hanging from the ceiling and on the floor. What they do is create a calming and natural mood so that you can completely rest. Don’t forget a cozy chair or couch where you can sit comfortably for as long as you like. You will absolutely love the vibe when it rains if your corner has glass windows like these. Such a perfect spot to chill.

Image Source: netluxury.com

3.3. Enclosed Patio With Curtains

Can’t decide between shades and multiple windows? How about both? If you have a beautiful garden outside like that, it is only right to have a lot of windows. That way, you can see the view outside while relaxing on your comfortable patio. In case it is a hot sunny day, the curtains by the windows will protect you from the ray. And if your patio is big, it is nice to have a dining table and a regular table like the image. Everything looks so right in this picture; what do you think?

Image Source: homnish.com

3.4. Mini Enclosed Patio

The space might look small at first, but there are always ways to make them look classy. This idea is unique because it is on a higher floor instead of outside the house. So you can add a tall sofa or chairs so that you can see more views from your home. With many glass windows like this, it could be quite hot on a sunny day. I recommend adding some curtains or shades so that it won’t be too steaming for you. This also protects your furniture from fading due to UV as well.

Image Source: nextluxury.com

3.5. Modern Enclosed Patio

Both luxury and modern, this enclosed patio is definitely something that you should have in mind. It is very simple to create, but as you can tell, it looks very classy, which is absolutely incredible. The trick is to get some subtle items that elevate the beauty of the entire patio. Those hanging lamps alone already make the patio look very charming, not to mention the curtains and sofa. Plus, with some fluffy throw pillows, it is a super nice spot to relax and sit in. If you like something simple yet sophisticated, this is clearly the idea to consider.

Image Source: pinterest.com

4. DIY Enclosed Patio Ideas

You don’t have to always hire a professional to build an enclosed patio for you. There are so many awesome DIY enclosed patio ideas out there that might be suitable for your DIY skills. Many people like to build their own patio because that is cost-saving, and they can choose their own designs. So we have some easy, yet cool DIY enclosed patio ideas to recommend, and there are 5 of them below.

4.1. Balcony Patio

Don’t worry if you don’t have available space at the back of the house; a balcony will do too. You can turn your balcony into an imaginative patio with just some decorations like this image here. It is still a nice and relaxing place, and you can get views of the surroundings as well. One of the best ways to make it a serene spot is to add some lights. It could be regular string lights or lightbulbs, and the view at night is incredible. You can also put some flowers and plants, and you’ll have an amazing spot to sit in.

Image Source: pinterest.com

4.2. Cottage-Style Enclosed Patio

By the look, you can already tell that this idea is very easy and fast to execute. The key is to pick the furniture with a bright color like so to create a cottage-style look. Everything looks so good together, and don’t forget to add the outdoor carpet to make it even more amazing. You can tell that this enclosed patio idea is very nice to have. However, there should be a roof to protect your furniture from the rain and sun. Apart from that, everything looks great.

Image Source: pinterest.com

4.3. Cozy Farmhouse Patio

Similar to the cottage-style but bigger, this is also a great DIY enclosed patio option to try. All you need to do is add more sofa, and there is plenty of space for other items around. This is why this idea is perfect for plant lovers, so much room for pots and vases of plants. It is nice in an open area like that, or you can add a pergola for some shade. Then some light strings on the pergola for a beautiful look at night, and it will be your next favorite spot.

Image Source: pinterest.com

4.4. DIY Mid-Century Enclosed Patio

When it comes to something that you want to build, an idea like this could be what you might like. It is an easy DIY project because you only need some wooden panels to create this look. At the same time, it is also among the cheap patio cover ideas that won’t cost you much as well. Not to mention that the final result look amazing with some decorations, you will surely love it. This could be one of the best enclosed patio ideas on a budget for you, so check it out.

Image Source: apartmenttherapy.com

4.5. DIY Private Patio

In case you don’t want anything fancy, then this could be something that you might like. It looks quite vintage to some extent, and it is nice in a way. The unique thing about this idea is that you will use vintage furniture instead of modern ones. This could be a fun project to work on, and you can easily extend it from any place at home. It does not take much time, and it looks just as relaxing as the other enclosed patio ideas above.

Image Source: nextluxury.com

5. Enclosed Patio Ideas On A Budget

A nice patio does not have to be costly, and that is why I searched for enclosed patio ideas on a budget for you. The key is to choose the right items to put together, and you will have a beautiful patio without making it rain. Each idea saves a lot of costs, and they are also very easy and fast to find and place. Maybe one of them has what it takes to be your next favorite patio design; check them all out.

5.1. Chilling Outdoor Patio

We all know people who love movie nights, but indoor movie nights can be boring sometimes. This is why you should transfer your outdoor spot into your own outdoor cinema like this one right here. All you need is a white screen and a mini projector, and your private theater is ready to go. The furniture and other decorations are of your choice, and the rest of the design is all yours. This idea looks very cozy, so let’s see if it has what it takes to be your outdoor patio.

Image Source: pinterest.com

5.2. Clear Vinyl Plastic Patio Enclosure

Want to see the view outside but hate the bugs? This is among some of the popular enclosed patio ideas on a budget that you might want to try. It allows you to sit on your patio comfortably without having to worry about annoying bugs or insects. At the same time, it can also protect your patio furniture from outdoor elements, which is a bonus. The great thing about this idea is that you can put it up any time you like if you need some air. Easy and simple while not costing much, what do you think?

Image Source: pinterest.com

5.3. Gazebo Patio

If you think a pergola is too small, then go big with a gazebo here for your outdoor patio. A gazebo comes with various size options that you can choose from depending on your preference. What this outdoor patio has includes a fireplace, a mini bar, and some couches with a TV in front of them. You can watch games or movies there, and you can spend your free time with your family and friends conveniently. It could be a little pricey, but it lasts for years to come, so it is definitely worth it.

Image Source: pinterest.com

5.4. Glass Door Enclosed Patio

For something more durable for a modern home, you should go for a glass door idea like this one right here. It makes your patio another part of the house, and everything just matches together, which is really nice. In case you want some air on a good day, simply open your glass door and that’s it. This idea could require some regular maintenance, but it makes your home look amazing and classy all day every day.

Image Source: pinterest.com

5.5. Outdoor Patio With Deck Cover

A big house should have a big outdoor patio, and this is exactly what we are talking about. It has more than just a sitting place; there is a cooking station along with a mini bar for entertainment. That way, you will be able to not only relax but also host a home party there. Since there is a timber deck cover on top, this patio is like a mini home for you. So modern and stylish, this is clearly among the best patio enclosure ideas that you should take into consideration.

Image Source: pinterest.com

6. Bonus

6.1. Complete Enclosed Patio

Another way to make your patio into a great place is by turning it into another room. Like you see here, there is everything you need in this mini backyard patio right here. A kitchen, a dining table, and a couch where everyone can chill. It is nice because you can see the view outside the house. Not to mention the string lights in the ceiling; it makes an amazing spot to sit in at night. If your budget allows, it would be nice to have an enclosed patio that looks like this.

Image Source: designingidea.com

6.2. Pool Enclosed Patio Ideas

If you have a big space, it is highly recommended to build a pool. The great thing about a pool is that there are many different size and shape options that you can go for. You will get to have a swimming pool along with a nice place to relax, how awesome is that, right? And if the pool is big, you can also have pool parties sometimes too, which is a total plus. Not to mention that a pool makes your patio or yard look even cooler; you should definitely have one.

Image Source: instagram.com

6.3. Porch Enclosed Patio Ideas

This idea right here proves that a small space can still create a serene enclosed patio with perfection. It has everything you need, some nice furniture along with a TV for entertainment. Less is more, and this porch enclosed patio says it all. That table could be a fireplace that warms you at night, too, so simple yet so perfect. This could be one of the best enclosed patio ideas on a budget that you may want to have. What do you think?

Image Source: nextluxury.com

6.4. Rustic Enclosed Patio Ideas

I know a lot of people who love rustic vibes, and this could be the enclosed patio for you if you like one. Just some wooden chairs and furniture, along with some string lights. As you can probably tell, this patio is by a wooden cabin. However, you can also make it your style even if you don’t have a cabin. This rustic patio idea is ideal for a number of vintage home designs out there. Just a small patio and some furniture will do; the light simply makes everything look better. Definitely super cozy at night, a perfect spot to chill and relax in.

Image Source: pinterest.com

6.5. Sunroom Enclosed Patio Ideas

Glass never goes out of style, but make sure that you have them in the right area. I would say that glass doors are amazing, but not the roof because they will steam you on hot days. Sunroom enclosed patio is perfect if you have a lot of trees around the house to provide shade. At the same time, it is also perfect for a rainy area because you can just sit back and enjoy looking at the rain.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Final Verdict

I understand that it is not easy to find the best enclosed patio ideas to follow. What I would recommend is to choose multiple ideas and combine them together to create something different. Something of your style so that it has your own taste with a touch of more variety in one. You don’t have to spend a lot either since there are plenty of cheap patio cover ideas out there. Just make sure that the ideas that you find interesting will match your home and your style. You can also add or take out the furniture and other decorative items, but the bigger objects are what to focus on. Choose the right colors to paint and materials to build, and you won’t have to worry about them going wrong.

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