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13 Fun Barbecue Party Games To Play In 2021

Barbecue party games are the extra sauce that adds more fun to the refreshing gatherings that you already have. Knowing some of the cool BBQ party games simply makes you a spiffy host of the whole party. And you know you want that because we all want to be cool barbecue party hosts. Below is a list of some of the fun games that your guests can enjoy playing at the barbecue party. I will also list the link to the good-quality games that you can get in case you want one. Feel free to take a look and see which are the games that you think everyone will like the most.

1. Balloon Cup

Simple but fun, balloon cup is one of the popular barbecue party games and indoor games that people enjoy playing. All you need are 2 balloons and 4 cups for the opponents to compete with one another. Each player gets one balloon and two cups, and the first person to race the cups to the finishing line wins. Players must blow up a balloon and use its escaping air to move a cup over a set course. It is challenging and fast, and everyone at the party can get to play. Since you have already a bunch of cups for the party, you just have to get some balloons. Participants of all ages can enjoy playing the game, and this is definitely the game that you should try.

How To Play Balloon Cup

Watch this video to know how to play the game

2. Card Ninja

According to the person who invented the game, you have to play in teams of Aces, Jacks, Kings, and Queens. But your party, your rules, it can be either individually or in teams in any way convenient for you. When competing, each side has to ninja throws the card into a half-cut watermelon. Whoever finishes throwing all of the cards first, wins. It can be more fun if you compete in groups because the stake is higher due to different throwing skills. I like it because it does not require a lot of energy to play with, especially after eating. So if you find it interesting, you should add it to your game list.

How To Play Card Ninja

3. Cornhole

When it comes to the classic and popular barbecue party games, cornhole is among them. Cornhole is among the traditional American games that people play on the lawn or in a big space outdoor. The instructions and rules are pretty simple, and everyone can play this game. Players have to take turns throwing bags of corn kernels at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, and a bag on the board gets 1 point. Players who exceed or reach the score of 21 wins, simple as that. There are many versions of cornholes, but the traditional one is still popular to this day. Apart from parties, it is also fun as a family game in the yard as well. So if you want to purchase one with great quality, I highly recommend this one below.

4. Cup Stacking

Started as a game then turned into a challenge, cup stacking is now a worldwide competition. There is even the Guinness World Records for it, but we don’t go that far. And of course, you can host your own cup stacking game at your barbecue party as well. In fact, it is one of the best barbecue party games that everyone can join and compete with each other. If you haven’t tried it before, it is an easy yet very challenging game. Players must first create a pyramid of cups then slide down the cups to create a single stack. Whoever finished stacking their cups in the shortest duration of time is the winner.

How To Play Stack Attack

5. Darts

To be honest, I don’t find darts fun but I also don’t understand why men enjoy it so much. Don’t get me wrong, maybe because I have poor eyesight and always lose. All my male friends out there would abandon their beer and grab the darts if there are any. This is why I add darts to my list of fun barbecue party games. It is simple to play, and the scoring process is also obvious on the board. If you like darts, you probably already have them somewhere on the door or the wall. And if you want to buy one and give it a try, my best friend Joe wants to recommend this one.

6. Face The Cookie

Nothing is funnier than watching your friends or kids making weird faces in this game. Get a bunch of Oreos, let the participants sit down, and place the cookie on their forehead. The players must move the cookie from their forehead to their mouths by using their facial muscles. You can allow as many people as you want in this game, and you can play as many rounds as you like. From blinking to tongue sticking out, you will see them all. And how hilarious will it be to record them in the videos and show them later? Face the cookie is super fun, all players get to eat the cookie after each game, and everyone is happy.

How To Play Face The Cookie:

7. Flip Tic Tac Toe

We are all about flipping bottles and cups these days, and this is why it is a great game. Just like most of the best barbecue party games on the list, this one is also easy, fun, and simple. Each player has to flip a cup from the table, and they get to place it in the column when it lands. It is like the game of tic tac toe, except it is more challenging. The player who gets 3 cups on the column in diagonal, horizontal, or horizontal first is the winner. This game is fun for those who are confident that they are good at flipping cups. If you don’t like it, you might not enjoy this game. However, it is worth trying because it does not require many items to play at all.

How To Play Flip Tic Tac Toe

8. Jenga

You will see people suggesting giant Jenga as one of the most enjoyable barbecue party games. I love Jenga, but I disagree with the giant piece. First of all, it is difficult and time-consuming to re-arrange all the pieces back after each game. It could be fun as an outdoor game, but it is a lot of work after we had a meal. Another thing is that we can play Jenga in our free time indoor so it is inconvenient if it is too big. And if you think the standard Jenga size is too small, I have an alternative that you might find interesting. I own one of these, and it is super great while the size is also in between. Every piece comes in a bag for easy storage which makes it portable as well. Let’s see if you like this one as I do.

9. Limbo

When there is music at the party, you cannot forget limbo. Let’s be honest, limbo is one of the best barbecue party games, especially when you’re a little tipsy. Dancing to the music while walking lower and lower under the bar is part of the fun at the parties. You don’t have to have a bar, a normal rope will also do the trick. Everyone gets their turns to play, and the ones that can pass the lowest level will win. Maybe your guests love limbo dancing, so don’t forget to note it down to your list of party games.

10. Pong Golf

Having a barbecue party with your golf buddies? Then pong golf is one of the games that you have to challenge them. If you already know how to play golf, you can easily understand the rules right away. However, you either need to build or buy the boards for the game. The game is ideal for both individuals and teams, depending on how many boards you have. Each player has to hit the golf ball into the hole which is a built-in beer cup. You can score by using the standard beer pong rules or golf scoring, either of which is great. This game is rather challenging than relaxing but it still involves your interest in golf. And if you look for the equipment for golf pong, you might want to check this out.

How To Play Pong Golf

11. Rapid Fire

Don’t through away the empty cans just yet because you can have so much fun with them by playing rapid-fire. What you need to play this game are empty cans and some rubber bands. Players must stand at a distance and try to shoot the empty cans using the rubber bands. The cans have to be stacked on top of each other, and the number of cans depends on your preference. It can be 6 cans in a form of a small pyramid or it can be more for extra challenges. This game is also fast and fun, and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor which is very nice.

How To Play Rapid Fire

12. Toilet Paper Roll Game

Has been going viral on Tik Tok for a while now, toilet paper roll is definitely a fun game to play. It is one of the best barbecue party games or family games that everyone can enjoy playing. The exciting part about this game is that there are rewards, and people love rewards whether big or small. As a host, you can range the reward from a dollar to a bottle of wine or other things you prefer. To play this game, you need a toilet paper roll and a glass filled with water. A player must roll the toilet paper at their own pace with the glass on top of it. When the toilet paper breaks, it gets heavy or wet, and the reward is the object next to it. Everyone will definitely love this game because there are both challenges and rewards for them.

How To Play Toilet Paper Roll Game

13. UNO

Card games are one of the best barbecue party games, and everyone can sit down and have fun after the meal. Those who used to play UNO know so well that the game is enjoyable and depressing at the same time. The players with all the good cards are happy while the ones who keep drawing cards are angry and sad. But at the end of the day, everyone gets to win in card games because their luck will eventually come. I play UNO with my friends all the time, and we even create some rules of our own. You can play either big or small groups, and you can get two decks for more challenges with multiple players. It is not complicated to learn, and you can give them the prize and punishments after each game also. If you want to buy one, here is my recommendation:


We all love barbecue parties, this outdoor fun is great for all types of gatherings that you have. On top of food, having some of the best barbecue party games will make the party even more enjoyable. The games that I suggest above have a big variety that you can choose from. Some are great for both indoor and outdoor, and others are ideal for people of different ages. The most important things that I focus on are the convenience and fun for both the host and guests. I only recommend the games that are easy to play without too much equipment needed. And if you notice, none of them requires difficult or time-consuming cleanup. I hope that at least one of the barbecue party games above has what you look for.

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