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How To Get Rid Of Moles In The Yard Fast

The problem with animals that dig is that they cause damages to the garden, lawn, or yard. Moles are amazing diggers, and this is why we want to share some tips so that you can get rid of them. If they decide to reside within your property, they will also damage your grass and plants. There are several ways on how to get rid of moles in the yard fast and effectively. Let’s see which method that you will use to claim your yard back.

Method 1: Castor Oil

The thing about castor oil is that it makes the soil smells bad for moles which are uncomfortable for them. This multipurpose vegetable oil does not kill moles, but it makes your yard less appealing to live in. As a repellent, castor oil also comes in a form of granular or liquid that you can choose from. There are instructions that you can easily follow, and this method is also very easy to use. Make sure to pick the ones that are safe for children and pets so that it only affects the moles. Another easier method is by using a quart of castor oil and a sprayer attached to your garden hose. You can treat up to 5,000 square feet of the lawn or yard, and the moles will leave in no time.

Method 2: Coffee Ground

The scent from coffee grounds is annoying to the moles just as much as the damages they did to you. Scatter brewed or fresh coffee grounds over the tunnels that the moles dug, and do it daily.  Maybe they will try to move the coffee grounds away so make sure to do this every day. This counterattack works so well because moles will eventually leave your lawn or yard alone. When there are no more signs of them, keep scattering the coffee grounds weekly, then every two weeks. This is to keep them from returning to the burrows in your yard. It can take some time, but it is a good strategy to deal with one or two moles in the yard.

Method 3: Food Elimination

One of the reasons that attract moles to your lawn or yard because of the food source availability. To get rid of the moles, you will have to get rid of their meals from your land first. Moles feed on garden insects like crickets, earthworms, and grubs, and there are some easy ways to remove them. Look for natural and safe insecticides that you can apply or spray on your lawn or yard. The insecticide will eliminate those grubs without harming the plants and the moles. Once there is nothing else to feed on, the pestering moles will vacate your property in no time.

Method 4: Mole Repellent

When you identify your problem fast, you will also be able to take action on time. Mole repellents work best when moles just begin to dig holes in your lawn or yard. There are many types of mole repellents that you find on the internet or in your local store. Even easier, you can also make your own mole repellent using ingredients from your kitchen as well. This method is humane, non-toxic, and safe while working effectively in keeping moles from wanting to live in your yard. One thing that you have to know is that you will have to apply your mole repellents regularly. This is to make sure that you chase them out and prevent them from coming back.

Method 5: Plants

While being plant destroyers, there are certain flowers and plants that moles don’t like or hate. This method is more like a precaution when you are aware of mole infestation around or in the neighborhood. To prevent moles from choosing your garden or yard, plant flowers or plants with strong smells on your property. Moles dislike plants like daffodils, marigolds, and other plants from the allium family. Simply plant them around the edges of the garden, and the flowers will form a natural barrier for your yard. You can also plant them in pots so that you can easily move them around when there are signs of moles. I like this method because it is beautiful and effective. After all, moles certainly hate these plants so it definitely works.

Method 6: Sonic Spikes

The modern way to get rid of moles fast is by using sonic spikes in your lawn or yard. What these spikes do is that they emit low-frequency pulses every 30 seconds that penetrate through the soil. Sonic spikes act like a barrier that discourages the moles from entering your property. The sounds and vibrations that these spikes releases are sensitive to moles and other burrowing varmints. It is easy to install and solar-powered, and its effectiveness show within 2 to 4 weeks. Most sonic spikes are durable and waterproof, and they are safe for humans and pets. Many people are happy with the results that these spikes deliver, and maybe you will too.

Method 7: The Final Straw

There are persistent moles out there that resist all of the peaceful methods that we recommend above. Then the only way to deal with these invaders is to hire professionals to do the job for you. You can trust that the professional can get rid of moles in the yard fast for you. They will study the damages to your property, then they will choose the best solutions to remove moles. There are many professional companies that you can contact, but I want to recommend Smith’s Pest Management. They have years of experience, and they even have an annual control program in case the moles come back. This final straw method is going to work, and you no longer have to worry about the mole problems anymore.

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