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How To Get Rid Of Mushrooms In The Yard

I used to think that there is nothing wrong with mushrooms in the lawn or the yard, that was wrong. When mushrooms start to appear on the lawn, their presence can cause potential problems with the grass. Lawn or yard mushrooms are not problematic but some can be poisonous or stinky, so they are not pleasant to have. People also hate them because they just look bad on the lawn or yard, and here are the solutions. Below are some useful tips on how to get rid of mushrooms in the yard or lawn.

Method 1: Aerate The Areas

Aerating the soil helps to improve airflow and water penetration for the lawn or yard. This also means the soil will dry quicker and the grass will absorb the water better. When there are no damp or wet areas on the lawn, the mushrooms will be unlikely to grow also. In fact, aerate your soil is one of the basic things that you should do to keep your lawn or yard healthy. Your grass needs proper air and ventilation for healthy growth, so it is only the right thing to do.

Method 2: Apply Nitrogen-Rich Fertilizer

Spreading nitrogen-rich fertilizer will speed up the decay process of the carbon-rich organic matter in the soil. Simply put, it helps to slow down or even prevent the growth of fungi in your lawn or yard. Even more interesting, this type of fertilizer can discourage critters from harming your plants also. That is because the ingredients to create them are blood meal, dried blood, feathers, urine, and other nitrogen-rich materials. Remember to not overuse it because too much nitrogen in the soil can lead to other problems later.

Method 3: Clear Things Up

Maybe there are too many decaying organic materials because they encourage mushrooms to grow in the lawn or yard. Solve these problems by de-thatching the lawn, raking your grass clippings, or replacing old munch to reduce decaying organic materials. At the same time, make sure to cut or trim your grass regularly so create a less favorable environment for mushrooms. When there are clean-cut grasses on the lawn, the appearance of mushrooms will not be in your sight anymore.

Method 4: Eliminate The Shade

Mushrooms tend to grow in dark or shady areas where there is access to a lot of organic debris. Organic debris or waste are the things that aid their growth, and you have to eliminate those immediately. Prune or thin surrounding trees so that there is more sunlight on your lawns or yards. The more sunlight shining on your space, the less likely the mushrooms will grow. It is also a good thing to do after you remove them because brighter areas are inhospitable for them.

Method 5: Dig / Pull Them Out

One of the easiest ways to get rid of mushrooms on sight is by digging or pulling them out. When doing this, you have to make sure that you get everything out. If you only pluck off the head, it doesn’t help a thing and you only waste that little energy you used. Pull the mushrooms along with their tiny roots to ensure that they will not regrow in that area again. Then put them in a plastic bag immediately to prevent their spores from dispersing onto the ground. You have to be careful and fast because mushroom spores can spread which leads to more mushrooms in the yard. Make sure to tightly close or tie the plastic bag and throw it away in the trash bin. Spray a few drops of dish detergent with water on the area to discourage them from regrowing.

Method 6: Home Remedies

Depending on the lawn or yard, different types of mushrooms grow. Then you will have to have more than one home remedies to deal with them. The most common items that can get rid of mushrooms are baking soda, lime, soapy water, and vinegar. I wouldn’t put high hopes on fungicides out there because they don’t always work. Even if they do, their effects don’t last long enough which means your trip to Home Depot will be more frequent.

Method 7: Water Less

Sometimes mushrooms grow because there is a lot of moisture which is a favorable condition for them. If the lawn or yard is too wet, reduce the moisture by watering less. Normally, there are certain parts in the yard that you tend to water too long than the others. Those will be the areas that you are going to reduce watering because it helps to decrease the mushroom population. Another thing to have in mind is that you should water shady areas less because it takes longer to dry. If that is the case, it will become damp and the mushrooms will start growing. The best time to water your lawn or yard is in the morning, and the worst time is at night. This is because the grass can absorb the water it needs before the sun helps to dry things out.

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