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How To Get Rid Of Ticks In The Yard

We all agree that ticks are among the unwanted pests, and they must be eliminated no matter where they are. These disease-transmitting insects can be anywhere, and your yard is the last place that you want to see them. The good thing is that many people know how to get rid of ticks in the yard. Thankfully, they are so kind to share their experience with us so that we can spread the solutions further. So if you spot ticks in your lawn or yard, here are some effective methods to get rid of them.

Technique 1: Build Fences

Why? Sometimes certain hosts like deer, raccoons, or stray dogs may enter your property and drop some ticks on your yard. This should be one of the first things to come to mind when suddenly there are ticks in your yard. Or it could be the reasons why you try so hard to get rid of ticks have been to no avail. If that is the case, build a fence to prevent those animals from coming near or entering your space. When the hosts are unable to come in, your effort will start to show results. And you will be able to successfully get rid of ticks in your yard.

Technique 2: Daily & Regular Maintenance

Insects show huge interest in areas with litter or weed because places like those are favorable for them to hide. To get rid of ticks in the yard, you have to eliminate conditions that are pleasant for them. Remove leaf litter from the trees and other leftovers after you mow your lawn. On top of that, trim brushes, low-hanging trees, and tall grasses in the yard and around the edge of the lawns. If there are weeds, get rid of those too because ticks may choose to live by one of those. By remove dense shade, there will be sunlight to keep the areas beneath them dry which is hostile for ticks. Once your lawn or yard is clean and tidy, no pests will dare to show themselves up.

Technique 3: Mow Your Grass

Most ticks don’t like being exposed to dry and hot environments, so they hide in tall grass with cooler temperatures. This is why you have to regularly mow the grass on your lawn or yard to remove their shelter. At the same time, it is not uncommon to keep your grass neat and short. A tidy lawn or yard looks beautiful, and it is also free from other animals or insects too. The trick is to not mow your grass too short because it will grow back faster and taller. Keeping your grass at a height of 5 to 6 inches will do, then trim it down to about 3 inches with each cut. It effectively promotes healthy growth for the grass while keeping the ticks and other pests out.

Technique 4: Pesticides

According to CDC, pesticides can reduce the number of ticks in your lawn or yard effectively. Try to find suitable options that are non-toxic to humans and pets so that they are safer to use. At the same time, check for the best time to apply pesticides in your areas along with their rules and regulations. This method is a good way to control the tick population in your yard before it leads to an infestation. Pesticides work, but they may also affect the growth and quality of your grass or land. Make sure to choose the best pesticides that are less harmful so that they won’t lead to other possible problems.

Technique 5: Plants

Fortunately, there are many plants that work wonders in keeping ticks from your yard. Simply put, they contain certain chemical substances or scents that ticks avoid. It is a natural repellent that doubles as an adornment to your lawn or yard. We already mentioned this in our previous segment on plants that ticks hate and other tick repellents.

Technique 6: Spray

Another fast method to get rid of ticks in the yard is by using sprays. Some sprays have long-lasting effects that remain for up 12 weeks or longer. In case you are busy, this can be your temporary solution to control the population of ticks on your property. The good thing is that there are many natural and organic tick spray options that you can find. They can kill ticks on the spot without posing any harm or threat to your kids or pets at all. Look for those if you think the number of ticks is still manageable.

Technique 7: Tick Tubes

Tick tube is a very simple product that can kill ticks while being safe for children and dogs once dry. In fact, tick tubes are one of the best ways to kill ticks because they are very effective and harmless. Similar to building a fence, tick tubes work by targeting the hosts of the ticks. You can build a fence to keep deer or stray animals out, how about rodents? These critters can climb and jump, and they are also active sources of ticks. This is why tick tubes are the solution to get rid of ticks from them. You can either purchase or make your own tick tubes at home with some easy steps.

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