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How To Get Rid Of Voles In The Yard

Trying to grow a healthy garden is not easy, especially when critters keep interfering with the progress. In some areas, voles are the main enemies of the gardens, lawns, or yards. These rodents feed on a vegetarian diet like blades and stems of lawn grass or other plants they can find. Many people have asked me about how to get rid of voles in the yard fast, and I have just the thing. The list below contains 5 easy and simple ways to get rid of voles from your lawn or yard.

Approach #1: Build A Fence

Fortunately, voles are bad climbers so a fence is a great barrier to keep them out of your vegetable garden. An affordable way to build a fence is to use chicken wire or mesh fences that are bite-resistant. Install it to a height of at least 12 inches, and make sure to pick the fence with the smallest mesh possible. Along with that, bury the fence at the depth of 6 to 10 inches deep because voles are diggers. Even if they cannot climb the fence, they will find another way to access your vegetable. At the end of the day, a good barrier can always prevent voles from entering your plants and vegetables. It is effective and fast, and you see the results right away.

Approach #2: Create A Clean Space

One of the things that attract voles is the dense and heavy vegetative cover in your lawn or yard. This is why you have to remove meadows, thick grass, and weeds from your yard. These are the things that provide nesting materials and protection to voles from predators. Without those items, these critters will find somewhere else to call home instead of your yard. It will be a lot of work at first to cut back the brush, mow the lawn, and remove the weed. Just make sure to do it once a week or as regularly as possible, you won’t have to worry about vole problems anymore.

Approach #3: Home Remedies

I often prefer to start with home remedies because they are easy to find and make. More than that, many home remedies work fast also which is why it is one of the first things to try. If there are burrows, I recommend spraying or sprinkling ammonia, cayenne powder, garlic, or onion around and into their holes. You can mix one of the ingredients with soapy water in a spray bottle for a long-lasting effect. These home remedies are good options to consider because voles hate those things, and those items irritate them so much. If you look for an affordable way to get rid of voles in the yard, this could be the one.

Approach #4: Raised-Bed Gardens

As I said, voles are not good climbers so anything with height is a great method to deal with them. Raised-bed gardens are one of the effective ways to protect your plants and vegetables from voles and other critters. Because these gardens are above the ground, it is already a challenge for them to access. To make things even more secure, you can also add some net on top of the plants for additional protection. When they cannot get food from the garden or yard, they will go away eventually. Some ready-made raised-bed gardens are as follow:

Approach #5: Repellents

Using repellents is a good method to get rid of voles that visit your yard from time to time. Maybe there are certain attractions like possible food or materials that they are interested in. To prevent them from visiting your lawn or yard, use repellents to keep them out. There are many vole repellents that you can find online, and you can also make one too. Most gardeners recommend coyote or fox urine, and you can even use your urine in the yard. It probably smells, but hey, it works after all. Here are our top-pick repellents you might be interested in.

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