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How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost?

Nothing compliments a backyard or front yard better than a beautiful garden or lawn. The thing is that beauty comes with a cost, and that is the amount of time that you will have to spend on maintenance. On top of that, you will also have to know and learn plenty of things to keep your garden beautiful. That is when you need help from expert gardeners or landscapers, and TruGreen is among the best. We are going to discuss some details of TruGreen today, so let’s check out everything below.

What Is TruGreen?

Popular across the country, TruGreen is a very reliable lawn care company whose services you can find in every state, except for Alaska. This company offers professional lawn care plans with quality that you can trust. The varieties of plans available allow you to pick the best options that are suitable for your lawn and preferences.

There are many reasons to take TruGreen into consideration because of the performance and services that they provide. Natural fertilizer and weed control are available if you prefer all-natural products for your lawn and plants. Even better, the company also provides pest control services to get rid of grubs, mosquitos, and other outdoor insects as well. Plus with the mobile app and online chat to ensure user-friendly customer service, things are so convenient for you.

How Much Does TruGreen Cost?

One of the main factors that make TruGreen very popular is the affordable price that it provides. Many people worried that good services may be costly to pay for, but things are not like that. If you wonder how much does TruGreen cost, this part is going to answer your question. Normally, the prices that TruGreen cost can range from $650 to $1,500 for an annual plan which is absolutely reasonable.

The price also changes depending on the extra services that you add to the package that you choose. It is pretty simple, and we are going to discuss the details of that in the next segment below.

What Services Does TruGreen Provide?

As one of the best lawn care companies, TruGreen has 5 different pre-set plans with different services. This is to ensure that there is something for every lawn and property need so that things are convenient for you. Each service is beneficial in its own way, and the decision is all yours to make.


This is a basic service that provides all the regular maintenance for your lawn or property. It includes fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, soil test, and targeted herbicide application. As the cheapest package, it is also among the most popular TruGreen services. Low cost while offering all the basics, this plan is ideal for regular lawns and properties out there.

Estimation Cost For 5,000 Square Feet Yard: $403


We all care about our lawns and properties, and this is why the products for maintenance are important. This plan has the fewest services, but all the products used for your lawn are all natural. TruGreen provides only fertilization and soil test services in this plan, and the cost is quite high. It is acceptable because all-natural products are expensive; hence, the price. So if you prefer all-natural products for your lawn, the plan is also quite pricey as well.

Estimation Cost For 5,000 Square Feet Yard: $698


The special thing about TruComplete plan is that it includes all the necessary maintenance services for your lawns and properties. Those are aeration, fertilization, grub control, pre-emergent weed, seeding, soil test, and targeted herbicide application. These are all the crucial care routines that your lawn and plants need for healthy growth. It could be a little expensive, but the plan provides everything to ensure the best for your properties.

Estimation Cost For 5,000 Square Feet Yard: $744


By the name, you can already tell that this plan is exclusively for lawns with grub problems. This is the plan that you should go for when there are invasions from grubs that will turn into beetles. That way, you will have fewer worries about these pests digging into the soil and eating the grass roots. TruHealth has all the same services as TruMaintenance, plus grub control. The price is not too much different, and you can trust that your lawn will be healthy.

Estimation Cost For 5,000 Square Feet Yard: $475


As for TruSignature, it is the most expensive plan that consists of all the services useful. You will get aeration, fertilization, grub control, pre-emergent weed, seeding, soil test, and targeted herbicide application along with shrub and tree care. This plan is ideal for large lawns or yards with many plants that require proper care. While the price is high, at least you can trust that every single thing on the property is healthy and thriving.

Estimation Cost For 5,000 Square Feet Yard: $1,208

Additional Services

Along with the plans, there are also a la carte service options that you can select as one-off services. In case you want to add some more maintenance, a quick list below will be helpful for you. I also include the estimated price service for a standard 5,000 square-foot property, so check them out.

  • Soil Amendments: $70
  • Tree & Shrub Maintenance: $70 per service
  • Fertilization: $75 per application
  • Weed Treatment: $75 per treatment
  • Dedicated Mosquito Defense: $80 per application
  • Grub Control & Prevention: $100
  • Termite Prevention: $110 per treatment
  • Pest Control Services: $110 per treatment
  • Core Aeration & Overseeding: $270

Package Plan Service & Additional Service Details

All the plans and services that TruGreen offers are very helpful for your gardens and lawns. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the details of each service below and see if they are what you need. Some of the most common services from TruGreen are:


Lawn aeration is an important process that helps improve the oxygen flow and water between the atmosphere and soil. TruGreen does it by using a natural aeration process that improves the health of the lawn. The best part is that there is no use of harsh chemicals at all which is a total plus.


Everybody knows how important fertilization is for lawns and plants, and this is among the most needed services. TruGreen uses slow-release fertilizers that offer your grass with the nutrients that it needs to grow and thrive. So even if it gets cold or hot when different seasons approach, your lawn is still beautiful and healthy.

Flea & Tick Control

Among many pests that may reside on your lawn, fleas and ticks are one of the most annoying. They do not only cause discomfort to you but also to your pets, and you should take action immediately. The flea and tick control service that TruGreen provides keeps your lawn flea-free and tick-free throughout the year. This service is worth considering for it is very beneficial, and you will only need it once a year.

Grub Control & Prevention

Grubs are not harmful, but they will be once they grow into beetles that will feed on your plants and their roots. They are one of the most annoying pests that are hard to deal with. Even worse, they can come back year after year which is quite a nuisance. The good thing is that TruGreen also offers a service that can keep these pests from your properties. With the grub control and prevention plan, grubs won’t be an issue for you to be concerned about anymore.

Mosquito Control & Prevention

Nobody likes mosquitos, and this is just another awesome service that TruGreen offers. The service does not only control the population of mosquito but also prevent them from coming back. Simply put, this service eliminates the existence of mosquitos from your properties.


For those whose lawns are patchy or uneven, this is the service that you need for your properties. You must not let your lawn experience patchiness because it makes the lawn vulnerable to diseases, pests, and weeds. The process of overseeding simply fills in patches and leaves your lawn with lush green grass. It is a one-time service that you will need every now and then to ensure healthy lawns.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Before weeds start to appear and spread, it is better to prevent them because it is more cost-efficient and time-saving. TruGreen uses preventative emergent weed control applications that kill weeds before they can germinate and damage your lawn. It is a very effective method, and you won’t have to worry about weeds bothering your lawn and plants at all.

Shrub & Tree Service

Lawn care service is good but TruGreen also offers maintenance for your shrubs and trees as well. This is to ensure that the lawn and everything on it is healthy, and they look good together. You should definitely consider this service if you also have shrubs and trees on your lawn. Once everything thrives, your lawn and property will look amazing as well.

Soil Amendment Service

Many lawns need soil amendment because it keeps the soil’s pH level balanced. When your soil is healthy, the plants that you grow on it are also healthy. At the same time, it also promotes grass growth which makes your lawn look attractive and lush green as well.

Targeted Weed Control

And if things get too late because weeds are already causing a problem, then this is the service that you will need. The corrective weed control services that TruGreen provides kill all the weeds that are thriving on your lawn. That way, your plants will be able to grow beautifully without being harmed by the weeds at all.

How Much Does TruGreen Actually Cost?

Several factors can affect the total price that you pay when you choose services from TruGreen. The basic package usually provides regular lawn maintenance services to keep your lawn neat. Should you need more services to accommodate the appearance of your garden or lawn, you will need to pay more. The more additional services you add, the more the service will cost. Simple as that.

Factors That Influence Prices

Apart from additional services, there are a few other things that also change the price of your lawn maintenance. Knowing these allows you to be able to expect and manage your expenses well so that you don’t overspend. Some of the most common factors that increase TruGreen cost rates are all below so check them out.

Initial Lawn Health

The health of your lawn plays a part in increasing the price of the plan that you choose. If your lawn is already healthy, so it is green and thick enough which means you won’t need extra care. However, things are different when your lawn is damaged or unhealthy. That is because there will be other activities needed to be done to bring it back to a healthy state. You will only need to pay extra once or twice, and you won’t have to do it again. Just make sure that your lawn remains healthy after the treatment, then you are good to go.

Landscaping Features

Not all landscapes and lawns are the same, and the different conditions or features also affect the price. Some landscaping features can make treatment more challenging, and that will increase the price of the services. When that is the case, your landscapers will inform you about it so that are aware of the additional costs.

Lawn Size

The size of your property is another important cost factor that you have to have in mind. For a property that is 5,000 square feet, the cost is standard so it still aligns with the cost mentioned above. If your property is larger or with multiple acres to treat, then TruGreen cost rates will increase. Mainly, because the labor will take longer and more materials will be needed so the services will cost more.


As for the location, it affects the pricing just a little bit depending on where you are. Things are pretty simple, the cost will be extra if you live far from the nearest TruGreen location. The company may add a nominal travel fee to your total. However, the good thing is that TruGreen has a broad coverage area so this is not the main factor to worry about.


Why should I choose TruGreen?

While there are so many good lawn care companies, you also have so many reasons to prioritize TruGreen. The reputation that this company has already shows a lot of promises that you can trust. However, there are 3 main reasons why TruGreen is the best option for you:

Custom Lawn Analysis

The special thing about this company is that they know what your lawn needs. So they will narrow down the issues that your lawn is facing to ensure the most suitable solutions possible. That way, the services that they provide simply prevent the problems that your lawn is having.

Healthy Lawn Guarantees

You have probably come across lawn care service providers that are not responsible for their tasks enough. This is not the problem that you will have with TruGreen. In case you are not happy with the results, TruGreen’s Healthy Lawn Guarantee will cover that. The company will send technicians to correct your lawns as many times as needed to provide the results you expect. Not every lawn care company out there offers that, and this is why TruGreen is among the best.


Good services are important, but you will also need the right people to do the jobs as well. TruGreen only works with professional and trained lawn care service providers to provide the best performance for their customers. When they know what they are doing, their work is also reliable which is exactly what TruGreen offers.

Another important thing about professionalism is that accidental damage to the lawn is zero. To maintain a healthy lawn is not just about frequent mowing and watering. Only the professionals know what your lawn needs, and TruGreen has the professionals who know what to provide. Professional technicians mean healthy and lush lawn, the kind of results that every lawn owner want to see.

How can I get a quote for my yard from TruGreen?

The easiest way to know about the updated TruGreen prices in 2022 is to go to their website. You can request quotes that are specifically made for your lawn or yard. Let them know what services that you would like to have, and what additional services that you would like to add. Then, fill in some personal details such as your location and phone number, and the representative will contact you for further discussions.

What seasonal shrub and tree services that TruGreen provides?

The services that TruGreen provides for your shrubs and trees are twice a year which is during spring and fall. What they include is fertilization along with bark and foliar protection services to prevent diseases and insects. The company also offers winter protection treatments for your plants if you leave in colder climates.

What is TruGreen Mosquito Defense?

Many people wonder why a lawn care company also provides this service. The thing is that these pesky insects come from the perimeter of your home. TruGreen Mosquito Defense is a solution to get rid of the mosquito problems in your backyard. With a professional mosquito repellent, TruGreen is able to handle the issues within 24 hours for you. It is efficient and fast, and this is why you should definitely consider this company when it comes to mosquito problems.

Final Verdict

The last question is TruGreen worth the money? And the answer is absolutely yes, the company’s technicians aka TruExperts are experienced and highly trained. You can trust that they provide the best care for your lawn and properties, keeping everything healthy. While being a little pricey, the plans and services are worthwhile so you will not regret the investment with them. Not to mention the high-quality products and incredible performance, TruGreen will not let you down.

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