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How Often Should I Water My Garden?

I used to think that watering my garden every day was a good idea, but things don’t work like that. It is basic gardening knowledge to know how often you should water your garden. Because the temperatures are different in each season, the routines of watering your garden also change. I am going to share some tips on how and when to water your garden to ensure the best growth. There are only a few things to learn, so let’s take a look.

Watering Tip #1

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This is the answer to your question on how often should you water your garden, and it is not every day. If it is a flower garden, watering it once or twice a week is sufficient for the flowers to grow. However, this does not apply to a vegetable garden because veggies need more water for healthy growth. You should water your vegetable garden once a day, or twice a day during the summer months. Also, larger plants need more water than smaller ones so make sure to water your plants accordingly. The goal is to provide enough water for the roots to remain healthy and strong. Remember to water at the base of the plants not on the leaves, according to Chicago Tribune.

Watering Tip #2

The best time to water your plants is either early in the morning or late in the evening. It is better to water the base of your plants in the morning because there is less exposure to the sun. This will lower the chance of evaporation while increasing the chance of water absorption for the plants. Another benefit is that your plants will not stay damp because the water will start to evaporate after sunrise.

Watering Tip #3

Avoid overwatering and underwatering your garden because it can cause problems to the soil. Plan your watering schedule in accordance with the soil type, time of the year, and the weather. This also means the amount of water that you give your plants is different based on those 3 main factors. One of the important things to know is that your plants will need more water during dry spells and heatwaves. Plants with shallow root systems like perennials and vegetables often require daily watering, especially in warmer climates. Also, certain plants like watermelon require a large amount of water at certain times of the year. The key is to study the types of plants that you have in your gardens to provide what they need. This is the only way to ensure the proper amount of water to help them grow healthily and properly.

Watering Tip #4

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Watering your plants too often can lead to disease and pest development such as root rot and fungus gnats. These two problems affect the growth of the plants or can even kill them without immediate solutions or treatments. You know you overwater your plants when there are puddles that start to form around the plants or on the soil. Stop watering your plants and reduce the amount of water next time you water your plants.

Watering Tip #5

You can tell that your garden needs water with a very easy and simple trick. Simply place your finger on or into the soil, and you will know what to do. If it is dry, you will need to water it. But if the soil is damp, then your garden has enough water so you don’t need to do anything. Or another obvious way to tell that your plants need water is when you see that it begins to wilt. Water the base until the soil feels damp, and let it absorb the moisture. Once they are hydrated, most plants will bounce back quickly. It is not good to leave your plants to the point that they wilt, so make sure to avoid that.

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