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Full Guide on How To Make A Picture Frame (DIY & Non-DIY)

One of the best ways to decorate your home and other space in the house is by putting up picture frames. There are so many photos that you can display on the wall, and you need the right frames for them. The good thing is that you won’t have to buy so many picture frames at all. Knowing how to make a picture frame will save you a lot of costs, and the final results are unique too. Below are some of the most common picture frames and how to make them.

Method #1: Deep-Set Frame

The combination of a deep frame and a thick mat simply draws the attention and eye inward toward the image. This almost creates the 3D effects, making the picture stand out beautifully with style for you. A deep-set frame aka shadowbox frame is more ideal for displaying the landscape and travel photos that you like. Another thing about this type of frame is that it is usually on the mantle or shelf instead of the wall. In case you have visitors often, it is also easy for you to swap the frames and photos as well.

How To Make A Deep-Set Frame

To make things easy to understand, a shadow box is a frame box that is a few inches deeper. The key is to build the depth of the frame by adding more materials behind the existing frame. The size of the additional frame could be the same or smaller than the existing frame, depending on your preferences. This video is going to show how to easily make your own deep-set frame so take a look.

Method #2: Floating Picture Frame

When it comes to the best picture frame, a floating picture frame belongs to the list. The way it displays the artwork is making it appears to float within the frame without being pressed behind the glass. It looks amazing, and it simply makes the picture or photo effortlessly stand out on the wall. This type of frame is perfect when you want to display your most favorite photo. It delivers both the accent and style, and it attracts all the attention to the image.

How To Make A Floating Picture Frame

This type of frame is among the easiest DIY frames that you can do at home. However, it will take you some time to build it if you want the frame to be large. The video below will show you how to make your own DIY floating picture frame, so take a look.

Method #3: Gallery Frame

If you have been to a museum, you are probably familiar with this type of picture frame. A gallery frame makes a perfect choice for your favorite photos or prints. It is very classy and elegant, and it looks great in a number of home designs out there. You can display it as a collection of 4 or more together to create a unique look. The best part is that you can mix and match the frame finishes just the way you like which is amazing.

How To Make A Gallery Frame

For this project, you will need a mat in order to create an elevated frame-in-frame effect. Then you will need hardwood material to create the frame, and you can paint the frame with your color of choice later. The last step is to add the UV-protection acrylic plexiglass on top of the photo in the frame. As for the frame size, it depends on you to decide based on the amount of free space you have. Or, if you want things to be easier, you can try following the tips below.

Method #4: Modern Frame

The name says it all; this type of picture frame brings a modern and sophisticated vibe to your wall. Thanks to its thin profile, a modern frame will not look bulky at all. This is why it creates a minimalist look while complementing your gallery at the same time. And if you have minimalist décor themes, this type of photo frame will surely add a modern appeal to it. Normally, a modern frame is displayed by pairing two large frames together.

How To Make A Modern Frame

Because a modern frame is thin and sophisticated, the best material to make one is pine. Cut the wood for the frame at the size of your preference, then glue them together. The process of adding the artwork into the frame of this style is by using a pointer gun to hold it in place. Then you can just hang the artwork inside your modern frame right away.

Method #5: Tabletop Frame

Probably the most common type of photo frame, tabletop frames stay on your tabletop. It displays your favorite photo of family or friends and many more. This type of frame is compact and nice, and it usually comes with a detachable metal stand. You won’t need to make this picture frame because it is available in many designs and looks for you to choose from. In case you want to spice things up, you can always paint them in a different color.

Bonus: Glass Frames For Pressed Flowers

It is only right to have glass frames for pressed flowers because they look absolutely gorgeous. Pressed flower crafts are one of the best types of crafts that you should try at least once. The best part about this type is that you can easily choose and find flowers from pretty much anywhere. Then you can put them together and create many very natural glass frames for your home.

How To Make Glass Frames For Pressed Flowers

The first things that you will need are dried flowers that you can dry by placing them inside heavy books for two weeks. There are also already pressed flowers that you can buy, which is even more convenient and fast. Get some glue and some floating frames.

Open up your frame, and place your flowers one by one onto one sheet of glass. Arrange the flowers just the way you like, and glue them onto the glass. After that, place the second piece of the glass frame on top of the flowers and you are ready. The video below can give you some more details and guides, so take a look.

7 Picture Frame Material Types

When selecting a picture frame, material type is one of the things that you should have in mind. Different types of materials look different on your display, so make sure to choose the right ones. To make things easier, below are the most commonphoto frame types that you should know about. Let’s see which one is the best type for your décor.


I am sure that you haven’t heard much of a ceramic photo frame, but this type is still around. The interesting thing about ceramic photo frames is that they come with classic and traditional designs. That is because many of them feature a design from books or films that kids love. This type of frame is often used in babies’ bedrooms or kids’ bedrooms, or very traditional houses. Some come with unique designs, and you can always paint them to change the colors and styles. Not the most durable type, though; it will break or chip if you drop it.


For those who want things to be fancy, maybe crystal photo frames are what you are looking for. It can be very expensive, but it complements your images and the entire room with style. No matter where you display it, the frame will sparkle beautifully when the light hits it. This material is both classy and elegant, and it also makes an amazing gift as well. It is quite fragile, but its appearance is totally worth having in the room.


Nothing screams class and elegance louder than glass photo frames. They are very bright and sleek, and they look extremely sophisticated when it comes to displaying your photos. At the same time, glass frames are also perfect for minimalist interiors due to their clear design. It does not look crowded, and it is also very unique since not a lot of people use it. That links to the drawback of this material, it is fragile. If you knock it over or if you drop it, it can break or chip easily. So make sure to hang your glass frames high up so that they stay in place nicely and safely.


Looks amazing in a rustic or vintage theme, leather is a very unique photo frame material that you might like. It is very unique, and it matches perfectly in a dark room full of antique furniture or items. You will find many designs of leather photo frames that will fit in your room or home. Same with suede photo frames, they give the same vibes that create a classy and soft look for your home. And if you don’t want animal products, you can always go for the alternatives like faux leather.


If we talk about durability, a metal picture frame is definitely the winner. It does not break or crack, and it is super sturdy while being lightweight at the same time. Along with durability, metal frames are quite stylish these days with all the color choices that they come with. You can choose from the glossy ones and the shiny ones to the matte ones, and they all look amazing.


In case you want to go for something more lightweight, then choose plastic photo frames. The great thing about them is that they are inexpensive, and they are actually very durable. That way, you won’t have to worry about them breaking when they fall at all. More than that, most plastic frames come with other colors or designs that resemble other materials like metal or wood. So if you want to save costs, this is the material that you might want to go for.


Traditionally, photo frames are made from wood and they complement a number of home settings. The natural materials blend beautifully with most interiors, and there are so many designs available. Even better, there are also many shapes and sizes that you can select, which is a total plus. Most wooden frames come at a reasonable price, and you can always paint them if you want to change the colors. You can use a wooden frame for years, and its quality remains the same for you, which is amazing.

Best Picture Frame Glass Replacement

It is inevitable for frame glass to break or crack; that time is bound to happen eventually. Should that happen, there are some of the best picture frame glass replacement options that you might want to consider. I searched and picked just the best replacements whose quality will last for years, so take a look.

#3. Clear Transparent Acrylic Sheet Plexiglass Panel

By: Fireboomoon

Made from high-quality acrylic material, this acrylic sheet makes a great replacement for your broken glass. It is not only durable but also lightweight, smooth, and sturdy. I understand that it is not as heavy or rugged as real glass, but its clarity is just the same as glass. Each sheet comes with great quality that you can trust, and there are 10 sheets in a set. Affordable price with high quality, what do you think?

#2. High-Definition Glass Sheet

By: Langdon House

The special thing about high-definition picture glass frame replacements is that they are super great to have. They deliver incredible clarity that allows you to see the photo clearly with zero worry about damage, dust, or moisture. This one comes in a set of 3 sheets, and there are 3 different size options available. Plus, with a great price, this could be among the best picture frame glass replacements that you look for.

#1. Semi-Tempered Glass Cover Sheet

By: Icona

If you buy a replacement, make sure that the quality is durable and reliable so that it won’t break again. This is why we have this awesome picture glass replacement here. It is scratch-free and shatter-free, and you won’t have to worry about glass cracking in the frame at all. At the same time, it provides a crystal clear display for your photos while protecting them from dust and moisture. It is lighter yet stronger, and it comes at a very inexpensive price. There are 6 size options that you can choose from, and the choice is all yours.

Final Words

Picture frames are simple, yet they make a big difference in the room, and that is why they are great. Apart from displaying your favorite photos, they also look nice with the décor of the room. The trick is to choose the right materials or types of photo frames that work best with your home. You can follow the tips to create your own DIY frames or buy them right away. Either way is great, and it is always nice to display your favorite pictures at home.

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