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How To Start A Community Garden

A community garden is more than just growing food, it is also about growing a garden together as a close-knit group. That way, both families and individuals can grow fresh and healthy produce even with little expense. Along with the benefits, people in the community also get to know and interact with their neighbors to tighten the bond. As a result, everyone has a good relationship with each other while growing a beautiful garden together. We are going to talk about how to start a community garden, and here are some basic steps.

Step 1: Gather Gardeners


In order to start a successful community garden, you have to make sure that your members are hard-working. Your community garden should consist of gardeners with the same goals who are willing to work together. This is to ensure a healthy start and great inspiration for the rest of the members that will join later. It is also a great idea to invite those who have good experiences in gardening to help members of the community. With skilled gardeners, the new members will be able to learn and gain advice which aids their work. The first step is not always easy because it can take a lot of energy and time to invest. However, you will be able to build a strong core and structure for your community garden. It is common for gardeners to drop out, ioby suggests getting a deposit to discourage this problem which actually works.

Step 2: Create A Committee

A committee in a community garden comprises people with experience who are enthusiastic about gardening. This type of people will not only be able to help the less skilled members but also motivates everyone. When the leaders are encouraging, the rest will also follow which brings a successful community garden. You should pick people who know about gardening the most so that they will be helpful to the group. It can be an election or other methods that members of the community agree to use.

Step 3: Find Sponsor

Sometimes a new community garden does not have all the materials and tools that they need to start a garden. There are 2 solutions that you can select including everyone pitches in or the creator looks for a sponsor. The first solution is likely to be the first idea that comes into everybody’s mind. Since they are going to be gardeners, they will want to invest in some of the equipment of their own. In case the second option is more suitable for the situation, here is some advice. You can look for a garden store or local market that is willing to sponsor your garden in exchange for advertising. When a community garden has many members that are likely to use their service, they will sponsor.

Step 4: Choose & Prepare The Site

It would be nice if you have a vacant plot that can be used as a community garden. If that is not the case, that you can look for an appropriate site that you think is good. A perfect site for gardening should provide adequate sunlight along with easy access to drainage and water. Another important thing is to make sure that the soil is nutritious and free from contaminants. At the same time, it should not be too far from the neighborhood because it can be a problem. When a community garden is not easy to approach, people will become lazy or demotivated to visit. Location is very important, and this is one of the first things that you should consider before starting a community garden.

Step 5: Design Garden Layouts

Whether it is a community garden or a personal garden, layouts are very important in gardens. There should be equal sections along with convenient pathways for gardening and walking. The key is to use the areas in your site wisely, giving everyone equal space while having room to spare. In case there are more members who want to join your community garden, there is a vacant spot for them. Another good idea is to make some extra space for kid-friendly areas so that children can participate. When your community garden is welcoming to everyone, it will keep on expanding and growing.

Step 6: Establish Rules

Once you have your members and site, it is time to make rules that everyone should abide by. Without rules, people will become careless then neglect it which can be a bad example for the rest of the members. The rules should include the cost, participation in meetings, and other responsibilities that the members must contribute to the community. While making or suggesting the rules, make sure that everyone agrees and signs so that those rules are effective. Clear rules play an important role in the structure of the community, and it is crucial to have them.

Step 7: Schedule Regular Meetings


This is a very important part when you just begin your community garden because there are going to be many questions. With regular meetings at least once a week, every member gets to share their concerns and issues regarding gardening. Then they will be able to fix their problems with help from other members of the community. Learning like this is very effective because people get to practice and solve their problems right away. Another similar idea is creating a group chat on social media that the members can post their questions. People who have the answer will be able to share their ideas and tips immediately which is extremely helpful. The combination of these two is going to be very beneficial for everyone in your community garden.

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