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How To Keep Birds From Nesting At Your Home?

Dealing with birds’ droppings and other invasions they do is not a pleasant thing, but don’t worry. I have some effective ways on how to keep birds from nesting on your property, and all of them are humane. Some of the methods also prevent birds from using your porch or spot as a resting spot too. Pick the most suitable tips that I recommend, and worry no more about cleaning up their droppings ever again.

Keep Birds From Nesting At Your Home

Method #1: Bird Coils

These are incredible pigeon deterrents that you can use in various places around the house. This method works specifically with pigeons and birds of similar size, and their effectiveness shows immediately. Bird coils are extendable stainless steel coils that stretch along ledges or window sills to prevent birds from landing. When a bird lands on it, it moves around which causes an unstable condition for the bird to stay. If there are small birds like sparrows and starlings, choose another method. Bird coils require weight from big birds, and small birds are too light to make them move. But if you have a pigeon problem, this is the first thing to try.

This video will shed some light on How to Install Bird Coils:

Method #2: Bird Gel

This method comes with 3 types of bird repellent solutions that you can choose for more effective performance. Bird gel repels birds by scent, sight, and touch, and one of them ought to work one way or another. The scents that bird gel emits are the ones that birds hate like peppermint and the like. Sometimes it works right away because birds don’t want to be near places with a strong scent. There are bird gel options that emit a UV light that makes it appear as a flame to approaching birds. Birds like swallow or woodpeckers don’t like this, so tend to avoid bird gels. When the first two don’t work, the sticky situation upon landing will definitely will. Some bird gel is transparent but it is sticky, and birds don’t like to land on uncomfortable surfaces that it creates.

Watch the video to see How to install Bird Gel

Method #3: Bird Houses

We all know someone who chooses to make peace rather than other alternatives, and this is the peace for you. If you don’t want to do anything to keep the birds from nesting, give them a nest. You can install a bird house or nesting materials somewhere far from your house that the birds can find and use. I am sure that some of you may experience having the same birds coming every nesting season. This is the way to deal with that couple, give them their own little mansion. Then you won’t have to worry about them building nests on your roof or other places ever again.

Some bird houses you might want to purchase:

Method #4: Bird Spikes

As for this one, it is a bunch of narrow spikes that you can attach to your eaves, roof, window sills, etc. By the look, you can tell that it can block the birds from entering or landing. More than that, you can also install these spikes on concrete, wood, and many other surfaces using glue tracks or screws. There are 2 types of bird spikes including metal and plastic bird spikes that you can choose from. The former is ideal for long-term use since it is durable while the latter is more budget-friendly. Bird spikes are another approach to consider to deter crows, gulls, pigeons, and other large birds.

Watch on How To Install Bird Spikes:

Method #5: Bird Wires

Birds wires are another useful things that you can install on various parts of the house to discourage birds from nesting. What you have to do is install the bird wires along the ledges or where the birds build their nests. Because bird wires come in the form of poles with different height levels. These poles simply create an uneven roosting place for birds which is difficult for them to build a nest. Bird wires are also neat and simple to install, so they won’t look bad on your roof at all. This method is ideal for higher places that you can go to chase the birds often. You can get some and install them yourself or call a professional, either way, is fine.

Method #6: Garden Balls

Have you ever heard of garden balls before? Garden balls are large colorful balls that you can hang from fence posts, stakes, or trees to repel birds. They are actually great natural bird repellents that somehow scare or intimidate the birds and keep them from coming closer. Garden balls somehow resemble large eyes that birds prefer to stay away from. At the same time, they make great ornaments for the gardens or yard. So if you have problems in those places, feel free to try this method because it works.

Some of the best Garden Balls you might be interested in:

Method #7: Light Flashes

Birds always choose a quiet place for nesting so that they can incubate their eggs and care for the hatchlings. You can an uninviting environment by installing small mirrors to create flashing light effects around the property. It may sound like a lot, but it works effectively in so many ways. Lights that flash can keep them away from the very beginning to prevent them from building a nest. Sometimes the birds are startled by their own reflections, and this happens to many types of birds out there.

Method #8: Shiny Objects

When it comes to home remedies to keep birds from nesting, shiny objects always come up. Things like aluminum cans, CDs, small mirrors, or tin foil will work just fine. Many birds are scared of flashy and shiny items that are in their ways. This is why this old trick here works most of the time, and it is very easy to apply. Simply hang these objects near landing or nesting areas of the birds, and watch these shiny things work. Let’s say it works for dumb birds and most birds out there because smarter ones like crows learn fast. However, crows are afraid of shiny objects so this should do the job nicely.

Method #9: Sonic Deterrents

Here we have another easy and effective method that you can try for large-scale use. Sonic deterrents are devices that emit sounds that only the birds can hear. Those sounds keep the birds on alert which discourages them from choosing your property to build their nests. There are also options that come with powerful high-fidelity speakers that both birds and humans can hear. This is more effective, in my opinion, because it is louder and it can cover more areas. More than that, it can repel a wide range of birds of big and smalls from crows to magpies and seagulls.

How To Keep Birds From Making Nests In Unwanted Places

Birds choose the most comfortable space to build their nests, and those places are often unpleasant for use. There are 6 ways to do to keep birds from making nests in unwanted places around the house. I choose some of the most common areas that birds like to build their nests in. From your very own home to the outdoor space in the yard, I have the solutions to them all. Let’s see which one works best for you.

1. Anti-Bird Spirals

Birds tend to observe a place before they decide to build a nest somewhere, and this is the solution. Anti-bird spirals are both reflective and shiny, and they move around when the wind blows. This is a great way to let the birds know that this area is not safe for nest building. It works similarly to shiny objects since you can easily hang them in many places. The difference is that it is more visible, and it works in a wide variety of areas and spaces. Anti-bird spirals often come in a pack that you can use in different places around the house, you should consider them.

2. Bird Netting

The good thing about bird netting is that it is low-cost and versatile so you can use it in different places. You can use it to cover certain areas that are likely to be favorable for birds in nesting seasons. At the same time, it is also useful when it comes to protecting the plants and vegetables in the garden. Bird nettings are ideal for a wide range of places both high and low, and they work great. Installing them is also a pretty easy and fast job, and you can remove them anytime. The only drawback is that they don’t look pretty, but go for it if you don’t mind.

3. Gutter Guards

How to keep birds from building nests in the gutter? Easy, install wire mesh gutter guards with covers so that the birds cannot steadily build their nests. The alternatives to wire mesh gutter guards are plastic screens or other surface-tension materials. Simply install them on your gutters, and that’s it. Another method is to use replace old gutters with a new version that is more efficient. There are many gutters out there that come with a convenient design that keeps birds and debris out.

How To Clean & Install Gutter Guards

Note: In case you find a bird’s nest in your gutter during nesting season, don’t try to remove it yourself. There may be baby birds, eggs, or nesting birds who are protected by federal laws. It could be illegal to harm or remove them, so it is better to call a local wildlife removal service. This is a humane and legal way to handle this problem, and you can trust that everything will go well.

4. Openings Coverage

The majority of methods above are for large birds like magpies or pigeons, and this one is for smaller ones. Some smaller birds like sparrows or starlings can use small openings around the house to build their nests. If you see the potential of that in some parts in the attics, cover or seal them right away. These 2 birds need an opening as small as 1 inch or even smaller to get inside to build a nest. There are different types of coverages that you can apply such as metal screens or simply use caulk on crevices. If bird invasion is common in your areas, make sure to check and cover dryer vents or other vents frequently. This is to avoid blockage or damages that the birds cause by building their nests.

5. Pruning

For those who have bushes or trees that can be potential nesting sites for birds, prune them. Trim the areas where you think are ideal for nesting spots to discourage the birds from building their nests. When those areas look neat with more openings, they offer less protection to the birds. That way, they will look for other places to construct their nests. This is an effective and simple method to keep the birds from nesting in your trees. Along with that, pruning simply creates a nicer look to the plants in the garden or yard too.

6. Slope Ledges

You probably already know that birds always choose a convenient surface to build their nests. So when they choose unwanted places like eaves or porches, it is time for you to act. One of the things that you can do to prevent them from constructing nests to slope the ledges. It is advisable to use a block, board, or other materials to create a slope steeper than 45 degrees. This simply makes the surfaces impossible for them to build a nest, and the birds will go somewhere else.

7. Wire Mesh Cover

Some birds settle for unexpected areas around the house like hanging plants, and here is how to deal with that. Use wire mesh to cover over the basket or container of the plants. Choose a wire mesh with a dome shape on top so that the birds cannot build their nests on it. This is a very fast and simple way to prevent the birds from building their nests. You can also apply the same method with flowers or plants in the pots, and it works just as well.


It is not easy to prevent birds from nesting because some of them will come back eventually. This is why knowing some effective tips to keep them away is helpful for you. You may not have any bird nesting problems now, but maybe there will be some in the future. So I hope that the solutions that I recommend above are useful for you. And the last resort in case none of those work, you will have to contact the professionals. But trust me, at least one of the tips above will work.

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