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How To Keep Birds Out Of The Garden? 10 Humane Ways To Do It

Knowing how to keep birds out of the garden will always come in handy because it is bound to happen. Want it or not, there will be birds visiting your gardens and feeding on what they can peck on. We are going to discuss 10 effective strategies that can keep the birds out, both modern and traditional ways. All of them are harmless and safe for the birds, so don’t worry about inhumane poison or traps.

1. Bird Feeders

Using bird feeders is a good solution when there are a few birds that regularly dine on plants in your garden. Once they have their own food and place to feed on, they won’t show interest in the garden anymore. At the same time, it is also easy and simple to set up a bird feeder on the property. Find a good spot with a pole with enough visibility that you can hang the bird feeders on. Make sure that the snacks that leave for them are delicious enough to deter their favor from your plants. If one or two of them choose to eat from the bird feeder, the others will follow. Your garden will be safe, and you still have birds flying around to help with pollination and seeding.

2. Decoy Raptors

One of the best ways to keep birds out of the garden is by using decoys that can scare them away. I recommend hawks or owls because these two are the main predators that often attack smaller birds. Most birds are afraid of these raptors so they prefer to stay as far as possible from them. Choose the ones that can move or make noise to make them more realistic. There are decoy birds that let out screeches or turn in different directions similar to the real ones. Install them in a high place like the roof or the middle of the garden so that the birds can see them. Plus with the movement and noise, no birds will dare to harass your plants ever again.

3. Garden Nettings

This method is effective when you have a large garden that attracts flocks of birds to come every day. The good thing about garden nettings is that they create a barrier between the birds and the garden. They make sure that the birds cannot get in while still allowing air and sunlight for the plants. There are different types of garden nettings that you can find to suit your need. However, I highly suggest installing the nettings that you can easily lift or remove to access the garden. Because you are going to deal with them every day, you will also have to make sure that they are convenient. In some gardens, people build garden nettings like a house with entrances and exits. People can walk to take care of the plants, and there is no need for removal at all.

4. Garden Spinners

Small but beneficial, garden spinners are one of the best ways to keep birds out of the garden. You can install them near plants and vegetables, and they will do their job in chasing the birds. Garden spinners spin and birds always react to sudden movement or noise near them. This method is best to use when it is windy because it needs wind to move or spin. Apart from helping chase the birds, garden spinners also look good in the garden. There are many designs available for you to choose from, and you might want to take a look.

5. Pets

Cats and dogs are the best birds chasers to ever use, and they enjoy doing that as well. You can train your dogs to chase birds in the garden, and it is like letting them play outside. It could be time-consuming, but it is very effective and your dogs will be happy to do it every day. I don’t trust the cats though because many of them like to sit in the comfort of the couch. However, there are awesome cats out there who would chase or might hunt down the birds on the property. Although your cats may harm the birds, they also send a warning sign to the rest by setting the example. When this happens once or twice, fewer birds will come to the garden. If you ask who knows how to keep birds out of the gardens, your pets are sure the know-how.

6. Pinwheels

Similar to garden spinners, pinwheels work just as well when it comes to keeping the birds out. When you buy garden spinners or pinwheels, make sure to pick the shiny ones. The more reflective they are, the brighter the flash they create. Some birds are afraid of flashy light that reflects from the sun that simply scares the birds away. At the same time, they are also great ornaments to have to compliment your garden too. Both garden spinners and pinwheels are easy to install and use, and their price is affordable as well.

7. Reflective Scare Tapes

Dealing with birds on a large scale requires a more flexible method that is less costly which are reflective scare tapes. Just like the name suggests, the tape is reflective and you can use it pretty much anywhere. That is not all, you can relocate and reuse them also because it is non-adhesive. Reflective scare tapes work in the same way as reflective pinwheels and spinners, but better for a bigger garden. All you need is to choose the ones that are durable, thick, and weather-resistant, and your garden will be safe from birds.

8. Scarecrows

Traditionally, using scarecrows is the most common and best method to keep birds out of the gardens and other plantations. The thing is that birds these days tend to get smarter, so scarecrows don’t really work all the time. This is why you have to build light and portable types of scarecrows for your gardens. A scarecrow works at first, but birds will notice if it remains in the same place for too long. This is why you have to daily or regularly switch the position of your scarecrows. If this method works, you should also change the outfits of your scarecrows to make it even more realistic.

9. Scary Noises

To birds, scary noises are the noises that come from predators like eagles, hawks, or owls. In case you cannot find a decoy, then their noises will also do the job. It is a good alternative for the decoy because you can install them anywhere around the garden. The sound transmitters do not take up too much space, and they are also compact. Even better, they can scare the birds so well because they can only the noises. This simply tricks the birds that the predators are hiding somewhere so they will flee.

10. Terror Eyes Balloons

This is probably one of the latest tricks on how to keep birds out of the garden that actually works. These balloons are bright and large, and they have huge eyes printed on them. The printing resembles a predator’s eyes that can freak out the birds, and some people. On top of that, terror eyes balloons will move with a slight breeze which appears as living beings to the birds. You can either purchase them online or DIY your own version by using a beach ball.

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