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How To Keep Cats From Pooping In The Yard

Cats are impudent felines that couldn’t care less about what we think, and doing their business everywhere needs to stop. I know you are here because your want to know how to keep cats from pooping in the yard or other places. Maybe it is too late to teach them how to use a litter box or maybe they’re not even your cats. Don’t worry if you experience this beautiful nightmare, because at least one of the solutions below will fix it.

#1 – Bananas

Bananas are not toxic for cats, but these felines simply dislike them. According to The Sun, it could be the smell of chemicals coming from the banana’s outer skin.  The smell indicates that the banana skin is toxic to them while the fruit is not. Of course, the cats will not consume those banana skins, but they make those naughty felines stay away from them. What you have to do is chopping bananas along with the skin and scatter them around your garden or yard. Ripening bananas and the skin will give off a very strong smell that cats hate to be around or near.

#2 – Citrus Peels

Surprisingly, cats don’t like many things which are beneficial for us to use in our strategies. You can chop citrus fruits with their peels on then place them around the garden or yard. The scents from citrus fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges are not pleasant to cats. Once they detect those scents, they will not want to enter the areas. Repeat this method until the cats stop choosing your gardens or yards when they want to relieve themselves. It could take some time, but it is an affordable method that will surely work.

#3 – Motion-Activated Sprinkler

If you have had enough and will do whatever it takes to stop this mess, install a motion-activated sprinkler. Yes, it is pricey but it is also very effective for long-term use along with other benefits. For the felines, they don’t like getting wet and this method is just the opposite of that. Once your cats get near the garden or yard, the sprinkler will do its job. It startles the cats, makes them wet, and the cats will hate it and the area so they will not return. At the same time, it can also keep other critters and pests like chipmunks or birds from harming your property. Good things come with a price, but a motion-activated sprinkler is definitely worth it. Here are some motion-activated sprinkler you might want to consider:

#4 – Odor Repellent

One of the things about cats that we all know is that many of them are very sensitive to certain smells. Many cats are very dramatic in their reactions as well, and this is our weapon. Odor repellent is one of the natural ways to keep cats from pooping the yard, garden, and many other places. You can mix strong scents like cinnamon, lavender, or peppermint with water and spray it around their favorite spots. To stop them from coming to your garden or yard, simply spray the solution all over the area. It could be too much, but the cats will not want to be near those strong odors again. This method is ideal for small spaces because its effects don’t last long enough for long-term use.

#5 – Physical Barriers

Another method to keep cats from pooping in your yard or garden is by using bristly materials or chicken wire. Because cats prefer to dig and poop in loose dirt, physical barriers will prevent them from doing so. If you worry that the materials above can hurt them, use eggs shells, sharp-edged pine cones, or stone mulch instead. Those materials make the soil rough, and the cats will choose somewhere else to do their business.

You can also use plastic pointy tools like plastic forks and plant them around your plants or cat’s favorite spots. They are safe yet uncomfortable for them to walk on, let alone squat and do their thing. It is also effective, and this method is worth trying. Or the last strategy is to get cat repellent mats with deterrent odor. It is non-toxic and safe, and you can use it for different purposes. Some of the best physical barriers to protect cat from pooping in your garden:

#6 – Plants

Just like odors, there are certain plants whose scents that cats dislike. You can plant them around the border or in your garden and yard to keep the cats out. To make them portable, plant them in pots so that you can move them around when the cats change their destinations. Some of the plants that cats dislike actually looks good for the gardens and yards. Those are common rue, geranium, lavender, lemon thyme, marigold, pennyroyal, scaredy-cat plant, thorny roses, and many more. Pick the ones that compliment your space, and they will do their jobs right away.

#7 – Twigs

Since cats like comfort, going through even a simple obstacle is still not something that they like to do. Similar to chicken wires, twigs can also be the alternatives in case you want to try. You can place twigs on the flower beds if they choose your flower garden as their litter box. Prickly and uncomfortable ground is not what they are fond of, and they prefer to stay away. It might not add an extra beauty or color to the garden, but it helps to keep the cats out. This also means your flowers will not smell like cat litter, so you might want to consider this method.

#8 – Ultra-Sonic Cat Scarer

This is a special method that can effectively keep the cats from pooping in your yard and stay away from it. Ultra-sonic cat scarers are scarecrows for cats, it uses sound wavelengths that only cats will hear. This device will get so loud that it irritates the felines which make them hate to enter your property. An ultra-sonic cat scarer is powered by batteries, and it can cover certain areas around the house. It will emit the sound when it detects movement from its sensor. This method is not ideal for a large garden or yard, but it can do its job very well. If you have an intention of purchasing one, you can find these products here

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Ultra-Sonic Cat Scarer

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