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How To Keep Chipmunks Out Of The Garden

All you need is one chipmunk to attack your garden, and that is enough for you to lose it. And you are here because you want to find out how to keep chipmunks out of the garden. I am here to help you with just that, and you will find 7 different ways to keep chipmunks away. These critters love to chew on seeds, dig holes in the garden, eat flowers, or all of the above. Chipmunks are fast, and here are some of the tricks to outsmart their wit.

Approach 1: Chipmunk Feeders

Ending a war with peace is one of the first methods that you should begin with. Get one or two chipmunk feeders, and install them on a fence or tree where chipmunks can find them. It is effective because these critters will leave your garden alone when they have enough nuts and seeds. You might have to refill the feeders every week, but it is better than re-planting vegetables in your garden. This method is effective, non-toxic, and peaceful which is a great idea to try.

Approach 2: Chipmunk Repellent

When peace is not the answer, then you will have to move to the next plan: using a repellent. There are so many types of repellent that you can find on the internet and the market. From chipmunk sprays to hardcore repellents like electric fences, you can use them all. Tips Bulletin said that chipmunks rely heavily on their sense of smell, so using scent repellents will definitely work. The great part is that there are many odors and scents that you can use to repel them. Pick one or two, and you won’t have to worry about chipmunks in your garden ever again.

Approach 3: Decoy Predators

Owls are one of the predators that prey on chipmunks, and these critters are afraid of them. You should use a motion-activated owl because it can effectively scare chipmunks away from your gardens or yards. Since the decoy predators like owls move or even make noise, this method works amazingly great. More than that, it can also keep away many pests like birds and other rodents to stay away from your garden. Decoy owls are so easy to find, and they are insanely cheap to buy while doing their jobs very well.

Approach 4: Home Remedies

Similar to chipmunk repellents that you can buy, you can also create your own repellent using ingredients from your kitchen. Pick the ones with the strongest odor possible such as cayenne pepper or garlic, and mix them with water. Place your mixture into a spray bottle, and spray it on areas that chipmunks often visit. Spray more of them near your garden to make sure that the odor is strong enough to keep them away. Avoid spraying the mixture on your plants or vegetables because it can affect or change the quality of the produce.

Approach 5: Motion-Activated Sprinklers

The automatic sprinkler systems are convenient for a big garden or lawn as it helps you with watering. At the same time, it is also a great repellent to keep chipmunks and other animals away from your produce. A motion-activated sprinkler simply goes off once it detects movement, and it gets the chipmunks most of the time. These critters don’t like getting themselves wet, and there is no way they can escape from this smart sprinkler system. Eventually, those chipmunks will give up and leave your garden or lawn alone. No more hole digging and vegetables attacking, this is definitely one of the best approaches to apply.

Approach 6: Plants

Another easy way to keep chipmunks out of the garden is growing plants that chipmunks avoid or hate. It is just another natural chipmunk repellent that repels these critters while adorning your gardens. A majority of plants that chipmunks dislike are quite colorful which is very beneficial to the beauty of the garden. By doing so, you will not only keep the chipmunks away but also adding extra taste to brighten the landscape.

Approach 7: Raised Garden + Netting

It is recommended to build a raised garden bed because it discourages chipmunks from visiting the garden. I agree, but I also want to suggest you adding nets to the plants even if they are on a raised garden. Not all chipmunks are going to give up because they are also excellent climbers. This is why adding nets will keep your plants more safe and secure from those critters. It is a great method if you already expect chipmunks because you can choose to build this type of garden. Below, you might find some products for this approach.

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