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How To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Garden

Just like chipmunks, squirrels are also troublesome to deal with when they like your plants. But don’t worry, I am here to share some easy tips on how to keep squirrels out of your garden. You know there are squirrels in the garden or yard when there are shallow holes in the garden beds. Sometimes they may take a bite of your flowers or plants, and that can happen one too many times. With 8 different methods below, at least one of them can prevent squirrels from visiting your garden.

1 – Build A Fence

Building a fence is a very effective method that shows results immediately. A fence simply creates a barrier between the plants and the squirrels by blocking them from contacting each other. You can create an enclosure with chicken wire or shield your ground crops with row covers. When you build a fence, make sure that you dig deep enough so that they won’t find a way underground. Fencing can be expensive, but its result is also satisfying. Also, you can buy a bite-proof net or wire to prevent them from creating their own mini holes for access. And if you are so close to losing it, build a greenhouse to protect your precious plants from those hungry predators.

2 – Feed Them

Let’s say squirrels attack your gardens because they are hungry and they have babies to feed. Then another way to deal with them is by providing them with enough food and snacks. You can get squirrel feeders (those are super cute), and install them on your fence or pole. When there are available nearby, squirrels will lose their interest in the plants and vegetable in your garden. It is a very peaceful method, and everyone is happy. This should be among the first strategies that you should use because many people recommend this idea.

3 – Hydrate Them

According to Garden Design, squirrels are thirsty if they munching on juicy fruits or vegetables in the garden. If you notice that they tend to eat cucumbers, tomatoes, and more in your gardens during the summer months, they are dehydrated. A solution to this is by putting a dish of freshwater that they can access and drink. When they get to drink the water that you provide, they won’t need to attach your plants anymore. This solution is ideal for hot days, but at least those are the only times that squirrels eat your vegetables. When this happens, you know what to do to keep squirrels from your juicy plants.

4 – Keeping Your Property Clean

Sometimes squirrels visit your garden or lawn because the conditions are favorable for them. If you have trash cans, make sure to use the ones with tight-fitting lids so that squirrels cannot get inside. Also, never leave food or compost scraps sitting out because those can attract squirrels into your property as well. You should also keep your garden and lawn clean from acorns and nuts. Those are the ultimate snacks that squirrels love to eat and store for winter, and they will come every day. You will need to spend time picking those tasty treats and move them to somewhere else. It is time-consuming, but it may be the only way to deal with this problem.

5 – Motion-Activated Sprinkler

I include this system in every animal repellent solution because it works so well. Remember that most critters and pests hate water, and this is why it is among the most effective strategies. The sprinkler detects movement which results in a sudden spray of water in the surrounding area. No squirrels are committed enough to stay through the water spraying for a bite on your flower. This is why installing motion-activated sprinklers is going to work in keeping squirrels and other critters out of your garden.

6 – Odor Repellent

This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to keep squirrels away because of their excellent scent of smell. When you use sensitive odor repellent that triggers their nose, they will prefer to stay away from your garden. You can use odor repellent that you can find on the internet or make your own repellent using home ingredients. Because squirrels hate strong smells, items like cayenne pepper, peppermint oil, or vinegar will do the trick very well.

7 – Let Your Dog Do The Work

Besides postmen, squirrels are the second things that dogs love to chase. If you have a dog, let him play outside in the garden or yard. With his hair or scent on the ground, it can already send a warning sign to the squirrels. If those critters are bold enough to enter, let your dogs chase the squirrels out. Since most dogs also love to play outside, this is a very effective solution. In case you don’t have a dog, get one or borrow one from your friends. It is going to be both challenging and fun, and it is a very effective way to keep the squirrels out also.

8 – Use Plants

There are certain flowers and plants that you can grow around or in your garden to keep squirrels out. Those plants simply contain the scents that squirrels dislike or hate so they prefer to stay away. You can plant flowers like daffodils, Galanthus, or hyacinth around the flowers that squirrels love to munch on. When these barriers, squirrels will be likely to avoid coming closer to your plants. There are actually many flowers and plants that squirrels hate, and we will discuss this later in another segment.

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