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3 Main Types Of Evergreen Trees For Home Gardens

Evergreen trees are trees that have foliage that remain green and functional through more than one growing season. There are many evergreen tree types for residential landscapes that you can grow for decorative or privacy purposes. More than that, these trees also serve as windbreaks or winter shelters for birds and other wildlife as well. They look amazing in gardens, elevating the class and style of your home to the next level. Below are the names of evergreen trees that are solid and unchanging which is perfect for your home. Perhaps one or two of the evergreen tree examples on the evergreen trees list here has something that you like.


Blue Arrow Juniper

What’s so great about blue arrow juniper is that this evergreen tree has a very narrow and upright form. It looks very neat, making it a great compliment to any outdoor space that you grow it in. When healthy, these evergreen trees give you bright blue foliage that provides great accents to the garden or yard. On top of that, they also produce silvery blue berries from late spring to late winter as well. Blue arrow juniper berries are the source of flavoring in gin, and they also attract birds.

More than that, these evergreen trees are very hardy as well as decay-resistant and drought-proof. All of these make them easy to care for so you can plant them as a hedge for tall narrow privacy green. They can get up to 12 or 15 feet fall, but they are only 2 feet wide. While making an amazing privacy screen, they don’t even take up a lot of space.

Eastern White Pine

Here we have the biggest conifer native to Eastern North America, and one among the best evergreen tree types. It is a fast-growing evergreen that is gifted with long and soft blue-green needles that looks absolutely magnificent. Looking so graceful, the round pyramidal shape of this tree makes it a perfect accent pretty much anywhere. Meanwhile, the branches and pine cones of the tree are also great for crafts and decorations which is so versatile.

As mentioned above, this biggest conifer can grow as tall as 80 feet and 40 feet wide. This height and size allow it to be an ideal shade tree and windbreak as well as privacy screens. It makes a perfect landscape tree that will look amazing in the ample space that you have. So if you have a long-term commitment to evergreen trees, you know which type that you should choose.

Pinpoint Blue & Gold False Cypress

As one among the best on the evergreen trees list, pinpoint blue and gold false cypress is one of a kind. The special thing about this evergreen tree type is that it provides attractive color and structure all year long. If you like your evergreen trees to be medium-sized, this is definitely the type that you should go for. They grow up to 6 and 8 feet tall, with a width of 5 to 6 feet wide after 10 years.

Not different from other evergreen tree examples, this one is also perfect as hedges or screens. While being tall and wide, the maintenance is rather low and simple while pruning is not required at all. Just make sure that your pinpoint blue and gold false cypress receive partial to full sun, and you are good. Plus with moist and well-drained soils, they will remain beautifully green for you all year.

Polar Gold Arborvitae

Many evergreen tree lovers love to have large trees as privacy screens, and polar gold arborvitae is among the best. One of many things that this evergreen tree provides is the elegant shrub of narrow upright columnar habit it has. More than that, polar gold arborvitae loves to show off its dense and finely textured foliage that is extremely eye-catching. The foliage comes in a cheerful glowing gold color that remains bright and gorgeous throughout the year.

Looking good is one thing, being so hardy and strong is another thing that makes polar gold arborvitae stand out. They are resistant to weather and wind burn, and they make a gorgeous alternative to cypress. Besides privacy screens, you can also grow them as borders or hedgerows because they are slow-growing. Stand up to between 12 to 15 feet tall and 4 to 6 feet wide, they will look great in your garden.


Leyland Cypress

When it comes to the best evergreen tree types, a leyland cypress is always one of the options. This evergreen tree is famous for its rapid growth and perfect slender shape that looks elegantly beautiful in any space. It has a dark green to bluish-green color with scale-like needles with pointy tips. More than that, it also produces small globular cones made up of 8 scales. The fact that it provides negligible wildlife benefits such as shelter makes it even more fascinating to grow.

Beauty alone is not enough to make it so popular, a leyland cypress is also very easy to grow. This evergreen tree grows very well in a wide range of climate and soil conditions while providing bright colors all year. Standing at 5 to 6 feet at maturity, leyland cypress makes an amazing wind break thanks to its dense barrier. At the same time, it is also a popular choice for boundaries and hedges though requires annual pruning. And you can skip pruning if you want it to grow in an oval or pyramidal shape, the decision is yours.

Mediterranean Cypress

Very elegant and tall, Mediterranean cypress provides both beauty and style to your space. It brings the best of both worlds by offering an amazing look along with a natural complement. This evergreen tree has upright branches full of bluish to green scale-like leaves. Both the height and leaves of the trees make it so unique, all the more reasons to make it popular. As one of the best on the evergreen trees list, its year-round structure remains attractive all 12 months.

It is said that Mediterranean cypress can live up to a thousand years, and that is probably true. They can grow up to 70 feet tall, and that definitely takes a lot of years to reach that height. Being able to grow really tall, is also one of the strongest evergreen tree types. It tolerates dry conditions like drought very well, and it protects your space from cool drying winds also. If you have plenty of space, this could be among the interesting evergreen tree examples to take into consideration.

Thuja Emerald Green

Here we have one of the names of evergreen trees that you remember if you look for something hardy. There are many incredible attributes of this evergreen tree, and being resilient is one of those. It is drought-resistant, insect-resistant, and weather-resistant which is simply wonderful. Thuja emerald green can withstand extreme temperatures very well, making it one of the best types of evergreen trees. Along with the hardiness, it is also super good-looking as accent trees, foundation plants, or privacy screens.

Also goes by the name of emerald green arborvitae, this evergreen tree can grow up to 10 to 15 feet tall. With a narrow pyramid shape, it makes an excellent foundation plant and natural privacy screen. Since they do not take up a lot of space, you can also plant them in narrow spaces and small yards as well. The foliage is colorful all year long, and maintenance is fairly easy and simple. This could be your next favorite evergreen tree, it will not let you down.


Colorado Blue Spruce

Nothing looks more magnificent than a tall evergreen tree with a silver blue-green color, and Colorado blue spruce says it all. It is one of the most popular evergreen tree types that display its silvery blue-green color all year long. The color is one thing, and the columnar pyramidal shape is another great thing. Not to mention that it provides food and shelter for crossbills, nuthatches, and siskins, they are so beneficial.

Alongside beauty, hardiness is just another special reason that makes Colorado blue spruce so remarkable. It can withstand the wind better than most spruces thanks to its deep root system. That simply means it is long-lasting, and it will not be damaged by strong winds easily. Moreover, it also means Colorado blue spruce also offers a great role as a privacy screen and windbreak. Just plant them in a row, and you will surely love how they will turn out.

Norway Spruce

Our evergreen trees list has everything from the biggest evergreen trees to slow-growing evergreen trees. As for this one, it is the fastest growing among the spruces that gives you the fastest result just the way you like. Norway spruce develops strong graceful branches that show off dark green needles which stand so much as accent trees. At the same time, they are also fast-growing trees with growth up to 5 feet a year giving good weather.

Another awesome thing about this evergreen tree type is that you can plant it on a wide variety of sites. They make great barriers for windbreaks, and they don’t take up a lot of space at all. Even better, these evergreen trees also support a wide variety of songbirds and other wildlife which is so beneficial. Norway spruce are important coverages for small deer and small game such as grouse, hare, and woodcock. Even hawks and owls use them as roosting trees, so you can see how beneficial they are.

White Spruce

Finally, we have an evergreen green that can grow up to 60 feet tall and 20 feet wide. Judging by the size, you can already tell that it is very wind firm. On top of that, it also has large spreading root systems to keep everything in place. The smaller version is also available, and it is super popular as Christmas trees. White spruce is very hardy and easy to grow, and it has light green or bluish-colored needles. The very best part about these needles is that they can stay on for as long as 20 years. So attractive and hardy, this could be the perfect evergreen tree for your privacy screen.


And there you have it, a quick evergreen trees list that includes all the evergreen tree examples for your home. From the shorter versions to the tallest ones, you have them all to consider and choose from. Perhaps one or two among the evergreen tree types have what it takes to be your next privacy screen. I am sure there are also familiar names of evergreen trees, let’s see which one that you find the most interesting.

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