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16 Modern Backyard Ideas You Might Like

You have to check out the modern backyard design ideas today and renovate your available space to create a new look. Not a lot of people think about that due to the small size of their backyard and so on. Worry no more because there are also modern small backyard ideas for you to consider as well. Perhaps some backyard modern ideas below have what it takes to be your next backyard design.

Idea #01: Backyard Makeover

Image Source: vegetarianventures.com

It does not have to be a concrete floor to be a modern backyard, and this example clearly says why. Creativity is the key, and pebbles can also give you an amazing backyard design as well. As you can see, you won’t have to do much and you won’t need a lot of things at all. When it comes to an idea like this, the simpler the better. All you want to have is the right accessories and furniture, then you are good to go. Perhaps a fire pit and some lights for a more tranquil atmosphere at night, and your backyard is going to be your next favorite spot.

Idea #02: Backyard Movie Theater

Image Source: backsplash.com

Backyard movie theater is one of the best backyard modern ideas that are so popular among many people. You can build the seat with the purpose for watching movie like so or you can just install the projector. Either way, it allows great comfort that you can enjoy your movie nights with style. It is cozy and fun, and you can invite your friends over and have fun at your home. Outdoor movie theater is absolutely pleasant, and you are going to enjoy this experience.

Idea #03: Casual Modern Backyard

Image Source: pinterest.com

For those who don’t want to do much, this is something that you should take into consideration. The idea of having an open-air chilling spot that looks like this brings so many cool vibes. Just some couches and lights on top along with fresh air can totally increase the good mood. Maybe some nice accessories here and there such as carpets, plants, and more, then you are good to go. In fact, it is super easy to create since you won’t need to build anything at all.

Idea #04: Chilling Spot At The Corner

Image Source: m.vk.com

Even if you don’t have a lot of available space, you still can create a modern spot in your backyard. Pick a shady corner, and build a nice concrete or tile floor of your choice, then the first step is done. What I like about this design is that the furniture can accommodate several people which is so convenient. Not different from many backyard modern ideas on the list, this one also has a fire pot. Plus with some nice plants, the appearance of the entire space is simply amazing.

Idea #05: Contemporary Patio Design

Image Source: cozyhome101.com

The concept of a contemporary backyard is to stay in the now, making things as clean as possible. Look no further because this is a great sample that you can have in mind. While being in one space, there are two different areas where you can do different things. One spot is for dining and probably partying while another is for hanging out. The fire pit does not only add more accent and style to the backyard but also keeps you warm. Everything in this backyard idea looks so right, and it won’t go out of style at all.

Idea #06: DIY Modern Pergola

Image Source: lovelyindeed.com

You cannot forget pergola when it comes to backyard modern ideas, and this is a great example of that. Pergola provides both shade and style, and it is so easy to find even online which is amazing. The main attraction of this modern backyard design focuses on the beauty and comfort for you at night. This is why you see light strings dangling from the top of the pergola that compliments your backyard. It is great because you can create this look in a corner of your backyard so it is space-saving. Just add some comfy couch and probably a fire pit for warmth, and you are good to go.

Idea #07: Extravagant Modern Backyard


The mini jacuzzi right there says it all about modern, but there are many other elements in this design too. You won’t even need a large space since it is actually among the best modern small backyard ideas to consider. The elevated deck and mini jacuzzi provide enough room for a small group to chill in. In case you have more space, then you can add a dining table like so. Plus with some plants around and in the place, your backyard will surely look both elegantly and extravagantly attractive.

image: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/360499145179618066/

Idea #08: Lush & Modern Backyard

Image Source: sunset.com

By the look, you can already tell that this design is super calming to be in. The combination of a built-in seat and some chairs makes the backyard so nice. More than that, add some vines and grow some plants to make your backyard even more pleasant. A design like this is very simple yet appealing which is something that you should take into consideration. Not to mention that it does not cost a lot to build at all, this modern backyard idea is simply incredible.

Idea #09: Mini Bar In The Backyard

Image Source: nextluxury.com

Nowhere is better for a reunion and hanging out than in the comfort of your own backyard. The design of your mini bar is up to you, but keep the concept there. A mini bar with some outdoor stools, and don’t forget to add some lights for more accents. If you want to explore your bartending skills, make sure to install some shelves for liquor storage. It could take a little time, but it is going to be an amazing spot to hang out.

Idea #10: Minimalist Backyard

Image Source: stylecurator.com.au

Less and more, and this modern backyard design right here says it all. The cool idea about it is the fact that it separates the available space into two different areas. We have a small swimming pool and lounger on one side and a lawn on another. It gives the best of both worlds, allowing various leisure activities right in one spot in the backyard. As you can see it does not require much, but the entire area looks super modern and sophisticated.

Idea #11: Minimalist Pool In The Backyard

Image Source: fiverr.com

Similar to the previous modern backyard design, this one has a different taste that you can easily tell. Instead of loungers, there is a bed/couch along with a chair and swing. The furniture in this concept does not only provides space to accommodate many people but also elegance to the backyard. Not to mention the pergola on top, you can comfortably and conveniently rest for hours which is simply amazing. White resembles minimalism very well, what do you think?

Idea #12: Outdoor Pergola

Image Source: pinterest.com

Instead of buying and installing a pergola, you can go big with this awesome outdoor pergola here. The unique thing about the design is that it is very large and it can cover a big space. Despite the fact that it takes quite some time to build, the final outcome looks incredibly great. What to have in mind is that the pergola is the main beauty as it elevates the look of the entire space. As for the furniture and other decorative items, they are optional and up to your decision.

Idea #13: Simple Deck Design

Image Source: budgetblinds.com

If you have an available space on the deck behind your house, this could be the idea to consider. The idea is to add furniture to the space that you already have, meaning you won’t have to do much. All you need is some chairs, couches, tables, and other ornamental objects to create an atmosphere that you like. Plus with some string lights for illumination, and your simple yet modern backyard is ready.

Idea #14: Space-Saving Backyard

Image Source: pinterest.com

There are many ways to turn a backyard into a relaxing spot where you can quietly spend your free time. When your space is limited, then you want to consider the number of your accessories and the size of your furniture. Just some chairs and tables, and you can enjoy sitting there for hours which is so nice. The best part is the water drop swing chair that offers a more comfortable place to chill in. You should definitely add some plants to make your backyard looks even more calming and nice. Taking care of the plants is also a great activity as well, what do you think?

Idea #15: Vertical Wooden Fence

Image Source: byshnordic.com

Keeping things simple yet modern is going to be very easy, and here is how. A white background always makes everything in front of it stand out while looking modern at the same time. What’s unique about this idea is that even the furniture is made of wood so they all go well together. Each element complements each other really well, and they look wonderful. With an umbrella to give you some shade, and all the peace is yours.

Idea #16: Wooden Modern Backyard

Image Source: livingetc.com

You cannot forget horizontal wood planks when it comes to backyard design because they look absolutely incredible. The purpose of this idea is to create the most relaxing atmosphere possible. It is one of the easiest modern small backyard ideas to achieve due to the small number of items. The awesome thing is that it looks so peaceful, and you can chill there for hours. Just make sure to use durable and high-quality outdoor furniture so that its beauty remains longer. Then add some plants, and your backyard is going to be a very tranquil spot to relax in.

Bottom Line

With the right concept, you can create your own modern backyard with style just the way you like. I have included many awesome modern backyard ideas that will never go out of style. All you need is to have the right furniture that complements the space, and your backyard will look great already. There are many nice elements that can elevate the appearance of the available areas that you have. Let’s see which ideas among the 16 options above that you like the most.

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