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7 Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas That You Can Do At Home

When space indoor is not enough, you will have to get some outdoor toy storage ideas to make more room. It is a good thing because toys that the kids often play with outside should be stored outdoor. They can access the toys easier and faster, and it saves a lot of space in the house as well. I looked so long for the cool and simple DIY outdoor toy storage ideas to build or create. Depending on your interest and preferences, here are 7 nice ideas that you might want to check out.

Ideas For Creating Outdoor Toy Storage

Idea #1: Hamper Toy Box

Not all parents have the times to build stuff, and this outdoor toy storage may be the solution. It is very simple, and you can add some taste to make it attractive for your kids in your way. On top of that, you and your kids can get to work together on this project. It builds the bonds, creates the fun, and the final result is simply amazing. This one spells “toys”, but you can design and spray paint it any way you like. Maybe you add their names, put their favorite stickers on, the creativity is all up to you and your children. Easy, fast, and frugal, but incredible, this is one of the best outdoor toy storage ideas to try.

Idea #2: Patio Storage Bench

A bench for two with enough space for other items sounds about right. The one in the picture here stores pillows inside the bench, but you can make it in your version. I suggest this one because its size is good for having outdoor, and it looks great. You can sit and watch your children playing, then open the seat up and store the toys when they’re done. In case you want to challenge yourself a little more, this is the project to try. I would say it is a little pricey for the materials, but the final product looks like the expensive ones in the store. In case you wonder how to build one of these, you can check this article for building an outdoor storage bench.

This outdoor toy storage idea is creative and fun, and it is ideal for both boys and girls. Because it is super cool, your kids can also help out during the process to build it. That includes the painting, and maybe they add their name or other things they have in mind. That way, they will enjoy keeping and tidying up their toys every time after they play them as well. It is their treasure after all, and it makes a nice compliment outdoor. This size is simply good for kid’s toys, and it is a very unique type of toy storage too.

Idea #3: Play Pod & Toy Storage Box

For those who have a large space in the garden or yard, this play pod idea is one of a kind. You get to create a safe space for your kids to play inside as an outdoor playpen with style. Many may think it looks dull and unattractive, but remember that this is a DIY project. That means you can make it as colorful as you pleased, and the design is all yours. I think it is a good idea to build a mini playground that also functions as a toy storage box. And if you are creative enough, yours will look super amazing in the back of your house.

Idea #4: Pool Toy Storage Box

Looking so simple, but this storage bin here has enough space for many pool toys and gear. The thing that I like about this idea is that it is neat, and it does not require many tools. And as you can see, the design has already been thought through. There is space between each plank that allows water to drain so that there is no mold or odor build-up. More than that, you can also make it your way by painting different colors, adding signs, and more. It is compact enough to sit by the pool but spacious enough to keep all the toys and swimming gear. All you need is a few hours, and maybe this is the right storage box for you.

Idea #5: Storage Bench

Save space but create more room, how does that sound? A storage bench does not only function as a seat but also as a box for toy storage. It is similar to the patio storage bench except that it is way bigger which is ideal for a bigger space. This is a great outdoor toy storage idea for those who have limited space in their garden or yard. At the same time, it is also an awesome option for long-term use. As your kids grow up and they no longer need toys, you still have a bench with space inside for other things. The best part is that it is not expensive to build, and I like that a lot. Maybe this can be the next project that you will be glad you do, and I definitely recommend this idea.

Idea #6: Wooden Crate Box

Dads love to recycle, and this outdoor toy storage idea focuses on just that. You can recycle old doors (if you have one) as the man did in his tutorial, or buy the wood. A wooden crate box is durable, and you can build it in different sizes that you prefer. The one in the video is a little small for kid’s toys, but you can increase the size. Even better, you will also get to build more boxes like this once you did the first one. The steps are similar, and all you need is bigger wood which is quite simple. So if you have the tools and want to create a cool toy storage box for your kids, try this.

How To Paint & Spray Paint A Wooden Box

Painting or spray painting a wooden box seems easy and simple, but there are tricks to make it look good. You also want your paint to last longer without fading away way too fast, right? This is why the tips you are about to read below are going to be useful for your next projects. The color choices are all yours to make, and it will turn out great with these steps below.

Before Painting

You want your wooden box to have a smooth surface before painting so that the final result looks amazing. In case there are cracks or holes on the wood, apply spackling to seal those first. Depending on the depth, you can apply up to 2 or 3 times to ensure that the surface is smooth. Make sure to let it dry between each coat so that it can seal the cracks or holes properly. Sand it down between each layer to achieve the smoothest result possible in accordance with your liking.

During Painting

When you paint, start from left to right so that it can blend evenly between each stroke. Pick the paintbrush to match well with the size of your boxes to save your energy and time. You can use a smaller brush to add details or to draw or trace first. Just make sure to use a bigger one for the overall coat. If you want the color to stick nicely and last longer, apply at least 2 coats. Let it dry between each coat so that it remains nicely on your wooden box. There are many ways to get creative with painting, and you can always trace it first with chalks or pencils. You can even add glow-in-the-dark paints to make it even more fascinating for your projects.

Tips: If you would like to know more about decoration of raw wooden box, check out an article from SFGate.

If you spray paint, make sure not to spray it too heavily because the sides will drip. In case that happens, you can easily fix it by using a paper towel to lightly dab the excess paint. Do it when the paint is still wet so that it won’t dry and cause uneven textures on the surface. Let’s say it dries and there are lumpy parts, you can sand them down. It can be time-consuming at some point, so it is better not to spray too much paint initially. Spray painting is fast, and it is more ideal if you only want a solid color for your wooden box.


Use acrylic paint or spray on your wooden toy storage boxes. Acrylic paint or spray has a beautiful texture, dries quickly, and lasts longer while blending nicely with the wood. Along with that, the odor from acrylic paint is minimal since it is water-based. Make sure to apply at least 2 coats, and let it dry between each coat. This is to keep the paint bright longer, and you can always re-apply when it fades. Don’t forget to protect your work by spraying on a clear-coat sealer to maintain the appearance longer.

How To Waterproof A Wooden Box

Most of the outdoor toy storage ideas above are wooden, and you might think it is going to be damaged easily. I agree, and this is why I want to share some times on how to waterproof your wooden storage box. That way, you will be able to prolong the life of the box while keeping the content inside safe. These tips are for both storage boxes and wood planter boxes. There are 4 simple steps to follow, and here are what you need:


  • Disposable gloves
  • 220 grit sandpaper
  • Oil-based varnish
  • Paintbrush
  • Silicone caulk

Step 1: Prepare The Wooden Box

A majority of wooden boxes are built with either pressure-treated or untreated lumber which is the closest to natural wood. Before doing anything, you have to set it on a flat surface in a room for a few weeks first. This is to allow the wood to dry properly without exposing to moisture. As for treated lumber, it is infused with chemicals to resist deterioration due to boring insects, rot, and weather. You will need to be extra careful when cutting because the chemical preservations can be harmful.

Step 2: Apply Silicone Caulk

Wear disposable gloves before handling the silicone caulk to avoid skin contact which can be dangerous. Fill the silicone caulk into any cracks in the joints and wood to seal any possible holes. Use your finger (inside the glove) to drag the caulk along the space you applied to remove excess caulk. This also creates clean and neat lines when the caulk dries up. Let it sit for a couple of hours or even days until the caulk is completely dry.

Step 3: Apply Oil-Based Varnish

Follow the instructions when mixing the oil-based varnish, then use the paintbrush to apply it to the box. Apply the varnish to both inside and outside of the box, and make sure to wear your gloves when doing so. Add extra varnish around the drainage holes because it is where it comes into contact with water most. Keep applying until the wood stops absorbing the varnish. Then keep the wood wet with varnish for approximately 10 minutes before wiping off excess varnish with a cloth. Let the varnish cure for 24 hours once you have finished the cleanup.

Note: Use marine varnish if it is available because it can protect the wood against UV rays and it is waterproof.

Step 4: Sand The Box

After one day, it is time to sand the whole thing. Then re-apply the vanish a few more times, and let it sit 24 hours between each coat. This is to ensure long-term protection, and it lasts for years outside for you.


  • To properly place the wooden box, you should put it on a rack or similar form of ground protection. This is to keep the box from absorbing too much moisture from the ground after the rain. Even better, you can cover your wooden box to protect it from the sun and rain.
  • In case there is a wood-boring beetle infestation, there are some solutions for that in this video below

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