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All About Plant Watering Globes – Usage & Tips

Plant watering globes are what you need to get when you go on a long holiday and leave the plants at home. Many beginner potted plant owners often worry that their plants will die when they are on a long vacation. The awesome thing about these self-watering globes is that they are so convenient and easy to use. Always come in handy, and it could water your plants for weeks. We are going to discuss the plant watering globes usage and tips today, so check them out.

1. How Do Water Globes Work?

Water globes, aka aqua globes or watering bulbs, are glass bulbs with long and narrow spikes. The top shiny part stores water while the spikes feed the water to the soil in the pot of your plant. At the same time, they make gorgeous additions to your plants due to their pretty color and design. Water bulbs provide a slow and steady water supply for the plants with the water from their colorful globe.

When you fill your water globes with water, simply insert the spiky end into the soil. When the soil dries, it will emit oxygen into the globe through the spike. This will provoke the water to come out and slowly fill the soil to feed the plants with the water they need.

2. Watering Globe Types

When you search for watering globes, there will be so many colorful options pop up in the results. Among those hundreds of choices, there are only 3 main types that you will see. Each type is great in its own way, and the decision is all yours.

2.1. Glass

Glass watering globe comes in a variety of colors and even shapes that you can choose from. It does not always in a globe design, and that makes it super nice to have. The glass type is really pretty, especially the reflection when the sunlight shines on it. This type is stable, and it remains in place in the pot.

The only drawback would be the fact that it is fragile. It will break or crack if you drop or bump it into certain hard objects. So if you have clumsy hands like I do, you might want to consider a different alternative.

2.2. Plastic

For those who want to stay on the safe side, then plastic watering globes are what you should go for. This type is not only lightweight but also durable because it does not break or crack at all. More than that, most plastic watering globes come in a clear design so that you can easily check the water. That way, you know when you refill the water right away, which is so convenient. Since it is also super light, you can also use it with hanging plants which is a total plus.

It does have a drawback which is the difficulty in getting the dirt out due to the materials. The dirt seems to be stuck more, so cleaning may take some time.

2.3. Terracotta

Probably the newest type of plant watering globes, but terracotta watering globes are quite nice and popular. It is more of a stake design with a tiny end for water to flow into the soil. You can use a water container of different types like bottles, globes, and more with a terracotta watering bulb. This type is very unique, and it also comes with fun designs that add more tastes to your pots.

The best part is that it can handle plenty of water because you can use a large bottle with it. So if you have a big pot or a thirsty plant, this type is the one to go for. It does have a drawback because it will break if you drop it. However, you won’t need to remove it from the soil to refill the water. So the chance of breaking it is very low.

3. How Long Do Water Globes Last?

Usually, a water globe can last between 7 to 14 days, or longer depending on the size of the globe. Another factor that indicates its working duration is the pot’s drainage hole size, and of course, the weather. Remember that the draining and soil absorption rate differs in different plants, so some last longer while others are shorter. Because an indoor plant does not require daily watering, a water globe can last for weeks which is simply useful.

When you get a self-watering globe with a decent size, it can last for up to a few weeks. However, the duration may be shorter if the weather is hot and the soil dries out fast. So if you are on vacation for just a few weeks, you will come back to a happy plant. Just make sure that the watering bulbs for plants that you get are large enough so that they work well.

4. How To Choose A Water Globe

Choosing a good water globe relies on several factors that you have to have in mind when buying one. It is not only about the looks but also the size and the type of your plants. There are certain indoor plants that need stable watering habits, so picking a self-watering globe for them can be challenging.

When buying a plant watering globe, you want to check if it works well with your plant and soil type. For example, a water globe can last for 2 weeks for certain plant sizes or soil types. If that matches what you have, then you can trust that it will work for 2 weeks for you. In case your soil type is different, then the working duration could be longer or shorter.

5. How To Use Watering Globes

You probably think it is so simple since you can just insert the spike into the soil, and that’s it. This is partially correct, but there are a few steps that you should follow for the proper use of watering globes:

  • Only fill the globe with two-third of water so that there is room for the oxygen to get in. If you completely fill the globe, then the water is not likely to come out.
  • Although it comes with a spike, you will still need to use your finger to create a small hole. This is to ensure that the soil does not get in the spike and block the water from coming out. Select an angle in the soil and use your finger to make a small hole for the spike.
  • Gently and slowly push the spike into the soil, and make sure it stays in the center of the soil. Not too far deep in the soil and not too shallow on the surface.

Note: Cleaning a watering globe can be a little difficult, but you have to do it regularly. When you remove it from the soil to refill the water, use a toothpick to clean the soil from the spike. Then you may add the water and put it back into the soil.

6. Watering Bulbs Benefits

Before you get watering bulbs for plants, you might want to know all the benefits that they provide. That way, you also know how to use them for the right purposes for your plants as well. So below are some of the advantages of using plant watering globes:

  • There are times when you are so busy with work and forget to check the plants. A globe is like the watering bowl that your plant can get water from when the soil gets dry. That way, the plants won’t experience drooping, yellowing, or other problems at all.
  • During hot summer days, the soil can dry fast. When you are too busy to check, the plant can wilt when there is not enough water in the soil. With watering globes, they will simply provide soil moisture so that the plant remains healthy.
  • Self-watering globes come in many attractive designs that you can choose from. Besides providing sufficient water to your plants, they also look great on the pot, which is a total plus. Since there are so many colors available, you can take pot decorations to another nice level.

7. Plant Watering Globes – FAQs:

7.1. How to unclog a watering globe?

A clogged water globe is one of the most common issues that many users have experienced. Because the opening can be tiny if the watering globe is small, getting the dirt out can be quite difficult. When this happens, use a toothpick or a strong water pressure to remove the soil from the neck or spike.

To prevent it from happening again, make sure to use a small stick to poke a hole in the soil first. A pencil or even your finger will do as long as there is not too much dirt for the spike to go through. That way, there won’t be soil in the way that can cause clogging again when you insert it back.

7.2. Can watering globes over water?

One of the main purposes of a watering globe is to provide slow and steady watering for the plants. The neck or stem of the globe is so small it can never overwater your plants. Its job is to offer water to the plant and soil when it gets dry, and that is it.

7.3. Are watering globes good for succulents?

Succulents do not require a lot of water, and they prefer to be on the dry and warm side. With that being said, a self-watering globe will do more harm than good to the succulents. A succulent can survive and actually enjoy dry soil but the watering globe tends to keep the soil moist. So that can lead to root rot due to the excessive amount of water. If you are using a watering globe for your succulents, you should change this routine. You may still use it as an ornament without refilling the water to keep the pot looking nice.


Plant watering globes are very beneficial for so many reasons, and having one for the plant is nice. Some probably think the sparkly globes are just for show, but they do much more than that. So even if you are not always away on vacation, you should still have a watering globe for your plant.

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