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Trampoline Weight Limit: Things To Know About Trampolines

You have probably seen many videos of people jumping on trampolines, then went straight to the ground instead of bouncing back. This is what happens if you use the trampoline in the wrong way, and it can be very dangerous. Even if these things are made for jumping on, trampoline weight limit is still one of the key factors to consider. We are going to discuss some important things about trampolines that you should know about below.

What Is Trampoline Weight Limit?

A trampoline weight limit refers to the maximum weight capacity that a trampoline can handle. Each trampoline comes with a weight limit in the description, and many people actually overlook this part. Some people think that a big trampoline can hold more people, but things don’t really work like that. The only way to know how many people a trampoline can support is by reading the weight limit. If a trampoline has a 500lbs weight limit, then it is only suitable for around 3 people. As long as their weight combined does not exceed the weight limit, then the trampoline will be able to support them.

Why Do Trampolines Have Weight Limit?

Because like many other things, it cannot support everything you throw on it. The weight limit of a trampoline lets you know the amount of weight that it can handle when people are jumping. It also helps to avoid damages or injuries resulting from overloading when you are aware of the maximum weight. Another reason that a trampoline has a weight limit is to ensure the best performance. When the jumping pressure and weight are what they can carry, its bouncing motion is also good and satisfying. If the trampoline is too heavy, jumping on it is not that fun either.

The best way to get a trampoline is to choose the ones that can hold as heavy as possible. It could be quite costly, but at least you know a few adults can safely jump on it. The advice is to always go for the biggest trampolines that you can get, even for kids. Children will grow up, and jumping on a trampoline is a fun activity that people enjoy doing. Don’t worry if your investment will go to waste because it will not.

Factors That Define Weight Limit Of A Trampoline

A trampoline weight limit is determined by the materials that it is made of. Along with those, there are also a few important key factors that make a trampoline has a reliable weight limit. Not all trampolines work the same, and choosing the right trampoline requires you to consider a few things. There are trampolines for casual use, home use, or professional training available on the market. The basic things to pay close attention to in a trampoline are:

1. Legs

All legs that a trampoline comes with play a crucial part in supporting the whole unit. At the same time, they also determine the amount of weight that a trampoline can support the jumpers. The best trampoline legs should be durable, heavy-duty, and sturdy enough to handle all the bounces. That is not all, they should be resistant to UV and weather so that they don’t rust easily. The stronger the legs, the more supportive the trampoline. And this is why the legs are one of the most important components of a trampoline.

2. Materials

The combination of high-quality materials makes a trampoline durable and supportive while increasing a more safe performance for users. Simply put, poor-quality materials also mean a trampoline is not going to last for long. If you want a tough trampoline with a reliable weight limit, focus on the 3 materials below.

  • Frames: The frame of a trampoline defines the shape and size along with the stability of a trampoline. The more durable the frame means the more weight it can support. If the frame fails, the whole trampoline will also fail. You want a trampoline to have a bulky and durable frame so that its weight limit is higher.
  • Jumping Mat: One of the important components of a trampoline is the jumping mat. A durable and heavy-duty jumping mat can support jumpers without being torn easily. When you buy a trampoline, make sure that the jumping mat is UV-resistant and water-resistant to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Springs: Bungee cords or springs are the stars of a trampoline because they are responsible for the bouncing motion. When there are many bungee cords or springs, the trampoline’s bouncing and weight capacity also increase.

3. Shape

People often go for a round trampoline because it is the most common shape that they come across. However, you should get a rectangular trampoline if you want a trampoline with more weight limits. Rectangular trampolines can carry more loads than round ones, and they have plenty of room for jumpers. So even if a few people are jumping together, the chances of clashing are lower than in a round trampoline. On top of that, oval trampolines are also the shape to take into consideration. A medium and large oval trampoline has a maximum weight limit of around 500lbs which is quite a lot as well.

4. Size

Obviously, size also defines the weight limit of a trampoline although there are exceptional cases. There are smaller trampolines these days that can support the weight of 2 people that you can find. Normally, a 12-feet trampoline can hold between 250 to 300 pounds in weight which is great for adults. As for the medium-size 14-feet trampoline, it can support up to 400 pounds or even more. A larger trampoline whose size is up to 15 or 16 feet can handle up to 450 pounds of weight. It sounds like the bigger the trampoline means the more weight it can support, but it is not like that every time. Don’t trust the size, always make sure to check the weight limit so that you know how much weight it can support.

What Happens If You Exceed A Trampoline Weight Limit?

Let’s say everyone is trying to have fun together, thinking one more person won’t be a problem while overloading the trampoline. When you exceed a trampoline weight limit, you will be injured by falling off or getting stuck between the spring. In other cases, you will just pierce through the jumping mat due to the jumping pressure. The worst-case scenario would be resulting in severe injuries along with full damage to the trampoline. To avoid any incidents, everyone should wait for their turn to jump so that nothing serious will happen.

How Much Weight Can A Trampoline Hold?

Depending on the brand that the trampoline comes from, their maximum weight limit may vary. To make this easy to understand, I am going to list down some good brands for you to compare. Each brand below is common and popular among consumers, and maybe you will like one of them.

1. CalmMax

  • Brand: CalmMax
  • Size: 12 – 16 feet
  • Weight Limit: 400lbs

CalmMax is one of the latest brands that provide durable and high-quality trampolines of different size options. All materials in the trampolines from this brand are durable, supportive, and tough to ensure quality and performance. Even better, all trampolines from CalmMax come with a safety net in the set. The package has everything you need for your trampolines and the safety of everyone. Many users actually like this new brand a lot, and you might find it interesting too.

2. Giantex

  • Brand: Giantex
  • Size: 8 – 16 feet
  • Weight Limit: 375lbs

This is a brand that you can trust when it comes to excellent-quality products for daily activities. Giantex trampolines are durable and stable, but their weight limit is lower than the previous brand while both are 16 feet. The unique thing is that parents choose to buy trampolines from this brand for their kids instead. However, young adults also like Giantex trampolines because they are durable and sturdy to jump on and do tricks. One of its special features is being quiet, jumpers won’t hear the squeaky noise from the spring at all. This is another reason why this brand is among the most famous options for trampolines.

3. Skywalker

  • Brand: Skywalker
  • Size: 12 feet
  • Weight Limit: 138.23lbs

Here is a good example of “size doesn’t matter” in trampolines. While most 12-feet trampolines out there can hold up to at least 200lbs, this one has a weight limit of 138.23lbs. Simply put, it is more like a durable and large trampoline for kids to play inside. When you overlook the weight limit when you come across a trampoline like this, it will not turn out well. Skywalker actually provides larger trampolines with more weight limits, but this option proves my point a lot. Because you may see many more big trampolines with less weight limit like this, you should always check the details.

4. Sportspower

  • Brand: Sportspower
  • Size: 15 feet
  • Weight Limit: 220lbs

Similar to Skywalker, this Sportspower trampoline also comes in a large size with a lower weight limit. The thing is that it clearly states in the description that this trampoline is safe for children to jump and play. This is also another thing that you should have in mind when you want to buy a trampoline. Check whether or not it is ideal for adults or teens because you might end up getting a trampoline for kids. Weight limit aside, this option is among the most popular trampolines because of its affordable price and durable quality. In case you want a sturdy trampoline for kids that is not too pricey, you might want to consider this one.

5. Zupapa

  • Brand: Zupapa
  • Size: 8 – 15 feet
  • Weight Limit: 425lbs

As one of the best trampolines to have, Zupapa offers amazing trampolines with incredible weight limits that many people like. Since it is the 2021 upgrade, this model also comes with many cool features to exceed your requirements. It has durable and heavy-duty frames along with a unique no-gap design for a safer performance. The best part is that its weight limit can support up to 3 fit adults or several kids. A trampoline that is this good should be expensive, but its price is lower than a thousand dollars. No doubt why Zupapa is among the most famous trampoline brands that hundreds of users recommend.

Important: You might come across a trampoline that can claim to hold up to 1000lbs somewhere on the internet. I did my research, and I confirm that a majority of those don’t really offer things like what they said. By 1000lbs weight limit, it refers to the amount of support that it can handle kids’ weights, not adults. This type of trampoline works great even if several kids are jumping at the same time. It does not apply to teens or young adults who want to have a trampoline jumping party. If you want to try, don’t hold your hopes too high with a 1000lbs weight limit trampoline.

Trampoline Safety Facts You Should Know

  • A few people can actually stand on the trampoline together even it exceeds the weight limit a little. Most of the time, a trampoline weight limit refers to the loading capacity of people who are jumping on it.
  • People are injured when there are multiple people jumping at the same time. When that occurs, jumpers often try to avoid bumping at each other and lose balance. That is when some fall, get their fingers or legs stuck in the springs, etc.
  • Most trampoline injuries are cuts or sprains resulting from impacts caused by the mat or springs. A majority of serious injuries are only fractures, and broken bones are very rare.
  • To safely use a trampoline, you should assemble the safety net properly around the trampoline. Whether or not the users are adults or kids, people can get carried away and want to keep going higher.


Trampolines are very beneficial to health, and it is a great exercise for kids as well as adults. With a trampoline outdoor, you won’t have to worry that your kids will be bored at home at all. Also, it is a great and ideal activity for energetic children because the fun that the trampolines offer is endless. Just make sure that you check the weight limit along with other important features for long-lasting performance, quality, and safety.

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