How To DIY Lawn Striper? – Steps and Pro Tips

A lawn striper is an important piece of machinery that results in a striped. It seeks appearance that is usually found in football fields and golf courses. The grass looks as if there are two different kinds of grass growing but it’s the magic of a lawn striper. You can get a lawn striping kit if you wish to, but you can have the same wonderful striped field without spending that amount of money. Wanna know-how, then all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned in this article to make your very own DIY lawn striper.

How Does A Lawn Striper Work?

A perfectly striped lawn creates an illusion of two different kinds of grass grown together or grass cut at different lengths, and that looks absolutely wonderful. Honestly, this look is not very different to achieve on your lawn. A lawn striping kit or the simple DIY that we’ll show in the article is all that’s needed.

When you mow the lawn by bending the grass in one direction, it creates an illusion of different colored grass when the sunlight hits on it. You can also mow your lawn in a particular direction to achieve a striped look but using a lawn striper will be more effective.

DIYing A Lawn Striper

The first thing you have to do is measure the width of your land mower. Using a measuring tape is the easiest way to get this done. While measuring, make sure you go from the outside of one wheel to the outside of the other.

Step 2: Grab a PVC and Drill Two Holes

Now, grab a PVC and cut a piece the same length as the width of your land mower.  After that, two holes must be drilled in the end caps such that the PVC is able to fit well. Take the PVC from the outer side to the inward placing bolts along with washers on them and finally attach them with nuts on the inside.

Step 3: Fill the PVC with Some Sand

Combine any one of the end caps to the PVC and fill it up with some sand. After you are done with filling the PVC, attach the other end cup as well. For the next step, you’ll need a few pieces of rope. Make sure the rope is sufficient to tie the PVC to your lawnmower. When you get hold of a strong and long rope, tie the PVC to the mower using it. Tie the rope to the bolts that have earlier been attached to the end of the PVC. Then bring the rope together at the hitch which is at the backside of your lawnmower.

Your homemade lawn striper is all done and ready to get to work. As you start mowing your lawn, the PVC filled with sand will be dragged behind you. The weight will cause the grass to be smoothed down equally. If you find yourself in a situation with a PVC, you can make a lawn striper by attaching a rubber mat to the lawnmower or just break the handle rod of a mop and attach it. Any object that has weight and is capable of equally smoothing the grass out will work. There’s a ton of options so you should have one of the objects to make this idea work.

A Few Pro Tips

You’ll find striping to be effective when the grass has grown a little longer than you’d like it. When the grass is long, the sun will have more space to reflect off the blades which create more difference from the dark to the light area. Also, remember to keep the line as straight as possible. Keeping all the grass bend in one direction makes it look a lot better so pay attention to that.