15+ Best Indoor Types Of Cactus Plants With Images

Once you get into the succulent world, you definitely wonder what the different types of cactus are. I had the same questions before and I am here today to give you the answers. When searching, you will come across so many types of cacti that you can choose from to grow. These hardy plants are … Read more

Guide On How To Get Rid Of Mold On Plant Soil

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Snow Queen Pothos: Caring & Growing Tips

Snow queen pothos is one of the best indoor plants that I often recommend for those who want to start small. These pothos plants are durable yet inexpensive, and they are very easy to take care of. Even better, snow queen pothos makes amazing air purifiers so you can have a whole collection of these … Read more

Bamboo Care: Why Is My Bamboo Turning Yellow?

Bamboo is pretty when its leaves are bright green, but it can be a problem when the leaves turn yellow. No matter if you have it in the garden or room, this can be a concerning problem. Healthy bamboo has dazzling leaves and hollow stems, and you can make them look like that with proper … Read more

Soil Mites: How to Get Rid of Soil Mites?

As soon as you have entered an area of soil, mites are among the first things that hit thought. But it is quite a challenge to spot and view a soil mite. They are very tiny and are close to the color of the soil which adds to the difficulty. If you are new to … Read more

An Ultimate Guide To Sod Cutter

If you’re someone that’s completely new to sod cutters and lawns, here’s a simple and quick explanation. The area that you are going to be converting into a lawn has to be prepared before the installation of sod and a sod cutter is an important tool in carrying out this process. Want to know more … Read more

How To DIY Lawn Striper? – Steps and Pro Tips

A lawn striper is an important piece of machinery that results in a striped. It seeks appearance that is usually found in football fields and golf courses. The grass looks as if there are two different kinds of grass growing but it’s the magic of a lawn striper. You can get a lawn striping kit … Read more

Manjula Pothos Plant: Complete Care Guide & Tips

Manjula pothos plants are irresistible due to their gorgeous heart-shaped green leaves with a mix of variegated foliage. Just the perfect pothos plants for the trendy era of indoor plants that people are having these days. This pothos is a tropical evergreen perennial that you can grow indoor since it is very easy to care … Read more