5 Best Outdoor Fog Machines & Buyer’s Guide

Outdoor fog machines make outdoor photo and video shooting so much more artistic and inventive. Besides these, you can also use outdoor fog machines for outdoor and indoor events like Halloween and more as well. So if you are looking for one, feel free to choose among the 5 best outdoor fog machines below. I make sure to pick just the high-quality outdoor fog machines, so let’s take a look at my list today.

The Best Outdoor Fog Machines List

#5. 2-In-1 Automatic Spray Smoke Machine

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Product’s Specs:

  • By: AGPTEK
  • Width: 6.73 inches
  • Length: 10.31 inches
  • Usability: automatically spray colorful non-toxic fog with colorful lighting effects

Here we have a super cool fog machine that you can use both indoor and outdoor. The special thing about this machine is that you can use as either a wired or a wireless fog machine. Whichever type, it always sprays high-quality fog just the way you want it to. Thanks to its automatic pray function, the machine will automatically spray after it takes a few minutes for pre-heating. You won’t have to monitor it at all, just pour the atomized liquid into the water tank and let it work. There is an “auto fog” button that you can press to work automatically, simple as that. The fog that it produces is non-toxic at a range of up to 9 feet for around 40 seconds.

As for the lights, there are several colors that you can manage using the remote control. At the same time, there are also special effects such as fade, flash, smooth, and strobe for you to choose from. On top of that, fog and light can work separately which allows for a wide range of lighting effects. This simply provides various settings for different occasions such as parties, stage performances, and more. There are 3 remote controls that you can control the lighting effects and the machine. It comes in 2 colors that you can choose from between black and white. Great price with amazing quality, so don’t overlook this awesome option.

Reasons To Purchase:

  • Compact and portable
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Non-toxic fog with auto fog function
  • Colorful LED light effects with different modes
  • Single and separate operation with 3 remote controls

#4. Wireless Fog Machine With Remote Control

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Product’s Specs:

  • By: Sunolga
  • Width: 6.75 inches
  • Length: 10.75 inches
  • Usability: creates heavy and powerful fog with bright LED colors and light effects

For those who look for the best outdoor fog machines with several RGB light effects, you are looking at one now. This wireless fog machine right here offers up to 12 colors that you can easily switch using the remote control. At the same time, there are 6 stage LED lights which is a total plus. Along with that, there are 3 special effects for the lights, including fade, flash, and jump. The combination of LED lights and special effects makes the fog and smoke look even cooler. You can use it both indoor and outdoor, and its performance and quality are equally incredible.

That is not all. The durability of this outdoor fog machine is also second to none. The exterior of the machine features the construction from aluminum which is durable enough to provide even heat dissipation. My favorite part is the fact that it produces non-toxic and thin fog that is long-lasting and unscented. This simply takes the foggy atmosphere to a whole new level, along with safety for people at the parties. It even comes with a carrying handle that you can conveniently and easily move from one place to another. An outdoor fog machine that is reliable and safe like this is one of a kind to take into consideration.

Reasons To Purchase:

  • Durable, reliable, and safe to use
  • Compact and portable with a carrying handle
  • Easy wireless remote control within 39 feet range
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in all settings
  • 6 stage LED lights with 12 adjustable colors and 3 special effects

#3. Outdoor Fog Machine With Fast Operation

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Product’s Specs:

  • By: Theefun
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Length: 9.9 inches
  • Usability: powerful fog with LED lights and effects

While most fog machines need a few minutes for pre-heating, this one does not do that at all. The unique thing about this machine is that it comes with a built-in heat generator that takes around 45 seconds to warm up. In less than a minute, the odorless and powerful smoke will come out from the machine for you. Another awesome thing about this machine is that it produces smoke at 2500 CFM (cubic feet per minute). You will get the fog for almost 10 feet of distance which is so powerful to use. Plus, with the compact size, bringing it along with you to places is also very convenient.

What about the color and lighting effects? There are 7 colors in total along with 6 LED lights that shine so bright to accommodate the cool fog. At the same time, it does not heat up easily at all to ensure a long and safe operation. Even better, it will automatically shut off in case it overheats to ensure the safest performance possible. This outdoor fog machine is also durable thanks to the aluminum construction which is great for long-term use. It has everything the best outdoor fog machines should, so let’s see if you find this option interesting.
Reasons To Purchase:

  • Odorless and powerful fog
  • Convenient, easy, and safe to use
  • Durable build and portable design
  • Fast warm up with automatic power off
  • Multiple colors with LED lighting modes

#2. Mini Fog Machine With Powerful Smoke

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Product’s Specs:

  • By: Fansteck
  • Width: 4.72 inches
  • Length: 8.66 inches
  • Usability: produces non-toxic smoke with adjustable colors and effects

Looking small and all, this mini fog machine is actually very powerful when it comes to smoke production. Just give it a few minutes to warm up, and it will shoot fog at an output of 2500 CFM. Along with that, the fog goes as far as 16 feet at a volume distance which is incredible. Also, the fog is non-toxic and safe while the tank is large enough for a long fog production for your events. You can easily control the operation of this small fog machine using a remote from a distance which is so convenient.

Since it is so versatile, you can use it for a wide variety of events. There are 3 stages LED lights with 12 adjustable colors and 4 special effects, including fade, flash, smooth, and strobe. With all these, there are no parties that this fog machine cannot join. The compact size is one thing, its durability design from aluminum is another important thing. It is durable enough to handle daily heat dissipation for a long-lasting performance just the way you like. Not to mention that it is safe to use with the automatic shut-off function, this machine is perfect.
Reasons To Purchase:

  • Compact and durable body
  • Fast and huge output at a long distance
  • Multiple colors, LED lights, and special effects
  • Lightweight and portable with a carrying handle
  • Odorless and powerful fog production with a remote control

#1. Rapid Warm-Up Outdoor Fog Machine

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Product’s Specs:

  • By: JDR
  • Width: 5.1 inches
  • Length: 9.5 inches
  • Usability: produces fog for both indoor and outdoor use

When it comes to the fastest warm-up fog machine, this is the one. All it needs is a few minutes for the first warm-up, and it will be twice faster the next time. This one is among the best because it is equipped with an advanced electronic thermostat control system and special piping technology. Just wait for around 30 seconds, and the machine will start spraying fog at a large and powerful output right away. You can control this machine within a radius of 54 yards which is so far. Even the wired controller is also convenient since it provides up to over 9 feet in length.

Another thing that I like about this fog machine is the fact that its LED light and smoke work separately. You can turn the light on or off while keeping the fog on and vice versa which is so convenient. Speaking of light, its LED light comes with a unique mix of light colors. The only drawback is that you cannot change or choose a single color for the light at all. Besides this, everything is all good with this fog machine. It is durable and easy to use, and hundreds of users enjoy the performance that it delivers. If you don’t mind the lighting effect, then this can be your next favorite outdoor fog machine.
Reasons To Purchase:

  • Easy and versatile to use
  • Fast warm-up with powerful spraying
  • Compact size with portable carrying handle
  • Long-range remote control and long wired controller
  • Durable aluminum and iron body with better heat dissipation

Things To Consider Before Buying Outdoor Fog Machines

A few important elements together make an outdoor fog machine perfect, and we are going to discuss them all below. You want to make sure that your outdoor fog machine is as functional as possible for the nest using experience. Here are a few things to have in mind when you look for the best outdoor fog machines.


Because you are going to bring it along with you to various places, you want it to be very durable. A good outdoor fog machine should come with construction from high-quality and tough materials to ensure long-lasting performance. One of the best materials that you look for in the body of outdoor fog machines is aluminum. This material is not only durable but also better at heat dissipation to prevent overheating. When the machine does not overheat, its lifespan will last longer which you can use for years to come. Not to mention that aluminum is also lightweight, it also makes portability convenient for you.

Easy Use

Always look for remote control when you shop for an outdoor fog machine because it makes the operations extra easy. With a remote control, you will be able to control its work with a simple press of the buttons. On top of that, a wireless control makes things more convenient since you can manage things from a distance. Don’t forget to check the range that you can use the remote control, the further the range is the better.

Light Effects

Producing fog is one thing, but LED and light effects are other important things to have in mind. You want your fog and smoke to look as amazing and cool as possible, and light effects can provide that. So if you use fog machines for various settings, then choose the ones with the most light effects. There are should be several light colors along with different speeds such as fade, flash, smooth, strobe, etc. Usually, you can control those effects with a remote control which is so convenient. With both awesome lights and special effects, your outdoor fog machines will make everything even more lively and vibrant.


When it comes to portability, the important components that you have to consider are handle, size, and weight. Look for an outdoor fog machine with a carrying handle so that you can easily bring it along with you. At the same time, make sure that it is compact and lightweight enough to move from one place to another. Usually, a fog machine does not come in any form of bag or container. So you want it to be compact enough to fit in a box for transportation if need be. When it is portable, all parties that you host will be super dope every single time.


Heating up is inevitable in a machine like this which is safety is very important. Find an outdoor fog machine that automatically powers off if it overheats for a safe operation. Along with that, make sure that it produces long-lasting, non-toxic, and unscented fog for safe use for people around. You wouldn’t want people at the parties to inhale toxic fog from the machine, so don’t forget this part. Look for several certifications, simple as that.

Final Words

Outdoor fog machines are very versatile since you can use them in various events and occasions outside. The great thing about them is that many options are affordable for home use also. That way, you can always make your parties more radiant with style at a minimum expense. Hopefully, the recommendations above are helpful and useful for you.