5 Best Outdoor Grow Tents Review With Buying Guide

Turning your empty space into an aromatic field of cannabis or a healthy bed for leafy greens is easy with outdoor grow tents. The special feature about outdoor grow tents is that they help to create optimal growing environments for all of your edibles. Along with that, they also help to protect your plants from emergency and unpredictable situations as well. Plus, with the protection from pests, outdoor grow tents are quite beneficial to have. To make things easier for you, I scoured the internet and found the 5 best outdoor grow tents to recommend below

1. The List of Best Outdoor Grow Tents

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#5. Walk-In Outdoor Grow Tent With Shelves

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Product’s Specs:

  • By: Ohuhu
  • Width: 28.7 inches
  • Length: 56.3 inches
  • Usability: spacious space for flowers growing, plant growing, and seedlings

When it comes to the best outdoor grow tents, you should always consider the walk-in version like this one here. The first thing that you get is the easy arrangement with a neat organization in the tent. With up to 6 wired shelves, 3 of them on each side, placing the containers of your edibles is convenient. All shelves are durable and sturdy, and each of them can support up to 18lbs in weight. Thanks to the construction from the high-quality materials, the shelves are also heavy-duty and rust-resistant. Another thing that I like about the shelves is the space between each tier that allows for growth and ventilation. This is to ensure that your edibles don’t cramp so that they are able to flourish and grow healthily. Speaking of space, there is also space available for you to walk in and care for your plants.

As a walk-in tent, there is a zipper door that you can easily roll up for access within seconds. The zipper is durable and strong, and it is heavy-duty enough to last for years to come. Along with that, the entire tent is made from durable PE material with grid lines for an easy view and proper air circulation. Plus, with the strong metal frame, the whole tent is so sturdy and tough to have. The best part is that you can leave this grow tent outdoor with zero worries about any unexpected conditions. Should there be a strong wind, there are pegs and ropes along with extending legs that you can place stones on for stability. On top of that, you can also add weight to the bottom shelves to ensure that everything is safe. With all features together, I have every reason to highly recommend this option.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Sturdy and supportive wired shelves
  • Heavy-duty and rust-resistant metal frame
  • Large zipper door with 2 velcro side windows
  • Durable and stable structure even in strong winds
  • Antioxidant, UV-resistant, and waterproof materials


  • The stitching quality could be better

#4. Portable Walk-In Instant Pop-Up Outdoor Grow Tent

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Product’s Specs:

Here we have another walk-in outdoor grow tent but without shelves, a different design that you might like. Because there are no shelves, you can add more plants on the ground while being able to move them around easily. At the same time, changing the location of the tent is also convenient and fast because there are no shelves. In case you want to add some shelves, that is very easy because the floor space is 6’x4′, which is roomy. With or without the shelves, the ventilation in the tent is adequate, while the mesh walls bring in proper sunlight. There is a zipper door and two windows that you can roll up all the way. That way, you can easily access the tent and allow air and light to the edibles inside within seconds.

As for installation, the process is rather easy and fast since it takes just minutes to put together. All you need is to follow 3 steps, and you will get an outdoor grow tent for your cannabis right away. My favorite part about the setup is the adjustable steel legs that you can easily customize for more head room. These steel legs are not only adjustable but also durable and strong which is sturdy enough to remain in place. You will also get ropes and stakes for more stability in case there are strong winds in the area. The tent itself is made from high-quality PE material that is UV-resistant and water-resistant for additional protection to the plants. This outdoor grow tent comes with 3 different size options that you can choose from, and the choice is all yours.

Reasons To Buy

  • Fast and tool-free installation
  • Collapsible and portable design
  • Large space with mesh fabric walls
  • UV-resistant and water-resistant fabric
  • Durable and sturdy frames with adjustable heights
  • Rigid and tough quality to endure outdoor conditions


  • The cover could be more durable and protective

#3. Portable Mini Outdoor Grow Tent With Shelves

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Product’s Specs:

  • By: Nova Microdermabrasion
  • Width: 19 inches
  • Length: 27.25 inches
  • Usability: mini greenhouse for flowers, plants, and seedlings

In case you don’t want to go big, then this mini outdoor grow tent could be your next favorite. It comes in a compact size that you can easily fit into any available space that you have. Despite the size, it offers up to 4 shelves that you can plant your edibles with ease. I would say the space is a little tight for cannabis, but the shelves are removable, so you can always make room. All shelves are durable and heavy-duty enough to support pots and trays, with powder coating to prevent rust. Access to your plants is very convenient since the zipper door takes just seconds to roll up. Plus, with the screened walls, you can easily see your plants without having to use the door. This wall design also provides proper sunlight and ventilation that the edibles need for healthy growth.

Another special thing that I like about its compact design is its portability. You can easily move it around or fold it into its storage bag for transportation which is so convenient. The whole tent is easy to set up and takedown, and you don’t need any tools at all. You will also get an instruction sheet in the package to follow, and the installation takes just minutes. As one of the best outdoor grow tents, you can use it pretty much anywhere. From balcony and deck to lawn and patio, this tent is ideal for them all. And this size also makes it perfect to have indoor if you like, and its quality will not let you down. Affordable price with high quality, this is clearly the grow tent that you should take into consideration.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy tool-free assembly
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Compact, foldable, lightweight, and portable
  • >Durable and sturdy shelves with powder coating
  • PE material design with non-woven fabric cover
  • Mesh design for proper air circulation and sunlight


  • It blows over easily in strong winds

#2. All-Season Mini Grow Tent With Wheels

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Product’s Specs:

  • By: Home-Complete
  • Width: 16 inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Usability: shelves for growing flowers, herbs, plants, seedlings, etc. in any season

If we talk about the best grow tents for both indoor and outdoor, this one ticks all the boxes. First of all, there are 4 spacious tiers that provide generous room for the pots. Each shelf can hold up to 24lbs in weight, and you can put pretty much anything on it. You can use all shelves for your edibles or plant different greens on each tier just the way you like. Plus, with the sturdy tubular steel frame, the whole unit is absolutely durable and sturdy. No matter what you grow, this mini grow tent can handle them all for you. More than that, it comes with a clear PVC cover that protects your plants from harsh elements and pests. This is to provide safety to ensure just the healthiest growth possible for your cannabis and plants.

The most satisfying thing you get is definitely the portability that this incredible grow tent offers. There are locking wheels underneath the unit that you can easily move around from one place to another. Because of its versatility, this grow tent is perfect for all seasons throughout the year. This also means you can grow anything you like since you can also move it inside and outside with ease. The whole thing is very easy to assemble, and you don’t need to have any tools at all. I like the fact that this grow tent is perfect for not only cannabis but also for other plants. Not to mention the inexpensive price, this is definitely one of the best outdoor grow tents that you will love. Many users love it, and I am sure you will find this awesome tent interesting as well.

Reasons To Buy

  • Durable and sturdy shelves
  • Compact size with spacious room
  • Locking wheels for easy portability
  • Ideal for all plant types and seasons
  • Versatile design for indoor and outdoor use
  • Clear PVC cover included for additional protection


  • There is no mesh for ventilation

#1. All-Season Walk-In Greenhouse Grow Tent

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Product’s Specs:

  • By: Home-Complete
  • Width: 56.3 inches
  • Length: 56.3 inches
  • Usability: for all-season flower growing, herb growing, plant growing, and seedlings

Looks exactly like the previous one but larger; this is a greenhouse that is suitable for large-scale cannabis growing. This outdoor grow tent comes with 8 sturdy shelves that are durable enough to hold any plants for you. The special part about the shelves is that they are all in a neat arrangement. This is to ensure that each and every plant has room to grow while receiving proper air and light. Don’t worry if it gets cold in winter because this greenhouse also comes with a clear PVC cover. This cover protects your edibles and other seedlings from frost as well as pests for the healthiest growth possible. You can trust that anything you grow inside this tent will flourish regardless of the seasons and weather conditions.

Thanks to its large size, you can get into the tent to check and water your plants conveniently. Along with that, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, including the backyard, deck, patio, and more. While it is quite large, assembly is rather easy and quick which is convenient even for beginners. There are instructions that you can follow, and you don’t need any tools to set up this tent at all. The package also includes anchors and ropes that you can use for more stability in case of strong winds. This is a heavy-duty grow tent with performance and quality that you can trust. Thousands of users highly recommend this option, and it is worth every cent that you invest in it.

Reasons To Buy

  • Large and roomy space
  • Simple and tool-free assembly with guide
  • Sturdy shelves with zip ties to prevent tipping
  • Versatile design for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Durable alloy steel frame with protective PVC cover
  • Anchors and ropes are included for stability in strong winds


  • The cover has a strong smell at first

2. Outdoor Grow Tent Buyer’s Guide

With or without the recommendations, you still should know the important features of the best outdoor grow tents. That way, you will be able to choose the right options from any source that you come across. This is why this buyer’s guide is here to let you know what to have in mind when buying them. Just a few simple features, so feel free to check them out below.

2.1. Durability

No matter what you buy, durability is one of the first things that you should look for. Because you are going to use the tent outdoor, you want to make sure that it is tough. That way, it will be able to endure all harsh conditions while protecting your plants at the same time. The best outdoor grow tent should be resistant to UV light, water, and other minor objects. Along with that, it should be stable and sturdy enough to withstand strong winds if there are any. Select the tent with durable metal frames so that it stands its ground despite the gusting wind. When the structure is reliable, then your plants will be safe from outdoor elements. Once you trust that the tent is durable, you can move on to the next important features.

2.2. Levels & Racks

Things are simple with levels and racks; the bigger the tent means more levels and racks you will get. This is actually also very important because it defines the available space that you get for your plants. When buying an outdoor grow tent, you want to choose the ones with spacious shelves. Make sure that the shelves are large enough for your pots or containers. At the same time, you want the level to have a great distance or at least decent between each tier. That way, all plants won’t cramp with each other which may result in poor growth. You can always start small and expand the collection later when you want to buy more plants. If you know that you want to plant plenty of pots, then go for the ones with many levels and shelves.

2.3. Material

The material of the tent defines its performance and quality, and this is why you should have that in mind. Always make sure that the frames are steel so that they are durable, sturdy, and supportive. As for the walls, you want them to be from PE or PVC materials because they are long-lasting and safe. It is advisable to go for a tent with a mesh wall design so that there is proper air circulation. Another important part that you should not overlook is the rack or shelf that the tent comes with. The material of the shelves should be durable and supportive so that they can handle all plants on top of it. Lastly, make sure that the materials are non-toxic even under the sun to ensure safety for your plants inside.

2.4. Setup

The best outdoor grow tents have to be easy to assemble and take down so that everyone can conveniently use them. There are a few things that define easy setup such as included instruction, simple steps, and of course, tool-free assembly. It is even better if the tent that you choose has all three because the installation will take just minutes. Easy setup also makes it extra convenient for those who plant edibles seasonally and for beginners. No one wants to spend more than 30 minutes just to set up a grow tent, so don’t forget this part.

2.5. Size

Shelves alone are not enough; you also want some walking room in the tent as well. The size of an outdoor grow tent should be large enough to accommodate all plants inside with extra space. That way, you are able to check and water the plants with convenient movements without knocking things off. Another important aspect of a grow tent size is that it allows for proper ventilation without suffocating the plants inside. You want to make sure that the tent is large enough for all of your plants while not being too bulky. And if you don’t want to grow too many plants, then a compact tent will totally do.

2.6. Type

All the outdoor grow tents you’ve seen from the recommendations above are walk-ins, but there is another type; grounded. So walk-in grow tents works like a greenhouse where you can walk in and take care of your plants. Meanwhile, grounded grow tents are smaller with the function to keep the plants on the ground. The first type is ideal for those who prefer to plant their edibles in pots and place them on shelves. As for the second type, it simply protects plants that you grow on the ground from harsh elements and pests. You should definitely go for walk-ins if you plant cannabis because they are more convenient and flexible to use. This type also offers more room for the plants to grow healthily which is a total plus.

2.7. Zipper

Many people often overlook the quality of the zipper when they purchase an outdoor grow tent. You don’t want the zipper to break after some time of use because that is not a pleasant thing to experience. It is true that you can replace the zipper, but isn’t better to have a durable one that does not break easily? Always read the description and review to make sure that the zipper is tough. Probably the least important feature, but it is still important to have in mind.

3. How To Care For Cannabis Plants

Taking care of cannabis is not much of a challenge if you know what to do. There are basic things to have in mind to keep your edibles thriving healthily. If you experienced growing flowers and other plants before, then growing cannabis is going to be similar. It could be easier or harder depending on your experience, but it is not too challenging. Below are what a cannabis plant needs to be healthy, so check them out.

3.1. Air

Your plant needs to breathe, so make sure that there is proper air circulation in the area. No matter if it is in a tent or outdoors, you want to make sure that the ventilation is sufficient. In case you grow your Mary Jane in a confined space, make sure to exhaust the area. That way, the plants receive clean and fresh air exchange which prevents them from withering and dying. And if you grow them outdoor or on the roof with natural air, there is nothing for you to worry about.

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3.2. Light

Marijuana needs plenty of light every day to produce quality buds and plants, so light is very important. For outdoor growing, the regular sunlight does the job, so you are good to go. However, you will need to learn several things if you grow your cannabis indoors. Generally, cannabis plants need around 18 hours of growing light (18/6) a day during their vegetative stage. This is to ensure that the final result for you to harvest includes both quality and quantity. According to Royal Queen Seeds, the minimum amount of indoor light for cannabis plants is about 9,000lm per square meter. For a small-scale homegrown cannabis project, one or two lights will do, and things are pretty easy.

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3.3. Nutrients

When it comes to nutrients, marijuana requires 3 types of them in large quantities for healthy growth. The macronutrients that you should give them are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and there are also pre-formulated nutrients available out there. You can mix those with water and feed your plants at least once a week on top of fertilizer. Along with that, you should also give them an ample supply of pH-balanced water for extra nutrients.

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3.4. Temperature

Things are pretty simple and easy to understand with cannabis plants, temperature-wise. If the temperature is too hot for you, then it is also probably too hot for the plants as well. The unique thing about marijuana plants is that they require different temperatures in different stages they are in. This is why you have to know about the ideal temperatures for them in those stages. In the vegetative stage, your pot plants prefer temperatures between 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Once they begin to flower, then you want to keep the temperatures to around 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. For more details regarding the temperatures, you should visit I Love Growing Marijuana.

3.5. Water

All plants need water, but be careful with the type of water that you give to your cannabis. The water for cannabis should be as pure as possible, simply put, free from impurities and/or minerals. Tap water may contain those, and one of the easiest ways to purify your water is using a purifier. But if you trust the quality of tap water in your area or city, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure that the water has less than 200-300 PPM (parts per millions) of extra substances, then it’s all good. To know about the information regarding these, you can always talk to your local water suppliers.

4. Benefits of Growing Marijuana In Tent

Image Source: pixabay.com

We all have seen people growing cannabis in various places at home, depending on the laws in their areas. From the basement to the roof and more, there is always a space for growing marijuana. But if it is legal for you to grow marijuana, then you might want to consider planting them in tents. There are some benefits that you might find interesting, so let’s check them out below.

4.1. All-Year Production

One of the benefits of growing cannabis in a tent is that you get to harvest them all year round. Marijuana will sprout with the right conditions, and that is why having outdoor grow tents is useful. You can fully control the environment like air, light, temperature, and more to ensure their growth. So even if it is summer or winter, the production of your Mary Jane is always there. It could take some time for you to learn the trick, but you can eventually make it happen. A lot of people have achieved it, and you can be one of them too. So if you want to grow them all year long, a grow tent is what you need.

4.2. Cost-Saving

When your project is outdoors, you are able to save a lot of costs on electricity. Your plants can absorb natural air and light for healthy growth which is so much better than indoor growing. Since it is energy efficient, it helps you save so much already on electricity every month. Things are the same with water although watering won’t cause much but rain can definitely save the cost on big projects. This is also a good method for beginners because it is easy to move around without worrying about damages. It also keeps the plants safe which saves you even more on expenses regarding buying new plants.

4.3. Privacy

Don’t want family members or neighbors to see you growing cannabis outside? An outdoor grow tent is exactly the thing that you need for your secret project. The tent will keep the plants growing healthily while shielding the view of people walking past your garden or lawn. This type of tent does not only keep those eyes from noticing your ganja but also encloses the scent. As the weeds flourish, it is normal for them to release their strong scents to the environment. With the tent, that won’t be the problem that you should concern about.

4.4. Protection

Just like other plants, marijuana also faces risks from pest attacks as well. The common cannabis pests are aphids, cabbage loopers, leaf miners, spider mites, thrips, and whitefly. Bud worms are also the most common insects that attack ganja, and you should watch out for those. The good thing is that you won’t have to worry about any of them if you have a grow tent. It simply protects your edibles from insects and pests that want to get high on your plants. So if you expect damages from pests when growing your weed outdoors, get an outdoor grow tent.

4.5. Space

As you have seen, all outdoor grow tents provide a spacious growing room with racks and shelves. Even if your outdoor areas have limited available areas, you can still grow some weed for yourself. Plus, with the protection that it delivers, you will only get healthy marijuana just the way you like. And if you have a large area to grow, there are also larger tents that you can go for. Since this type of tent is also portable, moving and storing is also convenient for you.

5. Outdoor Grow Tents FAQs:

5.1. Can you have a grow tent outdoors?

Yes, but you have to make sure that the tent that you choose is durable enough for outdoor conditions. An outdoor grow tent allows you to grow vegetables and plants of all sorts when the space indoors is not enough. Depending on your available space, you can set up your outdoor grow tent pretty much anywhere. From large areas like lawns to small spots like balconies, there is always a grow tent for every place. With the right quality and size, having a grow tent outdoors is so easy and simple.

5.2. Do I need to exhaust my grow tent outside?

Not necessarily because there is enough air when the tent is outside. You may need to exhaust your outdoor grow tent if its roof and walls don’t come with a mesh design. That is when you want to provide ventilation for the tent so that the plants you grow inside can breathe. A grow tent will need exhaustion if it is indoor because it will help to maintain stable temperatures for the plants. If the tent has a mesh design, that natural air circulation is sufficient, so no exhaustion is required.

5.3. How do I keep my outdoor grow tent warm?

As the temperature drops, the interior of the tent also becomes cold. The good thing is that there are a few methods that you can apply to keep your outdoor grow tent warm.

  • Cover: Some outdoor grow tent comes with an additional PVC cover for extra warmth. You can use the cover for the tent in case the temperature gets a little cold. This cover will insulate the tent, maintaining the heat inside to keep the plants warm.
  • Electric Fan / Heater: This is an easy and quick way to keep your grow tent warm in cold weather. It can heat up the tent evenly and fast, and it is also convenient and safe to use. With an electric fan or heater, growing your plants in winter is still possible which is nice.
  • Lights: As you probably already know, adding lights can actually heat up the tent a little. The heat from the lights can warm up the room without affecting the health of the plants.
  • Relocation: If your outdoor grow tent comes with a portable design, the clever way is to relocate it. This is an easy method if other options are not suitable for you. Also, it is a good reason to buy a portable outdoor grow tent because it is very convenient on some occasions.
  • Window: On top of the heat from the sun, you can close the windows on the tent for more insulation. This method simply heats up the tent inside, making the interior warm naturally. However, make sure to let the air once in a while so that it won’t be too stuffy for the plants.

Final Words

Growing cannabis is a very challenging thing to do, especially for beginners out there. Outdoor grow tents are quite helpful for the case, and they are also ideal for other plants and vegetation as well. So in case, your journey with marijuana is not successful, you can always use the tent for something else. I sure hope you succeed because there is going to be a lot of fun time if things go well.