10 Plants That Repel Spiders That You Can Grow – Both Indoor & Outdoor

It is useful to have some plants that repel spiders around the house since they help to keep that creepy crawlies out. Arachnophobia is one thing but having spiders in the garden or house is another matter of concern. We don’t want to see spider web or accidentally come across them in the shower, do we? Many plants that repel spiders always come in handy because they are not only effective but also pretty to have. So if you are looking for some plants to grow to keep spiders away, here are some of my top recommendations.

10 Plants That Repel Spiders

Plant #1: Basil

Herbs with a strong scent like basil are not the plants that spiders want to be around, and that is good. All you need to do is plant them in small pots then keep them in areas where spiders are common. Because basil pots are small, you can place them pretty much anywhere from the kitchen and garden to the patio and more. Another great thing about them is that basil is a very helpful herb in various cuisines that you can use. Growing basil is also easy and simple since you only have to give them plenty of sunlight and water. If you like using basil in your cooking, then this is the plant that repels spiders for you.

Plant #2: Catnip

If you have spiders in your yard and don’t know how to repel them, plant catnips. Catnips are pretty, and they have a strong scent that spiders don’t like. Once you grow them, spiders will begin to move out because they can’t stand the scent. Catnips also repel other pests like cockroaches, flea beetles, and rats which is a total plus. The only downside to this plant is that it attracts stray cats. In case you have tall fences that prevent the cats from getting in, then consider catnips as your spider repelling plants.

Plant #3: Chrysanthemums

Not many flowers can keep spiders away while looking beautiful, but chrysanthemums are exceptional for this case. This type of flower can deter not only spiders but also many other insects that bother your peace. The unique thing about them is the chemical compound known as “pyrethrin” that this flower possesses. This chemical compound is a natural neurotoxin that attacks the nervous system of all insects. Since it only works with insects, your pets will be safe around these beautiful flowers also. Chrysanthemums are the perfect complement to the garden, so don’t overlook this one.

Plant #4: Dill

The pungent scent that dill plants give off is extremely unpleasant to spiders and other insects. Dill is a bush plant that you can grow within the gap in your garden or flower pots. The color is nice while the effects are long-lasting when it comes to repelling spiders. Since it is also an aromatic herb, you can also make use of this herb in your cooking as well. You can use dill as a hedge around your garden plants if there are spider mites. Dill is a great plant that you trust when it comes to repelling spiders, let’s see if you like it.

Plant #5: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus can both repel spiders and keep them away for good, and things work the same with many other bugs. This is because of their strong scent, and you can use eucalyptus in a number of ways that you find convenient. For long-term effects, I suggest growing a dwarf eucalyptus tree or get a mature potted eucalyptus tree. It is smaller but the strong scent remains there to irritate all the pests from settling down in your house. You can grow a whole tree if you have time, and you will notice that no bugs will dare to come around. Could be time-consuming, but its performance stays for as long as it lives.

Plant #6: Lavender

Gorgeous and graceful, lavenders provide more benefits than just the beauty to adorn your space. These are one of the plants that repel spiders that you can grow around the house and in the garden. Lavenders have this strong scent that spiders don’t like, and they prefer to stay away from these flowers. You can grow lavenders in a few pots and keep them in areas with sufficient air and sunlight. The air does not only help with their growth but also carries the scent around the places. This is to ensure that your spider friends stay away from your garden or patio for good. Lavenders need a lot of care, but they can keep many pests away which is a good thing.

Plant #7: Lemon Balm

Easy to grow and fresh-smelling, lemon balm is a herb that can effectively repel spiders and other bugs. Lemon balm has a very strong scent that no insects and pests want to be around. Growing them is also quite easy since all they need are sunlight and well-draining soil. You should grow them in small containers, and they will do their job right away. On top of that, they also taste great in marinades, salad, as well as tea. With everything together, there is no reason to not choose them as your spider repelling plants.

Plant #8: Marigold

I always include marigolds in my insect-repelling tips because these flowers always work in so many ways. The special thing about these beautiful flowers is that they can keep so many annoying and harmful pests away. Just like the other plants that repel spiders on my list, this one also has a very strong scent. Strong enough to repel spiders but pleasant enough for us to enjoy, simply perfect. There are also a few colors that you can choose to add to your garden, so don’t forget to consider them.

Plant #9: Mint

Mint is one of the herbs with strong scents that can ward off spiders and many other insects. There are also different types of mints that you should grow such as pennyroyal, peppermint, and spearmint. I recommend growing mints in small containers because they can expand since they are invasive plants. Growing them in containers is also convenient because you can easily move them around if you want to switch places. This also takes up very little space, and the aromatic scent lingers around the areas all day long. Simply place the containers near the doors, patios, and windows, and you won’t have to worry about spiders anymore.

Plant #10: Rosemary

For those who don’t have a lot of time to care for herbs or plants, then rosemary is your option. Rosemary thrives in dry and hot weather, and it is one of the best plants that repel spiders from your home. In fact, rosemary can also deter other bugs and insects with its strong scent too. This herb grows well in pots, and it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Simply place the pots in where spiders spin their webs, and they will move out in no time. Effective spider repellents and useful cooking herbs, rosemary is clearly one of the best.

4 More Easy Tips To Keep Spiders Away

While waiting for your plants to grow, there are some tips that you can do temporarily to keep spiders away. All the ingredients I recommend are easy to find and use, and they are also very effective. If you haven’t tried any of them yet, it is time to start now. Let’s take a look and see what they are and which one that you like most.

Method 1: Cedar Chips

According to Hunker, cedar wood has a crisp and aromatic smell that can repel insects like spiders from the gardens. The thing is that not all cedar wood is equal, so its effectiveness may vary depending on the type. Normally, tree cedar has a natural oil that repels some insects like spiders. If you happen to have some cedar chips that are usable, spread them in areas where spiders are frequent. Cedar blocks will also work, but cedar mulch will not do the trick.

Method 2: Diatomaceous Earth

When it comes to the most effective way to repel insects, diatomaceous earth should come to your mind. This white powder is remarkably impressive in terms of getting rid of bugs and insects with exoskeletons. It does not only repel spiders but also other pests like ants, bed bugs, beetles, cockroaches, fleas, and more. The best part is that it is non-toxic which is safe for both children and pets to be around. I like the fact that its effects last for months in each use, and your plants will flourish by then. Not to mention the inexpensive price, this is the tip that you should definitely try.

Method 3: Frequent Cleanup

Spiders will move in when there is debris and dust that they can hide and live in. Things are the same outdoor, and this is why you should clean inside and outside the house frequently. In the house, make sure to clean the dust, especially in the corners of the ceilings where spiders like. As for outside, pick up clippings, grasses, leaves, and other things from the ground. When the space is clean and neat, there are no possible hideouts for spiders. So your house and yard will be both clean and spider-free, how nice is that?

Method 4: White Vinegar

Generally, vinegar is one of the best home remedies for a wide variety of things. One of them is being an organic pest repellent that you can use to keep spiders away. Simply mix white vinegar with a small amount of water or you can just spray white vinegar without mixing anything. Use it around the house where spiders are common, especially at the entrances and in the kitchen. Spiders are sensitive to the sour odor and taste of white vinegar, so they prefer to keep their distance. It is a very easy and simple home remedy, and its effects last quite long.

Bonus: Body Repellent

In case you notice spider bites, although harmless, try applying essential oils directly onto your skin before bed. Pick the ones with a strong scent like eucalyptus or lavender, and gently rub them on your skin. It helps to treat and heal the bites while keeping the spiders from coming back to bite you again. This is also a useful tip that you can use when you go camping outdoor because essential oils can repel bugs. That way, bugs like mosquitos won’t dare to come close to you when you are outdoor at all.

Natural Spray To Repel Spiders

I am one of the people who prefer to use sprays as the first remedy to solve certain pest problems. So if you want to try a natural spray to repel spiders, I actually have one for you. I found this interesting method from Healthline which shares the ingredients on how to make a natural spider repellent spray. In case you have the ingredients sitting in the house, let’s give it a try.


  • Dish soap (a few drops)
  • Peppermint oil (5 drops)
  • Spray bottle (16-ounce size)

Mix the two main ingredients in the spray bottle then fill it with water, and shake it well. You can spray this mixture anywhere you like around the house, especially at the doors and windows. Don’t forget to spray it in any dark corners or under the furniture where spiders may hide in. This is to discourage the spiders from coming into the house because of the strong scent of peppermint oil. It is a very easy method that you can mix within seconds while the effects last for a few days. Besides peppermint, you can also use other essential oils with strong scents like lemon, orange, or tea tree.


Although spiders don’t often attack and bite people first, it doesn’t mean that having them around is okay. And because they are important and helpful in keeping control of smaller insects, killing them is not so nice. This is why I recommend all the tips above to repel spiders without harming them. Growing some plants is a good start to keep the spiders out, and it also means your home is more gratifying.