How Long Does It Take For Tomatoes To Grow?

Tomato is one of the most common plants that people start with when they have a garden. So how long does it take for tomatoes to grow, and why do people like to grow them? There are many factors that contribute to the growth of tomatoes as well as their conditions. These healthy veggies taste … Read more

Natural Repellents: 10 Herbs & Plants That Repel Ticks

You have no idea how grateful I am to finally found the right plants that repel ticks from my garden. These little suckers, literally, have been causing a nuisance to not only my dogs but also me. I am not sure if the myth that people with blood O type are prone to bloodsucking bugs … Read more

Curly Spider Plant (Cholorophytum Comosum) – Care & Tips

Attractive and petite, the curly spider plant is one of the best houseplants that many people love to have at home. This adorable plant has a swirl of curly leaves with a variegated color that looks absolutely gorgeous. You can have a small pot on the table in the living room or plant them in … Read more

Cigar Plant: Growing & Caring Tips

A cigar plant is an annual plant with a small multi-stemmed shrub with prolific red blooms that look like fireworks. People also call them Mexican cigar plant, and they are amazing drought-tolerant plants that can survive in hot temperatures. Because of its easy maintenance and unique appearance, it is a beautiful houseplant to have outdoor. … Read more

70 Beautiful Hoya Varieties & Its Caring Tips

Among over 700 Hoya varieties, we are only going to discuss 70 of the most common ones today. One of the traits that every variety shares are the sublime star-shaped flowers with a crystal-like crown on top. This is also the unique characteristic that differentiates Hoya from other plants as well. We have 70 Hoya … Read more

Elodea Plant: Complete Growing & Caring Guides

Go by many names, elodea plants are also known as Anacharis, Brazilian waterweed, and elodea densa. It is a popular plant in aquariums due to its ability to discourage algal growth by absorbing plenty of nutrients. In addition, many aquarists are fond of them because of their adaptability to a wide variety of aquarist conditions. … Read more

Hydrangea Tree Caring Tips & Other Guides

Hydrangea tree is an extremely gorgeous plant that makes incredible additions in many places. When growing them, you have to know about hydrangea tree caring tips so that they will flourish beautifully and healthily. This is exactly why I want to put together the hydrangea tree caring tips & other guides for you today. Let’s … Read more

20 Large Low Light Indoor Plants That You Will Love

Indoor plants have the reputation of being compact small, but bigger ones are also available. You are going to find 20 large low light indoor plants on the list below, and they are all amazing. The special thing about the big indoor plants that I bring today is that they survive in low light. Large … Read more

Hemigraphis Alternata: Snow White Waffle Plant Care & Varieties

While the name is snow white, the colorations of this plant are rather mixtures of a few bright colors. A snow white waffle plant is an extraordinary indoor houseplant with green, purple, and white leaves with a metallic tint. Another special thing about this plant is the texture of its foliage along with its compact … Read more