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20+ Perennial Shrubs For Your Garden

Perennial shrubs are the perfect additions to gardens, those gorgeous blooms and colors are extremely magnificent to see. The incredible thing about perennial shrubs is that they are cold hardy, and they will always return in spring. You are at the right place if you look for an extra beautiful touch to your garden. From bright to light colors, perennial shrubs are available in them all for you. Maybe some among these 20+ options can be the perennial shrubs for your garden, so take a look.

#1. Azalea

Everybody in the South knows azalea, and it is one of their most favorite shrubs as well. There are so many reasons that make them so popular, and their blooming shrubs are among those. When you search for azalea, pink is the common color that pops up in the results. However, there are so many other colors that you can choose from to suit your favor and preferences. You can grow them in any garden and spot at home, and their beauty will shine every time.

Speaking of growing, it is so easy and simple. You can either trim them to a more compact and neat shape or leave them in natural growth. Either way is nice, and maintenance is also convenient. Once you keep them healthy throughout their growing season, their blooms will totally amaze you.

#2. Bee Balm

The name says it all, this is one of the most gorgeous perennial shrubs with flowers that attract bees. More than that, butterflies and hummingbirds are also attracted to their daisy-like flowers. You can find bee balms in various colors such as pink, purple, red, and white that complement your garden beautifully. Just make sure to keep the soil moist and provide sufficient fertilizer, your bee balms will come back every year.

Bee balms prefer moist and rich soil, and they thrive in sunny spots which is ideal for gardens out there. At the same time, they also tolerate shade which makes growing them more convenient and easier. On top of that, you can also choose some dwarf varieties in case you want to grow them in containers. The same perennial flower bushes that you can also display by your window? All the more reasons to take them into consideration, and you will not regret choosing them.

#3. Beyond Midnight Bluebeard

Pretty perennial flower bushes should come with fascinating colors, and midnight blue is clearly one of those. Beyond midnight bluebeard is among the most gorgeous deciduous shrubs that will complement any area that you grow it in. On top of that, it does not take up a lot of room at all due to its compact and tight growing habit. The best part about these perennial bushes is their deep blue flowers that bloom in late summer to early fall.

The flowers stand out very beautifully while being adorned by their aromatic leaves and dark foliage with great contrast. Both the flowers and foliage attract bees and butterflies as well as other beneficial insects. As sun lovers, you can grow them in full sun since they are also drought tolerant. Beyond midnight bluebeard is a perfect addition to butterfly gardens, perennial borders, shrub borders, and any garden.

#4. Blue Chiffon

Dark blue is great, but pale blue is also fabulous when it comes to perennial shrubs with flowers. Here you are looking at blue chiffon, the perennial with pale blue flowers in late summer and early fall. During those months, many shrubs also lose their blooms while blue chiffons are still there blooming in your garden. The special thing about them is the white stamens that surround their flower clusters. Blue chiffons look even better when planted with several shrubs together, they make a great ornamental hedge to have.

Make sure to grow them in loamy and well-drained soils because they do best in that type of soil. Then add some compost or mulch to aid their growth, and they will flourish when their blooming time comes. You can either plant them in your garden or in a pot, and they always look gorgeous with their color.

#5. Dart’s Red Lady

In case you want to go for something different and unique, then dart’s red lady could be what you look for. The incredible thing about this perennial shrub is that its dark purple foliage turns bright red in fall. And when spring comes, its orange flowers will turn yellow which is a pleasant sight to see in the garden. There will be also small berries but ingestion could be harmful so you might want to avoid those.

My favorite part about growing them is that this shrub grows well in various conditions. From chalk and clay to loam and sand, it thrives in them all. Dart’s red ladies are low maintenance, and they are hardy enough to tolerate drought, pollution, wind, and more. With proper care, they will live for seasons to come.

#6. Daylilies

Large and colorful flowers are amazing, and this is why daylilies are one of the most popular options for gardens. More than that, there are also many beautiful daylily options that you can choose from as well. From different colors to shapes, this perennial shrub is available in them all. The awesome thing is that you can combine daylilies of different seasons together to get an all-year bloom. With early, mid-season, and late varieties in one garden, your gardens will look vibrant in every season.

These perennial shrubs are easy to grow, and they are also very adaptable to various growing conditions. Daylilies are disease-free and pest-free, and they can survive drought, poor soil, and uneven sunlight. And just like many other awesome perennial shrubs with flowers, daylilies are also very easy to care for. They are low maintenance, and they almost need no maintenance at all so growing them is even more convenient.

#7. Delphinium

While blue is the color most of the time, delphinium also comes in different shades as well. You may also find them in purple, pink, and white, and they all look amazing in the garden. Many cottage-style garden owners are fond of delphinium, and many gardeners also love to grow them. The different thing about them is that growing these shrubs is quite challenging due to their growing habits.

Delphiniums love to grow in cool and moist summers so they don’t do well in dry and hot weather at all. Another thing to have in mind is that these perennial shrubs with flowers also don’t like sudden rain or wind. With that being said, it is better for you to grow them somewhere with shelters to protect them. You should provide them with fertile and well-drained soil as well as regular watering, and they will flourish.

#8. Deutzia

Asian perennial shrubs are also gorgeous, and this is why deutzia is here for you to take into consideration. The unique thing about deutzias is that their shrubs have long arching branches that resemble a cascading appearance. When flowering seasons come, the shrubs produce small clusters of white flowers with different forms and shapes. Another incredible thing about these beautiful shrubs is that they are still ornamental even in the winter months. They have barks that peel back, showing a reddish-orange color underneath which looks absolutely gorgeous.

Growing deutzias is rather easy and simple since they can flourish in a different variety of soil conditions. Just make sure to keep them from drought and excessive moisture result from poorly drained soil. And if you want them to look their best, prune them every year right after they finish flowering. When the new season comes, their stunning appearance will display before your eyes again.

#9. Flowering Quince

Shrubs with flowers that bloom early in spring are quite attractive, making your garden shines before the others. Spring is probably the most joyful time for flowering quince shrubs, but there is more than that. When summertime comes, this perennial shrub produces highly aromatic greenish yellow pomes after all the leaves fall off. Those pomes are absolutely gorgeous, but this beauty is only just for admiring from the distance. The fruits are bitter and hard, and they are not ideal for consumption without being cooked.

A few things that you should know about them when growing ones are caring and their location. Flowering quinces love full sun to partial shade, and they flower best in full sun. These shrubs have significant thorns, so make sure to plant them where people don’t walk by. This is to avoid accidental cuts when people walk by just to be safe. Another thing is to avoid growing them on exposed sites like high floors roof decks. Protect them from strong winds because they can snap the shrubs’ branches.

#10. Forsythia

There are so many pretty deciduous perennial shrubs, and forsythia is one of those. Thanks to the unique yellow blooms that they produce along their long branches, forsythia shrubs are very delightful to look at. In early spring, the bright yellow flowers start showing and that is when the magical moment begins. The unique thing about them is that their flowers precede their leaves so you can see the flowers very clearly.

On top of the ability to complement your garden and home with great beauty, forsythias also attract bees and butterflies. You can either go for the large backdrop type or smaller varieties that you like, and they all look amazing. Not to mention that these perennial shrubs with flowers are fast-growing, having them at home or in the garden is so nice.

#11. Frikarts Barberry

Here we have a compact yet fast-growing shrub that has elegant arching branches and delightful yellow flowers. However, the yellow blooms are not the star of the shrub because it is more famous for its long leaves. Those elliptic leaves have sharp tips that look absolutely different from most perennial shrubs out there. The leaves are dark green and glossy on the top part while the underside is silvery gray. What I like the most about these perennial shrubs is their neat growing habit that requires no pruning at all.

Along with that, maintenance is also easy and simple for you since you will not have to do much. In case you want to keep them in a neat and nice shape, light trimming after flowering and fruiting will do. As for growing, you can plant them in full sun or partial shade areas. With proper care, the flowers from these shrubs will bloom in spring and summer, all the way to fall.

#12. Heuchera

More popular as coral bells, heuchera is a hardy and versatile perennial with attractive foliage and bell-shaped flowers. That is how they got their name, and there are many different colors and forms that you can go for. What people like about them is that the foliage of these shrubs comes in many different colors. From as light as silver to as dark as nearly black, coral bells are available in them all for you. Some of the most common ones are in the hue of coral, pink, red, or white.

The best way to grow them is in pots or shade gardens, and they will grow beautifully for you. Since coral bells are very easy to care for, and choosing the right area for them is simple. These shrubs can tolerate a number of light conditions, soil, and even heat and humidity. Just make sure to keep the soil evenly moist, and water them more when the weather is hot.

#13. Hosta

Many gardeners love hosta, mainly because of the bright and cheerful beauty that this plant delivers. The special feature of hosta perennial shrubs is their vibrant variegated leaves that shine in any spot. This shrub comes in over 2500 cultivars, and there are many different leaf shapes, sizes, and textures you can imagine. As for the colors, hosta comes in numerous ranges of greens from bright to dark to match everyone’s preferences. With just several species, and your garden will have a beautiful combination of various stunning perennial shrubs.

When you grow variegated plants, one of the first things to is where to plant them. If you want their leaf colors to be light, have them in an area with bright sunlight. In case you like them with deeper darker foliage, then pick a moderate shade for your hosta. A majority of these perennial bushes prefer some shade while a few can handle strong direct sunlight. With the right plant and right care, your hosta will totally brighten up your garden.

#14. Hydrangea

A list of the best perennial shrubs for gardens is incomplete with the gorgeous hydrangeas. The most distinctive feature of this shrub is its clusters of immense flower heads that stand out completely. What I love the most about hydrangeas is that they look great anywhere you grow them. From the garden and lawn to the yard and more, their beauty is so hard to resist. Those clusters of flowers with wonderful colors and how vibrant their blooms look make hydrangeas one of the very best.

You can plant them in fall, and early spring will be the time for you to admire their great display. Besides looking so stunning, hydrangeas are also very easy to grow. They tolerate almost any soil while being able to produce abundant blooms that brighten up your space. You can grow them as shrub borders or in containers, and hydrangeas look their best every time for you. With so many colors and their low-maintenance property, hydrangeas are one of the best perennial flower bushes to have.

#15. Koreanspice Viburnum

Also known as Spice Girl, Koreanspice Viburnum has plenty of sweet pink blooms that complement your garden with great beauty. The most fascinating thing about this perennial shrub is the appealing fragrance that it emits in springtime. Spice Girl has large flower clusters that offer this soothing spicy-sweet scent during mid-spring and fall. Along with the fragrance, its magnificent bright red foliage also plays a part in decorating your garden with grace. And don’t be afraid that its scent will attract unwanted animals, these shrubs are deer-resistant which is a total plus. Not to mention the easy maintenance, you will not regret growing them in your garden.

#16. Michaelmas Daisy

Daisy is one of the most beautiful flowers that many people are fond of, and Michaelmas daisies are no exception. These perennial flowers also go by the name of Aster, and their colors stand out among the others. Different varieties mean different colors and shades, and they all look gorgeous. You will come across various colors such as blue, deep purple, pink, and white with golden central disks.

Aster blooms in late summer or fall, and it grows best in full sun which is perfect for gardens out there. You can have them as garden borders or mass plantings, and they look incredible either way. Maybe have some of them in decorative pots by the window also, and you will surely love how they look. As you probably already know, maintenance of these flowers is also easy so things will be so convenient for you.

#17. Ninebark

Hardy and tough, ninebark is one of the best perennial shrubs with flowers with shining beauty all year round. It looks amazing in every season even winter, making it a favorite of many garden owners out there. When mid-spring comes, its colorful foliage starts to emerge and remains bright throughout the season until fall. As for late spring or summer, you will see their clusters of pink or white flowers in the bush. The moment winter approaches, the leaves begin to drop and reveal the bark and structure of the shrubs.

During their bloom time from late spring to summer, the flowers extend through the branches of the shrubs. On top of that, the foliage of ninebark comes in various colors and shades that you can go for. We are talking about burgundy, deep purple, gold, green, orange, and multiple hues in one. The beautiful display of this perennial shrub is amazing, and they even attract butterflies and other pollinators to your garden. Plus with the easy maintenance, you will not regret growing it.

#18. Pearl Bush

Green bush with white flowers, pearl bush is a pretty deciduous shrub with a loose and upright growing habit. I highly recommend this one for those who want to grow perennial shrubs in an open area. Pearl bush grows well in the sun, and it can tolerate acidic soil and well-drained soil very well. At the same time, you can also grow it as borders, foundation plantings, or hedges due to its height. There is a dwarf form of them that makes great bedding plants in the garden. Caring and maintenance is simple, maybe this can be your next favorite perennial shrub to grow.

#19. Primrose

Looking like they come straight out of a painting, primroses are extremely lovely perennial shrubs to grow in the garden. Their flowers bloom in early spring, with a wide variety of colors, forms, and sizes. The colors range from cream, orange, and pink to purple, red, white, and more. Because of their appearance and colors, you can grow primroses in various settings at home. From borders and containers to garden beds and more, these perennial shrubs are perfect for them all.

Being pretty is one thing, easy to maintain is another reason why primroses are awesome. These shrubs are adaptable and hardy, and they literally grow pretty much anywhere you like. Since caring for them is convenient, you will be able to give them proper growing conditions with ease. This also means they will multiply each year, making your garden or lawn even more beautiful in every new season.

#20. Sambucus Nigra Black Beauty

How about the perennial bushes that are both graceful and sophisticated to have like Sambucus Nigra Black Beauty right here? This shrub has dark purple-black foliage that looks so bold and fabulous at the same time. The best part is that this amazing appearance looks like this all season, and there’s more coming. When early summer approaches, there will be many extra large pink flowers emerge that add more accents to your garden. Not to mention that these shrubs are very durable and tough, growing them is so easy.

#21. Spiraea Superstar

I never knew that super tiny flowers could look attractive until I saw spiraea superstar. They are perennial shrubs with flowers that are so tiny yet so gorgeous to look at. These perennials have showy clusters of pink flowers that bloom from late spring to late summer. Those tiny pink flowers emerge from distinctive purple flower buds with dark green foliage around them. Spiraea superstars attract butterflies, and they are ideal for mass planting and many general garden uses.

While many perennial shrubs are low maintenance, this one is actually the opposite. Spiraea superstar require occasional maintenance and upkeep so you need to prune them in late winter. This is to ensure that the flowers that come back in spring will definitely look amazing. However, they are fast-growing so they reach their maturity fast which makes maintenance easier for you.

#22. Virginia Rose

Nothing can go wrong with roses, and Virginia roses are amazing perennial shrubs with flowers to take into consideration. Mainly because of the combination of their beautiful flowers of various colors and fragrances along with the fruits. Yes, these flowers have fruits that you can also use to make jams and jellies. Benefits like these are a great bonus, and those fruits even attract birds to your garden as well.

You can grow them in a wide variety of soil types since these roses are not picky at all. Virginia roses thrive in well-drained soils, but they can also tolerate poor soils. If you want them to show off their beautiful flowers in spring, apply a balanced fertilizer and mulch. Do these in late winter or early spring, and their blooms will attract butterflies and other pollinators to the garden in spring.

#23. Yarrow

As for our yarrow here, it is ideal for a number of purposes due to its beauty and growing habits. Yarrows are hardy and versatile perennial bushes with clusters of gorgeous tiny flowers. Those flowers could be in different colors such as pink, red, yellow, or any shade in between which is so pretty. If you want to attract pollinators to your gardens, yarrows are among the perennial flower bushes to have in mind. Not to mention that they are drought-resistant and pest-resistant, maintenance is also easy. They are great for borders, gardens, groundcovers, open meadows, and many more.

Final Words

The important thing to know is that some perennial shrubs are very long-lived while others survive for only a few years. There are also the ones that will come back every year, so make sure to choose the right ones. With more than 20 beautiful perennial shrubs in the suggestions, I am sure you will find at least one interesting. Let’s see which one is the most suitable perennial shrub for your garden since all of them are so unique.

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