10 Garden Focal Point Ideas That You Might Like

A garden focal point has to stand out, and there are many ways to achieve that. It is already great that your gardens look all attractive and gorgeous, but the focal point adds more beauty to it. Some people use that center spot as a resting area while others use it for many other decoration purposes. To help you out, feel free to see the 10 garden focal point ideas below. Maybe one or two of them can inspire your next design, so check them out.

Idea #01: Bridge

I have seen gardens with waterways in the middle, and a bridge makes a great garden focal idea. It is like a transition from one area to another after you cross the bridge, and it is super nice. I would say that this idea is a little pricey, but it is also very unique at the same time. You can easily turn your garden into a mini forest with a bit of everything together. From plants and trees to water and more, it has them all. A lot of greens and super natural, and maybe it has what you like.

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Idea #02: Entrance To The Other Side

One of the best landscape focal point examples is separating different worlds with one entrance like this here. The focal point of the garden divides two types of gardens, making your space extremely attractive and sophisticated. Let’s say you want to grow both flowers and trees. This idea is just perfect because you can plant your flowers and trees neatly all in one garden. All you need is a pergola that you like, and install it in the center of your garden. So easy and fast yet so nice and unique, this could be one of the garden focal point ideas that you like.

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Idea #03: Hedge

For those who want to go with something easy and neat, you should consider a hedge like this here. You can have it in any design or shape that you like, and there are many ways to achieve that. I think this one looks nice because you can also plant some other flowers inside the hedge for more decorum. You can grow your center hedge at any height that you like, and it creates a clean look for the garden. In case you have other hedges around the garden as well, a center hedge makes perfect sense.

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Idea #04: Mini Fountain

You don’t have to go big when it comes to fountains; this one looks very nice despite being so small. This focal point landscape idea is both elegant and vintage, and it is ideal for the small gardens out there. At the same time, it is also a great idea for those who don’t like the garden focal point to be too standout. A mini fountain and some small plants around it like this will do, and maintenance is also convenient for you. This could be the one, don’t forget to check it out.

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Idea #05: Mini Pool

Fountains could be a lot of work, so here we have another focal point landscape for you to consider. A mini pool in the center of the garden like this is an easier and more convenient idea. You can fill it with water and aquatic plants, and that is just perfect for some small fish in there. It is very calming, and maintenance is even easier. Not to mention that there are so many types of pools that you can choose from, this idea is super nice. Inexpensive yet creative and fun, maybe it is among the best landscape focal point examples for your garden.

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Idea #06: Sitting Spot

One of the best and most popular garden focal point ideas is definitely this one right here, and it is incredible. There is no limit to the sitting spots in the middle of your garden; the decision is all yours to make. You can go as big as a gazebo or smaller if your garden is not too big. The great thing about this idea is is that it has a combination of various elements that complement your garden. From the gazebo to the walkway and other things along the way work together to deliver real beauty. You can go with the colorful options or vintage styles and many more just the way you like. So good and so stunning, don’t forget to check out this amazing garden focal point idea.

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Idea #07: Stony Center

Maintenance should not be a problem with this idea because all you need is a stone object. It could be a vase like this one here, or it could be a statue or many other things that you have in mind. It looks simple yet solid, and it does not require any maintenance at all. You can also add a few touches of colorful flowers or plants of your choice around it as well. That way, your stony center won’t be too lonely. Just like most landscape focal point examples here, there are so many options that you can go for. The decision is all yours to make, and this idea is super nice too.

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Idea #08: Succulent Spotlight

How about an entire garden pot with a few tiers full of succulents like this one right here? Succulents are already colorful and pretty, to begin with, let alone having an entire pot of them. You can select so many different colors and styles of succulents and go as big as you like. Plus, with some little vines hanging off the pot like in the picture, it will look astonishing. Simply pick a pot that matches your garden and style, then add your succulents, easy and fast like that.

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Idea #09: Tree & Wooden Bench

The special thing about this focal point landscape is that you can grow your favorite tree there. Any tree of your choice, then you can build a wooden bench around it like that is very nice. It is simple yet chilling and relaxing, and it does not cost a lot at all. Even better, you can also grow a mini garden of flowers or plants around the tree and bench for additional beauty. More flowers and plants around the tree just make things look even more fascinating, and it has your taste. Depending on how you like it, there are many ways to turn this focal point landscape idea to your liking.

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Idea #10: Underground Pond

Maybe you don’t like the idea of having a big pond or water pot, then check this out. It is still in a pot, but you bury it under the ground so that it looks unique. This also means you can easily add many other things around your underground pot as well. Like laying bricks around it, growing flowers and plants, and many more. It is a very nice garden focal point idea, and it is also super easy to do. I also like the fact that you can choose the size of the pot for your underground pond. So convenient and pretty as well as inexpensive, you should definitely take a look.

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The garden focal point is a simple thing that plays an important role in making your garden more attractive. You can go both big and small just the way you like, and they will always look nice. There are so many garden focal point ideas that you can choose from, and these 10 are among the best. You can always look for more, and I am sure that your garden or backyard is going to look incredible. Let’s see which one among the ideas I recommended above has what it takes to match your preferences.