9 Tips On How To Keep Bees Away From Garden & House

Just when you thought summer was relaxing, the buzzing sounds start to ring around you. To enjoy the sun on your balcony sipping on some cold cola, you need to know how to keep bees away. My job today is to bring you some useful guidance that you can use to prevent the bees from coming. You should start doing it now before summer comes, or we will have to move on to the next part. The part where we talk about how to repel bees that already make their way into your property. But before that, let’s see what you need to do to keep bees away first.

Tip #1 – Cinnamon

You can use this home remedy to keep the bees away, and it works effectively every time. All you need to do is sprinkle some cinnamon powder around the areas that you want the bees to stay away from. The scent from cinnamon confuses and deters the bees from coming close, and also prevents them from returning. You can also keep sprinkling them in various places that bees tend to visit in summer. This method shows results fast, and its effects also last for a good duration of time too.

Tip #2 – Cucumber

For some reason, bees also dislike cucumbers due to the bitterness of the acidic cucumber peels. This method works with both fresh cucumbers and cucumber peels that you no longer need. You can either grow cucumbers or lay cucumber peels in your garden or near window sills. It is a very simple and unique trick that you can do to keep bees away. So when there are bees trying to get in the house through the window, this is the method. It is not difficult to find, and it is absolutely worth trying.

Tip #3 – Essential Oils

There is a wide range of essential oils that you can choose from to use as a bee repellent. I recommend the ones with heavy and strong scents like cedarwood, citronella, clove, or eucalyptus for the best results. The first method is to mix the essential oils with water and spray them in different areas around the house. Besides that, you can also wipe down surfaces like windows with essential oils. Placing cotton balls soaked in essential oils around your house or garden is also a good idea. Another way is to place a candle with the scent of the oil near the beehives. It is also an effective method to keep the bees away from your property as well.

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Tip #4 – Garlic

Many bugs and insects hate the smell of garlic, and bees are one of them. There are a few different ways that you can do with garlic to keep bees away from your garden or house. The first method is to crush the garlic into small pieces and place them around the deck and porch or near the windows. Another method is to crush several garlic cloves and mix them with water in a spray bottle. Spritz your mixture in different areas around the house, and worry no more about bees. This solution is also very effective with other annoying bugs because many pests hate garlic. Things work the same with garlic powder, it will work as long as it has the smell of garlic. Easy and simple, this could be your next favorite remedy to keep the bees away.

Tip #5 – Mothballs

With unpleasant odor, mothballs are the perfect deterrents for a number of bugs and pests. At the same time, you can also use them to keep bees away from your garden too. All you need to do is spreading mothballs in areas that you don’t want the bees to come. However, some people don’t like this method because of the strong smell that mothballs have. If you don’t want to spread them, you can also put them in a cloth bag or teabag and hang them. This way, it looks neater and cleanup is very easy and fast as well.

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Tip #6 – Plant Herbs

One of the natural ways to keep bees away is by growing specific herbs in places that bees often visit. Pick the ones with strong scents such as basil, citronella, eucalyptus, lemongrass, pennyroyal, or peppermints near the deck or porch. Bees don’t like strong scents that come from any of those herbs so they will stay away. Sometimes they will just switch to other places nearby, so you should plant those herbs in pots. That way, you will be able to easily move them around to repel the bees from your property.

Tip #7 – Plant Marigolds

While bees are attracted to many flowers, they tend to hate marigolds and avoid coming near these flowers. Marigolds are very beneficial to your gardens because they can repel many harmful bugs and insects. Along with that, they also look great with other flowers thanks to their bright red, orange, or yellow colors. The thing is that marigolds can repel some types of bees due to their strong scent. However, it does not work with all bees because their bright colors tend to attract some types of bees instead.

Tip #8 – Select The Right Flowers

Bees love flowers, and this is why you have to be careful with the flowers you want to plant. If you don’t want bees around, make sure to avoid the flowers that bees love to visit. The most common ones are aster, bee balms, black-eyed Susan, catmints, coneflowers, cosmos, dahlias, daisies, lavenders, lilacs, milkweed, and sunflowers. These flowers look absolutely beautiful and gorgeous in the gardens, but they are bees magnets. You can still grow them, just make sure these flowers are not too close to the deck or porch. That way, you will be able to enjoy sitting outside in summer without worrying about bee stings.

Tip #9 – Vinegar

Having problems with bees hovering around? Vinegar can help with that, in a form of a spray or a bottle. You can mix white vinegar with water and spray them near the furniture, windows, or places with bees. Another easy way is to place a small container of vinegar around the deck or porch. Make sure to open the lid, but also make sure that your pets won’t come around. Vinegar is a very easy home remedy to repel insects, and it works great with bees too.

Tip #10 – Plants That Repel Bees

It is true that we need bees for pollination, but there are exceptional cases. Those who are allergic to bees or afraid of bees don’t want bees around their garden. The most natural thing that you can do to keep them away is growing plants that repel bees. With the bee-repelling plants sitting in the garden, they can prevent too many bees from coming. So if you are looking for some, I have 7 to suggest below.

1. Cloves

The combination of a strong smell and easy maintenance makes cloves one of the best plants that repel bees to have. Apart from helping to keep the bees away, they are also useful in the kitchens as well. You can easily plant them in the kitchen garden, and they will make sure to keep the insects out. From bees and hornets to wasps and other insects, cloves can deter them all. So useful yet so easy to plant and care for, these could be your next herbs to plant.

2. Eucalyptus

This is another plant that is easy to grow and effective in keeping bees and other insects away. Eucalyptus has a strong fragrance that bees and wasps hate to be near which means a bee-free garden and home. You can simply plant a few planters and place them in the areas where bees usually visit. This plant can also repel other pests like fleas, mosquitos, and even ticks from your garden too.

3. Geraniums

Red geraniums, to be specific, can be helpful in keeping bees from your garden or property. This type of flower contains little to no pollen, and they have a strong scent that bees don’t like. You can easily plant and take care of them, and I recommend growing these flowers in pots. That way, you are able to take them inside during the cold seasons for overwintering.

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is a citrusy plant with a fruity and refreshing scent that looks and smells great in the garden. At the same time, it is also a great addition to cocktails, salads, and other dishes as well. One of the benefits that this plant offers is the ability to deter bees and other insects with its smell. Lemon balm has a powerful smell that stinging insects and pests like fleas, mosquitos, and ticks hate. On top of that, it can also repel hornets and wasps too which is a total bonus.

5. Lemongrass

Very much like most herbs, lemongrass has a very strong scent that bees don’t like. The great thing about planting lemongrass is that it can repel not only bees but also other bugs and insects. With a bunch of them around the garden or house, you will notice that the pests start to go away. This plant can overgrow, but you can also remove them for various uses so it should be fine.

6. Rose

You can still have a beautiful flower garden without bees if your choose to plant roses. Among flowers, roses are one of the flowers that bees favor the least. To make it even more effective, pick red roses or roses with dark colors. They are undesirable for bees, and they will not pay a visit to your garden at all.

7. Wormwood

This is a type of herb that contains absinthe which is a substance that is toxic to insects. On top of that, it also has a pungent scent that bees and wasps don’t like to be around. With this herb in your garden or near the kitchen window, no bees will dare to come by. Another good thing is that wormwood is also easy to grow, and they look nice on the flower bed. This green color that it comes with compliments anything it stays near, and it is useful in the kitchen also.

Bonus: How To Repel Bees When You Go Out

The best summer is when you can enjoy sitting and eating with zero worries about bees flying around. No matter if you just chilling outside the house or go picnic in the park, bees can be anywhere. There are 3 important things that you can do to prevent bees from buzzing around when you hang out. Follow them, and you won’t have to worry even a little thing about bees when you go out any longer.

1. Avoid Bright Colors

Colorful clothing or floral patterns make you look like a mini garden that can make bees pay attention to us. Of course, they won’t come and try to get the nectar from you. The problem is when they come near you and you try to waft them, and that encourages them to sting. Just to be safe, wear less bright colors when you go out to avoid unwanted attention from the bees.

2. Avoid Flowery Fragrances

We all love beautiful flowery fragrances that smell sweet, but those scents also attract bees to find you. Bees love sweet scents although they are in the form of cologne and perfume. This is why you should reconsider the perfume choice when you go picnic outdoor in summer. So if you are allergic to bees or don’t want bees to be around, don’t use flowery fragrances. Things are the same with your hairspray, lotion, and sunscreen. Surprisingly, bees have a great sense of smell so they can always detect and locate you.

3. Cover Food & Drinks

It is normal for bees to come around and take a sip of your soda or food during a picnic. That is because the sweet scent from the beverages and food attracts them to come near. After you eat, you should cover your meals so that they don’t attract bees or ants to join your picnic. Also, throw out the trash immediately when you finish eating because the smell can draw the bees to come closer.


People often say, “you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them” when it comes to bees. They are the most important pollinators that help with the growth of millions of plants and trees each year. Those are incredible, but things are different when they come around the house when you try to have some peace. All the tips above are harmless and safe for the bees, and they can keep them away from your garden and house. Pick the ones that you like, and have a fun summer!