15+ Best Indoor Types Of Cactus Plants With Images

Once you get into the succulent world, you definitely wonder what the different types of cactus are. I had the same questions before and I am here today to give you the answers. When searching, you will come across so many types of cacti that you can choose from to grow. These hardy plants are so easy to grow, and many gardeners love many different cactus type plants. In case you want to explore more options, check out the types of cactus that you can grow at home below.

#1. Bishop’s Cap Cactus

At a glance, you can tell that Bishop’s Cap Cactus says everything about its name. It has a star-shaped body that resembles a bishop’s cap along with a blooming yellow flower that contrasts the soft-grey spikes. This type of cactus is very easy to care for since it requires little water and space to grow. Bishop’s Cap Cactus is slow-growing, and it makes an awesome indoor plant. You can plant it in a small pot and place it on a sunny sill, and that is enough to make this cactus happy.

Image Source: bhg.com

#2. Blue Columnar Cactus

While most types of cactus grow slowly, Blue Columnar Cactus tends to be a fast-growing type instead. It also goes by the name of Blue Torch Cactus, and it can reach 30 feet tall in its native habitat. If you grow it long enough to the point that it matures, you will see its funnel-shaped blooms. This cactus is also a perfect option for those who live in very hot and sunny areas. Plenty of sunlight allows it to thrive while bringing out its naturally bluish hue at the same time.

Image Source: etsy.com

#3. Bunny Ears Cactus

In case you look for something cute, Bunny Ears Cactus is exactly what you seek. This cactus also goes by the name of Angel Wing, and it has every reason to be popular. You may notice that it does not have spines like most common type of cacti out there. However, the tiny dots aka glochids can still prick your fingers or skin. Bunny Ears Cactus is great for those who don’t like spiky types of cacti, maybe it is your next favorite.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#4. Christmas Cactus

Got the name because it blooms from November to January, Christmas cactus is one of the beautiful cactus type plants. This coastal cactus is native to Brazil, and it tends to grow wildly among big rocks or trees. It grows flowers in different colors such as deep purple, pink, white, or yellow throughout winter. This cactus type prefers a humid environment and requires more water than desert types which is quite unique. More than that, it also needs bright indirect sunlight and never direct sunlight so make sure to remember that. With proper care, the bright blooms of this cactus will return year after year for you.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#5. Dwarf Chin Cactus

The Dwarf Chin Cactus or Spider Cactus is a cactus species native to Argentina. From above, it has a spherical shape with a less spiny appearance that looks quite interesting. This cactus has 8 to 10 ribs with tubercle-shaped areoles covered in groups of 8 to 8 pale grey curved spines. These are how it gets the other nickname of Spider Cactus. It looks great both from above and from the side, and it has red funnel-shaped flowers which are absolutely gorgeous.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#6. Easter Cactus

The thing about easter cactus is that it blooms in early spring, and looks so pretty with or without the blooms. Another fascinating fact about this cactus is its stems that have a shape like succulent leaves. Along with that, its brightly colored and full-wide blooms of deep pink color and yellow-white center begin during Easter. To properly grow this succulent, place it somewhere with bright indirect sunlight to avoid the leaves from burning.

Image Source: southernliving.com

#7. Fairy Castle Cactus

Definitely one of the different types of cactus that come straight out of the tale. As you can see, the stems of this cactus resemble the turrets of a castle which makes it look so unique. It is a slow-growing type, and it rarely produces flowers so you have to be patient. This cactus needs a lot of sunlight so make sure to give it just that for the best growth possible.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#8. Feather Cactus

Clearly not feather and clearly not safe to touch, feather cactus has a very confusing name. The soft and white feather-like bristles on this succulent actually cover the shorter spines hiding underneath it. Think twice before touching it, and make sure to warn others of the same thing. This is one of the main features that make this cactus very attractive and unique. Another thing that I like about it is that it is very easy to care for. It likes lots of light but it prefers light afternoon shade to thrive.

Image Source: worldofsucculents.com

#9. Golden Barrel Cactus

Guess what its other nickname is, Mother-In-Law Cushion. Looking absolutely gorgeous, golden barrel cactus is very convenient and easy to grow. It needs plenty of sun and not much water to thrive, you can water it every two to three months. So as long as you provide a sufficient amount of sunlight, watering is not so crucial. This is why many busy gardeners or office workers love to have golden barrel cactus. Low maintenance yet pretty, just a perfect combination.

Image Source: thespruce.com

#10. Krainz’s Crown Cactus

Rare but pretty, Krainz’s Crown Cactus grows in the yunga forests on rocky outcrops. It is a small and free-flowering cactus that has bright yellow to bright orange blooms. As you can see, this cactus has bristly and thin spines with globose stems that looks very unique. When it blooms, the flowers are bright golden yellow to orange or orange-red that grows up to 2 inches long. Not to mention that it is one of the types of cacti that flower the earliest in spring, it is super cool to have. Growing this cactus is rather simple since its requirements of light and water are fairly typical.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#11. Lady Finger Cactus

Received its name because of its petite size, Lady Finger Cactus only grows to about 6 inches tall. It also has another nickname which is Gold Lace Cactus due to its tiny and golden yellow spines. When the blooming time comes in spring, white flowers will start to flourish and adorn your space. The perfect spot for this type of cactus is near a south-facing window or where there is plenty of bright light. It thrives in both direct and indirect light so growing this cactus is rather simple.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#12. Melon Cactus

The combination of color and shape of this cactus type makes it absolutely attractive to have indoors. It has a bristly red or white structure that protrudes from the top of the plant. The exact same spot is also where pink or red flowers grow, enhancing the cactus’ beauty to another level. It also goes by the name of Turk’s Cap Cactus because some people say it looks like a Fez hat. Melon Cactus is so easy and simple to grow, and it also saves a lot space since it is so tiny.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#13. Moon Cactus

Looking for bright cactus? Moon cactus is a prime example of one, and you will surely love it. The unique thing about this type of cactus is that it is a hybrid plant of two types of cacti grafted together. So the important factor that you want to remember is that its lifespan is short compared to other types of cactus. For proper care, place it where it gets indirect sunlight because too much direct light can damage this plant.

Image Source: mountaincrestgardens.com

#14. Old Lady Cactus

We all know someone who likes to grow super spiny cactus, and this is the perfect type for them. Covering in white spines, Old Lady Cactus is a sun-loving plants that you can easily grow even if you are a beginner. It does not require much to care for, and all it needs is plenty of sunlight. The interesting part is that it does not require frequent watering at all even during its first planting years. It is very suitable for busy cactus lovers out there, and maybe it is the type that you like.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#15. Parodia

The round shape is already adorable, and the bright flower makes Parodia even more attractive. More than that, it only grows to a maximum height of 4 inches and a diameter of 6 inches. Its flower is not always yellow, it can be orange, pink, or red depending on the species that you grow. Parodia is among the few types of cacti that prefer less light and more water. When growing this species, make sure to give it some afternoon shade and regular watering.

Image Source: wikipedia.org

#16. Powder Puff Cactus

Here we have another cactus that is native to Mexico, and Powder Puff Cactus wildly grows below bushes or in rocks. It is one among the cactus type plants that are fast-growing with a reputation for producing small offsets around the mother plant. This cactus has blue-green stems, reddish spikes, white bristles, and flowers of various colors such as pink, red, white, or pink. You will get to witness this beauty in spring, and it looks amazingly gorgeous in any indoor space.

Image Source: succulentsbox.com

#17. Rickrack Cactus

Also goes by the name of ric rac cactus or zig-zag cactus, this type looks absolutely unique from the rest. It is native to southern Mexico, and it produces beautiful nocturnal flowers that you will see once a year. As you probably notice, the beauty of this cactus type is the stems that have peculiar shapes. You can grow it in a pot and place it somewhere with bright indirect sunlight. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight because it can damage the plant.

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#18. Star Cactus

Some called it sea urchin cactus or starfish cactus, star cactus is among the small indoor types of cacti to consider. The part that makes it stand out the most is the white or yellow bloom that rests beautifully on top. It is compact since it does not really grow tall, and caring for this cactus is actually pretty simple. Just place it where it can get plenty of sunlight, and you are good to go.

Image Source: oasicactus.com

Final Thoughts

Cactus is super hardy and easy to grow, and there are so many types of cacti that you can choose from. Since I recommend more than 15 varieties above, perhaps things are more convenient for you. I even included photos so that you can easily make a decision appearance-wise. Let’s see which one among the 17 types of cactus on our list today that you like most.