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15 Easy Indoor Garden Ideas For Beginners

An indoor garden is very popular these days as people start collecting plants and take care of them during the pandemic. You probably have seen so many aesthetic indoor garden ideas already on the internet. But when there are too many choices to choose from, picking the best ones is not easy. I want to narrow things down and recommend some of the easy yet cool indoor garden ideas for beginners today. Since it is a fresh start, you should begin with something small first. You will find 15 indoor garden ideas below, feel free to select your most favorite aesthetic ideas.

#1. Bottled Greenery

Being creative means thinking outside the box, or thinking outside the pot in this case. Instead of using pots, you can grow your flowers or greeneries in a bottle like this one here. You can either put a bottle of fern on the table in the living room or several bottles by the window. This is a great indoor garden idea for those who just begin indoor gardening and want to start with something small. You can always add more bottles, there is no limit to your creativity in terms of shapes and sizes. Many aesthetic and minimalist plant collectors on Instagram out there are doing a lot of bottled plants. I find it interesting, and maybe you think the same too.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#2. Coconut Shells

By the look, you can already tell that this is a great indoor garden idea that is very natural. When you have this idea in mind, don’t throw away the coconut shells after you take the contents inside. Break one-third of the shell, and you will get a mini coconut pot for your plants like this one here. And if you have time, you can carve the shell and design your own container. Well, the uneven bottom of the coconut shell might not stand still so you will need a saucer for it. If not, simply hang them with some strings will also do the trick.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#3. Floating Shelves

Don’t worry if you don’t have space in the room for plants, make use of the wall instead. The idea of creating an indoor garden by putting small pots on floating shelves is very cool. If your space is large, you will be able to create a beautiful decoration that makes the room lively. You can choose small floating shelves for small pots or go for larger options, depending on what you like. Another awesome thing is that there is a wide variety of colors and designs of floating shelves to choose from. This indoor garden idea is easy and simple, and you can easily create one within a few hours.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#4. Glass Plants

It doesn’t have to be potted because glasses are one of the gorgeous containers for plants that you can easily find. Growing flowers or plants in glasses is both aesthetic and graceful, and the beauty of the plants simply shows. Since the containers are glasses, there is a number of options and styles that you can find. You can group the glasses together or place them separately in various places, and they all look good. This indoor garden idea is perfect for slender flowers and plants. But you can also get larger glass for bigger plants, and it never goes out of style.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#5. Hanging Herb Garden

When you are creative, anything is possible for you to turn into something better. Let’s take a garment rack here as an example, you will be able to create a super cool hanging herb garden. This indoor garden idea is ideal for those who have available space in the corner of the room. In fact, it looks amazing anywhere you put it because a design like this is so charming. You can use an existing garment rack to make your mini indoor garden looks vintage. And if you’d like, get a bamboo garment rack for a more aesthetic look. Either way, a hanging garden is one of the best indoor garden ideas to have in mind.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#6. Hanging Vases

Growing plants that have large leaves and sections can be a challenging task on the floor. So if you want to grow leafy greens and herbs, I want to recommend this hanging vase idea. Because the plants are hanging at a higher ground, they simply look better in a natural way. You won’t have to worry that the leaves grow too long on the floor that causes it to look bad. On top of that, you can hang as many vases as you like because it is very compact. With some hooks or nails, and you will get to hang these mini vases for your plants right away. It is so easy and simple, but it looks so good.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#7. Honeycomb Shelves

Could be cliché, but honeycomb shelves make a beautiful decoration to the wall in so many ways. With that being said, I also like this idea as an indoor garden design as well. That is because it looks clean and neat, screaming class and minimalist so loud even from the distance. The best part is that you can always add more honeycomb shelves by connecting them together. You can start small to see whether growing an indoor garden works, then you can keep expanding when things go well. As one of the most beautiful and easiest indoor garden ideas, I highly suggest this one for both beginners and pros.

Image Source: instagram.com

#8. Ladder Garden

Want to have several pots but the space that you currently have is not enough? Get a ladder stand like this, and you will be able to make more room for at least 10 small pots. The interesting thing about this ladder garden is that it is perfect for both the inside and the balcony. More than that, it also looks good outdoor too. I like this one because it is very variable, and this design compliments anywhere you put it in. Even better, a ladder garden is very easy and inexpensive to work on while looking so pretty. From herbs to flowers and other plants, this indoor garden idea is right for them all.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#9. Mason Jar Garden

Want to try growing herbs at home but don’t have enough space? You don’t need a big garden to do so, all you need is some mason jars to start a garden. This is one of the best DIY indoor garden ideas for herbs, and it is super easy to do. Just like the example here, you can grow basils, chives, mint, rosemary, and many other herbs in mason jars. You can place them by the window in your kitchen or on the balcony where they can absorb sunlight. Easy and simple as that, and this is also convenient for you to care for. When things go well, you can expand your indoor herb garden by adding some more mason jars. You should give this idea a try, it is very nice.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#10. Mini Tray

How about getting a tray that you can place your mini pots on like this one right here? You can simply put the tray on the table or hang it by the window like the example above. Either way is very nice, and it creates a clean yet aesthetic look for your room as well. Normally, a tray of this size is spacious enough for 5 small pots with room to spare. In case you like and want things to be bigger or smaller, there are options available for those also. I have some recommendations that you might want to check out, so feel free to take a look.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#11. Plants-In-A-Frame

If you want your indoor garden to be a part of wall decoration, then take a look at this. What you need is a wooden frame and a few small pots for tiny plants. This is a simple and beautiful indoor garden idea that does not require much to make. You can choose a big frame like this one or get an individual frame for multiple plants. Simply hang the frames on the wall like a picture, and that’s it. More than that, there are many plants-in-a-frame ideas that you can get inspiration from. It is cool and minimalistic, and it is one of a kind to have in mind.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#12. Plant Stand

One of the modern ways to decorate your indoor garden is by using a plant stand. There are two types of plant stand that you can choose from including a single-plant stand and a multiple-plant stand. If you want to start small, then get a single-plant stand that you can place your pot into. It is beautiful and neat, and it can also keep pets from eating or hitting your plants too. Another benefit is that you can easily move it around the room. When you the plant to absorb more sunlight or you want to clean up, just lift it up. Plant stands are very affordable and easy to find, and there are many colors and designs available.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#13. Recycled Pots

An indoor garden can be on a budget, and you really should check out this idea right here. Just simply recycle some pickle cans or any other cans that you have and transform them into your own pots. You can leave the metal color the way they are or spray paint them into different colors that you prefer. This idea is great for both indoor and outdoor gardens, and it almost costs nothing to create. You can either hang them or place them by the window, and these plants in the cans look amazing both ways.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#14. Terrariums

Terrariums are like mini greenhouses for plants, and they look so magnificent in the house. When it comes to the best indoor garden ideas, you have to think about this one. Terrariums come in so many designs and shapes for you to choose from, and having one is simply exquisite. The part that I love the most about terrariums is that there are many size options as well. You can choose the ones for the table or the ones that you can hang. It saddens me that not many people talk about terrariums enough because they are incredible indoor garden ideas. They are affordable and fancy, and all the photos your take will look super aesthetic.

Image Source: pinterest.com

#15. Vertical Indoor Garden

A vertical garden is another popular indoor garden idea for those who want to have a large garden on the wall. This idea is also simple and versatile because all you need is a mesh grid for the wall. You can pick the size that you desire, and install it on the wall. Then hang or tie your pots to the mesh, and the result will end up like the photo here. It is like your own mini jungle on the wall, creating a very pleasant spot in the room. This ravishing design looks amazing both indoor and outdoor, and the process to build one is easy and fast. If you want a beautiful indoor garden where you can read books or relax next to, this is the one.

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People start to have indoor gardens lately because it is one of the best ways to relieve stress. You are going to stay home more often during the pandemic, and this is a great hobby to take up. Garden indoor also provides other benefits such as boosting your creativity and productivity. At the same time, it even looks nice and pretty in the house too. Make sure to choose the right plants that are safe for children and pets, and plants for indoor growing. With everything together, you will be able to create a pleasant indoor garden that you can be proud of.

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