30+ DIY Deck Railing Ideas & Designs

Railing makes a deck look even nicer, and it also creates a unique appearance to the entire deck as well. You won’t need a professional to handle this task since there are many DIY deck railing ideas to choose from. With numerous deck railing ideas there, building a cool one for your deck is so easy. There will be over 30 cheap railing ideas in the list below, so feel free to check them out.

Idea #01: Aluminum Deck Railing

For long-lasting durability and quality, you can go for an aluminum deck railing like this one. It is easy to purchase, and you can install them by using some tools. The great thing about aluminum railings is that they are very sturdy to have. Make sure to choose the ones with a coating to prevent fading and rusting due to outdoor conditions. You can always repaint them as well in the original color comes off, which is so convenient.

Image source: wayfair.com

Idea #02: Custom Privacy Screens

Here we have a custom privacy screen deck railing that provides both privacy and ventilation. It simply keeps you from the neighbors’ eyes while the upper part allows for air circulation. A wooden deck railing like this looks nice, and it does not cost much at all. If you fancy an idea like this, you should check it out. Maybe this is perfect to have on your deck.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #03: Deck Railing & Mini Bar Top

When the view from your deck is nice, take advantage of the moment and build a mini bar on the railing. It is actually a very simple deck railing idea since all you need to do is make the top larger. This is to provide room for your beverages and drinks while you sit and enjoy the view. You can go for a wooden top since it is cheap and ideal for outdoor conditions. This is among the creative railing for deck ideas, so don’t forget to check it out.

Image source: kompareit.com

Idea #04: Deck Railing Planter

Sometimes the best deck railing ideas are the ones that look so natural and welcoming, like this railing planter. You can see its beauty and liveliness from a distance, and the flowers look absolutely gorgeous. The colors of the flowers depend on you, and the hanging look is so extraordinary. This deck railing planter creates a serene atmosphere all day and night and all year long too. So if you like flowers, there is no better railing for deck ideas than this one.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #05: Deck Rail Table

Similar to the previous mini bar idea, this deck rail table is also super cool and nice to have. You can pick a spot on your deck and install this pre-made table right onto the rail. It functions as a bar top, dining table, side table, and pretty much anything you want it to be. The installation is also pretty simple since there is an attaching bracket system for an easy and fast process. You really should check it out; this could be among the deck railing ideas that you like.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #06: Diamond Panel Deck Railing

Modern and simple, the diamond shape never goes wrong when it comes to the best DIY deck railing ideas. It is easy and fast to create, and it does not require a lot of items as well. The best part is that the final result looks absolutely sophisticated which complements your deck very well. A clean and neat design like this is one of a kind, and you should totally check it out.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #07: Frameless Glass Railing System

The thing about the frameless glass railing system is that it is not only modern but also stylish. It shows the view while looking so extraordinary at the same time. Even better, it elevates the class of your deck to a whole new level. My favorite part is that it is also easy to clean and maintain. You might want to ensure that your area does not have birds that fly into the glass to avoid accidents. If everything is all good, there is no reason to not implement this idea at all.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #08: Free-Railing Planter Deck

You won’t need land to create a beautiful garden; your deck railing also makes a gorgeous garden too. Simply attach the planter to the sturdy part of the decks securely, and you will be able to transform the look right away. You want the plants to have a different combination of colors, especially green and other brighter colors. This is to elevate the overall beauty, making your deck railing more welcoming to look at.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #09: Horizontal Cable Deck Railing

Classic and simple, horizontal cable deck railing is one of the best DIY deck railing ideas out there. You won’t need a lot of materials to create this awesome deck railing at all, and it is super durable. The footing is metal, while the top of the railing is wooden that provides space for cups and glasses. Everything is long-lasting and rugged, and it does not block the view, which is also great. There are cable kits that you can find to build this railing, so things are so convenient.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #10: Lattice Deck Railing

When it comes to the best deck railing ideas, the wooden lattice is always one of them. It is not only stylish but also safe while providing air and visibility at the same time. Even better, it is also durable and long-lasting, which is perfect to have for the long run. You can keep the wooden color or paint it to another color of your choice, and its style remains there still. If you are handy, you can finish this DIY project within a week or so. Let’s see if it has what it takes to grab your interest.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #11: Lightbulbs Deck Railing

With so many types of outdoor lights available, lightbulbs are one of the best to pick. The special thing about this deck railing idea is that you can add lightbulbs to pretty much any deck railing design. However, I highly recommend this idea with wooden deck railings because they look so great with them. You can also go for smaller bulbs if your railings are lower or smaller; there are many options.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #12: Low-Voltage Deck Lighting

This is probably one of the most unique deck railing ideas that you have come across. The lightings in the center of the railing are super cool and modern while brightening up the entire deck. On top of that, it is also very cozy so that you can chill as you sit outside on a nice evening. It could be one of the challenging DIY railing ideas, but its look is also worth it.

Image source: farmfoodfamily.com

Idea #13: Matte Black Deck Railing

Many people go for the colorful deck railing because it stands out, but there are also those who like darker ones. You still can have a stylish deck railing even if the color is black, and matte is the answer to that. This matte finish is not only cool and modern but also long-lasting as it does not fade easily at all. Not to mention that the price is reasonable, you should totally go for this idea if you are a black lover.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #14: Metal Deck Railing

You already know that metal is a very durable and tough material, and it will not go anywhere even after years. This is why this is one of the best deck railings ideas that you should go for if you want long-lasting quality. More than that, it can withstand any outdoor conditions and elements without a problem as well. Plus, with the affordable price, maybe this is among railing for deck ideas that you like.

Image source: nextluxury.com

Idea #15: Metal Panel Deck Railing

You won’t have to design your own panel because metal panel inserts come in a wide variety of options. Just like the name suggests, all you need to do is insert the panel to the deck railing, which is simple. You can use as many panel inserts as you like, and it is absolutely unique to try. Along with that, its price is also inexpensive, which makes it one of the cheap deck railing ideas to consider. Don’t forget to check it out; this can be the one for you.

Image Source: pinterest.com

Idea #16: Outdoor Solar Torch Lights + Plants

Maybe you can go over the top a little with the outdoor solar torch lights like this idea here. It is super different and unique, and it also creates a nice look for your deck as well. On top of the torch lights, the pots of plants are also amazing to have on the floor. They lift the look of the entire area, making it look so nice. It would look even better with colorful succulents, but the decisions are all yours to make.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #17: Pergola On Deck

Not everyone thinks of pergola on deck as one of the stylish DIY deck railing ideas, but it is awesome. The white color of the pergola and railing goes together so well, making a perfect complement for any modern home design. On top of that, you can also add some lights to the pergola so that it will look great at night. You may need a hand to help with installing the pergola, but it is still an easy and nice deck railing project.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #18: Privacy Screen Deck Railing

You won’t have to use a big piece of wood to get privacy, getting a privacy screen like this will also do. While blocking visibility with style, this screen is also very affordable and easy to install. It will take just minutes, and you can easily order them online which is so convenient. A privacy screen like this is ideal for not only the deck but also other areas like the balcony, patio, pool, and more. This could be a great idea and you might want to take it into consideration.

Image source: walmart.com

Idea #19: Private Deck Railing

While most of the deck railing ideas on the list allow for views and visibility, this one is rather different. It simply blocks the view from outside to have all the privacy you need. This is also a nice idea, especially when you live in sunny areas because this railing can provide some shade. Another awesome thing is that it also offers storage space like hanging hooks. Adding some plants like this example here is quite nice, and the whole decoration is up to you.

Image source: bobvila.com

Idea #20: Rope Deck Railing

In case you don’t want to do much, then just go for the simple stuff like this one right here. Just some hooks and ropes and you are ready to go. You can twist the ropes to look like this or do it any way you prefer. Also, the ropes are available in various size options, from big to small, that you can choose from. What I like most about this idea is that it has both aesthetics and quality for years to come. As one of the best DIY deck railing ideas, you might want to consider this one.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #21: Solid Wooden Deck Railing

There is always someone who likes solid wood instead of slates; this is the idea for that. The unique thing about this one is that it is more durable and tough, so it also lasts longer. This also means it is more stable and sturdy for you to lean on if you want to. Just make sure to go for high-quality wood, and it will be on your deck for years to come.

Image source: decksdirect.com


Idea #22: Summer Planter

In case you don’t like the hanging flower deck railing ideas, maybe this one catches your eyes. It is neater because your flowers are in the containers, and it is also easy to care for. This is a great look to try if you like keeping things organized, and it does look great. You can easily prune and trim the flowers also since they are in one container. A large container like this is nice, but several pots will look good on the railing too.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #23: Tall Deck Railing With Hanging Flowers

Extending the railing with higher poles like this is also a great and unique idea. You can hang your favorite flowers and plants of different colors with ease, and it looks so tranquil. There is only one hanging pot per section in this picture; however, you can hang as many as you like. Perhaps, the more, the merrier since it makes things look even more natural on your deck. Along with the hanging plants, you can also place more pots on the deck too. Everything looks so good together, and you should definitely try this idea.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #24: Urbandale Deck Railing

So versatile, this deck railing has a combination of many elements that you have seen above. By the railing is a sitting area that can accommodate several people, which is nice. Along with that, a section of the railing is taller which somehow provides privacy for you. You can also decorate the tall railing with some flowers and plants like the pictures because it looks nice. It may be small, but it has a lot of things that make it look so nice.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #25: Vertical Cable Railing

This is one of the most common railing for deck ideas that you will see at landscape spots. And, of course, you can also use this idea for your deck at home as well. A vertical cable railing is durable and secure, and it is ideal for a high area above the ground. It does not break or tear up easily, and it is also easy to install. You can find a strong cable like this at your local hardware store, and it won’t take long to build.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #26: Vinyl Baluster Railing & LED Lights

A railing like this looks very sophisticated, and the LED lights make everything even more elegant. Vinyl baluster railing is refined, and it brings out the look that complements your deck with grace. Along with that, the LED lights will brighten up the railing at night, which is a total plus. It looks great during the day, and it still shines when the sun goes down. This could be among the best deck railing ideas that you like, and I highly recommend this one.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #27: Wire Panel Deck Railing

You probably wouldn’t expect a wire panel alone could make a deck railing look this good. The thing that I like most about this railing is that it is so cheap and easy to make. It looks nice and provides proper ventilation without blocking the view which is a total plus. Just add some lights, and it will illuminate the deck at night too, and the railing looks awesome both day and night. When it comes to cheap deck railing ideas, this is surely something to have in mind.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #28: Wooden Grid Deck Railing

As for this one, it features the combination of wooden slates as a lower part and grid upper part. Some may find this weird, but it looks pretty nice actually. You can add some vining plants to make it look more green and natural. In case you like things to be colorful, you can also paint them with a different color as well. This idea is really nice, and it does not take a lot to build.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #29: Wooden Slate Deck Railing

If you look for easy railing for deck ideas, this is definitely one of them to try. All you need to do is nail the wooden slates to the main footings, and that’s it. The gap size is up to you, and the color also depends on you since you can easily paint it. This deck railing idea is cheap, easy, and fast, and its quality also lasts for years which is a plus. So nice and pretty, what do you think?

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #30: X-Shaped Deck Railing

Don’t want to use a lot of materials but still want the deck railing to look cool? This X-shaped railing here says it all, and it looks very nice, which is a big bonus. The whole thing is so neat and modern, and you won’t need a lot of effort to achieve it at all. Not to mention that it is among the cheap deck railing ideas; you should definitely consider this idea.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #31: 1930s-Style Veranda Deck Railing

This could be a little complicated and time-consuming to build, but it looks absolutely amazing. The deck railing brings out this elegant yet unique vibe to a deck of both big and small. You will need some help to build the entire thing, but it is among the best railing for deck ideas. Let’s see if you find this idea interesting because it looks so nice.

Image source: pinterest.com

Idea #32: 3-Slate Wooden Deck Railing

Simplicity is the best sometimes, and this is one of the cheap deck railing ideas that say so. I would say that this idea is more ideal for decks in the country because it looks rustic and vintage. You can also implement this style in your modern home deck with a different slate color. In case you like the original look, keeping it the way it is will be nice also. It is easy and inexpensive, and it still looks good which is great to have.

Image source: pinterest.com


As you can see, there are many different DIY deck railing ideas for you to choose from. I only selected the ones I think are the best and easiest. There is plenty of other railing for deck ideas that you will come across. Along with cheap deck railing ideas, most of them are also easy to build and install. Don’t forget to share your thoughts regarding your most favorite ideas, cheers.