Elodea Plant: Complete Growing & Caring Guides

Go by many names, elodea plants are also known as Anacharis, Brazilian waterweed, and elodea densa. It is a popular plant in aquariums due to its ability to discourage algal growth by absorbing plenty of nutrients. In addition, many aquarists are fond of them because of their adaptability to a wide variety of aquarist conditions. … Read more

Hydrangea Tree Caring Tips & Other Guides

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Hemigraphis Alternata: Snow White Waffle Plant Care & Varieties

While the name is snow white, the colorations of this plant are rather mixtures of a few bright colors. A snow white waffle plant is an extraordinary indoor houseplant with green, purple, and white leaves with a metallic tint. Another special thing about this plant is the texture of its foliage along with its compact … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Frogs From Your Backyard

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Serviceberry Tree: How To Grow & Care Tips

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