13 Durable & Sophisticated Outdoor Shower Floor Ideas

You will come across so many outdoor shower floor ideas, but style should not be the only thing. I put together this list of durable and sophisticated outdoor shower floor ideas today to ensure that everything is covered. Each and every idea that you are going to see below has both long-lasting quality and style that you can trust. Let’s take a look and see which one is the most suitable option that you find interesting the most.

#1. Aqua Paver

Originally, AquaPave is an interlocking paver that is used both in commercial and residential projects. This simply shows that this type of material is durable and long-lasting which is also perfect for outdoor shower floors. The special thing about AquaPave is that it is easy to install while the cost is low. And since your outdoor shower is not too large, the expense will be at a minimum level. Besides the durability and quality, aqua paver also comes with style due to the multiple color choices. There are also many different shapes from this brand, and the decision is all yours to make. If you find them interesting, you should definitely go for this flooring idea because it is super cool and awesome.

#2. Bamboo

A small outdoor shower could be challenging to have when it comes to the floor, but that is not a problem. Bamboo outdoor shower floor is one of the most convenient options that you should have in mind. The special thing about this type of floor is that it is not only durable but also portable. Since many of them are foldable, you can even bring your awesome shower floor to places with you. Even better, this type of floor is very supportive while the gap between each slat allows for proper water draining. A bamboo shower floor is versatile and waterproof, and its quality lasts for years which is super awesome. Generally, it comes in the form of a mat, but you can get a few of them to create a floor. The installation process is also very easy and simple, and it is also very flexible.

#3. Brick

It is true that brick is the common material that people use as a base for outdoor showers. However, it can do more than that if you want to get creative with them. There are different colors and types of bricks that you can use as a shower floor, and the results are amazing. The only thing that you should have in mind is that a brick floor heats up under the sun. So I recommend having this as an outdoor shower floor if there is a shade on top of it. That way, you will not burn your feet when you step on the floor for a quick shower. Although it cools down fast when the shower hits, stepping on a hot floor is not so pleasant. In case there is not a shade on top, you can also wear flip-flops inside since it is an outdoor shower.

#4. Cedar Wood

You have every reason to install cedar wood as your outdoor shower floor since it is so flawless. First of all, cedar wood floor looks incredible with its natural color and texture that is unique from regular woods. Along with that, this type of wood is very durable, so you can trust that its quality lasts for years. Some even mentioned that cedar wood smells nice which is a total plus to have. There are also other benefits that this type of wood delivers that you will surely love. Cedar wood is bug repelling and waterproof which is long-lasting as floors, and it ages beautifully which is absolutely incredible. It is undeniable that cedar wood flooring is a little pricey, but everything it delivers is so worth it.

#5. Concrete

We all know someone who wants to stick to simplicity, and the concrete floor is the option to go for. Among many other outdoor shower floor ideas, concrete is the most durable and practical of them all. You probably imagine the dull and lifeless appearance when you think about a concrete floor. However, concrete floors these days can be more beautiful and creative than you could imagine which is why I recommend them. You can mix some colors to suit your liking, and you can even add patterns using the stamping technique. With that being said, styles come with a price, but the final result that you get will be very satisfying. In case you want to change it to a ceramic or tile floor later, you can always add them.

#6. Gravel

Gravel is the classic shower floor that is so common in many areas, both indoor and outdoor. The awesome property that this material provides is its ability to absorb and drain water fast. Many people also love the comfortable feeling that they receive on their feet when they step on the gravel floor. Another great thing about gravel is that there is a wide variety of colors and shapes that you can choose from. So you can mix all colors together or choose a solid color based on your personal preferences. It is durable and easy to find, and its price is also reasonable for both large and small flooring projects.

#7. Hardwood

Looking good and simple, hardwood could be a great choice to have for an outdoor shower floor. The best location for this type of material is the area that has proper air circulation and sunlight. This is to ensure that the water always dries off after you use the shower. The only drawback about the hardwood floor for a shower is that moisture can damage this material after some time. While it is not ideal to have in humid areas like indoor bathroom, it works fine for outdoor shower floors. As long as the ventilation is sufficient, then its quality also lasts longer as well.

#8. Pebbles

I am going to say this once and for all, a pebble floor is not slippery. So if you have a second thought about whether or not having them an outdoor shower floor, this is not the issue. There are many cool patterns that you can get from pebbles, especially the mosaic tile type. It is beautiful and unique, and it adds so much aesthetic to your outdoor shower area. On top of that, you can also use pebbles as the matching walkway for the shower space as well. Pebbles are durable and inexpensive, and they are one of the best materials to take into consideration.

#9. River Rock

River rock is another common and popular material for shower floors, and it is good for both indoor and outdoor flooring. The main purpose of river rock is to create a serene atmosphere while looking sophisticated at the same time. Another thing is that river rocks are durable and waterproof, making them ideal for shower flooring. Normally, there are some testings required to ensure the quality of the floor. However, you can skip this step if you only use them as an outdoor shower floor. River rock is one of a kind, and its beauty always stands out which is perfect to have.

#10. Rubber

In case you don’t like any of the materials above, then I suggest you consider a rubber floor for your outdoor shower. As you probably already know, rubber is not only durable but also easy to take care of. More than that, there are different colors and designs that you can choose from. Installation is also fast and simple since most of them come with an interlocking design. So all you need to do is snap them together, and you will have the floor for your outdoor shower. This could be a temporary flooring to have, and you can always replace them for a better option later. Not to mention that it is flexible and versatile, rubber floor is ideal for a wide range of areas at home.

#11. Stone

If we talk about stone floors, there are a few ways to turn them into cool floor for outdoor showers. To keep things natural, you can arrange stones on the ground to create the floor. Since stones come in many different shapes and sizes, the patterns are always unique for every floor. Another method is to mix the large stones with gravel or pebbles to achieve a more creative look. You can use different colors to make the floor stand out or you can just stick to one color. Either way, your outdoor shower floor always looks amazing. Stones are so durable because they are water-resistant, so they won’t change their quality or shapes at all. So if you want an outdoor shower floor for the long run, then stones should be the material.

#12. Teak Wood

In case you don’t like cedar wood, then teak wood could be a high-quality alternative that you may find interesting. Teak wood is a very popular material for outdoor shower floors because it is moisture-resistant than most woods out there. On top of that, teak wood contains natural oil that makes it resistant to not only moisture but also fungus. At the same time, it is also durable to use and stable to step on. It is not slippery, and its color just makes the entire shower area more attractive. Simply put, teak wood is a perfect option for outdoor shower floors because it is beautiful, comfortable, durable, and safe.

#13. Tiles

Tiles are one of the best and most common materials for shower floors, both indoor and outdoor. One of the best things about tiles is that there are different types that you can choose depending on your budget. Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are amazing choices because they are affordable and attractive to have for outdoor shower floors. I highly recommend ceramic tiles because they look absolutely gorgeous, and the available pattern options are endless to select from. You can also use the same tiles for wall decorations for a matching look. And of course, tiles are non-slip which is safe for all users out there.

Final Verdict

Once you have the right location for your outdoor shower, choosing the right floor is the next step. Since I already recommend the best and most popular floor ideas above, this step is also a piece of cake. Each idea above is beautiful and durable, and all of them come with a style that will complement your space. With up to 13 outdoor shower floor ideas, I am sure that you will like at least one of them.